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  1. Lt. Cmdr. Tash Zubowskivich 2nd Officer USS Indria ((Tash's Quarters)) :: Tash remained silent on the opposite side of the door as Cura called to him. She knew he was here. She gave him an opportunity... which he let pass in silence. In moments she was gone, and he was again alone, without even Tilly to offer companionship. :: :: But his mind didn't stay on his wandering lagomorph. It stretched through the darkened room. The red light of a star passing by coursed quickly along the wall. It traveled over him in the dark, and he heard nothing but the beating of his heart in his ears. It was like thunder... red thunder. :: :: What a horrid feeling, to be broken. :: :: Without really thinking on it, he pulled out some equipment, set it up, and created a high streaming data link. It was a protected channel used for video and voice communication. It wasn't fullproof... likely someone would see his comm. line through sensors, maybe even listen in... but he didn't care, and it was powerful enough to cut through space. :: :: He hadn't talked to her in two years, but knew he needed her counsel. :: :: He needed to talk to Ka'La. :: :: As he worked, he could hear her graveled voice in his mind, screaming at him to get up, to hit harder, to ignore his broken body. She'd defeated him again and again, beating his body into a pulp while he hardly laid a finger on her. :: :: She was his savior, in another life. :: :: At a time where he thought he couldn't go on, she had appeared and beaten the will to live back into him. She'd taken a small, young human, hardly worth her time or effort, and created a weapon in him, body and mind. :: :: She'd given him purpose where he had had none before. :: :: The connection flared to life, the comm. channel slightly fuzzy at first. Then... it brightened as a reply came through. Someone had answered, and was fine tuning their end of the signal. :: :: Then... her dark face and harsh Klingon ridges appeared, her eyes stern and black as coal... then they widened at seeing his face. :: :: For a moment they said nothing. They knew, the both of them, that their contact was not one to squander with pithy how-do-you-do's. They were beyond such formalities. :: Tash: Ka'La. ::he didn't stop a tired smile at seeing her:: You look mean as ever. Ka'La: ::grinning back, showing a pair of sharp fangs:: And you look old. Have you lost weight? Tash: Likely. Ka'La: It isn't kind for you, to be so skinny. ::she paused, taking in her charge, observing him closely:: We have not spoken for some time. I have missed our battles. My new students lack your creativity. :: When he didn't respond, save a nod of acceptance at her chastising her students, she switched gears. She could see it was no social call. :: Ka'La: Do not waste my time, Tash. What is it you need of me? :: The hesitation was palpable. :: Tash: I'm in need of your counsel... much has happened, and it is nearly unbearable. Ka'La: Then speak. I will listen. :: And so it was that Tash told Ka'La about Armeni's death, being sucked out an airlock. Ka'La remembered well the rescue she had done in his Junior year of Academy, when Armeni had taken control of him, used him. She bared her fangs at the mention of the Betazoids name, and couldn't help a grin at hearing of her demise. :: :: However, her eyes darkened as he told her of his attack on T'Lea. He'd hurt and nearly killed his best friend, his crewmates. He'd lost the respect of his people on Esogunot, and nearly lost his arm for his failure. He'd lost his mind, gained it, then nearly lost it again as he fell into desperation, fell into the drugs that protected and destroyed him simultaneously. :: :: Her eyes turned especially grim at his tale of waking death, his memories of the beyond... his belief he had been so far as Stovokor, or Heaven, and how it had mostly slipped away, like a dream from ones childhood. How he had broken through his own death sleep, due to the experimental nanite treatment. How he had woke in the morgue, and the revulsion of his crew at his return from the End Place. :: Ka'La: You tell tales which are hard to believe... yet I know in my bones you would not lie of such things. I know you are not old... yet, your eyes are ancient. You have seen the Beyond and returned, as you claim... :: She fell silent, the ridges pulled close over her eyes as she contemplated. Tash continued on, wandering a bit away from his story. :: Tash: You gave me purpose once, Ka'La... but in times gone by, I'd wondered if my only purpose in life... was to *take* life. Certainly, I thought... that couldn't be all. Yet I cleave to this same path without failure. :: He paused, and she listened. :: Tash: I am split between two worlds I could dare call home... on both I am called... murderer... warrior... killer... protector... each world seeing different things in my one apparent quality. And yet, on both worlds, it returns to one thing... freak... a freak on my own world... a freak on yours. I can't even DIE properly, Ka'La! :: There was another pause as she thought on all this. :: Tash: And I feared, when you knew of my failures... you would leave me as well. Ka'La: I have never left you, and will not do so now. I found you when you were small, and built you into what you are. Tash: ::bitterly:: And that would be...? Ka'La: STRONG! You have survived where all others have not! You have come back from Stovokor herself! You cling to these pithy human details, when it is this one detail you miss! You have surpassed all I thought possible. You have become more than what you were, defeated all enemies! Save one... you. It is only you that holds you back. It is only you who continues to punish yourself for what you have become. And for what? WHY? :: Her insistent question left him silent. Why, indeed? Was he so intent on being normal that he would give up a second chance at life? His expression turned a little less bitter. :: Ka'La: Then, there is something you have forgotten. Starfleet will not tolerate this behavior for long. They will abandon you to psychologists and mediocrity. They will call you a MONSTER, and you will learn to believe them. For your own sake, you MUST find the will to move on... or you will diminish beyond my counsel. Tash: ::quietly:: Even when I've seen so much... lost everything. Ka'La: Leave death in the dust, where it belongs. All else will follow as it should. :: Silence overtook the comm. line as he attempted to take her words to heart. It was hard to believe it could be that simple. Leave it, and all else would follow. Could it possibly be so simple? :: Ka'La: The spirit of your youth. Find it, and take your pleasures where you will. It will heal you. :: When he didn't reply at once, she smirked knowingly. :: Ka'La: Or you could just get yourself laid. :: He couldn't stop the laugh as it forced its way through him, and she knew he was still there. He could still laugh at her dirty jokes, which meant there was still time. There was still light in those green eyes. :: Ka'La: You always did over-think things of that sort. You think too much, you miss your chance. Like with the Vulcan-Romulan woman. You wanted her. How long did it take you to claim her? :: His green eyes widened at the sudden change of topic, and his eyebrows furrowed a little. All he could do was shrug his shoulders and give a half smile of innocence. Black eyes took him in, then rolled as she snorted in frustration. She brought a clawed hand to her head in a harsh smack, then she stepped away from the data link. In the background he could hear her raving to herself. :: Ka'La: You NEVER did?! GHAA! Terrans drive me insane!! What's the point of all that effort if you aren't going to... GGRRRAAAAHH!!! :: She threw something from the edge of her desk, which shattered off the comm. lines view, then she returned to the comm. channel, still growling in annoyance. :: Ka'La: You've had my counsel. Now don't call me again until you've found your nuts! :: The channel was mercilessly cut, and the room darkened as the screen savaged into static. :: :: And Tash could only smile. He knew she'd set him straight. :: Tbc!
  2. ((Marine Intel Office - DS24)) ::Brikk walked into the outer section of the office. His assistant was sitting at her desk. He nodded on his way into his office. Bradford was a good assistant, he always gave Brikk time to get settled in his office before starting the daily business. Brikk walked up to the replicator.:: Wallace: Coffee, cream only. ::Brikk walked toward his desk and sat down, he smiled as he watched the door. It didn't take long for Bradford to walk in. Standing at attention he spoke.:: Case: Sir, your daily reports, Sir. Wallace: ::taking the reports from him::Thank you, Gunny...dismissed. ::Brikk watched as the Marine left his office. As he took a sip, he skipped over the Combat Readiness Reports, and Troop Deployment Reports. His day had become routine, until he spotted a familiar name among the Classified Briefs.:: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= SFMC INTEL =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= USS VENTURE REPORTS.... DANUBE CLASS RUNABOUT, USS ZEPHYR DISCOVERED ABANDONED. COMPUTER LOGS LIST LAST CREW AS THE FOLLOWING: MAJOR HEATH WEST, BATTALION XO - USS CHALLENGER 2ND LT ROGER GRAM, COMPANY COMMANDER - DS24 CAPTAIN B'TAL, PILOT - DS24 SEARCH OF THE AREA HAS REVEALED NO NEW INFORMATION. OFFICERS ARE LISTED MIA... SENDING COPIES ALL INTEL OFFICES... =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= END REPORT =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= ::Brikk read the words and jumped to his feet, his first thoughts were to tell the Colonel. He prepared a TOP SECRET copy of the report. Clearing the report for the Colonel, he sat down and took a breath. His second thought was Heath's fiance, Toni. She deserved to know as well, but he did not want to be as informal as to send her a copy. He did make her a copy, but chose to deliver it personally. Standing up, he brushed off his uniform, taking a moment to make sure every medal was straight. He walked out to his outer office and looked at Bradford.:: Wallace: ::handing him deMarc's copy:: Deliver this to the Colonel, ASAP...I don't know where he is...but find him. Case: Aye, Sir. ::Brikk walked out of the office. Heading down the corridor he looked at his padd. He was checking for Toni's quarters. Upon finding them he stood in front of her door for a second. He took a deep breath, this was not a fun part of his job. He slowly pressed his finger to the chime.:: (( Turner's Quarters - DS24)) :: Exhausted from the mission, Toni was grateful that Ensign Dolard had taken Vee to the amusement center for the afternoon. It had given her time to enjoy the luxury of a nice hot bath, and the time to relax in the peaceful quiet of her suite. The only thing that would have made it more perfect would be for Heath to be home so they could share some quality time enjoying the intimacy of their love. They had not been together since before the Borg attack over two months ago, and had not had the benefit of a honeymoon either. She lay on the couch longing for him when the door chimed.:: ::Hoping it was him coming home, she ran to the door and opened it ready to fling her arms around him in a lover's embrace, but the smile of the anticipation faded quickly in a disappointed blush.:: Turner: Um... Lt. Wallace. Um... how are you? Wallace: ::slight smile, as he looked down:: I am fine, Ma'am, thank you. Turner: ::Stepping back:: Where's my manners. Please... come in. ::moving into the living area, smiling:: Heath's not home, but please have a seat. Would you care for something to drink? Wallace: ::with worry in his eyes::I was not looking for the Major, Ma'am...I was looking for you. Turner: ::sitting down:: Don't tell me Heath has been called out on another mission, when he hasn't even returned from the one he is on now. Wallace: Commander Turner...Major West was on recon mission, near the Neutral Zone. Turner: Yes, I understand he was called for some kind of mission while I was away. When will he be back? Wallace: Anyway...a starship patrolling the area found the Major's runabout...with nobody on board. Turner: ::shaking her head negatively:: There must be some mistake. He'll be back. Wallace: ::seeing the tears build in her eyes:: There has been a search of the area...::sighs:: Toni, they got nothing, no clue as to what happened to them. ::Toni was hearing what Wallace was saying, but she couldn't believe it. Not Heath.. He couldn't be missing in action.:: Turner: ::placing her hands over her ears:: Stop it! I don't believe you. ::tears welling in her eyes:: I don't want to hear it. He wouldn't leave me... not now... we just started a life together. Wallace: Losing a fiance can be hard. ::Resting her elbows on her knees, she pyramided her hands over her mouth and nose.:: Turner: No, it's more than that. We were married two months ago. He wouldn't let anything prevent him from coming home to me, or our daughter. There has to be a mistake.::trembling, but trying to hold herself together, trying to look at it logically.:: Are they still looking for him? Wallace: Starfleet Command has called off the search, and has listed them MIA. Turner: ::standing:: They can't do that! He's out there somewhere. If they won't continue to look, then I'll go look for him myself. Wallace: ::moving himself between her and the door:: Toni, that's just crazy, will you stop for a minute ::moving as she moved to stay in front of her:: Turner: ::moving toward him:: No, I'm going and no one is going to stop me. Wallace: ::reaching out he grabbed her wrist:: Toni...they have searched...six starships, their shuttlecraft, sensor sweeps...they have tried everything...he is nowhere to be found. ::Trying to break her wrists free from his grip, she found it useless. Falling to her knees she sat back on her feet, giving in to despair. Looking up at Wallace, tears running down the side of her face, quietly sobbing.:: Turner: Don't you understand? I love him and he loves me. He promised he would never leave me, and I know he wouldn't leave our daughter. ::Agonizing, she pleaded:: Please... tell me you're lying. Tell me he's alright and on the way home. ::Brikk knelt down. He could see the pain in her eyes. He knew they were engaged, but there was no record he found of them ever being married. Either way he was gone, and she was a wreck.:: Wallace: Toni, I won't tell you what you want to hear. I'm sorry, at this point..Major West is gone. ::Toni never felt so alone or decimated than she did at that moment. She realized that the Marines had done everything possible to find Heath and his crew in the weeks since their disappearance, but she had to hang on to what she believe in her heart to be true. If there was anyway possible for Heath to get back, he would find it, and she was not giving up that hope. . . yet she cried bitterly. The thought of losing Heath was ripping out her heart and soul. Wallace: Toni, I will continue to monitor the situation. If you need anything...anything at all, stop by my office. ::Toni nodded, staring at him blankly. Her life was in shambles and she didn't know if she could go on living it without Heath, nor did she think she wanted to, but then she thought of Vee, and knew she had to go on for her. Wallace: ::backing up until he reached the door:: Good afternoon, Commander. ::Brikk walked out of her quarters. He thought of the most challenging task there would be. Toni breaking the news to her daughter. Brikk had delivered bad news before. This case hit close to home, there they were young and new, starting a life. Then the next minute, poof, it is gone. It reminded Brikk that he was getting older, he wanted a family, and to see one get crushed it made his heart ache.:: LtCmdr Toni Turner-West 2nd Officer - COO USS Challenger, NCC-12886 and 1st Lt Brikk Wallace SFMC Intel Officer USS Challenger, NCC-12886 Simed by LtCmdr Andrus Jaxx
  3. Susan Banks is unable to submit a sim for the top sims contest, therefore Julia Harden is doing her bidding.
  4. (( Main Engineering – USS Indria-A )) :: The ship was abuzz with activity. Nathan was monitoring the situation from his office and was hoping all his staff was ready for whatever happened with the Darians. So far this mission, the First Contacts had been a little rough… but no shots had been fired yet and the Captain seemed to have everything under control. :: :: Both Beta and Gamma shifts were on duty now, hoping for the best of the situation but preparing for the worst. All the team leaders had reported in and now, with baited breath, the Chief Engineer just waited for something to happen. :: oO In the middle of a Class 11 nebula, being trailed by a race of robots, confronting a species we know little about, and we’ve got our proverbial pants around our ankles… just another day in Starfleet. Oo :: Nathan, with his still out-of-place nose, smiled to himself at the thought. “To boldly go where no one has gone before” was certainly appropriate this day. :: :: As the engineers walked about checking and re-checking all the systems, the Chief was pleased with how the crew had composed themselves since the incident with the Caronians. Even though they were still monitoring the engine room from the entrance, nobody had done anything stupid to provoke them. They still had the capacity to breach the core with their weapons… unless Nathan could react quickly enough to erect a containment field, which he had ready to go just in case something DID happen to go wrong. :: Cowell: Excuse me, sir? :: Nathan turned to his left as Petty Officer Cowell spoke. The Chief noticed his Australian drawl right away. :: Baker: What do you have for me? Cowell: The computer is reporting a small drop in pressure from the main impulse driver coil manifold. I’ve checked it several times and it seems within nominal tolerance, but the computer is still reading a problem. Baker: Hmm, could be a problem with the manifold sensors or the command coordinator from the computer itself. We don’t have time to track it down right now. Go ahead and override the computer’s report and we’ll figure it out later. And, just in case, switch to the secondary manifold. Cowell: Aye sir. :: This was no time to track down a computer glitch, there were bigger fish to fry. But Nathan couldn’t help remember something… :: (( Flashback: SS Fredricks – Jupiter Station Docking Port )) :: The old freighter had seen quite a few better days. At least it still ran well for the most part. Yet, it wasn’t too surprising if paint was seen chipping from off the corridor walls, or there were some drips from the archaic cooling system. That’s what happens when a 75 old Victoria class freighter misses a few overhauls. However, Captain Ray Baker still took the ship everywhere across the quadrant. :: :: Fredrick, or “Freddy” as the crew called her, hadn’t run a full load of freight for about ten years. Nowadays, she was a courier for smaller, low priority loads like cheap wine, flatware, or the occasional food stuffs to Alpha Centauri or maybe Tellar if they were lucky to get the contract and the cargo was right. :: (( Engine Room )) :: Under one of the rusting bulkheads, a pair of legs wearing grey pants and half a torso stuck out. Lights were flashing from inside where the man was working… and the occasional swear word came could be heard as well. From across the room, the main doors to the bay opened and a lady in her late 40’s appeared in faded beige coveralls. She was short with brown hair tied up in a bun and blue eyes that looked a little confused. She walked over to the pair of legs, looked down, sighed, and squatted down off to the right side of the legs. :: Woman: You know, your Father will probably kill you if you mess anything up in there. :: A familiar voice echoed from under the bulkhead as sparks and lights flew out. :: Man: He’s not going to kill me Mom! As a matter of fact, he’ll thank me! Linda Baker: Oh? And why is that? :: The sparks stopped and an 18 year old Nathan Baker popped out from his work space. He wore a filthy white t-shirt and had the top-part of his coveralls tied around his waist. His face was covered in a mix of sweat and grime, but he had a big smile on his face. :: Nathan: Because I’ve finally fixed the main impulse drive manifold! :: The two of them stood up and Nathan wiped his brow. He walked over the main systems console followed closely by his mother… who was about a foot and-a-half shorter than him. :: Linda: Just because you’ve gotten into Starfleet Academy doesn’t mean you have the know-how to fix your Father’s ship. Besides that manifold hasn't worked for at least 4 years... your Father is conviced it has a Gremlin in it. :: Nathan locked eyes with his Mother. He had a [...]y look in his eye and a pesky little grin on his face. :: Nathan: Oh ye of little faith. Just watch and be amazed... :: A few controls activated and the main impulse drive came to life. The read-outs showed good flow to the reactors. Nathan's grin got even bigger. Linda, shocked at how well things seemed to be going, smiled and patted her son on the back. :: Linda: Well, I might have to take that back. Everything looks… :: BANG! A flash came from the bulkhead where Nathan had been working and the engine room was quickly bathed in darkness. About a second later, emergency lights came on showed smoke rising through the chamber. A klaxon began blaring and the two looked at each other again. Nathan’s look of confidence now replaced with disappointment. :: Linda: You had better be ready with a good explanation, kid. :: Nathan then realized he’d have to explain this to his father… and the look of disappointment turned to dread. The doors opened in front of the two behind the console. Standing there with fists clinched in rage and biting his lower lip… Nathan’s Father. :: Nathan: Um… (Nathan’s eyes batted around as he tried to think of something to say…) SURPRISE!? :: With one step, the angered man walked into the bay and the doors shut behind him. Nathan closed his eyes and tried to go to his "happy place." :: (( Flash Forward: Main Engineering – USS Indria-A )) :: The Chief was still waiting for word from the Bridge. Still no shooting from either side… but Nathan knew that could change in a millisecond. :: TBC --------- Lt.(jg) Nathan Baker Chief Engineering Officer USS Indria-A
  5. ((USS Indria-A)) :: Jacen was reading more reports when he noticed the nebula on the screen. He was getting up to tell Cura, but then turned to see her walk out.:: Assanti: Lt. Cmdr Fanel, what is our ETA to the Azure Nebula? I was looking out of my viewer and saw the edges of it. Fanel: We'll be there in a few minutes. I was going to tell you, but you're here, so no need. Assanti: ::Taking her seat as Fanel too the FO's chair.:: Alright Lt. Cmdr Fanel, call Lt. Alexander, Ensign Reven, Lt. Banks to the bridge and have them take their stations. Fanel: =/\= Attention, will Lt. Alexander, Lt. Banks, and Ensign Reven report to the bridge. =/\= ::Cura waited as Fanel called those officers to the bridge. Not more than a ten minutes later, those officers arrived on deck.:: Assanti: Mr. Reven, time to show me your stuff. Reduce speed to Full Impulse. Ms. Alexander, reroute all power from non-essential decks to our sensor array and shielding. Lt. Cmdr Fanel, I think now would be a good time to give Lt. Alexander the codes to broadcast over our communications as we enter the Nebula. Fanel: Yes, ma'am. ::Jacen handed Alexander her a padd with the codes after he cleared it for her to read.:: Alexander : response Assanti: Before we go any further, Lt. Alexander, open interior communications to all decks. Alexander: response Assanti: ::clearing her throat.:: =/\= Your attention, please. This is the Captain. Normally, we'd be holding a memorial services for Lt. Cmdr Tash Zubowskivich, who was shot down by enemy fire aboard this ship. Believe me, if time permitted us, we'd be doing just that. Yet, for the moment, I would like to offer a few moments of silence. Then, I will say a few words and then we will get on with the business of completing this mission. ::Jacen looked at her and wondered a bit. It has been hard and he thought it would be good to get it off her chest.:: ::Cura paused, closing her eyes to calm herself. She waited a long moment or two and then she spoke again.:: Assanti: =/\=Lt. Cmdr Tash Zubowskivich, when I met him some two years ago about Starbase 118, was a vibrant, young, dedicated and enthusiastic officer, always willing to give you 110 percent of himself. When I met him he was not an officer under my command, but a colleague. When I needed assistance, he was there. Ever since that day, he came back into my life as a Chief of Security under my command. He hadn't changed one bit but he had grown wiser and more cautious. He took initiative to just jump in and do things, without being told and made our crew work like a well oiled machine. He was the best securiy officer I've known, who was dedicated and serious about his job. And that job took his life as he died in the line of his duty, taking a shot meant for another. ::sighing:: It is after all the job of secuity to always be willing to step into harms way to save a life of someone more important. Yet, let us not forget that he was important too. We are now moving into the Azure Nebula. Most ships that have venture on this path, haven't returned. We have new information from our scientists that the Darian are more than capable and prepared to meet any threat that enters this sector. We shall press on not just because we have a mission to complete. but because it was not just Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich who has paid the ultimamte sacrific. Countless others have died on this voyage. We will complete this mission for their sakes...so their dying will not be in vain! Let us all carry a torch into this good night with nothing but victory on our hearts and minds. It is possible that we will make contact with the Darians. If we do, it is our duty to carry the message of peace and a warning of possible invasion by the rogue Romulan Commander Sian and other races. It is our mission not just to establish contact with the Darians again, but to try and protect their way of life. Minus as Second Officer and with our FO recovering in Sick Bay, Lt. Cmdr Jacen Fanel is Acting First Officer and Lt. Cmdr. Susan Banks is acting Second Officer. Until replacements for their positions are found, they will be doubling up on their old positions. Keep your hearts stong and your minds focused. It is what Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich would have insisted on. Carry on, Captain Assanti out =/\= ::Jacen didn't say anything and let the silence take hold before looking at Cura to nod at her.:: ::Sighing, Cura turned to glance at Fanel. She nodded and returned her gaze to the viewer.:: :: Then, Ensign Jo'Kor turned, her loud voice barking out in the silence that lingured after Cura had spoken.:: Saja: Captain! Unidentified contact appraching our location. Heading is erradic as there appears to be an astroid belt not far off as you enter the Nebula. But it's a small....looks like a fighter aircraft, Captain. Assanti: Begin transmitting that code over all freuencies. Track that ship, Saja. If it comes closer without altering course, harness it with the tractor beam! Saja: Aye, Captain, tracking the unidentified ship! Assanti: Put that on screen. I want to see if we can see it. :; On the large view screen, the hazy baby blue and misty clouds of the Azure Nebula engulfed the Indria as it moved through the edges of it.:: Assanti: Magnify :: Blining the viewer zoomed in more. Yet all that could be seen for the moment was the flashing of the electro-mangnetic flashes and the blue mist in the dark chasms. Then, as the Indria advanced, the edge of the astroid belt could be seen now.:: Assanti: ::rising from her seat with wide eyes.:: All Stop!! ::looking at the astroid field, Cura saw the lone ship approaching. :: Engage tractor beam! Are we hailing that ship? Alexander/ Reven: response Assanti: When we get that ship on board, Lt. Cmdr Fanel, send Lt. Wentworth and his security teams to the shuttle bay! Fanel: =/\= Wentworth, take a team to shuttlebay 1. We are going to have a guest. Exercise caution. =/\= ::While Jacen contacted Wentworth, Cura pressed on.::: Assanti: Keep your ears peeled, Lt. Alexander. Any response, we must answer it. Lieutenant Commander Jacen Fanel Chief Tactical Officer/Acting First Officer USS Indria-A
  6. ((SB 118, Event Horizon)) ::Tanang jumped up as the alarams rang out. oOFinally! Excitement.Oo He began to move around the room, stopping briefly as the lights went out and starting again out into the Promenade once they lit up again. :: Sharee: Ensign, we have to get this crowd under control. Tanang: ::looking toward the woman who had been promoted earlier with a nod:: Sharee: Public safety comes first. ::looks at his size compared to hers:: I tell you what, you herd, I talk. Tanang: ::with his unique smile:: Where shall we pin them in? Sharee: Well....we put them in the biggest establishments. Starting with the Event Horizon, it's the biggest around here. ::Delinda found a decorative wall and climbed up on top of it. The noise in the gargantuan promenade was deafening, she wasn't sure how she was going to pull this one off.:: Sharee: ::shouting:: Ladies and Gentleman!!! ::Delinda doubted anyone heard her. She could hardly hear herself.:: Sharee: ::shouting:: Ladies and Gentleman!!! If I could have your attention!!! ::Nothing changed. Chaos still reigned.:: Tanang: Is that your loudest volume? Sharee: That's all the volume I have without a comm system. You want to try and get their attention? Tanang: I think I can manage. ::Tanang helps her down from the wall moving next to it himself. He looked at the crowd for a moment thinking his options out. After that breif bit of thought he slammed his hand into the hollow decroative wall and raised his voice to its highest level, an odd mixture of barking and booming.:: EVERYONE STOP WHERE YOU ARE NOW!! COME HERE FOR INSTRUCTION!! ::Suprising himself with the large bit of success he got he turned to Delinda with a nod:: I believe this group is ready for your message, Commander. Delinda: Tanang: ::nodded to her breifly as he helped her back up onto a chair where she could speak to the group:: You deal with these and I will bring another group to you, alright? Delinda: ::Tanang moved away as she started her announcements moving out into the Promenade greater and began to herd more people into her generally area. After three more trips he had the Promenade cleared and caught back up to Delinda as she led the final group to their new waiting area.:: Tanang: Well that went quicker then I assumed. Which direction should we head in now? Tag Delinda -------------------- Ensign Tanang HCO SB 118
  7. Edit: I had the title and author mixed. Hopefully it's correct now. Ensign Jansen Orrey, science officer, and I agreed this post should be nominated. He isn't able to start a topic yet.
  8. ((SB 118, Event Horizon)) ((Slight backsim, just before Captain Rocar's speech)) Sharee: Yes. I am excited about the chance to play. Even if the audience is a bit captive. ::smiles:: And I promise I am at least good enough to keep peoples' ears from bleeding. ::Cyrus smiled at Sharee's light hearted joke, pleasant company seemed only too easy to find on the station:: Webb: I'll look forward to it. ::Unconsciously Delinda pulls a few strands of hair across the left side of her face.:: Sharee: So will you be performing for us tonight? Webb: Im not sure If I really have a talent. Sharee: It would make this gathering more successful if everyone participated. Webb: Yes your right of course, I'm not going to argue with you there, I'm just not sure if any of my talents are suitable for this sort of evening, ill see how things pan out...... Webb: << My talents are not so entertaining >> Sharee: ::confused:: How? Rocar: If I could have your attention for a moment please… Cyrus: ::whispering:: Oh, the old man is off again, I wonder which speech he is going to give us Sharee: ::also whispering:: The old man? Cyrus:: smiling slyly:: Rocar and I go back along way, perhaps my talent should be telling stories Sharee: I have a feeling that could be very interesting. Cyrus: Well I'm not sure if this is the right environment, maybe later when there is not so many people around ill tell you some of his secrets Sharee: Promise? ::Unfortunately Rocar was getting into his speech now. The conversation between Delinda and Cyrus came to a quiet end, as they listened to what the Captain had to say.:: ((End Flashback)) Jansen: Well lets see here, they probably have enjoyment and celebrating to do so lets allow them to get their torture over quickly. How about we have our new commanders go first. Delinda, why don't you start us off and then Geeva can follow you. ::Surprised to be leading off the talents, Delinda picked up her flute and headed towards the stage. The applause was polite, it carried the undertone of people dreading a poor performance by a deluded musician. At least that is what it sounded like to Delinda..:: Sharee: Thank you Jansen, for the kind introduction. Tonight I will be doing Claude Debussy's Syrinx. In classic Earth mythology the Syrinx was a nymph follower of Artemis, known for her chastity. But Pan fell in love with her, and pursued her where ever she went. Desperate to escape Pan, she sought help from the river nymphs. As an answer, they turned her into hollow reeds, that made a mournful sound as Pan blow out a frustrated breath across them. Pan then cut the reeds and tied them into the first pan pipes. This piece by Debussy is meant to evoke Pan's sadness of losing his love. This piece is particular connected to the flute as it was the first written for an unaccompanied flute in the 20th century. ::smiling brightly:: It is also a favorite of mine. ::After two slow, calming breathes, Delinda raises the flute into position. A touch unorthodox Delinda's flute is off to the left, rather then the right, as she finds it easier to play her overhand with her dominant hand. With one more breath Delinda begins with a long clear tone, followed by a trilling descent into a lower register. Slowly the story of Pan's pursuit plays out on the tones from the flute. Long tones signifying Pan's approach, followed by the light trilling evasion of Syrinx. The game begins lightly, and almost playful. But soon Pan's pursuit becomes more determined and Syrinx's evasion more reckless. Syrinx's arrival at the river is signaled by a bubbling section eluding to the running water of the river. Once more the long tones signal the approach of Pan, building sharply as he looks for his love. A mournful tone signals his frustrated breath on the reeds. Slowly the mournful tone turns to a mournful song as Pan fashions his instrument and begins to play.:: ::As Delinda played she could see a few people getting into the piece as she played, and a few politely waiting for her to finish. The performance was going about how she expected. She was well aware not everyone was as big a fan of the flute, or mythology, as she was. But she found her gaze kept coming back to her table companion. It looked to her as if he was one of the people enjoying the piece. But with the gruff exterior of a Security Officer worn like a suit, it was a difficult to read his feelings by body language. It was funny to think. Delinda had just met the man, but for some reason she hoped he was enjoying her performance.:: ::Looking away from Cyrus, Delinda refocused on the ending of the piece. Suffice to say Delinda was a bit surprised when she heard another instrument joining her. It almost sounded like a Terran fiddle, but different in a way she couldn't put her finger on. It took a moment to find who was joining her. Out in the crowd of the senior staff, Kalpana had taken up her sving-meh and had fallen in with an interesting interpretation to accompany the flute. Soon Kalpana had risen and joined Delinda on the stage. Gradually Delinda let the piece wonder away from Debussy's work, only using it as a touch stone to frame the impromptu improvisation. The tenor of the music grew lighter and less mournful, the Terran and the Iridian getting playful with the interplay of the unlikely dueting instruments.:: Tag Bryan ((OOC: Excellent idea Bryan. Feel free to take the duet where you want. When you want Kalapana to get to her solo Delinda can fade out, and take her seat. And thank you Jansen for letting us change your shows format just a touch.)) Lt Cmndr Delinda Sharee Counselor Starbase 118 Ops
  9. This is one of the very best posts I've ever read... between a CO and a Lt(jg), no less. I'm very surprised no one nominated it before I got the chance. While it wasn't a JP, this post makes it seem so. Excellent going, guys!!
  10. OCC: I'm having a blast with this, Ramirez was able to get Rocar to raise his voice! Now I know I'm simming good ol' Ram again lol ((Starbase 118 - Rocar's office)) Rocar: Oh I think that would be a little tough on lad, Lieutenant. Come now Pedro, you've been reprimanded enough times to know it's not very nice when your department head starts acting like a tyrant. Ramirez: I'm not saying that to get him demoted, but it's either me kicking his literal butt so he learns, or have him out of my sight for a while. There's enough stuff going on in the labs that I need to take care of and organize, I don't need a so-called scientific prodigy messing around not doing his job because he doesn't feel like it. Rocar: Very well.... if that's what you want.... :: The Ktarian picked up a blank padd and typed a few things into it before handing the Chief Science Officer.:: Rocar: As of now I'm assigning Mister Orrey his own private science lab to use how he sees fit. That should keep him out of your sight for a while. Ramirez: Is that a joke? Rocar: You proposed the two options Lieutenant... allow you to kick Orrey's butt or keeping Orrey out of your sight -I'm keeping him out of your sight and you'll be doing no "butt kicking" as you so poetically put it. ::Rocar continued without giving the Chief Science officer a chance to complain.:: Rocar: Now... moving swiftly on. tonight's social is actually important for the new crew to get to know one another and make friends. I suggest you move quickly to find a way to work with Ensign Orrey and make friends with him. The pair of you are both here because I want Starbase 118's Science department to be known throughout the fleet as being strong... not because I want to police you an Orrey through a civil war. An open mic night sounds right up your street so why not offer to lend a hand rather than complaining. Ramirez: Well, I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to do my job. And I wouldn't be "complaining" if the guy had done his job before going out to plan a party. Rocar: (calmly) Right... well, now before you leave, since we were on the topic of butt-kicking... I'm very glad that you mentioned Mister Orrey's neglection of duty in favour of organising a social event when you, his superior, specifically asked him to analyze some toxic waste as part of an investigation. An investigation I personally considered to be very important no less. Ramirez: My point exactly. ::Rocar stood up and started to pace behind his desk.:: Rocar: Well you see, Lieutenant, usually I'm far too busy to really pay much attention to the Starbase's communication systems. But as chance would have it we've been having a little trouble with an external signal drowning out several of the subpace array's channels today. Its not a serious problem but enough to raise concern. So, I just so happened to be focussing some of my time taking a very close look at the COM systems earlier... including a close look at what internal communications were taking place albeit only in specific parts of the Starbase. ::The tall Ktarian stopped pacing and paused as he locked his catlike eyes on his Chief Science Officer. There was no anger in his sharp stare, simply a look of extreme disappointment. Ramirez didn't hesitate to lock sight with his boss.:: Rocar: You can no doubt imagine my surprise when I, one Lieutenant Ramirez's superior officer, asked Lieutenant Ramirez to undertake an important investigation but then, whilst said important investigation was taking place heard a gentleman known as "the Ram" broadcasting over the airwaves. ::The Captain lent on his desk and stared firmly at his Chief Science Officer:: Rocar: "The Ram's Voice" sounds remarkably like yours Lieutenant and I believe I've given you a formal warning about this kind of stunt last time you were assigned here. Ramirez: Last time I checked, you authorized me to broadcast that show after the initial illegal hijacking of the internal comm system... Rocar: (The Captain's voice was deadly serious, almost verging on angry...but not quite) Its not your radio show I object to Mister Ramirez, its not even your hijacking of the internal com. although I'd prefer you did not do that in such a blasé manor. What I'd like to know, Pedro, is at what point you and Mister Webb thought it would be a clever idea to blurt out details about your investigation around the station. Aside from potentially causing the civilian population to panic did it not enter the pair of you's thick skulls that whoever is responsible for the waste and for the attack on Lieutenant Geeva now knows that you and Webb know about it and are after them? Ramirez: That was the point. We don't have a clue, trails so far are leading nowhere, we figured we'd rock the boat and see what would come out of it. We wanted to make people nervous because when people are nervous, they do stupid things. And you know as well as anybody that rumors spread like butter on hot bread around here, so as far as I know everybody knew about the toxic dump. And for the record, nothing was mentioned about Geeva's attack precisely because both cases are handled individually until proven they're linked somehow. Rocar: If you blurt out classified information about an investigation or a mission again then I will personally see the pair of you straight into a court martial. I've placed a lot of trust in you and cut you a lot of slack where others would not -don't start to abuse that Ramirez. Similar to your problem with Mister Orrey -you're the one that's lucky I don't just demote your sorry butt right back down to Ensign today, Mister. Is that understood? Ramirez: Been there, done that... ::Rocar's gaze remained fixed on him, The Ram keeping up with the Captain's stare.:: Rocar: You were up for promotion to Lieutenant... that's now on hold and you'll remain at Junior grade until you can prove to me you're taking your duties seriously. We'll review that after the next mission. Until then don't you ever dare complain to me about another officer neglecting their assigned duties when you have the nerve to ignore an assignment that I give to you in favour of clowning about in front of the entire Starbase. Do I make myself crystal clear? Ramirez: For the record, I wasn't neglecting my duties, I was contributing to an ongoing investigation on the request of Lieutenant Webb. I just did things the way I know how to do them. Having said that, Webb didn't participate in the broadcast. I was the one imitating his voice, so don't hold it against him. If you want to charge me with impersonating a superior officer, be my guest, at this point I'm pretty much screwed anyways. Rocar: This conversation is over for now Junior Lieutenant. Dismissed. :: Ramirez walked out of the room, steaming even more than when he got in. All he'd been doing was his job and all Rocar could tell him was to take his job seriously??? What the hell??? If there was ever one good thing people could say about him was that he always did his frickin' job and then some!! How could that overgrown freakshow of a Captain even remotely think that about him??? All those time he went through hell to save people's butts?? All the risks he took to get a mission to completion??? None of that mattered anymore??? He had just gotten on the station, got to work right away, not even time to settle in, taking no breaks whatsoever from the job, working two cases at once... And he wasn't taking his job seriously??? Well they could all go to hell for all he cared! This is the thanks he gets for doing his frickin' best? Might as well do nothing, then they'd have a good reason to be whining... And apparently, doing nothing got people their own labs nowadays! Maybe he should really just sit around and do nothing, that way he'd probably get more priviledges too! Hell, he'd probably get promoted to Admiral soon enough if he stayed as immobile as possible... :: :: He got in the turbolift, but he didn't have a clue about where to go... And then he remembered Geeva asking to meet her in her office... At least there might be one person on this frickin' station who'd appreciate all the efforts he was making... Then again, he remembered Geeva as being kind of the Ice-Queen with no sense of humor whatsoever, but maybe she'd still recon the work he was doing... With that in mind, he headed towards her office... :: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lieutenant J.G. Pedro Alonzo Sanchez Ramirez Chief Science Officer Starbase 118 OPS
  11. You beat me to it, Delinda. This was one of Tash's best.
  12. ((Promenade;Starbase 118)) oOSomewhere out there is home...Oo ::Standing by one of the Promenade's panoramic windows, Della let her gaze roam over the stars displayed before her. As with many others, she had traveled a long road to get here, and she could still feel a slight buzz from her Academy graduation.:: ::With a start, she realized the her fingers had slipped up to touch the brand-new rank pip at her collar, and her mouth twisted into a slight grin as she pulled the hand back down again.:: oOGet a grip, Della. No-one's going to be impressed with a nervous Counselor.Oo ::Turning away from the window, Della found herself struck once again by just how huge this station was, and how big a job she'd let herself in for. People of all species roamed freely, going about their business in numbers that she'd never seen before except on a planet's surface. At that point, a soft chime came from the padd casually held in her hand, reminding her that she had business of her own.:: ::Heading for the nearest turbolift, she began idly planning where in her new quarters the various knick-knacks she'd brought along could go, then shook her head ruefully as she recognized that for the avoidance behavior it was. Allowing a young Bolian couple to step out, she entered the lift, and took a quick steadying breath.:: Vetri: Deck 6. ::The turbolift acknowledged the command and began moving, the doors opening a short while later onto the Hub. A couple of officers glanced over at her from their duty stations, and she gave a friendly nod to them as she began walking toward the Captain's office. Coming to a halt at her destination, she felt the nervousness making a comeback:: Vetri: Show time... ::she whispered to herself as she hit touched the panel to announce herself:: TAG. ((OOC -Anyone wanna chime in at any point of this, feel free (smiley) )) Ensign Della Vetri Counsellor Starbase 118 Ops
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