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  1. ((Emergency shelter, USS Gorkon)) ::The fear was palpable.:: ::Every time the ship shook from an explosion someone cried out. Usually it was one of the children in the room, but the adult civilians were not immune from the fear. Even the squad of security officers stationed inside the room glanced at each other nervously. And that was before the ship had taken it’s tumble through space…:: ::Angie sat on the floor at the far back of the room, clutching her sons to her under a grimy blanket. Both boys were whimpering, despite her nest efforts to alleviate their fears. She was
  2. ((Corridors, USS Gorkon)) ::A pale light split the darkness.:: ::A lone figure materialized in a dark, disheveled corridor of the Sovereign-class ship and quickly slipped into a darkened doorway. Erik peeked around the doorframe, disruptor in his left hand and knife in his right. He’d left his personal guard on his ship. As far as he was concerned, the battle was done and dusted. His ship stood between the Gorkon and escape, and the starship wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It was now time to take care of some personal business.:: ::He was still seething. Months ag
  3. "Equinox" was an awesome episode with great characters and plot, but I prefer the battle in "Unimatrix Zero" (even if I'm not much of a fan of the episode itself). The Borg are simply the best villians ever.
  4. Okay, maybe that's an exception. But, you know, e.g. Harry Potter would be insanely cool to be part of! (Maybe not Deathly Hallows, but all the other books...)
  5. I think the dermal regenerator is the most useful of all when you look at it. But with warp drive we could possibly explore other habitable worlds which might have such technologies. I know it's quite impssible, but who knows? And then of course: the holodeck/holsuite. This would be the best entertainment invention ever in my opinion. Just imagine! You can be PART of your favorite series.
  6. OOC: Set during the intruder alert and search for Lynn Mayr. ((Brig, USS Gorkon)) ::Quinn's heart was thumping in her chest when she arrived at the maroon doors that served as the entrance to the brig, and not just because of the speed at which she had hurried there. ::She paused, taking a breath and steeling herself to step inside -- then almost jumped out of her skin when the doors parted of their own accord. Brunsig stomped out, his brow knotted and lips thin, and very nearly collided with her. She squeaked in soft surprise, darting
  7. ((Casino Upper Deck - The Helase)) Gnarr: Now, now, doctor, we don’t want to be rude now do we? ::Alexa looked as if she was about to get physically sick. Her cheeks were flushed and she had a hand clutching at her stomach with the other holding on to the Dabo table to sturdy herself.:: Dana: Really…ummm no…I can’t… Vee: Gnarr? ::Jaxton tapped the Ferengi on the shoulder.:: ::Dana peered over her shoulder and for a moment her expression was blank as her brain in the haze of alcohol tried to recognise the face that stared at her and Gnarr, then a large smile
  8. ((Rosek's Quarters, USS Gorkon)) ::This was the conversation Lael had least been looking forward to. So much so that she'd put it off until the last possible minute. With the majority of the holidays over with, she felt safe that even her mother's worst tantrum couldn't ruin one of her happiest Christmases in recent memory. Yes, she missed her friends and younger brother dearly and wished she could be with them. But Christmas with Jansen--she grinned. It was the happiest she'd been since the divorce. She was head over heels in love and, for once, wasn't fighting it. No doubt her mother would k
  9. (( Bridge, the White Canary )) ::There had been a petty officer tracking them, by all accounts. A reptilian thing, one of the engineers outside the holodeck. However he had been doing it, they'd shaken him off -- he'd lost their trail after one of their turbolift rides and they had made it to their transport vessel unhindered. Already they were a fair distance from the station, but they hadn't escaped. Not yet.:: ::Ch'kehla, Alistair's Klingon companion, was leaning over one of the bridge consoles, and at the sound of a quiet alarm, she straightened to her full and considerable height, looking
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