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  1. ((Ranger 3rd Division Headquarters, Tajna III )) ::It was a glorious spring morning. The sky was a perfect cloudless teal, the sun warm but not too hot, the breeze sweet and gentle. Tajna III was a perfectly unremarkable little Federation colony, possessed of a pleasant and temperate environment that would have made it a fine tourist destination, were it not so far off the usual trade routes. Instead, it was something of a large retirement village, where people came to live out quiet and peaceful lives. ::All in all, Matías was rather pleased that the Rangers h
  2. Hi all! I'm Lindsay, and I play Colleen Bancroft. From the eastern US (Kentucky, blech), living in Colorado. Spending a lot of time poking around lately, and found this place. Been a while since I simmed in the Star Trek universe, and after (a lot of) poking around, decided to join, because why not? Writing, characters, space.... heck yeah. In my "real" life, I'm a content creator -- photography, fiction writing (in the middle of creating my own massive universe), videography on occasion, and audio engineering. Anyway, glad to be here! Thanks for letting me join.
  3. ((Civilian Ship Pegasus -- 239404.15 22:55)) For the sixth time, Colleen absently glanced over the orders on her PADD. She'd memorized them already, knew the exact timeline for the next two days -- maybe not down to the second, but close enough. Arrive in the middle of the night (23:17), check in (23:32) and get a bunk (23:35). Cadet Orientation started in less than thirty six hours (09:00, day after tomorrow), so she had a day and a half to get herself together. Tomorrow, she had to go and check in with Station Medical for one last checkup (11:30). It wasn't like it was all that much to
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