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  1. Scored 100 percent on ASVAB Battery Tests!

  2. Star Trek Renegades are a great group of people. So are the Farragut folks.
  3. Adding pertinent information to Character Biography.

  4. >Ma etek natyan — teretuhr lau etek shetau weh-lo'uk do tum t'on<. we have differences. may together become greater than the sum of both us.>

  5. Court Martial Captain Raj Blueheart? Absolute Elephant Dung, and the Romulans know that. "SMEH"

  6. Waiting for Spring to arrive, finds cold weather disagreeable. ;)

  7. Footbal, and taking down decorations!

  8. Awesome, Congratulations to all the Winners! Ren
  9. Jimmy Doohan once cared enough to keep tabs on a very skinny- very ill girl that he described as "The Fragile One" holding up her hand....... During a Question and Answer secession. And George. Those two are wonderful people, They are and were. They actually cared enough to get to know you not just sign a photo take 100 bucks and move you on....
  10. That's okay, we won't be shunned they need us to much And I fully intend to have fun and soon will have some more Star Trek Fan Film news, Doctor Maura Drake, CMO USS Potemkin is about to boldly go to a new assignment. I am so excited, details in a few... Renda aka T'Brei "That's Drake, Ensign. Remember it, fear the name if you ever fail to keep your physical appointment." ~ Maura Drake, CMO Potemkin.... A Fan Film...
  11. I love B-5! I am in a costuming/charity group Klingon A. Group but I don't have K character yet. So, they ask me to join as my Ambassador Delenn Char. My ship chapter in KAG is Whitestar Nine.
  12. Here is a little bit of news for everyone, changing the name to Starr Trekk, makes it kosher to continue simming with in Trek universe outline. CBS/Paramount cannot say anything to you. It is like Changing the features ever so slightly to Lady and the Tramp art or Spock art it is not 100 percent copy of those genres therefore their cc's do not bind the artist or a sex writing group. So long as you don't break their CC's you are fine. Now with re-boot alternative trek, you can still get around it but it is a little more difficult... And the rules are harsher to get round with sex standards and they will SHUT DOWN any Fan Film that attempts to use the new reboot look etc.. but again if you really -really like the new re-boot I am sure some one will find a way to get round all the CC language. I am not one of them, to much trouble to try and do.
  13. I am like this, I don't BEG to anyone. And technically, as long as Fan things remain sex; they won't make us stop, writing dreaming creating within their Genre. They need US to much. I am Science fiction Fantasy fan so, if Trek kicked me out there are so many journeys I can travel, take a raft with Huck Finn, play baseball with churt rock using sawmill slats for bats.... Oh play me some Mountain music... La la la la. and I can get out house and drive up to Fort Payne, Alabama for the day and have fun in Fort Payne, DeSoto Falls park, Little River Canyon and dream up some Fan Film script plots.... Yeah lots of playgrounds for me.
  14. Not that it means a thing to me personally, but I once applied for a Sim-Fleet group. I filled out their detailed applications, character bios, information etc. etc. etc. Waited to hear from them, weeks went by. In that time, I did send the customary "Thank you" email card for them allowing me to fill out the applications for membership. They also wanted to see not just a sample post, but some stories from other places that I sim and or GM. Suffice it to say, I was a little shocked when I got a email with Glad Salutations to me and then as I read the email the words stood out almost as if they were all caps. "YOU HAVE SO MANY YEARS OF WRITING EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE YOUR OWN SIMS, YOU POSTS ARE CHAPTERS IN SOME PLACES, WE MUST DECLINE YOUR MEMBERSHIP BECAUSE YOU AND YOUR SIMS AND WRITERS HAVE TOO MUCH EXPERIENCE TO BE MEMBERS IN OUR GROUP." At first I was disappointed. Then I just looked at the other side of the coin, it really was THEIR LOSS, not mine. But if I did not have Star Trek in my life, I would continue with Star Wars and a lot of other Science Fiction and Fantasy.
  15. Me, I am Old School and a Romantic! Also a fan of Emmy Award winning episodes so Here's to City on the edge of forever. Somewhere in Time Edith Keeler waits for James Kirk.... Snif Sniff... pulling out lace hankie now....
  16. And I thought I was critical of these films... we need to get Townson Rants™ on the podcast! I can't dismiss these films outright as they are entertaining, and they have brought in new fans and basically revived the franchise after Nemesis and Enterprise's failings, but I think as Marvel has shown, respecting the source material and making blockbusters is not mutually exclusive. It will certainly be interesting to compare and contrast Mr. Abrams's approach to Episode VII with how he approached Trek since he admits to being more a fan of Star Wars (and as some have noted, took a lot of inspiration from that franchise for his vision of Trek): Technically, it was all JJAbs that ripped off Wars but then again, Wars ripped off Trek, how do I know. I once had a very enlightening conversation with a fellow by the name of Roddenberry Gene Roddenberry and in the conversation he made reference to how even Star Wars had elements from His Trek in it. And since Trek shot first lol.... Literally it did shoot -film first, and Lucas is a fan of Trek and Gene, well the rest is as they say film history. As for the re-boot it is an Alternate Universe for which I am glad, because it would have been sad to see TOS History mucke up. And lens flares Oi oi I had a headache for a week after watching both reboot movies. They are entertaining, and they are a alternate timeline. So, I just eat my popcorn and watch them. Now back to the T.A.R.D.I.S. I have some galaxies to explore.
  17. The reboot Treks are okay, when I saw who was going to be in the chair commanding the filming (JJ), I knew it was going to be a reboot into a cross between Mirrorish to Star Wars ish, etc. I think in my humble opinion using the brewery for the Warp engines was comical. I actually chuckled in the theatre when I saw that. Scotty's Delta Vegan buddy is cool. It is what it is, a very much de-viated alternate reality...
  18. I am Vulcan/Human. More Vulcan than Terran Welcome Renda. I guess you will adore your stay on Atlantis. I´m a former crewmember but still very active in the group. Cya. Yes, everything is Status Quo! It is an honor to serve.
  19. Roger that, I thought it was just on my end...
  20. Without Kirk even a dying Kirk generations would have been a pale lack luster film. Really after First Contact they began to go down hill tng the writers just did not translate it to the big screen. TOS handsdown beats TNG on the Big Screen.
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