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  1. Welcome, Roman, I've just finished training. I'm sure you will love it. Good Luck! Ensign MacLaren
  2. Does StarBase18 have a resource to find out the characteristics of the various species? I hope to play a doctor, and I'd like to know more about my potential patients. For instance, I haven't been able to find out anything about Pythrons although I've tried to find them on-line.
  3. Thank you for such a prompt and reassuring reply. LOL, in the Olympics of Worrying, I will be a gold medalist!
  4. I submitted an application which was approved, (the site recognizes my screen name, merryblueeyes, and I submitted a character introduction. I logged on today and saw that Fleet Admiral Wolf had a question after my introduction post which was, Have you submitted and application? He said training started on Monday. Since I didn't see such a question after anyone else's character introduction, I'm a bit dismayed that perhaps my application has been lost. I have a history of disappearing from all kind of lists but computer records in particular! I'm also a little confused by the suggestion to have a Yahoo account. Does that mean a Yahoo email? If so, I already do and received my acceptance email through it. Could someone please contact me to let me know that all is well, so I can begin training on Monday? Thanks so much.
  5. Other than reading the various topics on the site, can anyone tell me if there is something I should be doing until training starts? Is there a time frame for when that happens? Thanks!
  6. Hello All, I am a new recruit waiting to start cadet training. My name is Meredith, but my character's name is Fallah Ootah who is half Betazoid and half Mari. I'm from northern California and have been simming on another Star Trek site for about a year and love it. I found this group through a friend who is a member of the Thunder sim. I've played mostly medical roles and hope that Fallah will be accepted as a doctor in this fleet. I've been very impressed with all my friend has told me about this group and its amazing organization, so I'm looking forward to being a part of it. I am a devoted motor scooter rider and have nearly 20,000 miles on my 2009 Vespa 250. Nothing beats riding through Yosemite National Park on a bike! My little Maltese service dog, Hope, rides with me wearing her own leather jacket and doggles. I'm a history buff with a passion for Age of Sail novels and for the medieval period. I've written four novels from that era with two published. Simming science fiction is a relatively new passion although I've been a Trekkie for a long time. I'm eager to get to know all of you. Sorry, I don't have any pictures here.
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