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  1. (( Intelligence Liaison Office, Starbase 118 )) ::The welcoming feast was over at long last and the boisterous Klingons that had been in attendance were now preparing for their operatic performance later on in the night. Quinn had taken the opportunity to retreat to her office for a short while, at least. She needed the time to reorganise her thoughts after the whirlwind of upsets, surprise ceremonies and unexpected awards. ::The first thing she set eyes on as she stepped inside was the small greenhouse perched on a podium toward the back of the office. Unable to bring herself to get rid of
  2. Everything looks correct to me as well.
  3. ( OOC - I'm sure you'll all assume anyway, but none of the PCs mentioned here are anything but dream-forms, and their dialogue should not be taken as indicative of their true player's motives. ) ( Dreams ) A small transporter room, a smirking man behind the console, she knows Sam Koveski, but younger, with shorter hair, a smile that hasn't seen what he's seen now. She knows she's younger, too, feels her collar, one solid pip, one hollow. Ventu: Bring her aboard. Koveski: Who? Ventu: My mother. Koveski: Your mother-? But he taps the controls anyway, even as she looks over, asking, why, why not,
  4. ((Kyros' Quarters)) ::Having been shown how to use the computer -- just talking to it and telling it what he wanted, which seemed stupidly easy once he knew how it worked -- Kyros found himself a little better at navigating the halls. They'd worked out where his quarters were, and it was to them that he went, to get out of his traveling clothes and into something more formal for the occasion. He decided to stick with chain mail rather than plate, but took his dress suit of it; polished, bright, and relatively silent while he moved; his traveling chain had a tendency to jingle that wasn't optim
  5. (( Science Lab Theta-47-D, Starbase 118 )) RAMIREZ: I'll hold you up to that. And talking about Klingon escapade ::he grabbed the box with his award and walked towards the exit:: we'd better go and get ready. If we want to be plausible as eager fans, we'll have to get there early. I'll pick you up at your place in precisely 47 minutes. REYNOLDS: Pick me... ::She blinked and shook her head.:: Come again? RAMIREZ: What? You don't actually expect us to meet there, right? If we're going to the Opera together, I wouldn't be much of a gentleman if I didn't escort you there myself! ::he walked off, s
  6. For The Children This story was one of the standouts of the bunch. Your characters were well established from the very start of the story. I cared deeply for Carte and Amy and when they ended up on opposite sides of the conflict it tore at my heart to see their pain. But Carte’s motivations just were not clear enough. His sincerity was clear, but like Amy I could not understand why he was doing what he was doing. Without understanding Carte’s motivation I could not understand his sacrifice. Otherwise this was a sound, gripping, and emotional story. If you keep writing on this level, I p
  7. Just finished reading the last of the entries (got a little to busy to read them all for a while). An impressive number this time around, especially considering the shorter timespan on the round. I enjoyed reading everyone's stories. It is interesting to see everyone's take on the the topic. The writing challenge always proves to me what a truly talented group of writers we have here.
  8. ((Starbase 118 - Command Hub)) ::Had Kalpana heard Pedro's insubordinate comments at this juncture in her life, she probably would have leapt upon the opportunity provided by such an irritant and killed him. Given her exobrace and his weakened condition, she probably would have been successful, too. ::All told, it is probably for the best (if far less satisfying) that she remained in her little niche off somewhere behind the Environmental consoles, salted tears rolling freely down her cheeks. Part of her mind was aware of how horribly she was throwing her body out of whack. She was not t
  9. Dawn Breaking the Night The bridge of the USS Virginia was a mess. Many of the consoles had exploded, throwing the officers manning them about the bridge. The moans of the wounded made up an eerie white noise of pain. But the view screen showed the real carnage of the day, the Jem Hadar warship that had ambushed the convoy the Virginia was tasked to protect was little more then a debris field. There were no cheers of excitement as the crew won out the day. Instead there was only silent relief as the USS Virginia and the majority of her crew survived another day on the front lines of the
  10. I think that would be a fitting honor for Tanang. I only had the opportunity to sim with him briefly, but I am glad for having had the chance to write with him.
  11. "Klingon Herder" was written by Ensign Tanang.
  12. ((SB 118, Event Horizon)) Wysteria: Is there a nurse here? I've got an injured chef who needs sending to! ::The call came from out of nowhere. Lisa almost bit her lip in surprise. It had settled down and been very quiet for 15 or so minutes. She'd gotten herself into a routine mending, injecting, wrapping... then the yell from behind her.:: Story: Be right there! ::Kennedy noticed that there remained still a few of the starfleet personnel, mostly those who seemed to be in medical, as well as others who had come out for the event. As for her own staff, they were managing under the circum
  13. Superb. This was one of the most moving sims I have ever had the pleasure to read.
  14. (( Executive Officer's Office, USS Tiger )) :: The door to her office split apart, and Lily took in the carnage that lay within. She knew what had happened, in the essentials - she knew that the bridge group had fled from the Reapers down to her office, where they'd held it before storming back onto the bridge. The ship hadn't been taken and the Reapers were gone, and while she didn't blame Sidney or her group for the shambles of her office, she did nudge her overturned aloe with her foot and feel a flash of annoyance. The holo-cube had been turned on its side, and so the walls of the office w
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