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Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Williams: Sweet dreams princess

Ben Edwards

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((Williams Quarters – The Previous Evening))

::The remains of their meal was still laid on the table, long forgotten as they chatted. Even in his wildest dreams Alex could have hoped for an evening like this one. It was perfect in every meaning of the word. I really liked Kala and truth be told she was a true sight for sore eyes::

Kala: Dinner was excellent, ::playfully:: it was almost as good as my father’s hasperat.

oO Is she teasing me? I can play that game. Oo

Williams: Almost? Then perhaps you’ll introduce me to your cooking the next time?

Kala: I may just have to do that.

oO Great! That’s a date to look forward to! Oo

:: Alex noted how Kala was playing with her cup of tea. He served over an hour ago so no doubt it was cold by now ::

Williams: Would you like a new cup of tea?

::Just outside, in the corridor, a familiar sound began to invade their conversation, the transition from B shift to C shift. Both Alex and Kala had the A shift so it was time to call it a night::

Kala: I wish I could. But I really should go, it's getting late.

oO I don’t like it, but it’s true, it’s getting late.

Williams: Times flies when you’re having fun. I really enjoyed this. Please allow me to walk you home?

Kala: Walk me home? Really?

Williams: When on a data, always make sure the lady gets home safely. Also an earth tradition but once that makes perfect sense.

Kala: Well I would hate to break tradition. ::Standing, and heading for his door.:: You coming?

::surprised by the sudden haste Alex quickly jumped up::

oO Hope she is not THAT anxious to get home… Oo

Williams: You are in a hurry all of a sudden… afraid I turn into a wolf or vampire at midnight?

::They continued to make jokes but .::

Kala: Thank you for this evening. Beginning duty on a starship has been surprisingly lonely.

oO Lonely? Doesn’t she interact with the other ensigns when she is off duty? Oo

Kala: I have met some very nice people, all very professional and capable. But tonight is the first time I have felt a connection to anyone since I left the Academy.

::For Alex it was a both a sweet and a sad comment. He was pleased to make her feel welcome, but the idea that a fine woman like Kala had to wait for weeks to get any friends was a shame::

Williams: You’ll always be welcome at my place if you need someone to hang out with. And keep in mind that you are not the only new crewmember on board. There are many activities for new people.

Kala: Of course, it was just an unexpected complication on top of starting active duty on a starship. I suppose I was a little silly for not seeing it coming.

::They stopped walking just outside of Meressa's quarters.::

Williams: Not silly… It took me a while to get settled on my first ship. And the second for that matter. But know this. You are great company. Anyone not wanting to hang out with you is a fool.

Kala: I'm not so sure of that, but it is nice of you to say.

Williams: Then I’m sure for the both of us. Tonight was one of the best nights on this ship.

:: As the two got to Kala’s quarter Alex wasn’t sure what do to next. He didn’t want to ruin a great evening by going too far. But then not doing anything could sent the wrong signal too.::

Kala: So… what is it you Human/Bajoran hybrids do to say goodnight to a girl at the end of the date.

oO I guess that’s my call… Oo

:: Alex pulled Kala closer to him and kissed her, the kiss was quickly followed by Kala wrapping her arms around him and Alex pulled her even closer. He could feel her heart beat and he tried to treasure to moment as much as he could but all always it was over way to quickly.::

Williams: Is this acceptable… for a hybrid?

Kala: Works for me. ::Kala opened the door and went inside. For a moment Alex thought about following but he reminded himself he had to get up early and so did Kala.:: Goodnight.

::the doors closed and alex noted two young people at a corner looking his way as the giggled::

Williams: ::whispering:: Sweet dreams my love.



With great pleasure written as:

Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Williams

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Constitution-B

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