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  1. "You should know how many incompetent men I had to compete with - in vain!" — Inge Lehmann Inge Lehmann was a Danish seismologist and geophysicist. In 1936, she discovered that the Earth has a solid inner core inside a molten outer core.
  2. ((Somewhere... and Nowhere)) What is nothing? Is there really such a thing? For there to be nothing, there had to have existed traces of something, from which that null could grow. But if it was nothing, how could it be recognized as such? For Chloe, nothing was now... or maybe it wasn't. Unconsciousness gripped her. There was no body, very little feeling. And yet... there was awareness. A painful awareness. Both literal and figurative. To the helm officer, her awareness felt like it spread across the entire universe. And every part of her non-existent body was screaming with pain. Something was wrong, very very wrong. Why wouldn't it stop? Then... relief. Oh sweet, sweet relief. A voice pierced the nothing-somethingness and reverberated everywhere, as the pain was slowly sucked away. Feel better Lt. Feel better Lt. Feel better Lt. And she did. She felt better. There was no pain. But still very little substance. She couldn't bring herself to worry though, for some reason. This was what it was. Was this what death felt like? Another sound began to reverberate. Whatever it was... it was an alarm. Something was wrong. She knew that sound. Alert. Red alert. That's what that sound was. What was wrong? NT ************************************************************************************* Lieutenant JG Chloe Waters Helmswoman USS Arrow, NCC-69829 ****************************** Podcast team member ****************************** Writer ID: E239601CW0 *************************************************************************************
  3. --> I really get the spirit here Mr. @Keneth Nakada. I would say it was a naive move, but a very good character building stuff. Nicely done. Original post here --> I Connect The Spider - Part 1
  4. I would like for USS Arrow something like this music. A little Idyllic I know, but... It´s my liking. 🥳
  5. Well, I intend to develop most of the personal character-building in the science labs. But this is only the intention right now. She is new to the crew, not much to do in her quarters, and after the shift, she probably will continue to work on her papers and researches. So, she should forge her best relationships around this theater.
  6. Wow!!! What a fantastic sim. The writing level of USS Arrow is getting higher and higher at each sim. Happy to have you among us Mr. @Maxwell Traenor 🥳
  7. @R'Ariel You have a funny and gentle style that always give me much joy and satisfaction to read. Ensign R'Ariel: oO La La Lo Lo ::swish:: La La Lo Lo Oo <-- Original post
  8. Congrats, Mr. @Quentin Collins III 🤣 Congratulations to every winner and the nominees as well. Hard award to win as well.
  9. I would like to deeply congratulate everyone, but especially my Captain... and being a little bold, I may say friend. I pretty sure that on USS Arrow the history will be once again proud of him, Captain @Oddas Aria. I second everything you say, Ms. @Noa T'Nessa Levinson. Congrats Commander @Randal Shayne, Captain of USS Arrow.
  10. As far as I can see, or the better word would be - understand, this special award was made to praise the hard work of a few among the community. It looks to be pretty hard to get any of them. In my unbiased opinion, such things as keep connected by 3 years, 5 years, or more... or stay in command for 5 years, is something that is only possible because there is fun involved, really fun. And we can´t have fun alone. That I am sure. So, each person who receives an award today may represent a group, that I feel will party together for those achievements. I´m really very impressed by the level of those achievements, although I just know a few people that are on this list. But I´m pretty sure I will end meeting everybody IC one day. Paraphrasing some of the comments - I´m deeply honoring to be part of the community now.
  11. I´m here for roughly two weeks but I´m completely in love with the community. Since the more experienced and at the command, for their willingness to help, until the noobs like myself, with their enthusiasm and innate talent. It is also good to see some kind of public recognition for that, even if this is not the most important. It delivers a message that everybody here is important for the community. Congratulation to all. Literally.
  12. I liked very much this post. It is so very well written and besides, a good example of registering a personal log and writing a letter. I´ll save it for future reference. Thanks.
  13. @Quentin Collins III & @Randal Shayne <-- Congratulations to both of you!!! Cmdr. Shayne: Slow But Sure <-- Original post
  14. I guess you may already know that but USS Arrow simulation was just launched last Monday. In order to celebrate such unique event here are the nominations for the Top Funny Quotes of the Season. 🤣😆😂😝
  15. I´m very new here but so far everybody seems very available to help and welcoming the noobs. I guess you'll enjoy a lot your time here. Welcome.
  16. Well, I´m still a cadet, and probably I have no say on those matters... but for the sake of discussion, I would like to use some mixed approach. Something fun that could include most players. Start diplomatic negotiations, while a group went undercover and another team went rogue for thinking nobody is effectively doing something to rescue the dear captain. Just my noob opinion. 🙏
  17. Well, this is a wonderful option and I use it as well. But we have the plain text mode on Gmail, which works fine for me.
  18. Good day! Well, I decided to join for some basic reasons. First, Star Trek Picard reignited my love for star trek universe which brought fresh visual effects, ships, characters, and uniforms. I guess the idea of the franchise continues to be one of the best visions for humankind. Second, due to the coronavirus pandemic, I have now a lot of free time and I would like to refine my writing skill in another language. And finally, after a quick research on the internet, this community seemed to me very well organized and established, a great opportunity to meet new people. I hope to stay longer than the pandemic. 🙏
  19. It was too earlier in the morning, or whatever you want to call morning on that massive artificial-made environment. The whole starbase was much larger and well-defended than the district village where Jana was born thirty-five years ago, on Melthusians’ home planet. An astonishing achievement that could impress anybody who had dedicated itself to building something. And yet it was not perfect, it was not complete… and maybe it would never be. It is said that the Universe was designed to be like an unfinished masterpiece. Something that we have to care about, to be constantly vigilant, otherwise the entropy prevails. The sages proclaim that the very intrinsic nature of the Universe is the unstoppable urge to move, transform, renew itself. And indeed that happened. During her first months on Earth, she learned about an ancient Roman myth that talked about a deity who shared some philosophical aspects with her ancestries. That being was considered responsible by the beginnings, transitions, time, duality, doorways, and endings. Funnily enough, he was called Janus and closely resembled Jana. It was a fascinating coincidence and her intuition perceived as if the Universe was approving her tenacity and boldness to enlist on Starfleet Academy. Until that moment she was not sure if it was the best option. Well, four years later Jana was arriving on Starbase 118 to start the final steps toward her graduation. Those had been difficult times, but plenty of uplift moments too. She made a couple of good friends and expanded her scientific knowledge even further. In the end, the long years had helped to ease her sorrow at the loss of two stillborn babies and to handle the intense grief of her divorce. The hope had returned to her heart. But that morning she was worried about another thing as well. A gift for her mother. She was wandering by the promenade, trying to figure out what to buy. But so far nothing had come to mind which instead was busy recollecting the facts of her life until that moment. At the home planet, there was even a special section in her mother’s living room to display Janas’ collection of weird stuff. “Wait a minute”, she stopped walking with a smile spreading to her face. She suddenly figured out that the most bizarre thing at all she could bring back home would be a model of the first starship she was commissioned as a science officer for. Thrilling with the brilliant idea she decided that it was time to return to her quarters. She would have to rest and be well prepared for the next tasks ahead. Cadet Jana Zicv Melthusian Female Scientist
  20. Hello! I´m Jonas and will be playing Jana Zicv, a Melthusian female science officer. I live in South America, Brazil, and I love real science, writing and playing scifi oriented games. I hope we can sim together someday. Thanks for having me.
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