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  1. Thank you Evanna. :)

  2. We'll be glad to have you in the fleet, Saveron. I dig your enthusiasm. You'll make a fine officer...
  3. Hey, that's not a bad idea...perhaps I'll do that.
  4. Thank you for creating the banner! It looks awesome!
  5. Wow! I didn't expect to win this one! There were some great stories...especially Ehlanii's! Speaking of which, thanks for the congrats Ehlanii...right back 'atcha for some nice work.
  6. I'm afraid I don't know how. I'm not very technologically adept.
  7. So, I tried to post my new story...but I couldn't figure out the Horizontal arrow/WiP icon thing. Can anyone give me a hand? As of now, my story is posted under the thread "broken".
  8. Okay. So this work is complete, and I do wish to submit it...however, I cannot figure out the "horizontal arrow post icon" or the "WiP" icon. Can anyone tell me how to do this? At least I was able to start a thread this time.
  9. (Low orbit above the planet Frav’Av) ::The shuttle rattled as EPS conduits and console panels sparked and exploded. The [...]pit filled with steam from a ruptured bulkhead as the flashing red lights from the warning system illuminated the cloudy atmosphere of the small craft.:: Lieutenant Loren Christie: What the hell just hit us?!!!! Ensign Coreen Gurgel: I don’t know how it got through, but it appears to have been some kind of cloaked missile. That blast was created by…a plutonium based projectile. I…I don’t believe it. I think we were just hit by a nuclear missile! Lt. Christie: Our n
  10. So, is there a new writing challenge for this month yet?
  11. Congratulations Lt Breeman! Well earned.
  12. Good dialogue. I'm really enjoying everyone's work! Very impressive. We have some great writters here! I worked as a collegiate English grader for a few years, and these papers are so good.
  13. Great story! Very well written. Very...diplomatic. Almost Godfather like..."make them an offer they can't refuse".
  14. Thanks! Hey, at least we're entertaining everyone.
  15. Good story, and well written. I can see why you are a 2x winner!
  16. Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Eventually, I'll get the hang of all of this...and I won't be such a pest.
  17. So, is the Beta Antares Shipyard where all of the stories go? When I go to read them, is this the place...or did I screw something up and it went into the "archives"? I'm looking forward to seeing what other people came up with.
  18. My thanks to everyone who helped me on this one.
  19. Okay, so I wrote up a story for the challenge, but if I understand correctly...I need a senior member to create a thread for me since I can't open one myself. Would someone be willing to do this for me? The name of my story is "Wake of Violence".
  20. What is the next writing challenge and how do I participate? I could not get any info, the page wouldn't open for me.
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