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  1. ((Emergency shelter, USS Gorkon)) ::The fear was palpable.:: ::Every time the ship shook from an explosion someone cried out. Usually it was one of the children in the room, but the adult civilians were not immune from the fear. Even the squad of security officers stationed inside the room glanced at each other nervously. And that was before the ship had taken it’s tumble through space…:: ::Angie sat on the floor at the far back of the room, clutching her sons to her under a grimy blanket. Both boys were whimpering, despite her nest efforts to alleviate their fears. She was sure it was because they could sense her own fears. Even the baby growing in her stomach seemed to sense it, as it had been moving constantly ever since they’d arrived at the shelter. Being pregnant in this universe of war only added to her fears. Here she was, six months along and she wasn’t even sure her boys would survive, let alone the one not even born yet.:: ::She looked sadly to where Kinzey Jacobs sat rocking quietly. She hadn’t heard her speak in months. Her husband Joe had been one of the Gorkons security staff. He’d been one of the first to be lost, mere months before their daughter Josephine had been born. That had brought Kinzey out of her depression as it had given her something to live for.:: ::But they’d lost Josephine, two months ago, during a hull breach and the baby’s tiny little lungs hadn’t been able to recover. Since then Kinzey hadn’t spoken more than two words, was barely eating and sleeping even less. Even the life had left her eyes, and on the rare occasion where Kinzey looked anywhere than the floor you saw only dull, soulless green eyes.:: ::An explosion, closer than any of the others, shook the room. Everyone cringed.:: Man: That was close. ::The door burst open and three Jem’Hadar rushed in. The squad descended upon them, but, despite the experience they’d accrued through their numerous encounters with the Dominion, they were no match for all three and one burst through the line. He made a beeline for Angie and the small group around her.:: ::Her heart continued to pound, but her hands remained steady as she threw off the blanket. This was what she and Alucard had been preparing for. She put the butt of his hunting rifle to her shoulder and clicked off the safety. She calmly took aim and fired. The fighters head disappeared and as he fell she could see the pattern of small blood drops left on the bulkhead behind him.:: Angie: ::Quietly.:: Stay away from my babies… ::She pulled the bolt back and drove it home again, ready for the next one. But there wasn’t a next one. The surviving security team was dragging away the other two bodies, and the room, heck even the whole ship, was oddly quiet. The rifle barrel slowly sagged to the floor and she began to shake from the sobs.:: =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= PNPC Angie Vess Civilian =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= simmed by: =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= Commander Alucard Vess FO USS Gorkon Deputy Facilitator – Featured Bio Team C238601TB0 =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=
  2. ((Corridors, USS Gorkon)) ::A pale light split the darkness.:: ::A lone figure materialized in a dark, disheveled corridor of the Sovereign-class ship and quickly slipped into a darkened doorway. Erik peeked around the doorframe, disruptor in his left hand and knife in his right. He’d left his personal guard on his ship. As far as he was concerned, the battle was done and dusted. His ship stood between the Gorkon and escape, and the starship wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It was now time to take care of some personal business.:: ::He was still seething. Months ago, the Gorkon’s Captain and Walter Brunsig had used Alucard Vesses resemblance to Erik to infiltrate a Dominion base and had made off with an important prisoner and a valuable Romulan ship. He’d faced quite a bit of backlash from his superiors and had nearly been removed from command. Only his superior intellect had saved him from the Vorta’s wrath.:: ::The ship echoed with weapons fire. Not from his battleship, that had done its job. No, this was small weapons fire. His boarding parties were doing a systematic sweep of the vessel with orders to eliminate all Starfleet personnel. But they had restrictions; there were four they could not touch.:: ::Two he would likely find together, one would be found in Sickbay, and the last on the Bridge. Two he would tag and take alive, the other two would die painfully.:: ::He took to the ships Jefferies Tubes. Fortunately, for him, the ship was so battered that most of it was abandoned which made travel less encumbered. And he knew his quart well. Walter would protect Quinn, so he just needed to find her. There was only one place she’d be during an alert.:: ((Deck 16 Corridors, USS Gorkon)) ::Yes, just as he’d thought. He spotted her at the end of a corridor making some fruitless emergency repair. Walter wasn’t with her, but he was close. He knew it.:: ::His superior hearing heard it first. A slight noise behind him, like fabric rustling. :: Jansen (Alt): Hello, Walter. Brunsig (Alt): You're going to regret coming here, Erik. Jansen (Alt): Hmm. You talk a big game, but we both know that'll never happen. ::He spun, aimed, and flung his knife. In the same fluid moment, he shifted his disruptor to his right hand.:: ((Meanwhile, Main Sickbay)) ::Alucard’s deft hands fairly flew as he performed the lifesaving burr hole procedure Lynn Mayr needed to save her life. Quite a bit of pressure had been building up inside her cranium, more than he had initially expected. By the time the drain had been installed and the head bandage applied the front of his scrub top had become soaked with blood and cerebrospinal fluid.:: ::He stood to stretch his back, then stopped. An immense feeling of dread overcame him.:: Vess: ::Softly.:: He’s here… Red Elk: Pardon? Vess: ::Louder.:: Computer, where is Commander Vess? ::The computer, jury rigged like a Christmas tree, was a few moments longer in responding.:: Computer: Commander Vess is in Sickbay and on Deck 16. ::He exchanged a startled look with Red Elk before heading swiftly for the door. There was only one way he could be in two places at once.:: Vess: Dr. Skyfire, take over! ::And then he was out the door.:: ((Back on Deck 16)) ::The knife arced through the air, spinning end over end like a pinwheel of death, on its way toward Quinn’s heart. And it would have reached its target too, but for the foolish actions of another engineer. The man leapt in front of the blade, taking it in the shoulder, saving Quinn’s life.:: ::He would be sure to make him pay for his foolishness later.:: Brunsig (Alt): So what's the plan, Erik? Kill us all and exchange the Gorkon for a promotion? ::Erik smiled and spread his hands out and bowed slightly.:: Jansen (Alt): Well, of course, Walter. You were such a thorn in the Dominion’s side for so long that they’ll probably give me a fleet. Maybe even my own planet. ::The two men eyed each other like two starving lions over one dead gazelle. Erik raised his disruptor and was about to fire when several things happened at once. The ship lurched and barrel rolled over and over, and out of the corner of his eye he saw a section of the wall near where his head had been disappear from a phaser blast at maximum setting. He quickly deduced, even while tumbling about the corridor, that Walter had set himself up as bait to allow Quinn to take a shot at Erik.:: ::And then there was silence. The ship was no longer rolling, and somehow had survived the experience. Erik groaned and pushed himself up onto his elbows. He would have to find out what happened, later, but for now he had to get back to his feet and finish what he had come here to finish.:: ::He pushed himself up further, then stumbled to his feet. He felt wetness running down his beard. He wiped his hand across his face and saw in the dim light a slick reflection of crimson. The pain from his nose confirmed his nose was broken.:: ::Never mind that, he was first to his feet and raised his disruptor and aimed at Walter. It was time to end this.:: Jansen (Alt): Say goodbye, Walter Reynolds (Alt): Erik, don't! Don't do this! ::A shadow detached itself from an open Jefferies tube.:: Vess: Yes, Erik, dunna do this… ::Where the hell had he come from?:: Jansen (Alt): Well, at least you’ve saved me from having to come find you. Three fish, one pond. ::Alucard waved them back. This man was his responsibility. He’d caused them so much pain and anguish, caused so many deaths. It was time to end this, and he was going to make sure the last thing Erik Jansen saw was his own face.:: ::Erik acted first, raising his disruptor and firing at the same time. But Alucard had expected that. He dove and grabbed a handful of debris. This he threw in Erik’s face. The other Augment stumbled back and clawed at his face to clear his eyes. Alucard didn’t give him the chance though, and was on him in a flash.:: ::The disruptor clattered across the deck as both men grappled at each other. The air was filled with the sound of fists hitting flesh. Both men briefly noticed encountering another body as they rolled across the deck but didn’t notice *who* it was; neither had attention for anything but this final fight.:: ::It seemed to go on forever, until...:: ::SNAP!:: ::It was unmistakable, the sound of a neck snapping. It was too dark to tell who rose from the deck, panting from the exertion.:: Vess: It’s done… =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= PNPC Rona'toran Erik Jansen (deceased) CO Dominion Battleship B937 =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= And: =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= Commander Alucard Vess FO USS Gorkon Deputy Facilitator – Featured Bio Team C238601TB0 =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=
  3. "Equinox" was an awesome episode with great characters and plot, but I prefer the battle in "Unimatrix Zero" (even if I'm not much of a fan of the episode itself). The Borg are simply the best villians ever.
  4. Okay, maybe that's an exception. But, you know, e.g. Harry Potter would be insanely cool to be part of! (Maybe not Deathly Hallows, but all the other books...)
  5. I think the dermal regenerator is the most useful of all when you look at it. But with warp drive we could possibly explore other habitable worlds which might have such technologies. I know it's quite impssible, but who knows? And then of course: the holodeck/holsuite. This would be the best entertainment invention ever in my opinion. Just imagine! You can be PART of your favorite series.
  6. OOC: Set during the intruder alert and search for Lynn Mayr. ((Brig, USS Gorkon)) ::Quinn's heart was thumping in her chest when she arrived at the maroon doors that served as the entrance to the brig, and not just because of the speed at which she had hurried there. ::She paused, taking a breath and steeling herself to step inside -- then almost jumped out of her skin when the doors parted of their own accord. Brunsig stomped out, his brow knotted and lips thin, and very nearly collided with her. She squeaked in soft surprise, darting backward, and he scowled at her.:: Brunsig (Alt): What the hell are you doing out here? Reynolds (Alt): I thought you might need-- ::She shook her head and changed tack halfway through her sentence.:: What happened? Brunsig (Alt): What do you think happened, Cupcake? Cillian was stupid, Lynn escaped, and now he's been thrown in the brig while she's hunted down. ::Her heart sank. It wasn't a surprise. It had been quite obvious that was the likely course of events, but still, it was disheartening to hear it confirmed. She'd never been close to Cillian, and similar to Walter, he was often a hard man to like -- but he was one of their family, and she hated to see him in trouble.:: Reynolds (Alt): Are-- are they going to leave him there? Brunsig (Alt): I don't know. I don't know that I can argue that they shouldn't. We're not exactly proving ourselves to be the most trustworthy of individuals. Erik blew up our ship, and now Cillian sheltered a spy. ::For years, they'd all had plenty to be afraid of. The Dominion, pirates, the many dangers that space itself presented. But she'd never felt afraid of the people around her. She'd trusted them, all of them, with absolute certainty. They were all in it together. ::Now… now she wasn't sure. Hidden agendas and deep secrets were bubbling to the surface as though a fire had been lit underneath them all, and that certainty was turning to dust. It seemed the more she tried to cling onto it, the quicker it was crumbling through her fingers.:: Reynolds (Alt): I guess now would be a bad time to confess that I'm actually the Queen of the Changelings, huh? ::He shot her a scathing look, and she proffered a lop-sided, apologetic smile. It had been a bad joke with very bad timing, after all.:: Reynolds (Alt): Sorry. ::There was the mildest flicker in the lights, and she frowned on reflex, looking up as though she would find the answer in the pale glow of the ceiling panels. When she dropped her gaze again, Walter was staring at her, his sharp blue gaze intense.:: Brunsig (Alt): Tell me that has absolutely nothing to do with the Dominion spy running loose on this ship. ::Her expression must have been worth a thousand words, because his head slumped and he ran his hand through his greying blond hair, looking suddenly weary.:: Brunsig (Alt): I'm too old for this. ::She was sure wouldn't take kindly to comfort, he never did. But it was hard to see a friend in need, especially when they so rarely let it show -- vulnerable was not a word *anyone* associated with Walter Brunsig. She reached over, brushing the back of her fingers against the back of his hand. The smallest of gestures, and one that wouldn't violate the uncompromising sense of personal space they both possessed. :: Reynolds (Alt): We'll figure a way through it. We always do. ::He gave her a long look, and to her surprise there wasn't a scowl or sneer, but a simple nod of acknowledgement.:: Brunsig (Alt): Thanks, Cupcake. ::Passing crew were giving them odd glances, and why not? They were lingering outside the brig like a bad smell, and they were both interlopers from the Triumphant -- all while the search for an intruder was conducted. It did swing toward the suspicious end of the scale. ::She took a step away, and beckoned for him to follow.:: Reynolds (Alt): Come on. Let's find somewhere to wait it out. I'm sure they'll be on the comms as soon as they've found her. Brunsig (Alt): Let's hope they *do* find her. ::She shot him a small grin as he fell into step alongside her, and even gave her the rare courtesy of slowing his pace so that she wasn't trotting alongside him like a show pony.:: Reynolds (Alt): Have you seen that security chief? She's quite literally between a rock and a hard place. They'll find her. ::He rolled his eyes, but she thought maybe, just maybe, that there was the tiniest of smiles tugging at the corner of his mouth.:: Brunsig (Alt): We really need to talk about your sense of humour. Reynolds (Alt): You'd miss it if it was gone. ::They easily fell into the banter that was a feature of their odd friendship, the verbal prods and pokes a welcome distraction from the situation they now found themselves in. It was a familiar way to pass the time, and pass it they did, until reality came calling once again.:: -- Lieutenant Quinn Reynolds (Alt) Passenger USS Gorkon & Captain Walter Brunsig (Alt) Passenger USS Gorkon simmed by Captain Quinn Reynolds Commanding Officer USS Gorkon T238401QR0
  7. ((Casino Upper Deck - The Helase)) Gnarr: Now, now, doctor, we don’t want to be rude now do we? ::Alexa looked as if she was about to get physically sick. Her cheeks were flushed and she had a hand clutching at her stomach with the other holding on to the Dabo table to sturdy herself.:: Dana: Really…ummm no…I can’t… Vee: Gnarr? ::Jaxton tapped the Ferengi on the shoulder.:: ::Dana peered over her shoulder and for a moment her expression was blank as her brain in the haze of alcohol tried to recognise the face that stared at her and Gnarr, then a large smile brushed over her lips.:: Dana: Veeee!! Gnarr: Do I know you? ::Jaxton threw Dana a bemused look and gave her a reassuring smile before looking down at the Ferengi entwined around her waist.:: Vee: You might want to look at this message I just sent. ::He handed the Ferengi the PADD in his hand. The Ferengi was in a little bit of a pickle with one arm wrapped around Alexa and the other holding a drink. He unwrapped himself from Dr. Dana’s waist and took the PADD reading the file that was being displayed.:: ::Something happened to Gnarr’s face as he read the contents. His left eye began to twitch and his lobes reddened as the blood in his face drained.:: Gnarr: Where did you get this? ::He nearly yelled only remembering to keep his tone level at the last second.:: ::Relieved that the Ferengi had loosened his grip on her and amused suddenly at his expression, Dana couldn't help but start to giggle something she never did but then again she had never been drunk before. :: Vee: You might want to review any previous contracts you might have recently entered into. Blox tells me the FIC percentages are at Eleven-Point-Seven percent for business conducted aboard the Helase. Not Ten percent as your standard contracts read. I would void any contracts with the wrong percentages before the liquidators arrive to investigate. ::The Ferengi read the message again his mouth tied up into a snarl. Jax threw Dana a wink while the Ferengi was distracted:: Gnarr: ::Scoffed:: You...how? ::Gnarr shot the human male a look that if it was more metaphorical daggers would of been flying from his eyes. He clenched his fist tightly.:: Gnarr: You can prove nothing. Business is business. ::Smiling that same smile he had given Dana.:: Besides, no harm. Now, how about a few games on the house and we forget about this? Vee: ::Throwing the Ferengi an exaggerated look of shock:: Gnarr. We just met and you try to flatter me with bribery? ::He shook his head:: No. I’m touched but I follow the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. In this particular case you should have remembered that Females and Finance do not mix. Rule 112 would also apply here. ::Gnarr scowled as he tossed the PADD back to the human.:: Gnarr: Very well, and take her with you. I will return all the latinum to her account as long as you forget about this. ::He paused, taking a step closer to Vee.:: But you have no idea who you have messed with Hu-mann. Vee: It always a pleasure to do business with you Gnarr. ::Jax coated his voice with politeness. It was probably the worst Ferengi insult he could think of.:: Vee: I would return the latinum sooner than later though. If I do not cancel that message in the next ten minutes it will be too late. Vee: oO Mess with one of my crewmates again and I will hang you up by your ears. Oo ::Turning ignoring the young human's comment Gnarr walked off back into the fray of patrons. The Dabo girl looked at Vee and Dana her expression a mixture of shock and just a little bit of pleasure.:: Dabo girl: I would get out if I was you, he has a bad temper for a Ferengi. Vee: Good advice. ::Jaxton admitted, giving the Dabo girl an appreciative smile. Jaxton doubted anything would happen right away. Gnarr will be most likely spending the next three hours editing his accounts in order to pass any surprise inspections a liquidator might give. However, the good Doctor did not look like she had three hours of this type of fun left in her. He needed to get her out of the Casino before any of her crewmates found her in this condition.:: ::Dana felt an arm scoop around her waist as she glanced to her side and saw Vee escorting her out of the casino. Her cheeks flushed slightly as she draped her arms around his neck.:: Dana: My hero. ::Jaxton laughed. His adrenaline was pumping. He had managed to bluff a Ferengi. Not an easy feat to accomplish. He never sent the message. The presence of a liquidator would anger the Captain of the Helase and undoubtedly sour whatever deal the Captain was attempting to make with him.:: ::He was still not exactly sure how he had managed it. When he asked Blox what he knew about the Ferengi and offered him the latinum he had won in exchange. The older Ferengi spilled his guts. He learned more about Gnarr in two minutes than he thought was possible. Every dirty little secret the pit boss knew seemed to come gushing out.:: ::They reached a turbolift and when the doors opened Jaxton looked at the very drunk woman in his arms. Her cheeks were flushed and she seemed to have a glow about her..:: Vee: oOThat smile! Oo ::She made a pretty drunk. A very dangerous combination he noted.:: Vee: oO Yeah. But dangerous for whom? Oo Vee: Your Carriage awaits my lady. ::He said as the turbolift doors opened.:: ::Alexa looked at Vee, then looked at the Turbolift and smiled as she took a slightly uneven step forward Jaxton still holding her head steady as he moved with her. Peering up at him she smiled still before slowly turning pressing her body a little tighter to his.:: Dana: You know. ::She paused.:: That was really sweet of you. ::Jaxton helped her inside the turbolift and waited for the doors to close. His mind was racing. Trying to think of how to get her out of the casino and back to her quarters with out anyone seeing her.:: ((Turbolift - Ghe Helease)) Vee: I'm not as sweet as I use to be. ::It was something his Mother often quoted from an old movie.:: Vee: oO Jackson! Oo ::The solution to their problem became apparent to him.:: ::She shook her head, and realised it wasn’t a good idea stopping quickly hoping the floor would stop tilting as well.:: Dana: No really...you saved me. ::This time she rested her hands on his chest, her voice suddenly getting a little softer.:: It was really sweet of you, I mean…. ::A part of her stood watching herself and rolling her eyes, she was drunk and her inhibitions had completely gone out the window. But sadly the inebriated Dana was in full control at the moment and was not holding back on anything.:: ::Before he could say another word, Dana pushed herself forward on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his, albeit a little clumsily.:: Vee: Hmmmf... ::He had started to say something but suddenly he found himself kissing the woman.:: ::The kiss was unexpected and awkward. He found himself falling into it despite himself for a moment. However his eyes opened wide as the turbolift doors opened and a Bolian stepped inside giving them a knowing smile. It was not the stranger however that had Jaxton worried. He saw past the Bolian, and across the room. It looked like half the officers of the Gorkon were playing Dabo at a table with their backs to them. He wrapped his arm around Alexa’s waist and gently moved them to the right out of the view from the turbolift doors. He reached out behind her and pressed a button. The doors shut on command.:: Vee: Shuttlebay two. ::He said to the Turbolift after managing to pull his lips off of hers.:: ::He stepped back for a moment to avoid giving her the opportunity to kiss him again. He should of known. All turbolifts stop on the Main Casino floor. It made perfect Ferengi business sense.:: Vee: oO I was right. She is a very dangerous drunk. Oo ::His hands were shaking:: ::Still sort of hanging on Vee, but also half now resting against the turbolifts walls, ahe saw for a moment some of the crew of the Gorkon as the doors opened and wanted to jump forward and shout out to them. She was not ready to call it a night, well her mind wasn’t but her body was screaming against the idea.:: Dana: Hi! ::She smiled at the Bolian and waved shortly.:: Bolian: You two make a cute couple. Dana: ::Looking at Vee, her cheeks flushing deeply she bit her lower lip. Before pulling herself close to him.:: Thank you. ::She peered at Vee out the corner of her eye, and drunkenly winked at him.:: Vee: Thank You. ::Was all Jaxton could manage. He was just grateful none of the Gorkon crew had been waiting for the Turbolift on the Main floor. As it was he did not believe anyone had seen them.:: Dana: You’re a good kisser. ::She leaned in a trying not to speak to loudly but failed as the Bolian glanced at them and only smiled hearing them chat.:: Vee: I was inspired. ::He admitted, wishing the Bolian had never stepped into the Turbolift with them. He could of used the time to contact Jackson for the quick getaway. He put a protective arm around Alexa’s waist to help steady her as the turbolift began to move.:: ::The turbolift moved quickly and for a moment there was silence, the Bolian sneaking glances at them every so often.:: ::The silence was deafening for a moment and the turbolift seemed to crawl. He looked at Alexa and grinned:: Vee: oO She is going to have a very bad morning. Oo --- Ensign Jaxton Vee Medical Officer USS Gorkon G239302JV0 & Ensign (Dr.) Alexa Dana Medical Officer USS Gorkon C2737904DE0
  8. ((Rosek's Quarters, USS Gorkon)) ::This was the conversation Lael had least been looking forward to. So much so that she'd put it off until the last possible minute. With the majority of the holidays over with, she felt safe that even her mother's worst tantrum couldn't ruin one of her happiest Christmases in recent memory. Yes, she missed her friends and younger brother dearly and wished she could be with them. But Christmas with Jansen--she grinned. It was the happiest she'd been since the divorce. She was head over heels in love and, for once, wasn't fighting it. No doubt her mother would know something was up. She sighed. It was probably just better to endure the Inquisition to come and get it over with.:: L. ROSEK: Computer, open a communique to Adelynn Rosek. COMPUTER: ::chirps in acknowledgement:: Connecting... ::another chirp:: Call in progress. ::Within moments, her mother's familiar face appeared on the screen. She tried to smile, but she was certain her expression showed her nervousness. She'd never been able to hide anything from her mother. All the more reason she was certain the truth about her new relationship with Jansen would come out today whether she liked it or not.:: L. ROSEK: Hey, Mom. A. ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: Lael. What a pleasant surprise. I thought for certain you'd forget. ::Lael exhaled heavily, fighting to keep her temper under control. The jab was intentional, of course. It spoke volumes of their relationship. It had always been rocky, but several serious events over the years had deteriorated it further. It was a shame, really. She'd hoped as she got older, things would get better between them.:: L. ROSEK: No, I didn't forget. ::pauses:: How are you? A. ROSEK: ::snorts:: I just found out recently that my last hope for grandchildren has decided to follow in his sister's footsteps. How do you think I am, Lael? L. ROSEK ::stiffens:: Mom-- A. ROSEK: ::waves her off:: No. No. I'm sorry. ::exhales heavily:: That wasn't necessary. ::pauses:: I'm fine, dear. How are you doing? I heard from your brother that you broke it off with that Doctor, Jasel-- L. ROSEK: ::sighs:: Janel, Mom. o0Great. What else did big mouth tell her?0o A. ROSEK: ::waves a hand dismissively:: Janel. Whatever. ::points a finger chastisingly:: I told you he wasn't good enough for you. ::rolls her eyes:: Of course, you're so stubborn. You never listen to me and always end up wishing you had. L. ROSEK: ::murmurs:: Not always. ::sighs:: What else did he tell you? A. ROSEK: Nothing else. :: narrows her eyes:: Why? What else is going on? L. ROSEK: ::sighs::o0Might as well get it over with.0o ::smiles nervously:: I met someone. ​A. ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: Oh? Tell me about this someone. L. ROSEK: ::exhales shakily:: Well, he's a doctor. But he just recently switched roles to Ship's Counselor. A. ROSEK: A shrink? L. ROSEK: ::grimaces:: Not quite. He's...different. A. ROSEK: Oh? He must be a smooth operator if he has you so enraptured when I know for a fact that you detest counselors. L. ROSEK:​ ::blushes:: He was a doctor when we first met. A. ROSEK: Which was when exactly? L. ROSEK: ::murmurs:: A few months ago, when I first transferred to the Gorkon. A. ROSEK: You've known about this that long and you're just now telling me?! L. ROSEK: ::shakes her head:: There was nothing to tell. We were just friends...until recently. A. ROSEK: You realize I'm going to want to meet him. L. ROSEK: ::rolls her eyes:: I expected nothing less. But he'll call you when he's ready. Don't go pestering him. At least let me give him the head's up. A. ROSEK: For you, my darling daughter, I'll wait. L. ROSEK: ::snorts:: Only because it'll benefit you. A. ROSEK: ::feigns offense:: Why, Lael. Is that what you'll think of me? L. ROSEK: ::laughs:: Well, I'm on shift soon. I should get ready. A. ROSEK: All right, dear. Promise you'll have your Jansen call me. L. ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: I never told you his name. A. ROSEK: ::smirks:: Didn't you? ::The screen went blank and Lael stared at the screen, not sure what to think. She rose and began to get ready for her shift.:: -- LT JG Lael Rosek HCO Officer USS Gorkon I238110RH0
  9. (( Bridge, the White Canary )) ::There had been a petty officer tracking them, by all accounts. A reptilian thing, one of the engineers outside the holodeck. However he had been doing it, they'd shaken him off -- he'd lost their trail after one of their turbolift rides and they had made it to their transport vessel unhindered. Already they were a fair distance from the station, but they hadn't escaped. Not yet.:: ::Ch'kehla, Alistair's Klingon companion, was leaning over one of the bridge consoles, and at the sound of a quiet alarm, she straightened to her full and considerable height, looking over at him.:: CH'KEHLA: They're outside the cargo bay. The ones from the holodeck. HASTINGS: Is the captain with them? CH'KEHLA: No. She's at the Cardassian Embassy. ::Alistair flashed a grin at that, chortling away to himself.:: HASTINGS: Oh, she's not going to like what she finds *there*. Not at all. ::He grinned.:: Put the feed on the viewscreen? ::She brushed her fingertips against the console, and the dark cargo bay appeared on the small vessel's screen. Another time, and she applied a filter, a pale green veil over the image that let them see through the blackness. The audio feed was even sensitive enough to pick up the blond Lieutenant Commander's low mutter.:: SKYFIRE: =/\= I got a bad feeling about this =/\= EERIE: =/\= Agreed. =/\= ::The Brikar pulled out a tricorder and attempted a scan. Alistair just grinned, smug and superior at the attempt at something so utterly pointless.:: =/\= Must be a dispersal field in place. Not getting anything but some odd chaff on the tricorder. =/\= ::Alistair watched as the security chief swept the dark cargo bay with his phaser rifle.:: SHAPIRO: =/\= Someone must be inside the cargo bay and waiting for us to surprise us. =/\= ::Ch'kehla snorted at that, and Alistair chuckled to himself again. They had no idea. He watched as the Brikar stepped out into the darkness, the rest of the team following the echoes of his footsteps.:: EERIE: =/\=Lights. =/\= SHARPE: =/\= I am with you there Ensign, I am not liking this one iota. =/\= HASTINGS: He's almost adorable, isn't he? For a talking rock, that is. Ch'kehla, be a dear and active the phaser turrets. ::She muttered something under her breath, probably something about traps and honour, but he paid no mind. Honour was a fool's game, and it was no one's fault but her own if she clung to outdated cultural ideals.:: ::And despite her complaints, she still did as she was asked. Phaser beams lanced out from the turrets strategically placed around the 'bay.:: EERIE: =/\=Get down! =/\= ::Alistair watched as the team scattered, throwing themselves to the side and to the floor, trying to avoid the coordinated fire. Though the turrets missed the man, it did hit the security chief's phaser rifle, disintegrating it in his hands and throwing him to the floor. He had the luck of the devil, that one.:: SHARPE: =/\= You okay Commander? =/\= ::One of the security chief's men checked on the status of their superior. Bless. It was all so sweet and caring. If only Starfleet had tried so hard to save others at Ohmallera.:: SKYFIRE/EERIE/ROSEK/SHAPIRO/LANG: SHARPE: =/\= Okay where is that fire coming from, I need to find me a computer interface. =/\= ::A few of the phaser turrets had been hit by the team's weapons fire, and the barrage was already beginning to slow. Despite this, Alistair continued watching the display with an ever-growing grin on his face.:: EERIE: =/\= Fine except for my weapon and uniform. =/\= ::In the midst of ongoing phaser fire, the human security officer passed his phaser rifle to his chief.:: SHARPE: =/\= Take mine Commander and cover me, I am going to see if I can get us some lights in here. =/\= EERIE: =/\= Good idea. ::Taking the weapon.:: =/\= ::As the firefight continued, the security officer kept frantically tapping at PADD. What a curious individual -- Alistair had not anticipated this tactic.:: SHARPE: =/\= EUREKA! =/\= ::The lights came back on, which was unexpected, and revealed that the Starfleet team's opponents were entirely automated phaser turrets. Still, no matter. There was more to the cargo bay than an ambush.:: SHARPE: =/\= I could only get us the lights Sir. =/\= ::Finally. Alistair leaned over and pressed a button on the arm of his seat, opening a comm channel. A panel in the cargo bay lit up in front of the Starfleet officers, and much like a bridge viewscreen.:: HASTINGS: You survived! Well done. I wasn't sure you'd survive. Disappointed that you *did*, but that's by the by. ::He beamed at them, unabashedly smug. The Starfleet team who had been hunting them down were there, and he was elsewhere. And it looked like their escape might actually work! Hitting Astrofori One had always been a huge risk, what with the station's standing fleet, Peaceforce Five nearby to deal with any troublemakers.:: ::And of course, the Gorkon herself, with some of the biggest guns Starfleet had to offer and a quantum slipstream drive to boot.:: SKYFIRE: =/\= In this case, glad to disappoint. =/\= ::The Gorkon's XO motioned for his team to let him take the lead in the discussion. A pity, really -- Alistair had been hoping to hear some spit and fire from the obviously aggrieved men and women. The Brikar looked as though he'd happily shoot first and worry about the consequences later.:: SHARPE: ::Laying a friendly hand on his shoulder:: It's okay Commander he will get his. ::Sharpe said to Eerie.:: ::All eyes were on Alistair, and he could see fury burning behind so many of them. Good. He hoped how they felt today stayed with them for a long, long time.:: HASTINGS: Well, you're obviously hot on our little tails and that won't do at all. So you have a choice. Us, or your own people. SKYFIRE: =/\= Meaning what, exactly? =/\= HASTINGS: Remember those forty-nine people who are missing? I bet at least one of you does. ::His eyes wandered over to Lang, and he flashed her a wicked grin.:: SKYFIRE: =/\= Meaning? =/\= ::Heavens above, the man was dense. Alistair rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. A little bit melodramatic, but he was having fun now.:: HASTINGS: Do you want them back safe or sound, or not? I mean, without the transporter coordinates, they could be anywhere in a three light-year radius and I'm fairly sure they don't have enough oxygen for you to conduct a proper search... SKYFIRE: =/\= I presume at the cost of letting you go. ::He stared, unblinking for several moments. Alistair rolled his eyes again as he waited.:: Give us the coordinates. =/\= ::*Finally*, he had caught on.:: HASTINGS: Without any guarantees? You must have mistaken me for an idiot. ::In the blink of an eye, the cheer and arrogant charm was gone, and his voice dropped dangerously low.:: I am not an idiot. SKYFIRE: =/\= You have my word. =/\= HASTINGS: That's very good of you, Commander. But your word carries about as much weight as my pet chihuahua. You're neither in command of the Gorkon, or the rest of Astrofori One's fleet. SKYFIRE: =/\= That much is true. I'm here, and they aren't. So my word will have to suffice. :: then whispered to Eerie :: No need to blast a hole in him, Eerie. =/\= EERIE: =/\= Yes, Sir. ::Eerie lowered the weapon to the ready position.:: =/\= HASTINGS: Fine, I will give you some coordinates. At these ones, you'll find a probe. It will give you the coordinates to your people -- once my ship is clear of Astrofori One's space. If I am intercepted at any point, the probe self-destructs. If you tamper with the probe, it self-destructs. Basically, if you try any funny business, the probe explodes. If I *think* you're trying any funny business, the probe explodes. SKYFIRE: =/\= Thank you. =/\= HASTINGS: Who's a good boy. ::He nodded to Ch'kehla. She tapped a button on the console, and a set of coordinates flashed up on the screen.:: Off you go, bye bye now. ::He beamed and gave the sour-looking team a merry wave, and flicked off the screen. He glanced at Ch'kehla, and she glowered back at him. The question was, did he blow up the probe anyway, once they had got away? It would serve them all right, but could make life difficult for his Reborn brothers and sisters in the future. And Ch'kehla would have a fit -- she was already sour and breaking a promise, not to mention the mass murder of the defenceless, might just tip her to breaking point.:: ::Decisions, decisions:: -- Alistair Hastings & Ch'Kehla Terrorists Maquis Reborn simmed by Captain Quinn Reynolds Commanding Officer USS Gorkon
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