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  1. Congratulations everyone who received a longevity award. I have to ask..what do they give you at 14 years? A wooden box and shovel? 😜
  2. TyrWaltas

    JUL/AUG Captain's Personal Log....

    Captain's log, personal. Filed under security lockout. It's rare that I don't make my log entries available for public view, and I realize that, like all Captains' logs they've become almost required reading at Starfleet Academy to train the new cadets, but there are some things a Captain must keep to himself. I just finished writing the last of the letters that will be delivered to the families of the fallen. This mission was, to say the least, highly demanding in both blood and treasure. A lost ship, a bioweapon, and dozens of lives lost. As Captain, I'm expected to write the letters, say th
  3. I can't remember how long you've been gone. Do you remember when you left? We could bring you back probably as a Lieutenant, but the issue with your simming was always consistency. Are you sure you'll have the time?

  4. I can't remember how long you've been gone. Do you remember when you left? We could bring you back probably as a Lieutenant, but the issue with your simming was always consistency. Are you sure you'll have the time?

  5. Things are going well, although we miss our Engineer :(

  6. Things are going well, although we miss our Engineer :(

  7. ((Captain's Ready Room, USS Discovery)) ::The graying Ba'ku gazed out the blackened window, watching the stars streak past as the Ronin-class traveled at high warp to her next destination. It was a mundane mission that would consist mainly of playing referee between two squabbling diplomats over a moon no larger than that of Earth's. He sighed, his mind wandering as it always did at moments like this. After a few moments of quiet reflection, he spoke.:: WALTAS: Computer, begin Captain's log. COMPUTER: Recording. WALTAS: Captain's log, stardate 238601.15. We are continuing on to our diplomatic
  8. "Kelly's Wish" by Lt. Commander Ventu This is an interesting tale that takes the reader well into the story to figure out exactly what happened. Keeping the reader in suspense is an excellent method to generate interest and keep them reading. The characters are well-developed and the author takes care not to over-state their descriptions, allowing the reader to develop their own feelings toward all involved. The only weak point I can think of is that it's difficult to tell exactly what went on, but subtlety has its own attractiveness in some stories. The author does an excellent job of drawin
  9. One word popped into my head when I saw this forum..to quote James T. Kirk..ahem.. "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" There was never a more cunning and ruthless villain in all the history of Trek.
  10. I just had a disturbing vision of Keanu Reeves in a Starfleet uniform. Wonder how long it would take him before he said.. "Woah."
  11. I must admit that Enterprise was beginning to come around. I liked the mirror universe episode with the Constitution-class Defiant, but again, I think the only reason I liked it was because it hearkened back to the original series again. Making Enterprise a "prequel" to TOS already alienated a lot of people, and the writing was just sub-standard. When you take something like "The Inner Light" from TNG and compare it to the writing from Enterprise, well, there's just no comparison. If Trek truly wants a resurrection, they need to get some new blood in the form of more writers. I've seen plots
  12. I think the friction that Enterprise causes is based on the fact that most of us older Trekkies have grown up with boundaries established by the original series. To me, it almost seemed like Braga was attempting to re-write Star Trek in his own image instead of following Roddenberry's vision. I think that's where the conflict comes from, and I mostly agree with it. Trek has changed, and not for the better, in my opinion. The fact that they keep using B-level actors like Bakula doesn't help matters. T'Pol was the most genuine actor on the set.
  13. I liked Insurrection. Guess that's kind of obvious considering my character's race. Light-hearted is fine. Just don't insult my intelligence or try to change the universe that I'm used to like Enterprise did. I think Braga is out of control.
  14. Teeny bopper? Star Trek? Are they TRYING to alienate whatever fans they have left? Shoot me, now.
  15. I hate to be the cynic but.. Blah, blah, and blah. Apparently Star Trek hasn't learned that B-level actors and rehashing material from TV doesn't fly nowadays. They have long departed from the formula that made Star Trek a success. Relying on anything that Enterprise touched on is risky at best due to the limited exposure and quick death that it experienced. If they really want to bring Trek out of the tailspin, they need to revert to the people and stories that made it that way. Continue the Nemesis storyline. Focus on the Borg attack. What about Star Trek: Wolf 359?
  16. I think the key difference between any MMORPG and PBEM is simple: Who's in the driver's seat? With MMORPGs, aside from mods, you're subject to whoever is creating the game. Sure, you can make your character look different and you choose how they respond, but it's scripted and predictable. With UFOP, the world is YOURS. You can write and create whatever you wish, at any time, with almost no barriers. THAT is where UFOP's strength lies and why it will easily survive Star Trek: Online.
  17. Wow, so one of my ideas actually wasn't that far-fetched.
  18. I always loved Cartwright's voice-Peters could give James Earl Jones a run for his money.
  19. That's what I get for not reading back...oops..
  20. I read in TV Guide that the final episode is going to feature... (brace yourselves) Troi and Riker?!! Jolene Blalock commented something along the lines of the Enterprise crew taking a back seat to TNG and that the final episode is another example of why they got canceled.
  21. True, Picard didn't bring the full power of the Enterprise to bear until Riker pulled a couple nasty tricks. But I think it showed the tactical superiority of Riker. Now, tactically speaking, if I were in Picard's shoes, I'd have slapped a tractor beam on the Hathaway and pummeled it with phasers (photons are too dangerous that close to the ship). Let's see you do a warp-jump when you're frozen solid and getting cut to pieces, Riker!
  22. Kelsey Grammer (sp?) . And, after thinking about the Enterprise-D crashing on Viridian III, the same question comes to mind...why don't they ever put seatbelts on the bridge? The closest they ever came was in Star Trek I when they had the arms of the Captain's chair close over the thighs.
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