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  1. (( Secluded beach, Risa )) :: Kamela had picked a beach house, with its back to the mountains and its front door to the ocean, providing them both with a measure of protection and seclusion. The house was small, with only a small den, kitchen, and bedroom..not that they needed much room. Just off the shores of the crystal blue water, out about one hundred yards, a small island jutted out from the surf, dotted with trees. Lying in bed with the asleep Hannibal, she tried in vain to find the scars made when T'Anas' bullets slammed into him...his dark skin and his healing abilities made the task impossible. She knew moving too much would awaken him, and she wanted to watch him sleep...something she had not really done since they had been together. Lying on his massive chest and listening to him breathe, and feeling his heart slowly beating in his chest, she was content...more than content...she was happy...and in love...:: :: Hannibal slept the sleep of babies...or children. Beings who had never known the sting of battle, the smell of death, the ballet of chaos, mayhem and destruction which had been part and parcel for most of his adult life. For the first time in years, he truly slept easily, but he still slept light as a feather as Kamela stirred on his chest. He lay with his eyes closed, feeling her weight on his chest, imagining her rise and fall with each breath. He opened his eyes, looking into hers...:: Parker:: smiling:: Morning..... Allison:: also smiling:: More like almost afternoon.. :: Hannibal did a quick calculation in his head..they got the the beach house yesterday, the day after the night in the casino and hanging out in the club till the wee hours of the morning...Hannibal had slept for almost twelve hours straight...a feat almost unheard of for him. Rolling over so that Kamela was now lying beside him, he spoke:: Parker: And...just how long did you sleep? :: Kamela couldn't lie to him. She had slept almost from the time they both hit the pillow until just a few minutes before he woke up. She felt refreshed, alive...rested....and she didn't want to leave the paradise they had found together. She knew, however, that Hannibal would never call such an idyllic place home, and she had to grudgingly accept that neither one of them could sit on the sidelines long. In short, this honeymoon was just what they needed to recharge their batteries. Playfully, she pulled the covers off of Hannibal, wrapping herself up in them, playing a game of keep away as he finally held her snug next to him...but she still had the covers...:: Allison: Remind me to thank Captain Turner for ordering you to take your wife on her honeymoon.... :: She knew Hannibal would never take much time off, especially with everything they had going on since the Klingon Invasion, and Hannibal nodded in agreement:: Parker: She was right on this one..but I worry about her.... Allison: We all do, Hannibal. We all do... Parker: Do you think she would get mad if we.... Allison: Don't say it...... :: Hannibal knew better than to keep going down that road. In truth, he knew if he returned back to Duronis before their leave time was up, he would have three women giving him hell for quite awhile...::: Parker: I won't.... Allison: Good...what do you want to do today? :: The roar of the ocean just a few yards away had an intoxicating effect. Risa was a planet of many delights, both complex and simple...right now, the simple roar of the ocean and his woman next to him was all he needed. Looking at her, and listening to the ocean outside, he had a ready answer...:: Parker: Not a [...] thing.... Allison: That's the best thing I've heard all morning.. Parker: We better enjoy it while we can...I think we are going to have more than enough to do when we get back.... :: Kamela knew he was right...when they returned to their world, they needed to be at their best...they both knew something bad was coming, and they needed to be ready for it, no matter what it was...::: Allison: True....for now, we enjoy.... Parker: Indeed we will... PNPC Lt. Commander Kamela Allison (Parker) Operative-Starfleet Intelligence/Helm Officer USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy And Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker 2nd Officer/Marine Commander/Chief Of Strategic Operations USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
  2. Congratulations to the top winners, and all the rest of the writers too! You, in no way, made judging your work easy.
  3. Congratulations to both our winners! Excellent work!
  4. Hiya Alex, Great to have you with us! We all look forward to siming with you in the near future!
  5. Congratulations Livingston and Delano, I really enjoyed your work! Great going!
  6. A wound festered inside of her. The cut had peeled away the layers of life itself and buried its way deep within her skin, fleecing her of all rationale, and robbing her of the future that she had long dreamed would make life in Starfleet complete. She was alone in her agony - even the consoling words of those gathered around her could not stop the pain that raged so fiercely, silencing her. Lieutenant Taylor, the Chief Medical Officer, stared into her glazed eyes. "Captain Pelzer, I'm sorry, there is nothing more I can do." She had long appreciated the doctor's candor, but never more than she did at this moment. Slowly nodding her head, she mouthed with great difficulty due to the growing lump in her throat. "I know. It’s over." But that was not totally true. The surge of pain seizing her chest reminded her that she was still alive, although the torment of its horrific grip made her wish that she was not. It was not the dying that caused her so much suffering. It was the living without him, and the prospects of awakening, not to see her own image reflected in his eyes - eyes incapable of giving him pleasure, as now, they were hollow as the demon heart that possessed his every thought. And it was only a matter of time before it took him away from her forever. She wanted to scream, beg him to fight, but it would have been futile. The Bluegill had won, only she had not declared it the winner yet. She couldn’t. She wanted desperately to hold him tight in her arms and never let him go, but the force field between them had to stay in place, or expose her crew to the ravages of the offending parasite. Her crew - the crew that looked to her for the next move - needed her to be strong. She had to snap out of the heartbreak plaguing her. If she could only keep her stinging eyes dry long enough, she may be able to scrape up some kind of wisdom that would save them. Mustering every ounce of energy left in her, she stood and moved away from his motionless body, mouthing oO"I love you.Oo Then turning to her crew, she armed herself. If they all were to die, it would not be because they didn't try to survive, or that she had not been the leader he had so admired. Drawing her phaser, she gave the order. "Arm yourselves to the teeth, and bring me extra weapons! We'll fight together!" As she led them determinedly outside, and as a blaze of phaser fire lit up the landscape, she felt the flutter of hope. oO He will live on. I'll fight for my crew, and the namesake that I carry for him. Oo Fleet Captain Toni Turner Commanding Officer Embassy Duronis II USS Thunder NCC 70605-A
  7. Congratulation Ed and Marissa! Great reads!
  8. (( Embassy Grounds )) :: Tal E'leck was used to watching, but that did not mean he liked it. He was a soldier, and his duty was to protect what was left of the Romulan Star Empire. Part of that duty was to perform surveillance covertly of the Federation and Starfleet forces currently rebuilding their shattered embassy and restoring their grounds. He hated them..their abundance, their seeming joy and resoluteness at restoring what the bastard hated Klingons and their lapdogs from the Orion Syndicate and the religious zealots from the Scarlet Brotherhood had done to their homes and grounds. Himself and three others were assigned to report on their activities and try to find some weakness that could be exploited at a later date.He concerned himself only with his part of the mission, reporting back on what they saw. What he had found out, secreted in a crater hollowed out by pieces of the late USS Thunder after it came slamming into the Laudean atmosphere during the Klingon invasion. Once their Corps Of Engineers had cleared the site, his team quietly moved in, and set up shop. One thing he and his team had learned...Starfleet was incredibly efficient and through in their construction and rebuilding...they could show the Romulans a thing or two about construction...but they were the enemy, and the day would come when they too would be expelled from this world. He grew up hearing the Federation was weak, soft, unable to fight a real war...a belief shattered by the Dominion War. Now, here he was, his own world destroyed, billions of Romulans dead, and he was essentially hiding in the weeds. He had learned during his time in the service that direct confrontation was no longer an option..subterfuge and nuance were what would be required to wrest Duronis away from Federation influence, and others were involved in those actions. He hoped they had been able to effect more influence to stop Starfleet and the Federation from returning, but those efforts were slow to bear fruit, just as his efforts were..:: :: Armed with the knowledge Starfleet was sending a much more capable...and dangerous...Akira Class starship to replace the much weaker and destroyed Cheyenne Class upped the ante a bit...and he would love to see the day when pieces of this ships' hull adorned the Romulan Embassy as a testament to their regaining their place in the galactic hierarchy, the same as pieces of the hated Enterprise namesake were displayed in the now destroyed Romulan Senate. He also found it ironic that the half breed Sela, child of one of the captured Enterprise officers whom a Romulan had taken as a consort, was trying to pull the pieces of the shattered Empire together. His duty was to the Empire, and he would do whatever was required to make it possible...including hiding in the dirt, watching...and waiting. Merek would take this world and make it his own again, and with his success, he would also succeed, carving out his own niche in Mereks' eyes as a capable officer, one worthy of more responsibility and power...:: :: This was not his way. He would much rather spend his time cutting off the head of the snake...killing the female Starfleet captain and eliminating the Marine garrison. Starfleet Marines had more than proven their worth, and they were indeed a formidable force. Such actions usually had ramifications, but there were ways to kill which left no trail..at least, not one which would point back to them. Perhaps the Laudean agitation will provide such an opportunity to disrupt the Starfleet command structure...but those were matters which did not concern him...yet. His concern was not only what he was seeing, but what he wasn't seeing...things such as how much weaponry they had on hand? What kind of weaponry? What was the brown metallic coating over the top of the armory? These things needed closer observation, and he dared not get closer...being discovered would be considered a failure, and could get him killed...by either Starfleet or Merek. To be killed by Starfleet would be considered honorable, being killed by Merek, and he would be forever known as a failure. He would kill his own men for such incompetence...such things could not be tolerated. For now, he and his men waited...and watched...:: MSPNPC Subcommander Tal E'leck Imperial Romulan Defense Force/ Duronis II Embassy As simmed by: Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker 2nd Officer/Marine Commander/Chief Of Strategic Operations USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
  9. (( Laudean Military Command, Lokesh City )) :: Blood. Fire. Pain. Blood soaked ground. Fire burning from disruptor blasts. Pain as the shrapnel tore into his body. In many ways, Bomani was one of the lucky ones. He survived the onslaught at Bondi...however, most of his men did not. His unit was decimated, caught between a Klingon and Orion platoons in a murderous pincer movement which cut them off from the rest of their counterparts. The Battle Of Bondi was more than just a battle to repel invaders...it was a slaughterhouse, and Bomani had never seen such ferocious fighting. As the battle raged, he hoped the Starfleet personnel on the ridge above him could keep the Klingons, Orions, and Scarlet Brotherhood at bay. There were so few of them...only four, and two of them were women. When the Federation had returned once the Romulans had been ejected, Nothing had prepared him for the horrors he witnessed on that day, or the bravery of those Starfleet personnel who took their place on that ridge. They refused to yield, even under the rain of mortar fire directed at them. Even when over the comms it was thought they would be overrun, they fought on, with the fervor of brutality Bomani never expected..and even with his platoon suffering ninety percent casualties, he could see Starfleet still holding that ridge..and it heartened him to fight even harder, even more boldly. Here were essentially guests on their world, and they would fight so fiercely for a world upon which they were not born or trying to conquer? No..there was something special about them, and no one had expected them to fight for them, especially after their ship was so badly damaged and burning in space in the skies aove them. :: The battle ebbed and flowed, and the panicked voices on the comms, including his own, were exhorting the platoons where to redeploy to curb the onslaught. Then...the battle turned as the Scarlet Brotherhood forces seemed like they folded into itself, buried under murderous Laudean fire. As the Orions broke off to meet this new threat, Bomani took the rest of his forces and dove straight into their lines..he did not think about his life then, only victory. The Laudean forces overwhelmed them, and comm traffic indicated the Klingons were moving to reinforce. Sustaining the attack would be impossible if the Klingons were able to get more troops in the area...thery were beginning to run short of weaponry, and casualties were mounting, in spite of their advances. Bomani could hear on the comms the Klingons wee coming, but Starfleet was holding them out...and he could see them on the ridge..but one man was bigger than the others...he could see him occasionally through the smoke, and Bomani knew this was no normal Starfleet officer, that Starfleet had warriors among them more than equal to the Klingons, and yet, they were proponents of peace. Once the day had been won, and the wounded and dead were being attended to, Bomani learned that the Starfleet personnel were still fighting...now they were attempting to hunt down the rest of those who may have still been in Lokesh City, and the after action reports say they were quite successful in dealing with the stragglers, especially the huge one..:: :: The slight pain of his still recovering injuries jolted him back from his memories of the battle, to the report on his desk. Actually, he had two reports. Through the Prime Ministers office, he had managed to obtain the names of the Starfleet officers who fought so valiantly on the ridge above them, ensuring victory for the Laudeans, and especially, the name of the huge officer with them. Although much of his Starfleet record was redacted, Bomani did get his name and rank....Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker. Bomani knew he could learn much from this man...he had never seen a soldier...which to Bomani, was exactly what he was....like him before, and it was evident by his record he was no stranger to combat, having served during the Dominion War, and had even served with the Klingons during that conflict. He would have to meet this man, and learn from him what he could...:: :: Many Laudeans felt gratitude towards the Federation and Starfleet, but within the military, sentiments ran both hot and cold. There were some who resented the fact the battle turned on the actions of the Starfleet officers, that the Laudeans could have held out against the forces arrayed against them. Bomani knew the truth was a little different. He was there. If the Klingons had been able to reinforce, he would be dead, and so would most of the Laudeans in that valley. Bondi would have been lost, and Lokesh City would have fallen soon after. They would have lost the planet. Bomani had heard stories of what the Orions would do to their women, selling them into slavery onto far off worlds...the Scarlet Brotherhood using their planet to attack a place called Bajor...and the Klingons to finally destroy their long enemy, the Romulans. Ti'hahn would have been violated, stripped, its people forced into servitude under the rule of dictatorship...he had seen that under Romulan rule, and he wanted no part of that again...:: :: Soon, Starfleet would return, to re-occupy their rebuilt embassy, and with a ship more capable to fending off attacks...a battle cruiser. The subject wasn't taboo, but it was clear the military saw this as an affront to their superiority, that they could not protect their own world. Now, with essentially a battleship returning to their space, how would Starfleet, and the Federation, behave now? Bomani believed that the Federation would be the same, and Starfleet had lost many in defense of their world, and they wanted to make sure they could defend the work they were trying to do here. The new ship, the Thunder-A, would be there soon, only sharpening the debate. He was going to do everything he could to prove many in the military wrong..he was staking his military career and his family on it....:: PNPC Submarshal Bomani Abasi Commander, Laudean Defense Forces Laudean Region As simmed by: Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker 2nd Officer/ Marine Commander/ Chief Of Strategic Operations USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
  10. We never know what the needs of the fleet will be until near the end of the class. the more experiences you have the better as they can always be fit into the crew, but as a rank comparable to Ensign.
  11. It's Writing Improvement Month on UFOP: Starbase 118 and you don't have to be a member to attend! Just bring your questions to one or more of the FREE events. And if you can, bring a friend! For the entire calendar of events, and more information, you can also head to the event page on our website: http://www.starbase118.net/writing-improvement-event/ Hope to see all of you there!
  12. How? How would you get writers to apply into that committee? I was answering the question you asked me, but it would increase the number ships involved too.
  13. I would tell the players that I have some OOC work that needs to be done, then ask for volunteers for the committee. Those wanting to advance in rank would be interested in extra OOC work they could do toward that end.
  14. Would it help to form a committee on each ship to choose the top sim from their ship each month to submit? They could have an OOC vote on which sim was best among the players, then submit only for one each month. That way all ships are represented equally every month.
  15. ((OOC: As you read this, please bear in mind that the writers behind Tallis and Parker have communicated extensively during the course of this JP, and are in fact on awesome terms in real life. They just like throwing their characters at each other every now and again for fun, and hopefully for your enjoyment. No animals were harmed in the creation of this SIM.)) ((IC: USS Canis Major, Deck 1: Bridge)) ::Ready and raring to go for the first full day aboard the Canis Major, Tallis and Toni had met Alucard on the way to the turbolift. Rhul found, to his surprise, that the noises the lift made were somehow less offensive, and the consoles on the main bridge were a positive dawn chorus to his ears as soon as the doors opened.:: Parker: Captains on the bridge! :: Captain Turner made her way to her chair as Hannibal and Kamela formerly relieved their nighttime helm and navigational counterparts, the ships' computers continuing their rhymthmic sing song cadence. He and Kamela soon had the updated ships' position and tactical situation in hand, as well as their distance from Betazed:: Turner: response Kamela: We'll make orbit of Betazed in seven hours, twenty four minutes, Captain. Parker: No hostiles in range, as far as I can tell, Captain... ::The Bajoran quirked an eyebrow upwards. Hannibal sounded almost disappointed; after all, he always seemed to be spoiling for a fight.:: Tallis: None outside the ship, anyway. ::Judging by the exchange of glances between Kamela and Hannibal, he had picked up on the laconic undertone of Rhul's comment.:: Parker: That would be correct, Captain...no external hostiles...::not missing a beat:: Internal ones tend to be the most...dangerous...they strike quickly...brutally...and take no prisoners....sir.... ::The smile on Rhul's face pulled taut as Hannibals' icy retort lowered the bridge temperature by at least fifteen degrees. This feeling was familiar; Tallis had felt it shortly after Parker's initial assignment to the Ronin before they had bumped heads for the second time, and way back on the Challenger when they had bumped heads for the first. Rhul hadn't taken all too kindly to Hannibal's lecture on what it meant to be Bajoran.:: Turner: response Vess: response ::Indignant at Parker's blatant disrespect for a senior officer and still struggling to make sense of the emotions that had followed Hannibal's merciless gutting of his own father, Tallis found himself pleased as he managed to keep his voice almost dispassionate during his next request. Although Toni would unquestionably know that Parker was about to cop a dressing down, he was confident that the other officers would be less likely to appreciate the extent to which things could go.:: Tallis: ::From his position behind the command chair:: Captain, request permission to speak with Major Parker privately in your office? Turner: Response ::As the Major rose from his seat in anticipation of the next order, Tallis managed to cut through his building rage to remember to complete his duty.:: Tallis: Ensign Massem, take over the Major's position. Massem: Response ::As soon as the fresh ensign started for the forward console, Tallis strode for the lift.:: Kamela: Captain...request permission to........ Turner: Response ::Tallis wasn't surprised that Parker's partner would be joining them; he wasn't angry at Toni for granting her permission, and his respect for Kamela told him that she was probably going to attempt to mediate. Inevitably, though, there was little question whose side she would be on.:: Tallis: oO If I have to take them on two on one then so be it... Oo ((Turbolift)) ::The lift doors closed to seal the three officers in a heavy silence. It bore down on them harder and harder, but each of them was too stubborn to bow, to proud to be the first to break the silence and betray the true nature of the situation to the rest of the crew, even after they had exited the lift. Tallis stormed ahead of the other two officers, determined to hold on to the role of the superior officer for as long as he could, but they were hot on his heels as he stepped inside the office.:: ((Deck 5: Captain's Office)) ::Grim faced and arms folded, Tallis stared right through Parker's smug face as he entered the office with Kamela alongside him. Once again, it was the overconfident marine who had seen fit to light the blue touch paper after all that had happened. Making disrespectful comments in front of the rest of the bridge crew was completely unacceptable.:: Tallis: Take a look at who's wearing which rank pips, Major. What you just did on the bridge was way out of line. ::This wasn't like their last disputes. Tallis's fury wasn't fuelled by the fact that Parker was questioning his integrity as he had on the Challenger, or by the fact he had decided to openly flout regulations by smoking in the observation lounge as he had on the Mercury. This fury was intense, burning with the raw emotion of crippling loss and one man's need to lash out at whatever he could to make himself feel better. He had been suppressing his feelings of berievement, trying to deal with them by forcing himself into a new daily routine, but Parker had blown everything wide open... yet again.:: :: Parker looked at the Captains pips, and as much as he wanted to spit on the deck in disgust, Hannibal knew he respected the rank, but at the moment, had little regard for the man wearing it. He pursed his lips as though to utter a growl, but instead, through gritted teeth, he spoke:: Parker: No more out of line than your shot across the bow, Captain.. I considered your actions...dishonorable.... Tallis: You're the first to talk about honour, about being a soldier. Tell me, Parker, where in the Marine handbook does it tell you that flouting regulations is the right way to go about your business? Or is that just something you pencilled in because it suits you? The great Hannibal Parker, rewriting Starfleet protocol because his galaxy-sized ego tells him that he's the be all and end all? :: Hannibal held his ground, but he could see the rage burning in Tallis' eyes, and Hannibal knew neither man was going to back down. The conference room was now a battlefield, with no quarter given, no prisoners taken. For the two men, it was all or nothing. Hannibal took a step forward...:: Parker: Captain.... I have never disobeyed a lawful order, never not completed a mission, no matter its danger or difficulty. I'm very good at what I do, Captain, and I have never failed to do my duty or dishonor myself. Can you say the same, Captain? :: Hannibal knew his verbal blast had struck home...Tallis Rhuls' failure to kill his father at the ski lodge was now front and center...:: Tallis: You're right, and I'm sure the court martials that you sat through on the Challenger will speak for that. How exactly did it feel to put Lex Menar in the mediplex? ::His bile-filled comment referred to Parker's turbulent days early in his career where he had found himself at loggerheads with the command staff more than once. Lex Menar, one of the ship's female security officers, had taken a disliking to Hannibal and found herself on the wrong side of a training session that got out of hand.:: :: Tallis had scored a direct hit, but it only enraged Hannibal further...:: Parker: Your father was a mouthy [...]...I guess the apple indeed does not fall far from the tree.... :: Before Tallis could speak, Parker unleashed another brutal broadside:: Parker: You dare to speak to me about honor, when the Prophets delivered the man who had caused you and your brother so much pain, who abandoned you when you were children to fend for yourselves on Bajor, what did you do? Whimper in the snow like a whipped dog! Even Captain Turner knew what she had to do when the time came. Soban knew what to do, and your father had him killed. Why didn't you, Captain...WHY DIDN"T YOU!!!!????? :: Kamela held firmly to Hannibals' arm, as the two men were now dangerously close to each other and Kamela was doing what she could to get seperation between the two. If the Captain raised the ante, which was almost a sure bet, she hoped she could get between them before the combat went from verbal to physical....:: ::Parker's tirade poured gas on what could only be described as a wildfire. Rhul's pulse raced in his temples as his eyes bored holes through Hannibal's. He wouldn't sit through one more lecture on morals from a man whose vision was skewed by violence and death. He exploded into a counteroffensive, his voice straining not to crack as he yelled his outrage at the object of his rising frustrations.:: Tallis: Don't you dare speak to me about the Prophets! Do you think because you're lucky enough to have worked with Kira Nerys that you're some kind of expert on Bajorans!? Is that it!? You don't know anything about my people, or my brother. And do you know what's worse? You stand there talking to me about duty when you don't even understand what it is! Tell me where in the Starfleet manual I can find the paragraph that commands me to kill! Tell me where it tells me that incapacitating an enemy for imprisonment is unnacceptable! That's exactly what I did before you careered into that clearing, pinned him against a shuttlecraft and made me watch while you gutted him like a fish! :: Hannibals' fury was barely contained...he was barely aware of Kamela tugging against his arm, attempting to keep him from doing something which he was desiring to do more and more by the second..His reply exploded from him like a quantum torpedo...:: Parker: IT WAS WAR, [...] YOU! He was the enemy! You know why I could not let him go. You saw what that son of a [...] did to my father! What he did to my mother! You stand there, questioning me for what I have done? ::Tallis understood Parker's motivations for doing what he did all along, and had seen with his own eyes what his father had done to Hannibal's own, but it did nothing to quell the storm, and Tallis was far from finished.:: Tallis: I get that, Hannibal, but don't you think Starfleet Intelligence could have used to him to gather information about the rest of the Brotherhood? Did you stop to think about that for a second? Because I don't think I was the only one who was compromised out there. Don't think for one second that I'll believe you if you tell me that you were in control of yourself. You reverted to that same murderous [...] that we all know is deep down inside, just waiting to break the surface. You're a killer, Hannibal, and you're out of control. The uniform you wear is just a disguise, something that you take as permission for committing the heinous acts that you're so happy to tell everyone that you're good at! :: Hannibal stood, his right fist curled into a ball, and his eyes narrowed, locking on to Tallis as if he were a target to be destroyed. Tallis was dangerously close to being obliterated, but somehow, Hannibal held it together, denying Tallis the outburst he so wanted...:: Parker: And just what the frak are you, Captain? You cloak yourself in the uniform of a Starfleet captain, but when the going got tough, you couldn't handle it. It's easy to be captain when you have a ship and crew to do your bidding, or men like me to do your killing for you...but when it comes down to getting down and dirty, up close and personal, I find you sorely lacking. You quit, Captain. You quit because you couldn't handle it. You quit because you lost a brother. How many other captains lost family members during the war captain? They didn't quit. Perhaps you never had what it truly takes to be a member of Starfleet....Your duty requires you to KILL THE ENEMY! He was in your sights, and you failed... :: Hannibal was no diplomat, but he had come as close to calling Tallis a coward as he could...:: ::The gargantuan marine had just shone the brightest light possible on one of Tallis's failings. With all of the momentum taken out of his argument for the time being, Rhul's voice dropped back to somewhere close to normal volume but his arms and legs shook from heightened levels of adrenaline. There was pure hatred for Parker in his eyes as he drove home his final point.:: Tallis: Maybe I am a coward if that's the way you're going to define it, but he was my father, Hannibal. I'm not going to stand here and argue that he had any right to go on living, because I'm not sure I could even convince myself. He was responsible for Soban's death, and now he's paid the price. But I didn't get to choose my father, I just got stuck with him, and what really gets me is that you know how hard I worked to stop him from doing the things he did. Why do you think I ended up in this uniform in the first place? Have you forgotten everything that happened aboard the Mercury? I doubt you have. So I guess what this comes down to is the fact that you can't understand why I'm angry at you in the first place. Parker: No, Captain...I do not understand why you would be angry at a man who did his duty while you laid in the snow and did nothing.... ::It looked, for all intents and purposes, as though Rhul had a bad taste in his mouth as the reasons behind his initiation of a cold war came to light.:: Tallis: It's because you repaid brutality with brutality. You're right, Toni knew what to do when the time came. She killed my mother, but it was quick, painless and I didn't see it. And although your motivations weren't exactly as dark as Kern's, what you did to him came close to being on a par with what he did to your own father. I was on the end of that knife as well, Hannibal, or at least I might as well have been. You're an animal, and I can barely stand to look at you. :: Hannibal knew Tallis had crossed that line..there was no going back now. The man behaved like a coward, and now he was going to treat him like one...:: Parker: [...] you, I'm going to.... :: It was then Kamela stepped between the two men. She knew Hannibal could take no more, and Tallis was only inches from Hannibal killing him..:: Kamela: THAT'S ENOUGH! BOTH OF YOU! :: Kamela stood between the two men, but her eys were fixed on Rhul's. She knew what was in Hannibals' eyes...she had seen it before, and she knew what it meant...:: Kamela:: quietly:: Hannibal....go back to the bridge....we will be along shortly..... :: Hannibal wasn't budging, and he wasn't taking his eyes of Tallis Rhul either..:: Parker: I'm going to... Kamela: Please, Ty...please....... :: Hannibal slightly relaxed, then began to open the distance between the two men. Kamela looked back at him, his eyes still full of white hot rage...:: Parker: through clenched teeth:: I'll be at my station.... :: The doors opened and closed, leaving Kamela and Tallis Rhul there together. His eyes were still full of hate for the man she loved, but she was going to try to talk to him...:: Tallis: Listen, Kamela... Kamela: No, Captain...this time YOU listen. I saw the tracks in the snow at the lodge. Kern...your father...was going to get away. If Hannibal had been twenty seconds later, he would have. You may have served with Hannibal, but I know him. There is a difference. He has been carrying around the pain of the way his father died for years, Captain...YEARS. Hannibal was born and bred a warrior, and whether you like it or not, Starfleet needs men like him..to do the things people like you consider to be...too difficult. Tell me Captain....how many times have you counted on Hannibal to do his duty? How many times has he saved the ship? His shipmates? When you left he fleet and YOUR OWN FATHER put a price on your head, who kept you safe on the Defiant until SFI could rescue you? How different would things have been on Duronis had he not been here? Hannibal is a killer, a rogue and perhaps many other things...and he trusted you...but you dishonored him by your failure you do what was needed. You did the worst thing that anyone could do to him, Captain......You owe, Captain, and you neglected to pay the debt..... ::And so it continued. Even without Hannibal Parker present in the room, it was still his unique code of morals that applied, his perception of what was right and wrong that was going to matter. This was still hostile territory.:: Tallis: ::Eyes narrowing:: I don't pay debts with lives, and I think you'll find that's true of most of this crew and if the both of you want to keep living your lives without giving anyone else credit for the things they do then that's fine with me. But let's face facts. Tallis Kern is dead, Kamela, and who killed him? Parker did. He got his chance to exact revenge. Kern didn't get away. If I had managed to finish what I started then I would have robbed Hannibal of that chance, and we'd still be here having the same [...]ed argument. ::There was regret in his voice as he continued but it still carried the same hard edge.:: Tallis: This ::he spread his arms, referring to the current argument:: was bound to happen the moment that my parents decided to go looting during the Dominion War. It was unavoidable. Yes, I'm grateful to Hannibal for keeping me hidden on Deep Space Nine and I'm more than grateful for what he's done in the line of duty. On some level, I know I'm grateful that he was there to do what needed to be done in that clearing, because if he hadn't have been coming then I would have had to finish it. But maybe, when you take a look at the big picture, I'm getting a little tired of him constantly lecturing on me on how I should and shouldn't be. First I was a traitor. Now I'm a coward, and every step along the way I get a little bit more of a lecture about things I know more about than he ever will. The Prophets. What it means to be Bajoran. And there's this continuing reference to my inadequacy to serve the uniform. Now if that was true, would I have ever earned a command? And while we're setting the record straight, I didn't quit the Mercury because my brother died and I couldn't handle it, I left to go and find him because he had been reported missing, not dead. If you can honestly tell me that Hannibal wouldn't have done that if he'd heard you had gone missing then fine, maybe I'll believe you. It's just way past time that he opened up his eyes and realised that some people are different from him, and that doesn't make them cowards, or traitors, or dishonourable men: it makes us diverse, which is the entire point of having a crew. Each of us has our specialties, each of us has a different personality. Except for those of us who are denied permission for that by Hannibal Parker. ::And that certainly started the ball rolling on a new train of thought in Tallis's mind. Why exactly did Hannibal judge him so harshly at every turn? Why did he have to fight tooth and nail to earn even a shred of respect? Was it really that Parker thought of him as the worst type of intergalactic pond scum, or was it for some other reason?:: :: Kamela listened to his reasoning, and she could see the heat in his eyes begin to cool. Hannibal was a hard man, and he expected those around him to be as tough in their own way. As she listened, she heard a man with far more held in that what had been revealed so far..:: Kamela: Captain, Hannibal is not an unfeeling man, or an uncaring one. He needs to know the truth...all of it......you should tell him...soon. Perhaps you also need to check your ego at the door too.... ::Rhul tried to calm down, reminding himself that he was angry at Hannibal and not Kamela.:: Tallis: Well maybe you need to speak to him too. We can't keep banging heads like this. ::He folded his arms:: I know I didn't exactly cover myself in glory when it came to the crunch, but I did what I could, and if I hadn't found Kern then he definitely would have escaped. Hannibal's been carrying the pain of his parents around for years, I do know that. I've been carrying the shame of mine for just as long, and I don't for one second have any illusions about which one is worse. He wins hands down. I just... oO miss my brother so much... Oo ::The thought came involuntarily, suspending the end of the sentence and leaving the room in silence. Rhul fought down a well of grief as he realised that he had not only just put his finger on the exact reason at why he was so angry, but that he had also taken everything out on the man that least deserved it to happen.:: :: Kamela saw something in his eyes...but she was unsure of exactly what it was, but what she did know it was the thing that was underpinning everything that had taken place that morning. It wasn't about Hannibal and what he did...it was about the Captain. That realization burned in her and she did everything she could to not let it show. Hannibal had spent most of the last mission being a target, and he did not need to be attacked from those closest to him. The two men were extremely stubborn, which made what had to happen even tougher...:: Kamela: Captain....you need to tell Hannibal what you are telling me. I will talk to him...he will listen to me..... :: She knew he was going to have to cool down...a lot before she tried to reason with him..and even that may not be a sure bet. Hannibal was stubborn and set in his ways, and his code of honor was similiarly unbreakable..but she had her ways....:: Tallis: I just wish everything could have started differently in the first place. Then Hannibal's parents would be alive, and I wouldn't be a devil-worshipper's orphan. :: That would be partially true. Hannibals' mother was already dead when Tallis Meral and Tallis Kern desecrated her body, an it was indeed possible for Hannibals' father to have survived the war. Details aside, Kamela tried to impart some words of wisdom...:: Kamela: Captain...call it God, the Prophets, the Great Bird....what has happened has happened, and we have to live with the results. Hannibal is what he is, just as you are. Just as I am. We do the best we can with what we have. Hannibal will forgive you, Captain, but you have to tell him what you feel. This war between you has to stop. I know it will be difficult. :: blowing out a breath:: You know Captain...Hannibal would have gone with you to help you find Soban, and he would have done it because one of his shipmates...his captain...was in trouble. Yes, nothing would have stopped him from coming for me if something had happened to me. That code of his cuts both ways... ::Kamela could see the rage begin to fade from the Captains' eyes as she spoke, and she hoped that her softened words had made a positive impact. She knew what it was like to lose a sibling and her parents, lost to the Breen attack on Earth. The fact that the ship which killed them was destroyed was cold comfort...:: Tallis: I know... and the ironic thing is that I would have gone with him. Whatever he thinks of me, or however angry I am at him at the moment, I've never been his enemy. Kamela: Hannibal is a good man, Captain...just as you are. Be honest with him...give him a chance to know the entire truth...I will do my part Captain if you agree to do yours... ::She knew if she could get Tallis to agree, that would be the easy part. Getting the man mountain to listen was going to take a bit of subtlety...:: Tallis: ::Resolutely:: You can count on it. ::And she could. Kamela had a way of putting a reasonable front on Hannibal's mode of operations, and she was certainly better at being diplomatic. Even after both men had blown their top, she had found a way to cut through to the root of things.:: Kamela: Allright:: smiling::...let's get back to the bridge before Hannibal and Captain Turner come running down here... Tallis: That's probably a good plan. ::He returned the smile, the last traces of anger disappearing from him.:: I'd hate for an SAR team to show up. ::He was about to leave, but stopped to express one final sentiment.:: Tallis: I'm glad we got to talk things out. Kamela: I am too, Captain. This is the longest conversation we've ever had without someone shooting at us... ::That drew a laugh; she was absolutely right. They had previously only ever met under wartime conditions, or something very close.:: Tallis: True. You certainly make a good foil between me and Hannibal. I'd appreciate it if you could help me smooth things out with him once and for all. I much prefer it when we're on the same page. Kamela: Allright....deal. I'll be there for both of you... The two of you are opposite sides of the same coin... I'll bet once you two hash things out, you will be friends... :: As the two headed for the door to return to the bridge, Captain Tallis Rhul had just one more comment, but it was of absolute sincerity..:: Tallis: As far as I'm concerned, we already are. A JP by Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker 2nd Officer/Chief of Strategic Operations/Marine Commander USS Canis Major Federation Embassy Duronis II and Captain Tallis Rhul Navigation Officer USS Canis Major Federation Embassy Duronis II
  16. ((Thunder, Deck 9 Main Engineering)) :: By the time Jaxon had climbed back up to Deck nine, he was beginning to feel the last 30+ hours for sure. If anything because the damages to the ship were also forcing the teams, himself included, to take detours along the Jeffries tubes get to their destinations. The Welshman was thankful that his unwelcome guest had vanished back to whatever part of his mind that S’caan housed in. While his presence was undesirable, Jaxon knew it was only a temporary situation and if things got bad… well S’Caan wasn’t completely useless. The thing he needed now was a good four hours sleep and another three invested in some deep meditation. :: Mc Ghee: ::to himself :: Shame it’s not possible. :: The Chief arrived at the bottom of the ladder and crawled out of the hatch to the doors leading to main engineering. Here teams were still busy coordinating the repairs and Jaxon saw that some more of the lighting had been restored, the warpcore was still dull not that he had invested too much initial hope. Moving over to a group of technicians that were obviously preparing for another repair march, the Chief nodded to the team leader and accepted the offered Padd. Giving his consent the, the two teams of three took up the assortment of cases and headed to the warpcore. One of the larger access panels, usually sealed for security reasons, had already been removed and the team members entered the Jefferies access system. :: ((Thunder, Deck 11, Jefferies Tubes)) :: The team climbed up two decks and began a long crawl through the main connection tube that ran the length of the deck. Jaxon became aware that they were approaching the Red Zone after the doors that split the maintenance tubes into separate sections refused to open. After an unsuccessful attempt of forcing them open, he stretched a hand out behind himself wordlessly and was handed a door manipulator from one of the team members. Still bracing himself against the metal hatch, the heavy man pushed and as the twin doors parted with a hiss, his ears picked up the crackled of a force field as it powered up. :: Surel: The section is still considered a hazard by the ships computer. Mc Ghee: Of course the environmentals on that side are down to 10%. Kill the field and I'll then go and power one of the atmosphere subprocessor at the end of the corridor. Surel: Affirmative. :: While the Vulcan Ensign got to work disabling the forcefield, Jaxon turned awkwardly in the narrow Jefferies Tube; while being shorter than most, this advantage was quickly quieted by his heavy build and broad shoulders. The blue skinned Joe offered Jaxon a face mask that would filter the most harmful elements out of the air and few tools that would be necessary, yet were not standard issue in his personal case. The field separating the two sections fell and immediately the burnt and dead air of the passage up ahead flowed through the open doors. :: Mc Ghee: I’ll need a few minutes, I’ll drop my Tricorder as a signal enhancer and send a confirmation when I’m done. :: The others waiting behind them murmured their agreement and the Chief moved forward into the metal-clad tube, hardly covering a few meters before the field behind him was raised again. Hearing his own breaths rasping on the filter covering his mouth, without which he would already be in trouble, he could understand why the team were so quick to restore the field; the air processors on their side had drawn the stagnant air into the Jefferies tube. By the time he had reached the end of the corridor thick swirls of smoke were gathering. Forcing his entry into the Red Zone corridor, Jaxon straightened up gratefully, raising one arm to light his surroundings. The beam of light illuminated the detritus covered hallway, ceiling supports had come down and many of the computer panels lining the walls were blown out; a sure sign of an EPS conduit rupture. :: Mc Ghee: :: tapping his combadge :: =/\= Some serious damage here… moving on to the environmental controls… the entire ODN relay for this section might have been lost... the power conduits to decks ten and twelve appear to be intact… =/\= :: The chief made his way down the corridor, stepping over the fallen struts, the crunch of the charred glass from the panels accompanying him. The air must have been bad as the first smells of burnt materials began to penetrate his breathing mask. The searching cone of his flashlight caught the entrance he was heading to and Jaxon moved carefully over to the double doors, applying the manipulator and heaving them apart. He stepped through the egress and ran the beam of light over the simply designed control room; it was more a large closet with vital environmental equipment installed. It seemed that the system had suffered total failure as the polluted air was much thicker here, the beam from his torch hardly cutting through the wafting shrouds of smoke. Jaxon took another step into the grey gloom, ignoring the bitter taste of the biting fumes in his mouth. The Welshman frowned as his boot registered something beneath it. Directing the flashlight downwards, Jaxon saw a micro calibrator and other tools glinting in the smoke-dulled light; it seemed that someone had been working here during the battle. With the two doors open, the thick wafts of murky air began to thin out into the corridor and Jaxon could see a multicolored hue up ahead; the control console appeared to still be online at least. Reaching the interface, the chief set down his tool case and peered at the screen, realizing that the system was almost recalibrated to begin and atmosphere purge. Response crews must have already begun battle repairs here when the deck was hit bad and had to be evacuated. The chief began to complete the order routine, not surprised that the commands sequence were slightly out of order; an understandable mistake during a combat situation. :: Willie: =/\= Chief Mc Ghee, is it now safe for me to take my teams into the red zones? Do we need the EVI suits? =/\= :: Jaxon had wondered when Tindall would call in, he had been meaning to call himself, but had been busy, then again Willie and Dave were in their element in SAR. :: Mc Ghee: :: still typing :: =/\= No, we’re not entering any decompressed red zones yet. We’re concentrating on the easier areas where our help might still be needed. =/\= Willie: =/\=Do you have an update on what’s going on? =/\= Mc Ghee: =/\= The red zone spanning deck ten, eleven and twelve has been opened and we’re securing the enviro’s as we speak; the decks should be marked yellow plus within 20 minutes. The red zone on decks four and five are still taboo until we can set up a portable generator strong enough. =/\= :: starts command routine :: =/\= Commander Vess is leading the taskforce into battle soon, so time is running short. =/\= :: The computer chirped as the program began its routine, the hissing of air being sucked into the ventilation systems increasing quickly. Jaxon began to repack his tools, thankful that the stinging air would soon be gone and he could remove the mask. :: Willie: =/\= Oh crap, do you have orders for me, sir? And I suppose I’m wasting my breath telling you to take a break? I just asked Commander Hendon to take one as team leader. The dogs and I will be okay for a couple of hours. :: break :: I could always ask Patrick to help out the engineers. Well he'll be able to help with the menial tasks.=/\= :: Jaxon wondered briefly whether Willie should lay off the coffee; so many questions and assorted pieces of half information at once! Anyhow, a break indeed! Due to its size and being so close to the environmental systems, the small room began to lighten even as Willie spoke. Replacing the last of his tools Jaxon remembered the tools he had left on the floor and turned to pick up the strewn tools; every little bit helped in a situation like this. The air cleared further and Jaxon got up and turned back to the console, now seeing that he indeed wasn’t the only person that had been working at it. :: McGhee: :: emotionlessly :: =/\= You can report to deck eleven for further SAR. :: break :: don’t worry about the air by the time you get here it’ll be all right for you and Dave. =/\= Willie: =/\=Alright, sir; I was only joking. Alright, sir I'll meet you at the first red zone, Tindall out.=/\= :: The com now closed, Jaxon moved silently to the gold shouldered figure that was slumped, face down beside the control console. Hardly 30cm had been separating him from the man lying on the floor and the computer screen where he had worked; in the gloom that had hung in the air, the chief hadn’t noticed anything. The short man hunkered down and placed his hand on a shoulder, as his fingers registered the unnatural chill emanating from it, his arm paused, before then slowly pulling the man over onto his back. Mc Ghee recognized the familiar face straight away, his memory relentlessly providing his mind with a multifold of unhelpful and misplaced information; Lieutenant JG John Richards, 29, from Mars, his second long time deep space assignment. Jaxon remember that he had been considering a promotion evaluation for the Lt. come the end of his time here at the Embassy. Jaxon’s eyes looked back to Richards’ hand which still held a tool in it. The Chief reached out for the combadge and detached it, turned it between his fingers and saw it was still functioning. Jaxon had been serving on starships long enough to know that Richards’ must have heard either the call to abandon the deck, or at least the emergency signal that was sent in such a case. Even with the vicissitudes of battle accommodating a multitude of unknown factors, it didn’t take much to add the numbers together and still be sure to have hit the right result. The almost programmed console and the tools lying around; Richards had been trying to finish his work and had been [...] close at that. The chief lent back against the console and swore quietly under his breath while he tried to get the picture out of his head. He had refused to leave his post in times of danger in the past, relying on his skills to get the job done and restore power to the systems or whatever had been necessary. Jaxon swore again for no reason he could think of, other than a tiny valve trying release the pressure within a warpcore. Again Jaxon didn’t need to see him; he simply knew. :: Mc Ghee: :: quietly:: oO Not now S’Caan. Leave me alone. Oo Vulcan Mc Ghee: (speaking) Are you sure you want to keep the gates locked Jaxon? Mc Ghee: ::growling, voicing shaking with anger :: Get out of my head! Vulcan Mc Ghee: :: teasing :: You need a phaser to get me out of your head, Jaxon. :: softly, needling voice :: I am a part of you. Mc Ghee: :: getting up :: Maybe a Phaser is a good idea! Vulcan Mc Ghee: :: teasing :: Don’t threaten me! I’m growing stronger Jaxon. Sooner or later the gates... the walls ... they won’t hold me. :: Jaxon glowered silently at the other himself leaning against the wall without a care in the world. He knew S’Caan was right, eventually he would get through, but Jaxon comforted himself in the sole knowledge that it wasn't that easy. :: Vulcan Mc Ghee: :: [...]ing his head, unemotionally:: Richards… :: break, amused :: …well he came [...]close to being hero didn’t … :: Jaxon let out a deep throated roar of anger as he jumped in S’Caan’s direction, his clenched fist already scything in a blur through the air, aiming directly for the entertained face of the Vulcan hybrid. Jaxon fell a step fore as the blow continued right through his own manifestation’s smirking visage, his fist moving onwards, thus disrupting the engineer's balance. The chief’s bunched fist slammed into the wall, the unleashed force depressing an entire section of wall cladding, as the massive crash reverberated off the walls of the small room. While the tremendous thud still echoed in Jaxon’s ears, so did the bemused voice of the once again vanished S’Caan. :: Vulcan Mc Ghee: :: amused :: That’s right, my old friend make it easy for me. :: laughter :: :: Jaxon stood his shoulders still rising and falling as he breathed hard. Then Mc Ghee slowly removed his fist that was still resting on the destroyed wall panel, he then flexed his hand forcefully, Jaxon turned as he heard other voices; no doubt his team was arriving now the air was clearing. Jaxon gave Gamma Joe a weak smile as he looked into the room, saw the dead Lieutenant, nodded to the chief and silently stepped inside to cover Richards body with his jacket. Jaxon eyed the wall cladding that had fallen victim to his outbreak of anger and felt the pain still coursing through his hand and up his arm. It felt good. TBC Lt. Cmdr. Jaxon Mc Ghee Chief Engineer Duronis II USS Thunder, NCC 70605
  17. ((Duronis II)) ::Isaac set the shuttle down in the Lokesh City Spaceport, and after securing the ship he stepped out. He blinked his eyes at the brightness from the twin suns and raised his hand to shade them. He missed the sunglasses mandated by Fleet Captain Turner, and in an effort to be inconspicuous he decided not to try and find a pair from a local shop. He wasn't dressed in a Starfleet uniform, but found he was able to blend in fairly well with the exception of the lack of the colored band along his hairline. He walked away from the spaceport, turning west toward the Federation Embassy as soon as he could. Following a pathway toward the beach, Isaac decided to use one of the rear entrances to keep from creating too much of a commotion. He quietly passed through the security checkpoint, receiving a day pass as his own security clearance had expired upon leaving the Embassy. Standing on one of the many paths, he paused for a moment, taking in the scent of the flora before he continued. Ignoring the occasional crewmember or Embassy staff out and about in the gardens, Isaac slipped along unseen until he reached the Engineering and Maintenance Facility. The trip through the facility to his destination was short and he arrived and paused at the door before calling. The blurt of the computer while in the lift had told him what he already surmised... his codes had been changed as soon as he had been reassigned. Taking on an old fashioned approach, Isaac balled up a fist and knocked on the door... hoping to arouse the attention of a specific officer. He waited for what felt like an hour before the door slipped open. He answered the questioning look on his friend's face with as much of a smile as he could muster. :: ((Utilities Complex, Level 4, Mc Ghee Personal Quarters)) :: Jaxon had spent the last few hours rereading the information they had collected on the security incident. So far the he had managed to piece the movements of Mike, Joel and the two technicians together and found nothing out of the ordinary, apart from the fact that Valentino was a Marine and entered the EUC in the middle of the night. To remain fair and unbiased, he had given the evaluation of Joel’s movements to another officer and had also sent him on his way to meet with the Captain as requested. He was expecting the results soon. All the more so was he surprised when his heard a hammering on the front door of his quarters. The short, heavy set man set down his Padd, conscientiously secured the computer screen displaying his own results and got up to answer it. The person at the door was not the person the Chief was expecting and the he needed a moment to process all the details. :: Green: Hi, Jaxon. Mc Ghee: :: puzzled :: Isaac? :: looks up and down :: What the hell happened to you? Green: It's a long story, Mate. ::Trying to maintain the smile, even though the pain was starting to show through:: Mind if I come in? Mc Ghee: Of course, come in, come in. :: The engineer stood back to allow his friend to enter his quarters. While the taller and heavier built man passed the small kitchen area, Jaxon watched his gait and took in the little details. He had already seen that Isaac was uncharacteristically out of uniform and his current clothing wasn’t in the best condition; Jaxon was unsure how long his friend had been in them. Almost absently he reached to the door keypad and tapped in a private code that didn’t even appear on the station computer, sealing the door. He crossed the room to the large and open living room where two armchairs stood before the holographic fireplace. Jaxon didn’t have a couch in his living room as it would encourage groups of visitors. :: :: Isaac let out a long breath, finding it increasingly difficult to hold back the grimace struggling to become apparent. The act of breathing alone caused pain akin to a white hot poker stabbing into his left side. He leaned against the back of one of the armchairs to steady himself. :: Mc Ghee: Feel free to take a seat, Isaac… :: watching him sit down :: this isn’t a call for old times’ sake is it? Green: ::Gently laughing, which caused him to flinch against the searing pain in his side:: What makes you say that? Mc Ghee: Well, your clothes have seen better days and you turning up without an announcement are good indicators, but the way you’re clutching your side and how carefully you took a seat tell me a lot more. Bruised ribs? Green: Broken, I think. :: Jaxon whistled quietly at his friend’s answer and fought the urge to ask why he hadn’t had himself treated yet back; Isaac would have done so if he had had the time. Instead he had sought him out here at the Embassy which wasn't exactly close to the Mercury and that all had to have a reason. There had also been talk the last time Isaac had disappeared and while Jaxon had curtailed his curiosity in interest of their friendship, he knew Isaac had the qualifications for certain work. So far everything discretely pointed out that that calling a medic wasn’t a current option, through all the same Jaxon felt that Isaac should have something for the pain. :: Mc Ghee: Which remedy do y’prefer; standard issue field medkit, or an 18 year old bottle? Green: How 'bout we start with the bottle, then we can go from there. Mc Ghee: :: nodding gravely :: A good choice. Green: I think this is the first time I've seen your flat. Nice place you've got here. ::Isaac was obviously trying to make small talk while his friend made his way across the room.:: :: The Chief crossed the room to the bar table on the far side and two glasses, the ice bucket and water jug. He brought everything to the side table set up between the two armchairs, quietly placing the medkit to one side; it might be needed after the internal anesthetic had begun to work. :: :: Isaac watched the Welshman drop cubes of ice into two highball glasses and he felt himself begin to salivate. He realized it had been a long time since he had eaten anything other than the slop like gruel served to him during his stay with his captors and his stomach growled quietly while he waited.:: Green: Synth? Mc Ghee: :: pouring :: No, no. The real McCoy. None of that replicated rubbish. Green: Fit for a king, mate. Mc Ghee: :: taking a seat :: So. What the hell happened to you? :: Isaac took the glass and drew a sip of the amber colored liquid. He felt the burn of the scotch on the back of his throat; it tasted so good he took another drink before he set the glass down on the side table. He immediately felt the sedative effects of the alcohol and a slight calmness came over him. He knew then he was safe. :: Green: Nothing I guess I didn't bring on myself... in a round about way. ::Isaac paused and took another sip of his drink:: You've been around Marines enough to know how lugheaded we can be. Well, the Marine Major on the Merc has a brother who controls a faction of not-so-nice people who are hell bent on taking control of the Major's family's birthright on this planet. ::Isaac took another drink, draining the glass. He set the glass on the table next to him before he continued.:: Green: So, anyway, I went with the Major on an expedition to find out what this brother was so interested in on a planet near the family's home world and the brother attacked the planet and the ship we were on. During the attack, I was sucked into space through a breach in the hull. I figured I was a goner, but seconds later I was beamed aboard the brother's ship. ::Isaac paused for a second, thinking about the past three weeks.:: I think I would have rather stayed in space. Mc Ghee: Uh-huh. :: taking a sip :: :: Jaxon knew he was no coucellor, but he had rough idea of how humans ticked and listened quietly to Isaac account on what had happened to him. A few questions occurred to the engineer, but he didn’t bother to interrupt not wanting to halt his friend, instead he swirled his glass and continued listening to Isaac’s account. :: Green: It might have saved my life, but their motivation wasn't kindness. In fact, I'm not sure what their motivation was. For the last three weeks I was locked in a room not even large enough for me to lay down in and subjected to regular beatings. The most interesting part was they didn't even ask me a question... ever. Mc Ghee: And how’d d’you get away? Green: Luck, really. I think they got complacent and it gave me a chance to make a break. I made my way to the shuttle bay and stole the crate that brought me here. The shuttle next to the one I stole made a great bomb, and it did exactly what I wanted it to do. Anyway, they weren't able to follow me and I had no idea where I was or where the Mercury was, so once I got my bearings I came to the only place I could think of... here. Mc Ghee: Who’d have thought; Til’ahn as a port of call. ::Isaac looked longingly at the bottle of Scotch on the bar, then thought about the rumbling in his stomach. A wave of nausea swept over him, brought on by the pain in his ribcage.:: Green: Maybe we should try that medkit out. Mc Ghee: Of course, :: sets down his glass. :: just a sec. :: Jaxon stood up, took the med kit from the side table and dropped to one knee beside Isaac’s chair. Opening the case he begun to extract the various devices, the essential depth scanner, the regeneration probes and the emergency hypos; they were all set up to have quick access. He knew Isaac trusted him, but the man was also a Marine so sometimes the best remedy was being faster than the patient. Of course routine helped and it didn’t take long for Isaac to notice. :: Green: Where'd you learn how to do that? You throw that thing around like you should be wearing a blue shirt. Mc Ghee: :: quietly, reserved :: I wasn’t always an Engineer, Isaac. :: Jaxon paused, remembering the quirk of fate that almost had him wearing a blue uniform in lieu of a golden one. The events that subsequently unfolded finally led to a engineer’s uniform, but there were things you didn’t forget and amongst them was emergency triage to your own child. It wasn’t anything he spoke about often, but Isaac was different, had saved his life on more than one occasion and also knew the value of discretion. From day one the Marine had refused to accept Jaxon’s self-imposed social detachment and for some reason the Welshman had accepted that. It was strange how two stubborn and possibly negative characters traits could lead to friendship. :: Mc Ghee: :: taking the scanner :: I don’t whether it was luck or otherwise, but the reason for not becoming a doctor faded away and so I became an Engineer. :: Isaac had always had great respect for Jaxon. From the day he met the Welshman on their final academy cruise, the abilities of the man always amazed him. :: :: Jaxon passed the device over Isaac’s side and read the information. It had been years since he had needed the med kit, but, thanks to his eidetic memory, it all came back to him swiftly and seeing the results, the short man took up a hypo and loaded the cartridge, placed it one side and selected the dermal regenerator and the deep tissue regenerator. :: Green: Well, I think you missed your calling, Mate. Mc Ghee: :: absently while working :: I doubt it Issac; I don’t usually have the patience. A plasma conduit doesn’t argue back. Green: Well, you could'a fooled me... ouch! :: Jaxon knowledge of medicine wasn’t nearly as vast a self-respecting doctor, but after the scare all those years ago he had spent hours reading anything on emergency medicine and first aid. Today he knew it was an escape mechanism of a young and inexperienced father, a way of forgetting what was currently on his mind, but the upside was that he now knew a lot about a variety of injuries, including the background information that many forgot. Isaac’s discomfort was due to the fact that he was breathing and disturbing the broken bones that were trying to heal. Jaxon had a high pain tolerance, but he also knew that broken ribs were no small matter; the smallest movement could cause pain so intense that paralyzes most immediately. :: Green: You, uh..::Gently moving to a position where he could remove his shirt.:: ...need me to take this off? Mc Ghee: No, you can keep it on; this is a combat med kit. Clothing doesn’t bother the tricorder or regenerator. Green: ::Letting out a short sigh:: Good, I'm not sure I could get it off if I had to. ::Isaac closed his eyes and let his friend administer his ministrations. The regenerator delivered heat to the local area, and the feeling was slightly relieving.:: Jaxon: :: quietly, working :: This’ll tingle a bit. :: Jaxon worked on the large hematoma surrounding the actually broken ribs. He knew this wasn’t the correct approach, but also was aware that it was more patient friendly as the sensitive upper layers also caused discomfort which caused more pain during treatment. During his scanning he found something not immediately apparent and nodded to himself. It was respectable that Isaac had made it this far without passing out. It also meant more complications as one of his friends ribs had been shattered on the curve pinnacle and natures design proved detrimental. In this case it meant that Isaac’s chest was pulling on the broken bone designed to create a cavity to allow breathing and preventing it from returning to its original position. :: ::As the machine did it's duty, Isaac felt the described tingle under the skin. It almost tickled, bringing a pained smile to the large man's face.:: Mc Ghee: Okay Issac, you have four broken ribs and the last one has … jutted itself under the break lineage; it’s probably causing the majority of the pain. Green: Whatever it is, it sucks. In the grand scheme of things, what does all that mean? Mc Ghee: :: thinking :: It means the rib broke twice in almost one place and as gravity naturally places an amount of pressure on your chest, it is stopping your rib from drawing back to its original position. I need to pull it back and set it with the regenerator. Green: And just how do you plan on doing that? :: Isaac was no doctor, but he knew the procedure the engineer had described wouldn't be comfortable, to say the least.:: Mc Ghee: Shall I apply a local anesthetic? Green: I have enough dope in my system already. Just do what you have to do. I promise to try and not slug ya. :: Jaxon knew the Marines were proud men and women; friendship either way and even here in the privacy of his quarters, Isaac was no exception. It was just like no one in his department using Jaxon’s private tool kit, some kind of unwritten code of conduct which boundaries overarched practically everything. :: Mc Ghee: :: grins at his friends response :: … Okay Issac, you have to exhale. Green: I tell ya what, pass me that bottle. I think I need another hit off that before you start your torture. ::Trying to smile:: :: Jaxon grinned and passed the bottle to his friend and watched him pour another measure. While he downed the amber fluid, Jaxon waited until he was ready. Once so, Jaxon probed for the single rib as gently as possible and spoke up again. :: :: Isaac took a long pull from the bottle, hoping to himself that the liquid courage would take hold before Jaxon started twisting and pulling on his fractured body.:: Mc Ghee: Okay on the count of one. Green: Alright... Mc Ghee: Ready? Three … :: pulls:: Green: SON OF A...! Mc Ghee: Sorry, buddy … :: scanning :: but its free and I can set it now. Green: ::Fighting the wave of nausea:: There's more? Mc Ghee: Just a few more moments… :: Jaxon spoke absently while reading the scanners data, trying to move the injured bone and work the regenerator at the same time. True to his word the bone was soon in the right position, but the Chief was certain that the 3 or seconds had felt likes ages to Isaac. :: ::Isaac waited for more crunching and grinding, but the regenerator began to knit the bones and he started to feel the relief. It was slow, but the little bit of relief after so many days of fighting the excruciating agony was like bliss. Soon he was able to take a deep breath, which was something he hadn't been able to do since Dante's boot was laid against his side. That felt like forever ago now.:: Green: Jaxon, you're a life saver, mate. Mc Ghee: :: mumbling :: Hardly… but thanks all the same. :: Jaxon spent a few more minutes setting the last of his ribs, by which time the ex-Marine was breathing a little easier. Then he took up the hypo and reset the dosage to a much lower setting and gave him a shot. Mc Ghee was pretty certain that Isaac wanted to remain clear so the meds were just enough to provide a bit more relief while he gently strapped the regenerator over the damaged area; it would finish what he had begun. :: Mc Ghee: That’ll do for now. ::With the release from the pain, Isaac's mind began to gain clarity, and even through the alcohol he remembered that he was still missing in action.:: Green: I guess we should see the Skipper, as soon as you're done there. I imagine I have a bit of explaining to do, and a ship to get back to. Mc Ghee: :: getting up :: Do you want to use the Embassy network? Green: All my codes are changed. The only reason I was able to get into the Embassy grounds is because the Marine guard recognized me. I tried to gain access and the computer denied me. Mc Ghee: Ah, yes. The code rotation. :: putting away the medikit items :: Green: I'll have to send a priority message to Commander Kells to let him know I'm here. :: The regenerator was doing a fine job of repairing the damage done by the Fanelian's. For a moment, Isaac allowed his mind to wander toward a bit of revenge; which he knew would come in good time. :: Mc Ghee: You can use my desk :: pointing :: I’ll set up a link for you. While you contact Kells, I’ll bring Captain Turner up to speed. :: Break :: Computer; priority message to XO of the USS Mercury. :: To Isaac :: Isaac I’ll be outside talking to the Captain. :: Jaxon left the man alone and stepped out into the corridor so Isaac had some privacy while he spoke to his commanding officer. :: TBC! JP By Lt. Commander Isaac Green Chief of Security USS Mercury NCC 99812 -- We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~ George Orwell And Lt Cmdr. Jaxon Mc Ghee Chief Engineering Officer USS Thunder NCC 70605 Embassy Duronis II
  18. Toni

    I will miss you around the Fleet, but I will not miss our friendship as mine will be there with you, and and yours here with me for a very long time to come. It's TnT! ::smiles::

  19. I suppose they would apply to either, that is if both parties agreed to such a farce.
  20. Looks like they found a way to do without divorce lawyers, which isn't a bad idea. This is truly a no-fault kind of divorce. question: How long do you want to be married? Answer: Over the weekend is fine. LMAO
  21. Very interesting. Thank you for making this available.
  22. ((Medical Bay, Private Room - Embassy)) Yael: Until tomorrow. ::nodding, but not leaving his seat even as they prepared their departures.:: ::T'Vei stood, but let the Captain leave first, standing next to the table. After the Captain left, she turned towards Yael and spoke quietly.:: T'Vei: I just wanted to speak to you in confidentiality for a moment. Yael: ::purple eyes shifting up to her:: Was there something else? :: This was said with an air of doom, though of course he wasn't harsh with T'Vei at all personally. :: T'Vei: I don't have any specific concerns. I simply wanted to advise you against speaking to anybody outside of a legal confidence about these matters, at least for now. I'm not entirely convinced that you're free from prosecution, and that means anybody, even a friend, could be compelled to testify on something that you say, perhaps offhandedly, and could harm you. Yael: Captain Turner. ::he glanced downward again:: I trust her, Ensign. T'Vei: I understand. It's not a matter of trust, but a system that can be used to hurt you. :: And with his imagination running hot on the ill possibilities, he could imagine that happening rather swiftly. :: Yael: That is true... ::he nodded lightly, looking back up at her.:: You're probably right. I'll be cautious who I speak to. T'Vei: ::nodding an understanding:: Finally, I want you to know you can contact me at anytime and I'll advise as best I can. Of course, choosing whether or not to help in the prosecution's case is a personal decision: the law forces you to do nothing, but your own ethical code may force you to act. ::she looked up as she said that:: If you'd like help with that, any confidence you have with Lieutenant Herrera *is* protected by law, as I'm sure you're aware. :: It took a moment to process that. Word certainly got around fast, didn't it. :: Yael: I understand. Thank you for reminding me. T'Vei: Of course, Lieutenant. If anyone else comes up, do not hesitate to contact me. ::T'Vei gave a curt nod and turned to leave Lieutenant Yael to his thoughts. She could sense the turmoil inside of him, but knew she was of little use in helping with that.:: :: His legal counsel, Ensign T'Vei, and Captain Turner having left him alone in the private medical room, Ashley began to consider his decision. He found himself sitting exactly where he had been sitting when they had been there, unable to move, his thoughts chaotic. It was some time before he stood, going to the door. The guard outside his door glanced his way, but he didn't meet that gaze as he cued the door... shutting the room off from the corridor, and hopefully any more visiters he might have. :: :: The night was a long one. He lay awake, staring at the ceiling. Staring at nothing. Thinking, Considering. In one moment, he would be certain he'd come to the right answer. In the next, he would be plagued with doubt. Within a third moment, his decision was firmly made, the opposite as the one he'd made two moments before, only to be plagued with further doubts. His confidence eaten away, he slept fitfully. :: :: By morning... early morning, when he found himself unable to sleep at all, the suns barely peeking over the horizon... he rose only to pace, his door shut to the world outside. His stomach turned more than once as he lost time, failing to make a choice. :: :: The suns slipped further upward. :: :: By seven in the morning he had been awake for hours already. He'd promised an answer in short time for Ensign T'Vei and Captain Turner, and he had nothing but a short fuse from a lack of sleep. :: :: Standing by the bio-bed, he wrestled with another decision altogether before tapping his comm. badge. :: Yael: =/\= Lt. Yael to Lt. Herrera. Lieutenant... I hope I didn't wake you. =/\= ::Diego was anything but a morning person. Rolling over under bundled sheets, he flailed out one arm to slap the comm-badge that had been placed on his bedside table for just such a call. He blinked his eyes half open, and instantly regretted it as the light from the twin suns dazzled his eyes before they could complete their journey to full functionality.:: Herrera: =/\= There's a small chance that you did, but it's fine. I needed to get up anyway. =/\= ::He heaved himself up into a seated position:: =/\= What can I do for you? =/\= :: The man was going to make him ask, wasn't he. :: Yael: =/\= I was thinking we might be able to... talk. =/\= :: Those few loaded words should have been indication enough something was wrong. :: ::The tone of Ashley's voice alone was enough to send Diego a little faster down the path to being fully awake. The day before, he'd had moments where it looked like he was trying to stop himself from being hostile, and now he was asking to talk to a counsellor?:: Herrera: =/\= Of course. Give me a few minutes. I'll be over as quickly as I can. =/\= ::Reaching for his uniform undershirt as he kicked his legs over the side of the bed, the spaniard hurried to get suited and booted to find out how he could help.:: ::Ashley waited, though rarely staying in one place for more than a few minutes. He found himself near the window, arms crossed over his ribs, stomach about to turn for the third time of the morning. He had no idea what to do. Every forward thinking, rational part of him screamed it would be worth every risk, but every defensive instinct in him clawed him back behind the decisive line he'd been straddling through the night. The tug of war had left him bitter and brittle. :: :: The sound of the door, even though he'd expected it, was a bit of a surprise. He turned toward it, eyes flashing... his mask was gone. The perpetual smile, gone. Conflict glazed his expression, before he turned away and looked back out the window. :: Yael: Lieutenant Herrera. ::correcting himself, but not looking at the man:: Diego. ::There were times in Diego's career where he didn't need to draw on his counselling expertise to judge what was happening in the mind of one of his patients. It was plain that something was eating at Ashley, and given the number of unpleasant things that could be, it was important to do whatever he could to try to put him at ease as quickly as possible.:: Herrera: Ashley. What's up? What's on your mind? Yael: I am... having difficulty coming to a decision. Something rather important. ::Diego took up his spot against the wall near the door again, hands in pockets.:: Herrera: Maybe I can help? What do you need to decide? Yael: The Captain and my legal counsel are expecting to hear from me soon, and I have nothing to tell them. ::Legal counsel? Of course. He should have figured that something would have been set into motion. Had that not been his own first reaction when he'd heard what had happened?:: Herrera: You're going to need to help me here, Ashley. What do they want to know? :: Finally turning away from the window and facing Diego, he almost regretted calling the man. Now he was forced to verbalize the issue that had kept him awake the entire night, and he still wasn't happy about being counseled in the first place. He was the Master of Internal Conflict. :: Yael: The Laudean who... attacked me. He's currently in a Laudean jail. The prosecuter working the case against him has sent word that he will likely be released... unless we release to him enough information to solidify the worst of the charges and lead to an actual trial. We are not required to release anything... but if we don't... Herrera: ...then he walks free. Yael: His release is not something I find... comforting. To say nothing of the damage he will continue to do to others if he is free. But... if we do release the information, it will be freely shared with the defense as well. Meaning we can look forward to a very... public... court battle. One which will likely require my direct testimony, as well as that of my doctor, and possibly other crew members as well. ::So in effect, Ashley Yael was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. He could either bare the details of what had happened to him for all of Duronis II to see, and relive what had happened to him in an extremely public environment, or take the chance to recover privately, in which case it seemed to be a guarantee that he'd be living in fear of a repeat attack for a long time to come. The hands came out of the pockets and he folded his arms.:: Herrera: I can see why you're having difficulty making up your mind. Legal systems can be good at dishing out punishments to those who deserve it, but they don't always consider what damage they do along the way. ::That didn't go any way towards helping him answer his question, and so he offered the best advice he could.:: Herrera: In the long term, it might be more difficult for you to come to terms with everything if this guy is free. I think that's how we need to think. I don't need to tell you that having to testify or even witness his trial is going to be difficult for you, but I do want you to know that, however you might feel at the moment, I'm here to make sure you're alright. I can support you through anything you need to do, any statements you need to give and the difficult times that you're facing, and I'm pretty sure I can insist on being present for any part of the proceedings that you're involved in on medical grounds. You wouldn't have to do this alone. ::Diego had no idea how much that would count for in Ashley's mind. He was a stranger, and despite having been called here to discuss this issue, it was still too early to tell how comfortable Ashley was going to be with having him around.:: Yael: That's... very kind of you. ::a bit unsure how to accept the support from a near total stranger:: I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask what you think might be the best course? Herrera: I can't make the decision for you, but my gut says that you're going to need some form of closure on this. The fact that you went through what you did was bad enough, without you having to live with it hanging over your head if the guy who did it goes free. He took something away from you. Maybe this is your chance to stand up to him? ::It wasn't as simple as settling a score, but invariably in such cases there was a layer of anger sitting somewhere in the complicated mess of resultant emotions. That could lead down all sorts of dark paths, but channelling it into pursuing a just sentence for his aggressor was a very positive and structured way of releasing it.:: :: Ashley thought on this a moment, Diego's last words resonating with him. He recalled those words in his own voice in a different time... before he had left his home on Denobula that final time. The easy dismissal from his father, and the silence, the utter lack of communication once Ashley was out of sight. Clearly out of mind. :: Yael: You've reminded me of a moment I had with my father, actually... :: Though in a completely different context, it had been a harsh time for him. His lack of regret, and being reminded of it now... was it enough to make the decision? :: Herrera: I have? ::He hadn't expected this to call up memories from Yael's past, but he was happy to see where this path took them.:: What happened? Yael: He was displeased with my lack of contribution to the family. We had words, and haven't spoken since... thats been ten years. But I haven't regretted taking that last moment to speak my peace, however unpleasant it was to do at the time. :: It was probably the most productive thought he'd had all night, recalling the moment he'd finally stood up to the man. It was literally with bag in hand and heading out the door from his childhood home. But he was speaking now out of distraction. If he had slept well and not been facing a huge decision, he would have never brought up his father. Never. Perhaps sleep deprivation was Diego's friend in this regard. :: Herrera: And he hasn't contacted you since? Can he really be that bent out of shape after all this time? ::He was feigning ignorance. This undoubtedly had something to do with Ashley's Theoron's disease, which would be passed down through generations. Ironically, Theoron's had to come from somewhere, and it wasn't entirely impossible that it was his father's fault that Ashley had that particular affliction.:: Yael: Denobulan families are massive compared to Terrans. I can't chance having children. Their children being a genetic dead end is not something any Denobulan parent desires. Herrera: Maybe not, but having grandchildren isn't the most important thing about family, not even for Denobulans. It's the bonds between family members that really matters. Without that, you're not a family. Yael: ::as if he knew that quite well:: That is true. Herrera: So what did you say to him? TBC... Lieutenant Diego Herrera Counsellor Federation Embassy Duronis II USS Thunder NCC-70605 & Lt Ashley Deneve Yael Head Counselor Embassy Duronis II USS Thunder NCC - 70605
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