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  1. On the one hand, think of all the money saved not having to pay crews! (Wait, we don't get paid. Do we.)
  2. The short human jogged down the ramp of a tellarite freighter, lugging several bags behind him. Whilst Baldursson enjoyed discovering new things, a cramped, smelly ride aboard the livestock transport was testing the limits of his patience. He nodded at the security guard at the bottom, before heading for the nearest map of the station, something he'd have to memorise, or, upon realizing the scale of the base, download it to a PADD... He was already running late, hence the unofficial ride out here, but now he realized he was on the opposite side of the starbase from his training area. Long way to walk, and as he checked his watch and realized, not much time to make it.
  3. Further down the wiki page it says they were later found to have escaped their home world and established an off world colony. I was pretty surprised at that bit.
  4. Apologies in advance if this isn't the correct area to post this. I applied to join a few days ago, and have training scheduled on Monday I believe. A few minutes ago I was browsing through the Lifeforms Index, to see if there was any species that'd be fun to play and I spotted the Xindi, after having a laugh picturing an Aquatic trying to go through a Jeffries tube, I started reading up on them and the Xindi-Avians caught my eye. However the Cadets area of the main website states that abilities such as flying aren't allowed, but the ILI (correct term) has them under allowed. Is this just a mixup or are they actually allowed? As that'd be a very interesting, albeit difficult, choice. Thanks.
  5. Guess I should say hello, my name is Eugene and I'm from the Urban monstrosity that makes up Dallas-Fort Worth. I'm currently homeless and traveling North America. Been a star trek fan for, I honestly don't know, was raised with it. Saw this group while browsing the Internet and decided to give it a go.
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