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  1. Oh, Taelon, shoving it in him is a whole 'nother thing.
  2. I'm still not sure if the "Aitas doesn't do exclusive" conversation will send Diego running away screaming or not.
  3. I think that depends on if Flynn is shirtless at the time or not.
  4. He is! Also I 100% support melting by Wombat cuteness.
  5. Well, it seems some things won't disappear quite as easily as hoped. >_>
  6. I'd agree with that but she is half-vulcan. >_>
  7. Somehow I get the impression it wouldn't just be the Federation News Service that would never let him live that down, either.
  8. For those who use chrome, ctrl+shift +v lets you paste text without formatting also.
  9. It still didn't feel real. Perhaps that was a result of how little she'd slept, her thoughts too tangled up in relief and worry for rest. Or that she hadn't adjusted yet to the culmination of years of study all leading into this, to something new. Aitas stepped to the side, letting the flow of bodies move past her as she thought. The emotions around her were a soft hum, an almost soothing noise in the background. It still felt odd to be surrounded by so many people, as if she could simply fade away into the background and watch. That might make things easier. Get a feel of the place before too much happened. And before she got any messages prodding at how things were going. The bar it was then. If she let herself think for too long then she'd start to wonder if her mother would have been proud.
  10. Hi, just registered/put in my application and such. You can blame Taelon's player for my presence. I have too much free time, never enough coffee, and am invariably nervous over attempting to describe myself in such threads. Also I've been playing too much overwatch lately. Or just enough overwatch. I'm not sure.
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