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  1. If it shows on the group then it sent, Gmail for some reason dose show it in your email.
  2. @Daniel Cain ((Tactical Holodeck 1, Deck 3, USS Apollo-A)) ::For the past 2 weeks Cain had not spent a minute idle. After the Twitchy Lieutenant JG had put him in charge of the AP Section of Security, he'd read up on everything he could. After 2 weeks he still wasn't done with it all but reckoned he had most of the priorities looked over. He'd started with the Borg and Voyagers encounter with them. When it came down to it Admiral Janeway was a genius when it came to killing these guys. What interested him most was the Elite Force that had been put together to combat threats like these. He read up on those missions in detail, wondering if the same could be done here on this ship. They were going to be out here longer than Voyager was anyway so why not? That idea was a long way off anyway, he still had so much to take in.:: ::Next on his list was the Hirogen. Brutal, efficient killing machines. Again, all information he could find came from Voyagers interactions. How had their society evolved since the last interaction with Voyager? Had they settled somewhere or did they still hunt? Cain believed the latter and even theorised they'd come up with new ways to kill. He surmised it would be interesting to meet one in a fight.:: ::The list seemed endless. Species 8472, Kazon, Krenim, Hierarchy, Malon. There were so many and others that were unknown. He read up on different tactics used by each and how they fought. When it got down and dirty, that information may save his life one day.:: Cain: K'MAARRA, LEFT FLANK! SECOND SQUAD COVER! ::The Caitian leapt up from her firing position from behind a rock and began moving to a rocky outcropping on her left about 50m away. As she ran crouched over, fire rained in from behind her to the enemy position to cover her. She moved with a speed befitting of Caitians, which is why he'd told her to move. Her black fur shook from running. She hit the rocks with her shoulder as she got there and started returning fire. The Hirogen, seeing one of their prey separated from the main body, charged the rock to surround her from both sides. This is what Cain was hoping for.:: Cain: FIRST SQUAD, NOW! ::Cain had placed First Squad up high, on the top of a high ridge that overlooked the rock K'Maarra was behind. As the Hirogen came around, both squads hit in the cross fire. Phaser Rifle beams and Pulse Phaser fire shot in, dropping body after body. Within minutes, the whole enemy force had been killed, bodies surrounding the panting Caitian.:: Cain: Squads, pull it in. ::As the 10 members of his security force started to move towards him, Cain couldn't help but think something was still off about the programming. He come up with these exercises himself after reading the after action reports from Voyager but he didn't think in reality a Hirogen hunting force would just run into an obvious trap. He made a note to check in with someone to see if they could improve on the A.I. of the enemy combatants. However he wasn't going to reveal that to his teams.:: Cain: Good job everyone, although some did get in close enough to K'Maarra to give her a stand up fight. How was it? K'Maarra::Grinning but still breathing heavily.:: Walk in the park sir Cain: Good. Don't let it go to your head though... ::He looked around.::…. and that goes for all of you too. These are basic simulations of the type of enemies we might face out here. I'm sure the real thing will be more of a challenge but its all good practise. ::They all looked half serious but in a good way. Each of them knew it would be harder in reality and looked like they welcomed the challenge. Cain had come to respect the crew he'd been working with and had managed to get past he feeling they were all wrong in some way to actually enjoy their company.:: Cain: Dismissed. Go get cleaned up and keep studying your files. I don't think we are ever going to finish them but keep going at it. Computer, end program. ::They all wandered towards the exit as the environment disappeared to reveal bulk heads and emitters. Some had even made it out the door.:: Computer: Red Alert. All hands to battle stations. ::Cain saw everything darken and a red hue illuminated the corridors out side the tactical Holodeck. The people already out the door jogged back in. He addressed everyone.:: Cain: Ok you know the drill. Lets get armed and ready. This may be the first time this has happened out here but it certainly won be the last. ::As Cain was jogging out with his teams his Comm Badge chirped.:: Fairhug: =/\= Fairhug to Lieutenant Cain and Ensigns Malko and Maro, please hand off any work you are doing to another member of staff and make your way to the Captain's Ready Room. =/\= Cain: =/\= Yes Commander. =/\= ::Cain stopped and K'Maarra stopped with him. He started jogging in the other direction, toward the turbolift. He shouted over his shoulder.:: Cain: Sort them out Ensign. ::She nodded and resumed her course at a faster rate. Cain ran into the turbolift, breathing lightly.:: Cain: Bridge. ::As an after thought, Cain remembered he was holding his rifle. Shrugging he strapped it to his back with the sling he had with it.:: oO Never know, may come in useful Oo ((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Apollo-A)) ::Cain walked onto the Bridge and crossed the vast space to the Captains ready room. Everyone was busy assessing what was going on. Cain nodded to the Commander as he caught his eye and gave him a questioning look. The Commander answered indirectly.:: Fairhug: Ensign D'fini, have a look at the archives. Is there any reason the Hierarchy would have for attacking the Talaxians like this? oO Hierarchy? Really? Not their MO Oo ::He looked over at D'fini and smiled. He always did when he saw her. He hadn't had time to speak to her properly after their initial meeting. He assumed she was busy like himself that he hadn't even thought about it. Still, something about her put him at ease. Cain chimed the door as D'fini answered but didn't take it in. The door immediately opened and Cain stepped into the room. He found the Admiral beyond. The door closed behind him but a second later opened again. Cain groaned inwardly. The annoying Ensign. The Admiral made a gesture towards the sofa and the other two sat down. Cain remained standing. The Rifle on his back would make for an awkward seating position.:: Renos: Something about this stinks and unfortunately, we’re going in blind. So tell me, what do you know about the Hierarchy? Cain: Only what I've read in Voyagers files Sir Malko: In the spirit of honesty, I have only the basic combat training and a hostile rescue situation with Atlantis under my belt - which I don't know if I've fully processed, yet. What did you have in mind for me, Captain? ::Cain kept his face neutral but was groaning again inside. He found himself doing that a lot lately with people in blue collars.:: oO That's it, make your CO doubt you from the off Oo Renos: Mr Malko, I have no doubt about your abilities or your training. I appreciate that it's a difficult mission you’ve gone through. Having only limited data right now, it’s hard to say how our resources will be utilised. Best case scenario, we drive the Hierarchy away before too much damage is done. Worst case scenario we may have to send search and rescue parties to evacuate New Talax. What I do know, is that this is a traumatic event for the Talaxians. There will be people in direct need of your expertise, so tell me now if you feel you may not be able to handle any task that may be required of you. Malko: Response Renos: Very well. For now, let’s focus on the Hierarchy. What else do we know about them? ::Cain spoke first.:: Cain: Nothing beyond Voyagers files. They Micromanage to an extent that if they need to use the head they need to see if its worth their time. A full scale planetary attack is not their style unless there is a massive gain from such an expensive and resource consuming activity. If there is, im surprised no one picked up on their spying before hand as they must have been at it weeks to plan it in such miniscule detail. Maro/Malko: Response ::Renos nodded, thinking the response's through apparently.:: Renos: Well it begs the question - was this a stealth assault gone wrong? Were they uncovered prematurely by the Talaxians? Did they underestimate their target? Or what about an evolution of their tactics? Cain: I would go against an evolution in tactics. A society micromanaged from the top has people that will not want to give that up. If this is a genuine attack, this is still going to have been weighed and measured by these top guys and the Talaxians may be in a lot more trouble than we realise. Renos: Then perhaps it was desperation. Does anyone have any theories about why they might be attacking or what they may be after? Malko/Maro: Response Cain: Or maybe they are moving out this way because something worse is on the other side of their territory.
  3. I would post your response to the sim.
  4. ((Williams Quarters – The Previous Evening)) ::The remains of their meal was still laid on the table, long forgotten as they chatted. Even in his wildest dreams Alex could have hoped for an evening like this one. It was perfect in every meaning of the word. I really liked Kala and truth be told she was a true sight for sore eyes:: Kala: Dinner was excellent, ::playfully:: it was almost as good as my father’s hasperat. oO Is she teasing me? I can play that game. Oo Williams: Almost? Then perhaps you’ll introduce me to your cooking the next time? Kala: I may just have to do that. oO Great! That’s a date to look forward to! Oo :: Alex noted how Kala was playing with her cup of tea. He served over an hour ago so no doubt it was cold by now :: Williams: Would you like a new cup of tea? ::Just outside, in the corridor, a familiar sound began to invade their conversation, the transition from B shift to C shift. Both Alex and Kala had the A shift so it was time to call it a night:: Kala: I wish I could. But I really should go, it's getting late. oO I don’t like it, but it’s true, it’s getting late. Williams: Times flies when you’re having fun. I really enjoyed this. Please allow me to walk you home? Kala: Walk me home? Really? Williams: When on a data, always make sure the lady gets home safely. Also an earth tradition but once that makes perfect sense. Kala: Well I would hate to break tradition. ::Standing, and heading for his door.:: You coming? ::surprised by the sudden haste Alex quickly jumped up:: oO Hope she is not THAT anxious to get home… Oo Williams: You are in a hurry all of a sudden… afraid I turn into a wolf or vampire at midnight? ::They continued to make jokes but .:: Kala: Thank you for this evening. Beginning duty on a starship has been surprisingly lonely. oO Lonely? Doesn’t she interact with the other ensigns when she is off duty? Oo Kala: I have met some very nice people, all very professional and capable. But tonight is the first time I have felt a connection to anyone since I left the Academy. ::For Alex it was a both a sweet and a sad comment. He was pleased to make her feel welcome, but the idea that a fine woman like Kala had to wait for weeks to get any friends was a shame:: Williams: You’ll always be welcome at my place if you need someone to hang out with. And keep in mind that you are not the only new crewmember on board. There are many activities for new people. Kala: Of course, it was just an unexpected complication on top of starting active duty on a starship. I suppose I was a little silly for not seeing it coming. ::They stopped walking just outside of Meressa's quarters.:: Williams: Not silly… It took me a while to get settled on my first ship. And the second for that matter. But know this. You are great company. Anyone not wanting to hang out with you is a fool. Kala: I'm not so sure of that, but it is nice of you to say. Williams: Then I’m sure for the both of us. Tonight was one of the best nights on this ship. :: As the two got to Kala’s quarter Alex wasn’t sure what do to next. He didn’t want to ruin a great evening by going too far. But then not doing anything could sent the wrong signal too.:: Kala: So… what is it you Human/Bajoran hybrids do to say goodnight to a girl at the end of the date. oO I guess that’s my call… Oo :: Alex pulled Kala closer to him and kissed her, the kiss was quickly followed by Kala wrapping her arms around him and Alex pulled her even closer. He could feel her heart beat and he tried to treasure to moment as much as he could but all always it was over way to quickly.:: Williams: Is this acceptable… for a hybrid? Kala: Works for me. ::Kala opened the door and went inside. For a moment Alex thought about following but he reminded himself he had to get up early and so did Kala.:: Goodnight. ::the doors closed and alex noted two young people at a corner looking his way as the giggled:: Williams: ::whispering:: Sweet dreams my love. TBC? ===================== With great pleasure written as: Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Williams Chief Tactical Officer USS Constitution-B
  5. ((Deck 42, Corridor Near Cargo Bay 18, USS Constitution-) ::Onil stood, watching the swirling mass of energy in the Cargo Bay grow before his eyes. The researcher in him was fascinated, transfixed by the power and beauty, as well as the scientific prowess that been able to physically mark an unidentified foe. He felt the corners of his mouth tick up in a slight smile.:: ::However, the smile hid his fear. His fear of the unknown. His fear of dying. His smile disappeared entirely when he heard the Andorian science officer saying his name.:: ::Pulled from his terrifyingly close enchantment, the Ktarian listened to what the young officer had to say.:: Udas: =/\= Doctor Aralo, this is Lieutenant Udas. We need you to manually override the cargo bay controls and jettison the contents. =/\= ::Onil frowned for a moment, letting out a deep huff.:: Onil: =/\= Understood Lieutenant. Stand by. =/\= ::The Ktarian moved over towards wall panel and touched a few keys. Nothing happened. He tabbed through another screen and then another, attempting to manually override the controls of the door way again and again. The same error message scrolled across the screen every time.:: ::He slammed his fist angrily against the wall.:: ::Taking a deep breath, he looked around the corridor, for anything or anyone to assist. He was, as he had been for many months, alone. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. :: oO You have to do this, Aralo. You have to make amends. Oo ::He dropped to one knee and pulled off a wall panel underneath the controls. It was fairly standard for a three manual lever to be underneath the control panel as a fall back in case the doors wouldn't respond. He paused for a moment, suddenly realizing what was about to happen.:: ::In heavy breathes, he spoke into the comm system.:: Onil: =/\= Commander Faranster, Morely. The manual ::his breathing was labored:: manual override seems to have...failed. No other way to jettison...to jettison...the contents of the cargo bay except from...inside. ::there was a long pause:: I'm so sorry for everything. I...really really am. Morely, tell...my daughters.. Well, you know.... =/\= ::Feeling his fingers wrap around the cold, metal level, Aralo pulled with all his strength. Looking towards the doorway, he was relieved to see about a meter opening in the Cargo Bay doors. Just enough for him to squeeze in.:: ::Rising to his feet before he could think about it any longer, the pudgy man squeezed himself into the cargo bay and the energy fields.:: ((Deck 42, Cargo Bay 18, USS Constitution-) ::The feeling couldn't be described as painful. The energy immediately washed over him like a cool bath, immersing him, covering him. A million different thoughts and feelings, the feelings of people he'd never known, the feelings of those aboard the ship poured into him and through him. The energy was reacting to his presence.:: ::Blindly feeling his way along the wall, he found a control panel. Kneeling again, he removed the wall panel and reached into to find the lever. Finding it easily, he pulled it, watching the meter or so gap in the doors close behind him. He was sealed in.:: ::Moving through the energy, he felt overwhelmed. Everyone he had ever known, his daughters, both his ex-wives, his grandmother, and teachers from his days at university, random strangers, Commander Faranster and Morely, all of them were inside of his mind. All of them were watching him, silently.:: ::Stumbling, the energy becoming almost too much to bear, he found the opposite wall of the Cargo Bay and the manual jettison controls. Raising his fist above his head, he crashed his hand down, breaking the glass covering.:: ::A red button, marked ""ONLY USE IN EMERGENCIES" stared back at him.:: oO This is it, Aralo. No turning back. Oo ::A voice broke through the energy, a voice he had heard a thousand times.:: Voice: Papa, it's time. Come home. ::Onil smiled, tears being pulled from his eyes:: Onil: I'm coming, honey. ::With that, Aralo slammed his fist into the red button.:: ::He felt, only for an instant, the gravity of the Cargo Bay being pulled out from around him as the contents of the Cargo Bay were pulled into space. He too was floating, a suddenly weightlessness about him. He was spinning, spinning, spinning. His vision slowly fading to black. His eyes couldn't focus much, so he closed them. Everything went white, he lost all feeling. There was nothing any longer to Doctor Aralo Onil. Nothing except the voice of his daughter calling his name as he tumbled further and further away from the Constitution and closer and closer to home.:: TBC..... MSNPC Doctor Aralo OnilResearch, Sotra Orbital Research Station Simmed by Lieutenant Udas
  6. ((Underground Cave, Sotra)) :: The caves were designed to keep them hidden, sometimes it felt like it kept them hidden from themselves too. C'Lockyo had some interactions with others of her species, but they mostly seemed keen to stay to themselves. Her father was the last of her family to leave her alone, by herself in her corner of the caves when he died years earlier. :: Echo- S'kreel: Brothers, sisters do you feel it too? :: C'Lockyo did feel it, she last felt it as a young girl, a pull, where her dreams seemed real as she yearned for sunlight. When she woke in the night time, she'd find herself covered in burns, even though she never went out of her caves. Her father was concerned about her, never having seen it happen before. They'd put uakie balm on the burn, and it would be good by bed time for them. :: C'Lockyo: :: Moaning :: Yes... :: She hated that she could feel it, that when she went to sleep she would be searching for her father, calling out to him. "Papa..." She would say. When she finally found him, he was in a strange room, crying. :: (( Flashback - Dream memory )) :: Her mother was having another baby, and her father had been with her mother. They were set to be home any moment, when the scenery changed, and she was in what seemed to be an eating room, it was empty, except for some tables. She heard voices and hid behind one of the tables, that was where she stayed as her father conversed with someone else, who seemed like a doctor. When the man left, she saw her father collapse to the floor, a strange agony on his face. All she wanted to do was to comfort him. :: C'Lockyo: It's ok, Papa. I'm here. :: She moved closer to her crying father, who seemed surprised by her presence. She wasn't supposed to be there, she could tell that, but she wanted to be there for him, and she wanted to see the baby. C'Lockyo had no idea that her mother and the baby were gone, that this is what the doctor had told her father. He just looked at her in shock, like he didn't recognize her. :: C'Lockyo: Papa, it's me. .oO It's your little C'yo. I love you papa. Oo. :: She went to put her hands on his face, but then he shook his head and sobbed, she didn't understand why. :: Onil (Being seen as C'Lockyo's Father): No... It's not. This isn't...real. This isn't real. (( End flashback )) :: C'Lockyo knew that wasn't what happened all those years ago, after the cycle last hit them when her mother went away with the baby. But it seemed so real, like she was touching her father's face, and she could feel his tears. Her hands were even wet when she woke up. It was part of the cycle, she knew it. However, she also knew that memory well, she reached forward for her father's crying face, and he wrapped his arms around her burying his face into her little chest. Later she found that he did that because she was all he had left, and she tried to imagine it from her father's point of view so many times, but she didn't know what it felt like to need to hang onto the last thing you loved so that you wouldn't lose it, not until he passed. :: Echo- S'kreel: You feel it too? :: She didn't answer him that time, just merely went about taking care of the things she was charged with. :: MSNPC C'LockyoYoung woman, Species 1337as simmed by: Commander Shelther FaransterCommanding OfficerUSS Constitution-B, NCC-9012B
  7. ((USS Avandar, Holodeck)) :: The turnout was beyond even Tan’s best guess. Beyond even the crew of the Avandar, with the attendees who were linked in via subspace.:: :: It seemed that either Blackwood had more friends than she knew, or the crew had arrived in force to see a fellow Starfleet officer to her final resting place. It was a heartening sight. :: :: Standing room only was the order of the day, crowded and uncomfortable, as Tan took the podium. During the crew’s stay on Eden he had become the unofficial funeral director, a position it seemed he had -- regretfully -- kept in reality. :: ::Jack walked in with his head down. He felt oddly uncomfortable. He and Evanna had shared....what exactly, Jack was unsure. A moment of mutual comfort? A night of much needed release and passion definitely. And now he was here to see her laid to rest. It seemed so unfair. His thoughts were filled with things that could have been. Where were they headed after that night? He would surely never know now.:: :: Kagran watched as Tan got onto the podium. He was stood next to Eerie who had seemed very down since the away team had returned with Blackwood’s body. :: Kagran: :: Talking quietly. :: You ok there? Eerie: :Somewhat lost in thought:: Of course, Kagran. ::It was a small gesture, but Eerie felt at ease with the Klingon, but the use of the first name without the rank was a status that he did not convey on many.:: ::Watching from sickbay on his padd, tr’Khellian lay on the bed with a completely unreadable neutral expression on his face.:: ::Jen Malcolm sat amongst the crowd, flanked on one side by Christopher Davies, who had been quiet since they’d met to walk down together. Ashley sat on her lap, Jen’s arms wrapped a bit too tightly around her:: ::Mancuso found a place to sit. For Jack it was better to keep his distance from the rest of the crew. Nobody knew about him and Evanna, at least that he knew of. And it had only been once, but it had left an impression on him. And she had been a friend. His emotions were in a state of turmoil.:: ::Elya Tali, aboard the USS Apollo far away, watched by hologram in the dark of her quarters, often staring out the window at the stars streaking by trying to make sense of the sudden news.:: :: The murmur of voice quietened. Tan touched his pad, resting it against the wood of the podium. :: Tan: Thank you all for coming. I wanted to thank those of you who are not crew of the Avandar, those of you who are not Starfleet, and those who have travelled a vast distance to attend this ceremony. oO(Kagran) This should never of happened. Oo oO(tr’Khellian in Sick Bay) It happened under my watch. My watch, my fault, my shame. Oo Tan :: He glanced down at his PADD, reading slowly. :: Tan: … your presence is especially surprising to me because it seemed as though Blackwood did not have many friends. :: A murmur. :: Tan: This was not a judgement on her, however. Life is not a popularity contest, and irrespective of if we all liked Lieutenant Blackwood or not... we respected her. The turnout shows this. We respected her brilliance, her quiet strength... her tolerance for scotch. :: A few chuckles, but this was a sombre occasion. :: Tan: On Eden, we... the Avandar crew... had many funerals and said many words. But somehow, in the back of our minds, something was always telling us that those times were an illusion. That the dead had not truly left us and their absence was merely a temporary thing, that we were only asleep and dreaming. :: He paused, glancing down to the photon torpedo tube that contained Blackwood’s body. :: Tan: How I wished I felt that feeling now. This time, however, I know we’re playing for keeps. :: Another pause, then Tan turned back to the crowd. :: Tan: Eerie, if you would, please. :: The Trill relinquished the podium. :: oO(Eerie) Great....first one up.......Evanna why......? Oo ::Eerie did not like public speaking. That much was a given. But since his elevation in rank he knew there was a lot of public events that he would would at least have to make a showing. But this was something that he knew he wanted to be at. He walked up to the podium and stood in front of it. If he was going to do this he wasn’t going to hide behind it. He kept his look on the gathered crewmates, not wishing to look on the casket. He kept his tone level and professional.:: Eerie: I first met the Lieutenant ….I mean... Evanna on the Aurora. We were roommates for almost a year...::pause:: It was a difficult process. I was first put off by her....but I grew to like her, and she was my friend. I am proud to say that. We shared a lot, and for that will be eternally grateful. But I am not ready to let her go. To me she will always be with us... As long as we remember her......She may have died...but she still lives within us....::For a lack of anything else to say. He raised his right and gave her a salute. Holding it for a moment. He let his arm drop his let his eyes drop on the casket for an instant and then in strict military precision worked his way back to the back of the room.:: tr’Khellian ::From over the intercom:: =/\= I would like to go next. If I may.=/\= tr’Khellian: =/\=Lieutenant Blackwood.....Evanna.... was a...troubled soul. =/\= tr’Khellian: =/\=Torn. Divided. At war with herself and the world around her. Trying always to do the right thing as she saw it while at the same time trying to see it as others did. I understood her. =/ \= tr’Khellian: =/\=Evanna...you restored my...faith...in those around me after Eden. Thank you.=/\= tr’Khellian: =/\= Rest well Evanna. I will miss your kindness :::voice becoming huskier:: and your gentle spirit.=/\= :: While the people listened to tr’Khellian, Kagran moved over next to the Marine Guard of honor, which he had set up, led by his number 2 Beornan. :: :: The Caitian helm officer had remained fairly silent throughout the beginning of the ceremony, ears flattened and paws folded in front of himself. The news had struck him hard, and at first he had trouble figuring out what he was going to say. As the previous speaker finished, S’Acul slowly padded forward towards the podium and paused for a moment next to the tube that was her casket, resting his paw atop the cool surface for a moment before turning to look out over the crowd.:: ::The corner of his mouth tilted upward in a sad smile - Tan had said it perfectly that Blackwood seemed like she hadn’t had many friends, but the guest list proved otherwise. Golden-flecked eyes scanned the faces before him, many of whom he recognized from the Avandar, many who he had never met before. His tail flicked once behind him as he looked down to the podium’s surface, his speech blinking on the PADD that lay there. He felt a lump in his throat.:: S’Acul: Evanna was... something else. I think everyone has their own story that can attest to that. She was brash, eager, sometimes overconfident, and yet other times she was absolutely unsure of herself. I don’t think many people were able to get close enough to see her soft side - she did seem to have her shields up most of the time. I barely got to see it myself, so I count myself lucky. ::The Caitian’s ears raised slowly as he shifted his gaze to look at the oversized headshot of Evanna, leaning forward a bit more on the podium with a sigh.:: S’Acul: She was a special kind of Starfleet officer. She held herself to a higher standard and pushed herself to be better at her job. I think that, in her mind, she felt she was expected to do so by her senior officers, so I don’t think she would ever admit that she was doing it to herself. I know she was stressed at times, and even felt trapped in her position... but whatever the case, she was amazing at her job. ::pausing:: I know I’m going on a little bit longer than I probably should, and I apologize for that because I’m sure some other people want to speak as well, so I’ll wrap this up quickly: if I could go back and tell Evanna one last thing before she died, it would be that she will be missed. Working on the Bridge will not be the same without her, and I for one will be aware that she is gone. No one will ever do the job quite like she did. Thank you. ::As S’Acul stepped down from the podium, he paused once more next to her casket and leaned down, whispering a few silent words before crossing towards the group of men that had already spoken. Extending his paw, he shook each of their hands and followed with a hug before falling into line between Alleran and Eerie, paws once again folding sombrely in front of him.:: :: T’Lea stood beside the Captain, statuesque and emotionless – the quintessential Vulcan. She had nothing to say, nothing that would do Evanna justice with her plain, impassive words, so she let the others speak for her, and there were plenty willing to do so.:: :: Penny York had been at the front of the crowd quietly sobbing the entire time. She’d been a complete emotional mess since hearing of Evanna’s death. The entire journey back to Federation space, she’d locked herself in her quarters and cried into the care bear Evanna had given her as a Christmas present. That carebear had absorbed so many tears that it’s fluffy filling would probably turn into a lump of salt once, *if*, it ever dried out.:: :: In motion now, Penny gingerly made her way up to the podium, and dabbed at her Rudolph red nose with a tissue. She loathed public speaking, but for Evanna, she wanted to say something.:: York: I have a best friend. My very first BFF. That was Evanna. We were besties, and we have the matching charm necklaces to prove it. :: She pulled out the little half-heart pendant, secure in the fact that Evanna still wore the other part. She couldn’t bring herself to look at the casket though, if she did she’d break down in a wailing heap in front of everybody.:: York: ::holding it together:: Nobody can ever take that away from us, nobody can take away the memories we have -- like the fun holodeck program of Pippi, girl’s night out at the Comet Club, gossiping about cute guys, shopping sprees, and then stealing each other’s new clothes. She was more than my crewmate, more than my Chief, she was… ::quiet sob:: … Sorry. ::deep breath:: Evanna was like the sister I never had, and I won’t forget you. Ever. :: Tears welling up in her eyes she dashed from the podium and back into the comfort of the crowd.:: :: Elya nodded to herself and turned to introspection - she didn’t feel like she had the eloquent words of some in that room to share, and couldn’t call herself truly Evanna’s friend. Evanna had always been striking, but distant. Still, some here had seemed to truly be her friend... even Eerie! Killed in action at 27... Elya’s thoughts kept returning to that number -- her own age as well -- and kept quiet looking back out the window. :: ::Robins listened quietly as Blackwood's crewmates spoke their final words to her. The ceremony was heartbreaking, but at least it brought everyone together, to share their memories and to support one another.:: ::With the podium relinquished, Robins walked over to fill the space.:: Robins: I know that I haven't known Lt Blackwood...Evanna...as long as many of you here today, but...I feel that as I look around today, and see the array of faces, I see Evanna. For, as has already been said, although she was at war with herself, never fully content with herself, she was dedicated to both her work, and the people around her. You people. I never knew her, but if I could get to know even some of you, I would see her. In your actions. In your words. In your dedication. Evanna's body has died, but that spirit of dedication lives on in each of you. And I think it would be the greatest honour to her if we try to keep that spirit alive. ::Robins gave a curt nod in thanks and turned to the torpedo casing that held Evanna's body. She bowed her head briefly in respect and returned to the throng below.:: ::DeBarres looked on from the back of the large room. Normally she never worn her uniform off duty, but she was in her dress uniform for this occasion. She could tell that a lot of people would be missing her for a long time. She could see it in Eerie’s small eyes and she could see Penny was hurting too. She had never spend any real time with Evanna and really didn’t know her . But Charlotte knew that if two of her friends were hurting, and if she was good in their books then Evanna must of been pretty special.:: ::He sat still in his chair and swallowed down the lump that was building in his throat. Jack could think of nothing to say. Nothing that hadn’t already been said. And whatever there was that needed to have been said between he and Evanna would simply rest quietly in his mind for the rest of his days. He looked down, trying hard to push the pain down deep inside him. ::: ::Jen took her turn at the podium, swallowing down a flutter of nervousness as she looked out at the assembled crowd. She’d had her private words with Evanna when her body had rested in the morgue. She’d said her goodbyes, but it didn’t make it any easier staring at the torpedo tube. Jen was one of the few people in the room that knew that inside the tube Evanna’s body was encased in a biohazard suit - and she almost chuckled at how fitting it seemed for science officer:: ::She cleared her throat, stifling what was an odd amalgamation of a laugh and a sniffle, and wiped an errant tear from her eye.:: Malcolm: I was one of the few that was proud to call Evanna my friend. Those of you who knew her, knew she was a bit reckless. In fact, the first time I met her, it was to mend her broken nose. On the Aurora, we named one of the biobeds after her. ::The soft sound of gentle laughter floated across the room, bringing a sad smile to Jen’s face:: Malcolm: But, as I got to know Evanna better, I realized, it wasn’t recklessness...it was bravery. Evanna was someone you could count on. Someone you could turn to and know she had your back. And you didn’t have to ask her. She was just there, ready to help, even if it meant putting her own life in danger. ::She took a steadying breath:: Malcolm: We lost Evanna too soon...and we’re left wondering what her courageous, inquisitive and brilliant mind might have accomplished. She will be missed, and by no means forgotten. As we say goodbye, and continue our quest for knowledge, remembering her will hopefully give us the bravery we need to continue on. ::She thought she’d spent all of her tears, but as she walked from the podium, she found herself wiping a steady flow from her cheeks. She joined the line of officers standing off to the side, silently taking a place beside S’acul. She didn’t have the strength to offer handshakes or hugs as the Caitian had.:: ::S’Acul offered Jen a weak smile as she came to stand next to him, and he swallowed at the lump in his throat. His paw reached out to gently take hold of her hand and gave it a soft squeeze.:: ((Holodeck One-Deck Four-USS Mercury)) ::Alexander walked into the holodeck in his dress white uniform, with a picture and the black box in his hands. His heart heavy as he programmed the holodeck to connect to the service for Evanna Blackwood. He closed his eyes as the atmosphere of the room changed to where the service was being held. He opened them to see the crew of the Avandar, he stood at attention and walked towards the torpedo casing that held her body. He walked over to it and looked down, he bent down on one knee and placed the picture of his mother and father near the casing next to the flowers. He opened the black case that held the medal of bravery awarded to him for the Battle Of Camis IV. With tears in his eyes he placed the case on the torpedo, and stepped back with a smart salute. He thought to himself how much he felt for her and how he would have given his life to protect her. He brought his hand down, turned and walked to the podium and stepped behind it.:: Matthews: I’m sorry that I could not be there for you Red. ::He looked out to the crew and nodded to them.:: There were four people in the universe that know my secret, now there are only three. I kept it hidden from all of you, except Eerie. Evanna was a little sad one day, and she needed a laugh. I did something that brought a smile to her face...., but I had no idea someone else saw it. Then there is another thing that I did not say. She will hear it even though I will never hear it back. ::Looking to the torpedo casing.:: I Love You Red. ::Alexander stepped away and walked to Captain Vetri, and Lt. Commander T’Lea, and saluted. He nodded to Eerie, Jen, S’Acul and the rest of the crew.:: :: Arden had been completely devastated upon hearing the news of Evanna’s death. More than anything he didn’t want to believe if only for selfish reason. Evanna had been a truly unique person on top of that and more importantly she had been Arden’s friend. One of the few people he actually connected with on that level. By the time he arrived at the holodeck for the service Arden had barely gotten over the shock of the situation. Standing near Lt. Commander Matthews, a fellow officer from the Mercury in his white dress uniform, Arden stood in near silence as the other officer of the Avandar spoke in turn. After Lt. Commander Matthews spoke Arden bravely stepped up to the podium.:: Cain: During my Star Fleet career I have seen my share of loss but I can honestly say that nothing that has happened to date compares to the moment I heard of Evanna’s.... Like most here I have the honor of saying that Evanna was a friend to me. Those that know me will tell you that I don’t make that statement often.... Although I knew Evanna before we entered the Academy the moments I will hold onto, were the times I helped Evanna with her physics homework. In exchange she even managed to get me out of my room to have what she called fun. I will always be thankful for that because it made me a better person. ::Stepping down from the podium Arden turned respectfully to the Torpedo casing that held his dear friend's remains. Staring at it Arden said his final goodbyes to Evanna in silent before returning to his seat. As he did so Arden dabbed tears from his eyes. ((USS Avandar, Holodeck)) :: Throughout it all, Della had kept her silence, letting the others pay their tributes to their fallen comrade - and friend. In time, though, it was her turn, and it wasn't just duty that called her to step forward.:: :: Instead of moving to the podium as most were no doubt expecting, she took up position beside Blackwood's casket and looked around the gathering.:: Vetri: Is there anything more I really need to say? After all, it's one thing for me to speak about her, but you, all of you, her friends and colleagues, have already paid her more tribute by your presence and words than anything I could do. :: Retrieving her hand from where it had come to rest on top of the torpdeo, she clenched it white-knuckle tight as she carried on speaking.:: Vetri: One thing, I think, we can all agree on is that Evanna was cheated of a lot. A long life, the possibilities that future may have brought her... But there is one thing I will *not* let her be cheated of. :: Straightening to attention.:: Vetri: Attention to orders! Lieutenant Evanna Blackwood, having demonstrated true professionalism and courage, and by virtue of her exemplary dedication to duty, and her service to both this vessel and the Federation as a whole, is hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. :: Dipping into her pocket, she pulled the small box that lay there out. Carefully, she raised the lid to reveal the rank pips inside and pressed it down on the casket's casing, the bonding layer on the base, triggered by the lifting of the lid, attaching it firmly to the black composite.:: Vetri: ::softly:: Late, I know, but you still earned it, Evanna. :: Stepping back, she regarded the casket in solemn silence for several long moments.:: Vetri: We all came from the stars in the beginning, and we all return to them in the end. Whether an afterlife claims you or not, wherever your spirit roams, know that you'll always be here with us as well. Let us know what's out there, Evanna. :: Turning her head slightly to catch Tan's eye, she gave a tiny nod. Within moments, the blue shimmer of a transporter beam enveloped the casket and whisked it away. Behind her, Kagran tapped his commbadge twice, a little signal for the extra little send-off he had arranged to take place.:: ((Holodeck One-Deck Four-USS Mercury)) :: Once the ceremony came to a close Matthews spoke out once more, his voice seemed to fill the room with his simple command.:: Matthews: Computer end program. ::The room returned to the colors yellow and black, as Alexander walked out of the room to his quarters on the Mercury to talk with his parents.:: ::Without speaking to Matthews, Arden similarly departed the holodeck to no place in particular.:: ((Open Space, Near the USS Avandar)) :: The Waverider and Argo, both holding position near the Avandar, were both briefly lit by the light of Blackwood's casket appearing between them. Locking tractor beams on it, they engaged their thrusters, keeping perfect formation as they stared heading for the local sun.:: :: After a minute or so, they had reached the speed they wanted and the tractor beams released, letting the casket engage it's own little thruster and carry on under it's own power. Pulling away, they put a little more distance between themselves and the torpedo before the pair of them fired off their phasers, a trio of short bursts searing the void as a final salute to their fallen comrade.:: ::FIN:: ----- The Crew USS Avandar & Lt Elya Tali Chief Engineer USS Apollo & Lt. Cmdr. Alexander James Matthews Chief Of Operations USS Mercury- NCC-99812 & Lt. Commander Arden Cain First Officer USS Mercury, NCC-99812
  8. ((Outside the Mansion)) ::Blackwood and tr’Khellian snuck down the stairs and out the front entrance of the Count’s big, creepy Mansion, being careful not to follow too quickly behind Derrick. They shut the door ever so gently behind them and snuck into the shadow of the closest home.:: ::Blackwood craned her neck trying to get a view of what was going on down in the town. There were still occasional shrieks and if Blackwood had thought it was spine chilling before it was ten times worse being so much closer to the source.:: :: They were crouched down, behind a decrepit house on damp cobblestones and Blackwood could feel herself shaking. She didn’t consider herself a coward by any means and in fact there was very little that frightened her. In fact her parents had often commented that she could use a healthy dose of it to curb some of her more outgoing, trouble attracting talents. She was feeling the flight instinct pretty strongly but she held her ground. The message they’d received on the ship had suggested something was going on down here and perhaps this was it. The same curiosity that drew her to the sciences drove her to find out more.:: ::tr’Khellian grew concerned. Very concerned. Blackwood seemed to be losing it. He put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.:: It’s all good. As long as we have each other’s backs. Clear? ::Looking her directly in the eyes.:: ::Blackwood nodded her head firmly and plucked up her courage once again.:: T’Lea: =/\= T’Lea to Blackwood, what is your location? =/\= Blackwood: =/\= We’re just outside the Mansion. =/\= ::Talking just loud enough to be heard.:: T’Lea: =/\= Any indication what caused the alarm? It was not *you*, I hope. =/\= :: Blackwood frowned, she was always on the receiving end of suspicion it seemed. No wonder she was getting along so well with the intelligence officer, they were like two peas in a pod.:: Blackwood: =/\= Not sure yet, that’s what we are going to find out. =/\= tr’Khellian: =/\= I think many Starfleet mice are lost in this maze. We have taken care and used countermeasures. What are your orders Commander?=/\= T’Lea: =/\= Since you are already outside, proceed to the shuttle craft, make certain it is secure, and report back.=/\= Blackwood: =/\= Aye, Aye ma’am. =/\= tr’Khellian: =/\= Roger that. Moving to the shuttle.=/\= ::Blackwood looked at tr’Khellian. She was the ranking officer but he was more experienced and better trained for these kind of scenarios. He seemed a lot more confident and comfortable than she did and it was with relief that she allowed him to take the lead.:: tr’Khellian: I’ll take point. Stay right behind me. We are gonna move faster. ::They moved quietly and at a good pace . Their journey punctuated by random sounds coming from their left or right at times. tr’Khelllan ignored them as he moved the pair to the shuttle.:: ::Something was not right. He turned. Blackwood was not there:: oO Frak Oo ::He began backtracking:: oO Double [...]ed steaming pile of FRAK-ity frak! Oo ::He could not risk actively searching for her combadge using his primary tricorder. That sort of ping would show up on even passive scans. oO FRAK. MY FAULT. Oo. ::He picked up the pace.:: ((Elsewhere)) ::Blackwood had paused for a second as something had caught her eye. She hadn’t even meant to stop for long. She ran her tricorder over a strange, putrid smelling goo that coated a railing, the device didn’t know what to make of it. She cast her eyes around the scene and notice what she thought looked like fresh scratches on the door. :: ::She looked back to where tr’Khellian had been only moments before and he was gone. A wave of nausea and panic washed over her and his words floated back to haunt her. oO*Never* leave the group. You hear a noise, you stay with the group.Oo She scurried in the direction she thought he went, paying less attention to her surroundings than she should have been. She didn’t have the same training that would be second nature to one of the security, marines or intelligence staff. She was just a curious science officer who had dropped the ball for a few short seconds and was now on the edge of a panic attack.:: tr’Khellian activated his earpiece:: =^=Evanna.=^= Blackwood: oO Oh thank goodness! Oo =^= Sorry! I stopped to look at something. It was just a second!=^= ::Feeling exceptionally guilty.:: tr’Khellian via earpiece: =^=It’s no big thing. Where are you? =^= Blackwood: =^=I’m outside. I can’t see the shuttle.=^= tr’Khellian: oO That was a bonehead question. You know better. Oo =^=What landmarks are in your eyeline? Anything to help me triangulate on your position.=^= Blackwood: =^= Erm let me see.=^= ::Blackwood looked around at the place she’d ended up. She was crouched behind a low wall and could see through the darkness the outlines of some trees and what was maybe a bench. Perhaps she’d ended up at a small communal garden, though given the air quality Blackwood was amazed anything could grow outside at all. The air quality seemed to have become particularly rancid but she wasn’t sure if it was her imagination playing tricks.:: ::She felt a few drops hit her shoulder but paid it no mind.:: Blackwood: =^=There isn’t much to see. Just a indistinct wall and maybe some trees. Maybe. Sorry.=^= ::Glumly.:: tr’Khellian: =^= Can you climb up on on that wall to get some elevation? =^= oO(Evanna) I can do climbing, I’m great at climbing.Oo Blackwood: =^=Hold on.=^= ::More confidently.:: ::Blackwood looked up slowly, assessing the wall. It wasn’t too high, but then it wouldn’t give her much of a better view either. It was then, as some more drips splattered her that she realised she was not alone and she wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d heard her shriek from the shuttle, wherever it was.:: *SHRIEK* tr’Khellian: oO That was to my left and *close*. Oo =^=Evanna. Do you read me? Evanna, please reply.=^= ::The comm remained silent.:: tr’Khellian =/\= tr’Khellian to all crew. Lt. Blackwood is missing in the streets of the old shanty town. She is not responding to hails. =/\= Anyone: ? ::There was no response because whoever had found her had their cold hands tightly clasped around her mouth and was pulling her back through the garden, or wherever it was. Evanna reached for her knife and nearly fumbled it. Unfortunately the mishap had alerted her attacker and another hand wrestled for control of it. Evanna tried to remember her self defence classes and tried to get her attacker off balance but ended up being the one heaped on the floor.:: :: tr’Khellian had the tricoder in hand and pushed the power level to max and began to actively scan for Blackwood’s lifesigns and combadge.:: ::During the struggle that followed the blade was dropped and lost in the dark. She also lost a sleeve and there were several chunks of fabric ripped away from her uniform. Blackwood found herself again being dragged into what appeared to be a small bunker. She instinctively went to hit her combadge, wishing she’d thought to do it sooner and found it to be missing. :: ::*Beedeepbeeep* tr’Khellian’s tricorder blurted:: oO (tr’Khellian) oO *THERE* Oo. He had her for a second. His tricorder was showing her lifesign to be about 100 meters to his left then a second later it disappeared off his scan. oO (tr’Khellian) What the frak? Oo :: Her lifesign disappeared but her combadge was still registering at that same location.::: ::tr’Khellian broke into an all out run.:: ((Underground)) ::A heavy stone covering was closed over their heads and Blackwood finally got a look at the attacker. It was one of the colonists and she recognised him from the dinner party.:: Blackwood: What the frak do you think you’re doing? Senile Simon: Saving your skin. Blackwood: By jumping me? Senile Simon: I didn’t have time to warn your people properly before, at the dinner party. The Count has eyes everywhere. Blackwood: Get me out of here right now! Senile Simon: Can’t do that. ::Blackwood activated her earpiece and tried to get hold of someone.:: Blackwood: =^= Blackwood to tr’Khellian.=^= ::She waited for a reply but there was none.:: Blackwood: =^= Blackwood to the away team, respond.=^= ::Still there was no answer.:: Senile Simon: It won’t work you know. ::He rapped the surface of the “stone roof” with his fist. Now come with me, I need your help. Unless you’d rather face what’s out there on your own? Blackwood: What is out there? What’s the big emergency? I need to get back to the shuttle my people are getting the frak outta here. Senile Simon: The Count’s experiments got loose. He won’t like that but I had to show you. Blackwood: What? Are you saying *you* let them in? Senile Simon: Had to. Didn’t figure you’d come outside to see ‘em though. Miscalculation. I’m getting old you know, brains not what it once was. Had to expose the horror. Blackwood: What horror? I didn’t see any horror. ::She looked at her PADD and the strange readings, and thought about that shrieking. There certainly was *something* out there. Senile Simon: There was a vessel in this system in distress, but it’s not now. There have been several over the decades. They all end up the same. Blackwood: Go on... Senile Simon: He has a puppet in the stars that attacks any vessel stupid enough to wander by. They disable the ship and the crew are turned into mindless abominations. This is a mining colony alright but it’s not the ore the Count cares about harvesting. ::Blackwood stared at the dishevelled man. Under any other circumstances she would have written him off as a blundering, stinking drunk old man. Under these conditions she felt much more inclined to listen.:: Blackwood: Spit it out then. ::She was anxious to regroup with her team and hated being out of communication.:: Senile Simon: It’s blood. The blood of the transformed beings has properties that are prized in the potions he creates and sells. It’s this trade in rare and exotic potions that supports the colony and keeps it rich. Anyone who steps out of line disappears... transformed into a horror. Blackwood: So what can we do? ::She noticed he kept itching the same spot and wondered if it was a nervous habit.:: Senile Simon: I captured one of the horrors. You have fancy technology. Use it, find a cure. They were people once and if they cannot be cured then find a way to destroy them so they might find peace. ::Blackwood nodded, this practice did indeed have to stop.:: Blackwood: I need to contact my team, they will be looking for me. If they have to come outside to do it they will be at risk. ::He pulled her over to a corner of the room and as they approached she could hear the sound of scratching and shuffling.:: Senile Simon: Here it is. Find out what you can, I will inform your team. ::Rubbing the underside of his forearm again.:: Blackwood: No can do. I’d rather see to it personally. ((Aboveground)) ::tr’Khellian finally arrived at the location of Evanna’s combadge. It felt like forever. Using his tricorder he made another full scan. Looking down he used his foot to uncover Blackwood’s combadge. Moments later the combadge dematerialised.:: tr’Khellian: =/\= tr’Khellian to Away Team . I found Lt Blackwood’s combadge but no sign of her. Scans are negative. Beginning a house to house search. =/\= Anyone: ? ((Underground)) ::Senile Simon turned nasty at this point and a row broke out. Evanna noticed the smell was getting increasingly stale and unpleasant. She thought she might vomit or suffocate from it. The man’s skin, particularly around the face and eyes appeared to be blotchy, loose and very pale. It was hard to tell in the lighting which was poor and probably responsible for the illusion. oOWas that drool?Oo Blackwood shuddered as she pulled out her tricorder and started to scan the horror to see what had happened to this lifeform. :: ::Blackwood yawned and wondered how long she had been here as another scan completed. She had a lot of data to gather and she didn’t even know what species this poor creature used to be so it was hard to measure the changes. Hot breath was on the back of her neck suddenly.:: Blackwood: Look i’m going as fast as I can and I really do need to report to my team! This is kidnapping you know. A very serious offence. I understand your problem but I really shouldn’t be helping you out... ::There were a few more drips on her shoulder and Blackwood turned to see a big set of rotten teeth inches from her face. Somehow his appearance seemed to have deteriorated, but how was that possible? It must have been the lighting. All the same she glanced from the horror, to him, and then back again. oOHow long does it take to become a horror? How is it spread?Oo She thought it could be airborne, or by a bite like rabies perhaps. There were a lot of possibilities but what seemed clear was that something was very wrong with Senile Simon.:: ::Blackwood swung her tricorder round to analyse Senile Simon and try to determine if he was infected. While she did that she backed away and looked around, hoping to see some way out of the bunker, or whatever the place was. Senile Simon responded by leaping at her but she side-jumped out of the way just in time. A snarl erupted from Senile simon and Blackwood continued to back off. She momentarily forgot about the bound zombie and jumped in fright when it let out one of those ear piercing sounds.:: ::Blackwood dashed to the only exit - the way she’d come in, and scrabbled at it, trying to get it to open. She saw the big padlock but didn’t remember it being locked at first. Then it hit her, when she’d been released and pushed forward slightly, she’d heard a faint click as she’d gotten to her feet again.:: oO(Evanna) Why did he really lure me down here?Oo ::She darted away, trying to avoid the man-horror that was clearly eyeing her up as an appealing appetizer. She needed something to unlock the big padlock and had seen nothing that could break such a lock. She needed the key and unless he’d dropped it on the dusty floor then it had to be in his pocket, or around his neck. She was going to have to incapacitate him/it and get the key.:: ::During the fight that followed Blackwood traded blows with the horror whose long sharp fingernails dug into and tore at her exposed flesh. She cursed and hoped not to be infected but had no choice but to carry on. She clung to a last tiny hope for survival as she fought in the way only a cornered animal can. At one point she felt sharp teeth sinking into her and she howled in pain, but carried on fighting until she finally emerged the victor.:: ::She was sore and shaken from the fight but made her way quickly to the lock and started to open it. The stone covering was incredibly heavy and she struggled to move it, but eventually managed to slide it and give herself enough room to squeeze out.:: ::She felt dizzy as she stumbled back through the gardens but had enough sense left to activate her earpiece.:: Blackwood: =^= Blackwood to tr’Khellian, can you hear me?=^= tr’Khellian: ::Activating his earpiece:: =^= Whew, Evanna.... ::sounding relieved::: Where did you go? I was...concerned. =^= Blackwood: ::She felt weak and out of breath:: =^= Kidnapped. Got free. Where are you?=^= tr’Khellian: ::Activating his tricorder he started to actively scan for her lifesigns:: =^= Evanna, I am on the edge of a garden near a large two story white and red timbered house. Maybe an inn? =^= ::*Breepep* exclaimed tr’Khellian’s tricorder. :: tr’Khellian: =^= I have you. I am 40 meters out. Wait there. It’ll be ok. I’m coming. =^= Blackwood: =^= Wait wait... I’m injured and need to be quarantined. I’m infected. It’s a disease. A rotting disease.=^= ::Something came at her from the right, knocking her down and tearing into her and she struggled to regain the upper hand.:: ::Over his earpiece tr’Khellian’s hears a wet ripping sound accompanied by a gasp of pain followed by sounds of scuffling.:: ::tr’Khellian activated both comlinks:: =^= =/\= Blackwood may be injured and under attack. All converge at my coordinates. Warning...she says she may be infected. Keeping my combadge open so you can track me. =/\= =^= Anyone: ? ::The sounds coming through his earpiece from his open line to Evanna cut off abruptly after 30 seconds right as tr’Khellian rounded the corner and headed at a full sprint into the small town’s square. The square was poorly light with few distinguishing features, only a simple fountain in its center.:: oO (tr’Khellian ) OH GODS...no! Oo ::Blackwood lay still on the ground, slumped against the fountain... blood mixing into the spray of the fountain’s water. It was pouring out of several arteries and a pale skinned, reeking monster perched atop her, it held something in its hand. :: :: Still 3 meters away tr’Khellian who had been moving at a full sprint launched himself, transforming into a 200lb hate-filled projectile. His flying tackle connected at full speed sending both he and the female attacker off of Blackwood and clear past into the other side of the fountain. Both hit the far edge of the fountain. *POP* tr’Khellian felt his left shoulder dislocate. This was followed almost simultaneously by a *kerack* as the female attacker’s head hit the stone wall surrounding the fountain’s pool. :: ::tr’Khellian was about to plunge his knife upward into the attacker's neck when he noticed her head was bent at a 90 degree angle from where it should have been.:: oO Doom on you. Oo ::tr’Khellian got up, turned and begun to move to where Evanna lay bleeding when he heard something rising from the fountain’s pool behind him. He pivoted 180 barely fending off a lunging attack. It’s arms reaching for his throat. Teeth chomping in a hideously hungering manner. Head lolling impossibly at 90 degrees.:: oO No FRAKIN WAY! Oo. ::tr’Khellian flips the knife in the air, catches the knife in a reverse grip, this time blade facing downwards and drove the blade directly into the forehead of the creature. Stepping back into a ready position, hands extended and ready, stance almost 50/50 weight distribution front to back, he prepares to meet the next attack. :: ::Which never comes...the woman’s now inert body slides like a rag doll into the fountains pink waters. :: ::Out of his periphery he notices the away team members have begun to appear from each direction leading to the small town’s square. :: ANY? :: Turning his full attention to Evanna, the full horror of the situation hit him. Blood is no longer flowing from the huge tear in the side of her neck. He checked her vitals and...:: oO Dead Oo. ::tr’Khellian gently lifted Lieutenant Evanna Blackwood’s lifeless body into his arms. The fountain’s spray washing her body, cleansing it of all her transgressions, failures and successes; preparing it for her final journey. The spray obscuring one final item of note, the tears streaming down tr’Khellian’s muted saffron colored cheeks.:: ANY? -Fin- Lt Blackwood CSO USS Avandar and Lt (jg) tr’Khellian Intel Officer USS Avandar
  9. Congratz on passing the academy.

  10. I decided to join this community for a few main reasons, one it seems very active and friendly, i have always fancy doing role playing thing based around Star Trek, 2 close friends are in the community and i just real real love Star Trek.
  11. Thank you for your welcome.

  12. Set Phasers to malky. love it
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