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  1. Nicely framed, @Randal Shayne. Gentle hand as you tame that unruly yet majestic beast.
  2. Get a room, you two! ... Wait, that was the whole point of the post, right? 😅
  3. Both the bar and the description of our beloved Cade make me laugh each time I read these lines!
  4. A fantastic introspective by @Saveron and @Prudence "Rue" Blackwell. "No, I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!" 😜 ==== “And a thousand memories….is all I take with me...cause your smile is just too much to see….You’re just a thousand memories” ((Saveron’s quarters, USS Constitution)) ::As Rue had promised, the book she had given Saveron was well loved. The cover was aged, but had been cared for to avoid the degradation of time, and meanwhile the pages looked like they were turned carefully. Also as promised, there were odd little notes in the book. Sometimes
  5. How much gone could an argon gone, if an argon could gone... argh.
  6. Ritualized extortion! I laughed so hard! The poor kids at my door next year are going to be so confused when I Vulcan them with this line of thought
  7. @Saveron Anyone who uses 'discombobulated' coherently in a sentence deserves a cookie!
  8. There's a reason these are called the Special Awards, and that's because the recipients of these awards are truly special in their dedication and accomplishments. This year's recipients are a perfect example of just how special some of our fleetmates are. (well, except for that guy they gave the Rising Star to, but we can allow one oversight ) When I look over this list of winners, I'm impressed by the names on here, and though there was undoubtedly stiff competition for these honors, I'm confident that each and every one of you fully and completely deserves your award. These awards touc
  9. One of the absolute best perks about moving up the ranks in this organization is the ability to branch out and work with - and learn from - the staff throughout the fleet. Truly the hardest thing for anyone to do is to decide which of these staff members get which award, because each and every person on the Captain's Council and Executive Council sacrifice selflessly their time and effort to ensure that UFOP:SB118 is the very best roleplay group around. From those who I write regularly with or have written with in the past, to those that have been a solid source of wisdom when I approach them
  10. To misquote Archer (the irreverent animated show, not the decorated Starfleet captain): Do you want a lyrics title battle? Because that's how you get a lyrics title battle!
  11. The crew of the Constitution are jetting off to 2395's annual Awards Ceremony! Let's see what they are wearing! The first officer is bedecked in a suit a bit more traditional than in years past. Still paying the fines from the Ferengi fashion debacle a couple seasons ago... Let's see what the rest of you are wearing!
  12. I think you're on the same track that I am when I think of this topic. We see similar trends in my part of the world here today - when I order beer, for example, I'll use a category. Belgian ale, American lager, India Pale Ale (kay, that last one is a stretch, haha!). "Can I get your Czech Pilsner on tap, please?" Food is a little more of a stretch, but we still see something similar today as well. I wouldn't order 'Moroccan lamb' at a Moroccan restaurant, I'd order Mrouzia. But if I was at an eatery that catered to different ethnicities of food, I'd expect to see it listed as 'Moroccan lamb'
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