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  1. Tell me Goldfinger, do you expect me to talk?

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      No Mister Bond.I expect you to die!!!!

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    JUL/AUG "Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat"

    (( Sector 2459 - Tarador 5 )) oO What a fine mess you've gotten yourself into this time, eh Ben? Oo :: The small Venture-class scout ship was in over it's head this time around thanks to it's pilot and owner, Ben Wells. The scruffy-looking Terran was always taking contracts that seemed impossible to complete given his resources, but it hadn't ever been a problem before. Until now perhaps... :: :: Ben's ship, which he'd aptly named "Fortune", was in orbit around the massive yellow-hued Class-S ultra giant in the Tarador System. All 6 of the planets were gaseous planets of some sort and not of much worth to anyone... unless you knew where to look. :: :: The bald, blue-eyed man stroked his unkempt beard as he looked at the planet through the view port. He considered the task before him and tried to crunch the numbers... and they weren't looking so favorable.:: :: "Fortune" had been quite a reliable ship for the past 2 years; especially given the fact that he'd only paid 50 bars of latinum to take it out of an independent Zakdorn supply depot. After a few repairs, upgrades and modifications, the former Starfleet scout vessel had performed the various salvage and retrieval contracts with only minor issues. :: :: This little endeavor, on the other hand, wasn't going to be as easy. Ben mused about that prospect while taking a swig of Saurian Brandy... his last bottle. :: oO It never seems to go as far as I'd like. Oo :: Putting the bottle back down and wiping his mouth with his sleeve, Ben brought up his ship's hull tolerance specifications. After a quick glance, he leaned back in his seat and looked up towards the ceiling in disgust. :: Wells: Why, oh why did I ever think I could do this one? Someone want to explain it to me? :: The contract specifically required a 25 kilogram sample of the asteroid that was now inconveniently lodged in a hydrogen pocket 1000 kilometers into the planet's gasseous atmosphere. The asteroid's geologic make-up was causing problems with getting any sort of transporter lock on the rock face. Therefore, Ben would have to take his ship into the atmosphere and get into point-blank range to initiate any sort of transport. At those depths, the pressure would crush the "Fortune" like a can of dehydrated Andorian beets. :: oO No wonder I was the only one to sign up for this one. Oo :: Ben cracked his neck to try and ease the stress and looked back at the massive planet lying before him. :: Well: Read the fine print next time before you sign anything, will ya Benny-boy? You get me into more trouble that way than anything else. :: What made all of this worse was the time limit the contract had stipulated. The unnamed clients wanted their sample in 2 weeks... and it had taken Ben 6 days to ge`t to the planet at maximum warp. So, in essence, he had ONE DAY to get the sample and head back to the trading station on Relga 9 as the crow flies. There was no time to waste. :: :: The reward for this puny sample? 500 bars of latinum AND coverage of expenditures. Ben had salivated at such a juicy contract, until he was on his ship and read the details after signing up. But, he'd never reneged on a deal before... and he wasn't going to start now. :: Wells: Computer, transfer auxiliary power to structural integrity. Disengage all non-essential systems and transfer to the shield grid. Computer: Power transfer complete. Structural integrity field at 120 percent. :: Ben, satisfied with everything he'd done to batten down the hatches, set an intercept course for the asteroid. He then took the last swig of brandy and tossed the bottle behind him. A deep breath followed as he stared down the mighty gas giant like a gunslinger eying his opponent in a duel at high noon. :: Wells: Alright then... fortune favors the bold... and papa needs a new bottle of brandy. :: A few commands on the console in front of him and the small craft's impulse drive hummed into life. The view out of the front window changed from the horizon of the planet to a murky mixture of pale yellow with various tufts of orange and red. "Fortune" was heading right into the belly of this beast... and Ben hoped she could handle the ride. :: :: The turbulence started off as a mild shake, but slowly grew to be a more moderate vibration. All Ben had to work off of now was his sensor data showing him how close he was to the target. After a minute, he was only a third of the way there. :: :: That's when things got complicated... and scary. The computer spouted off warnings of cross-variable currents and swirling hydrogen eddys. Ben, being a decent enough pilot, evaded the worst of it. But that wasn't before his shields began to buckle under the strain. :: :: "Fortune" was rocking and creaking as she passed the 500 kilometer mark. Ben's knuckles were white and his complexion pale due to the stress. His breathing was getting faster and faster and the sound of his heartbeat echoed in his ears. But still, he pressed on. :: Wells: We're almost there... just a little bit more sweety. You can do it. Computer: Warning, shields are offline. Structural integrity at 80 percent. Hull pressure exceeding specified limits. oO Thanks for stating the obvious... Oo :: at 750 kilometers, klaxons sounded throughout the small cabin of the ship. The creaking and snapping noised became intolerable. Ben was terrified, but amazed that his ship kept going... until the inevitable happened when he got to 950 kilometers. :: Computer: Warning. Microfractures forming on outer hull. Breach imminent. Catastrophic decompression in 90 seconds. Wells: Transfer emergency power to structural integrity! :: The computer beeped an acknowledgement. Finally, the large mass of gray rock appeared through the window. Ben had no time to enjoy the view. He beamed the piece of rock into the cabin and quickly reversed course. :: Computer: Cross current detected on present course, recommend course correction. Ben: Sorry sweetheart, no time... :: He took a second to wipe the sweat from his brow and continued on course. The ship was hit by a massive current of rotating hydrogen and helium which threw Ben out of his seat. He scrambled to get back and correct for the issue, but the only thing that greeted him was the computer's less-than-cheerful news. :: Computer: Hull integrity critical. Breach in 29 seconds. :: The instruments showed "Fortune" was only 150 kilometers from clearing the atmosphere, but the last jolt had done a number on the impulse engines. It would take 32 seconds to get clear at his current speed. Ben closed his eyes and hoped for the best. :: oO Please be wrong... please be wrong. Oo :: The computer counted down the seconds to a hull breach and Ben just sat there silently repeating the mantra. For a split second, he wondered if all this had been worth it. Was this hunk of rock he carried really worth 500 bars of latinum... or his life? :: :: Before he could find out if his doubt would come to fruition, the shaking finally ceased. Ben almost thought his death had been so painless that he didn't even notice the hull breach and decompression. But, when he finally opened his eyes, all he saw was the view out of the front window. It was full of stars. :: :: With a large sigh of relief, Ben slumped back in his chair and put his hands on his face. He rubbed his eyes and began to chuckle at the lucky break this ship had given him. All the math and logic were against him this time, but the vagabond pilot of this second-hand scout ship had defied the odds once again. The Terran turned in his chair and took a his first close look at his 25 kilogram prize. :: Wells: Looks like I picked the right name for this ship... now I just want some brandy. :: The sweat-soaked Terran turned back to the controls and mercifully set a course to the trading station. The computer informed him it would take 7 days to reach his destination... and he only had 6 to get the rock back to his client. :: oO Please be wrong... please be wrong... Oo :: Ben closed his eyes and tapped the control to engage the warp drive. :: ~ The End ~
  3. I'm really not sure how to feel about this game. For one, it's primed to go up against ST Online, which has had plenty of time to establish itself as the premier Star Trek MMO. On the other hand, I think the one thing Infinite Space has going for it is the fact that it's free. However, MMOs these days need money to develop. So, will there just be tons of in-game advertisements to maintain itself? If so, won't that get annoying to the players? Although, the major problem I have with STO is probably the same problem I'll have with Infinite Space... it's only Star Trek in name and look, not in substance. Star Trek isn't about going around the galaxy engaging all manner of aliens in ship-to-ship or away team combat. Star Trek is about exploration; not only of the galaxy but of the human condition. I'm sorry, but all I ever see in Star Trek MMOs is, "Let's go blow some stuff up! FOR THE FEDERATION!" Unless Infinite Space can offer more exploration and less war, I'm going to pass.
  4. OOC: This takes place the day after Parker's attempted strangling of Ensign Walker... (( Engineering)) :: Maya was on a mission. As much as she cared for Parker, she knew that as a Starfleet officer, killing your crew mates was not something condoned. On a Klingon ship, such a killing would be considered justice. Her man could barely move this morning after the so called "workout" with the Captain. Maya lived in two worlds, and she saw the two in very close proximity, especially now. With purpose, she strode into Engineering looking for Walker. Several noticed her, and some wondered if there was going to be a repeat of the previous days' mayhem. Maya wasn't here to kill Tobias..she was here to explain Parker to him the best she could...and perhaps salvage some sort of relationship with him. Men like Parker often stood alone..most too afraid to face him...[...] cowards! She really needed to watch the Chief though...Martinez was just a little too close for comfort..and although she was willing to share Parker with Kamela,no others were worthy of him. She spied Tobias working on an engineering console and she headed right for him...she needed to get this over with..... Gemini: Tobias...I need to talk to you...about Parker... :: She could see the confusion in Tobias' eyes....was he wondering if she was going to try to killl him too? Tobias: Are you here to finish the job that Hannibal started? Gemini: No...I'm not going to kill you. but if you don't find a place where we can talk,I'll find a way to poison you where only your eyelids will work... :: Tobias motioned her over to a currently unoccupied office. Tobias sat at the desk,while Maya stood before it.. Tobias: If you're not here to kill me, then what can I do for you, Lieutenant Gemini:: staring straight at Tobias:: Do you really understand why Parker wanted to kill you? ::Tobias paused for a second before he responded, after he thought about the answer.:: Tobias: He believes that I'm responsible in part for his parent's death, that I'm a traitor to starfleet. Is that the reason? ::Tobias realized that there was more going on with Parker than even he knew. The anger towards him for killing Parker's parents was highly misplaced. Parker was blaming him for everything that the Syndicate had done wrong. Channeling all his anger towards the closest person to him. There was more going on than Tobias could understand.:: Gemini: No...that is not the only reason he wanted you dead. I have seen him kill before. You have seen him kill before. He is merciless..quick... He wanted you to know something before he killed you. Tobias: ::Rubbing his still sore neck:: I got the message. Gemini: He, in is own way, liked you a lot. He..trusted you. And you betrayed that trust. You disrespected his honor. You mocked him. I'm not here to judge you for what you did...we have all done things we wish we had not, and we will do so again. If this were a Klingon ship, you would be dead.not for what you did,but because you were not honest with him when you had the opportunity. Unless you change the situation with him, you will always worry on some night he might still kill you. ::Tobias betrayed more than friendship and he knew it. But he also knew that what was now common knowledge needed to remain a secret, sometimes the wrong things needed to be done for the right reason. To destroy the devil, part of him had to become the devil. And he hoped in the end he wouldn't lose his soul.:: Tobias: I sleep with ghosts every night, Gemini, when I do sleep. So there is nothing I can do to ease that. Gemini: You must fight him. Tobias: Not going to happen, he tried to kill me once, he is not getting the chance again. :: She could see the fear returning to his eyes at the thought of facing an enraged Parker again..with no one around to stop him..be she knew how to handle that... Gemini: You must take your punishment for betraying him..a piece of your [...] for the rest of your life..a life less than 24 hours ago he was more than willing to take.. Tobias: Punishment I'm not afraid to take, but this will be a little one sided. Gemini: I am certain that you will find a non lethal way of evening the odds....because I can still make my threat very real... Tobias: I don't like threats, received too many of them the last week... Gemini: Facing him and taking your punishment for your betrayal will allow him to respect you..there is no other way. You could save the ship a thousand times but it would mean nothing to him..in his eyes you would still be a traitor. This is very personal to him...and you know why it is. If you truly want him on your side,this is what must happen... :: Maya studied Tobias for a few minutes,wishing she could see the inside his mind to watch the wheels turning. She wasn't about to tell Tobias that Parker was fighting the Captain each night to "improve his temper". From the way things went last night for her man,this enlightenment might take awhile...and also slightly weaken her man when he faces Walker.. Tobias: And I have this desire to continue breathing at the end of each day. Gemini: He will not kill you. He will beat you. Then the road back will begin.Parker..Parker...is a man who would sacrifice himself for everyone in the crew to save them. He saved my life...twice. How many times during the fight on that rock did he save yours? Your men? His men? All he asks is honesty. Give him what he needs. Soon. :: With that,Maya turned and left the office. She did hope Tobias understood what had to be done. Her man needed his friends, the few he had. Mya looked over her shoulder as she left Engineering,noting that Tobias had not left the little office yet. Hopefully, he will figutr it out. She had done the legwork...now it was time to head back to her lab... ::Tobias sat in the chief engineer's chair, a lot weighing in on his mind. He had to think of something and fast. He had been backed into a corner and unlike Jubal, Parker had a diffrent set of rules, ones that wouldn't allow him to bend. It would be over an hour before he left the office with a plan that just might work.:: TBC/TAG Lt. j.g. Maya Gemini Chief Science Officer AS simmed by: Lt. Hannibal Tiberious Parker, Acting Chief Tactical Officer Acting Chief Of Security USS Challenger & Ens. Tobias Walker Engineering Officer USS Challenger - A
  5. (( Mediplex )) Herrera: Alright, so now that's all sorted I guess you have nothing to worry about for the day, right? Blake: No. I have a list of things to worry about actually. Being chained to Parker is number four, this "event" number three, Marloy being on board number two, and- ::She cut off there.:: Herrera: ::Insistently:: And? ::Sky pulled up the sleeve of her shirt to show the scar that she had already shown him.:: Blake: The inflictor is now aboard the ship. And he intends to cause as much damage as possible. That's my number one worry. Aperon. ::Diego looked down at the scar, and then back up at Sky.:: Herrera: So I take it you've seen him. Blake: Ha. Seen him . . . Herrera: Did he threaten you? Blake: He did more than just threaten me. ::The slight ache in her cheek where Cynthia had healed proved that. Sky probably had a bruised shoulder as well due to hitting the bulkhead where Aperon pushed her side-on.:: Herrera: It's important that you remember that you're in Starfleet, and there are rules. ::He held up his hands before she could interject.:: They govern him as well as you. He can't go round threatening people. This is the USS Challenger, not some Nausicaan pirate scow. If he threatened you, and you have witnesses, then you need to take this to Parker. As much as you two hate the sight of each other, Parker can't ignore something like that. This 'Aperon' or whatever his name is would probably end up on report, at least. Blake: Parker would be glad to see me get beat up by someone I know quite well. Actually, half of the senior staff would love it, and that includes the Captain. Herrera: Why don't you sit down for a second? I'll get a dermal regenerator, and we can say goodbye to that scar. Blake: That won’t do much.::Regardless of what she said, she did as she was asked.:: Herrera: ::Taking care to keep his tone casual so as not to make this into the big deal it potentially could be.:: Who knows, if Aperon sees you with the scar missing, then maybe that would send him a clear message that you don't intend to be pushed around by him anymore? It's the sort of message he can't do anything about. Any member of the crew reserves the right to have a scar removed, if they want... Blake: It’s not just that. Aperon . . . Aperon will . . . ::She couldn’t sum it up properly in a way that was “simple”, so she cut straight to the memory.:: When I was in High School, Bailey and I weren’t the only Brekkian hybrids. There were three others. Two of them, Hayra and Cestra, were twins while Jesse was a single child like myself. At that point in time, the students who would have protected us from Aperon had left school. Not because they wanted to, because they really would have done everything they could to protect us, but because they had to. Aperon had gathered crowds, making them think that hybrids weren’t meant to exist. The injuries that were inflicted on us five were . . . cruel. My mentor, Marloy, he wasn’t able to come and protect us anymore either; he was banned from the school grounds, so the only thing he could do is help heal us when we returned to him afterwards. Aperon had absolutely nothing stopping him to try and kill us. Well, one day, Hayra and Cestra went missing. It had the three of us worried, and I mean it. Marloy was also uncertain. But about a week after their disappearance, they were found dead in Kekorna’s forest. There was a lack of blood, and apparently they were strangled to finally kill them. Herrera: Response? Blake: The most suspicious thing about it was that Aperon went missing the same day for three days. Regardless of nearly everything pointing to him, he managed to walk away, because he was such the good student. Herrera: Response? Blake: You know how you asked me if he threatened me? Yeah, he attacked me out in the open outside the Mess Hall. Sure, Bailey encouraged it, but if you waited fifteen years to try and inflict a broken arm and nose on the person who did a heap more than that to you, you would have done the same thing. ::Sky’s real fear was Aperon trying to attack her in her sleep, where she would be powerless against him. It scared her badly. Just thinking of what he might try to do to her in the next few days – trying to work out how he might hurt her. She might not be able to sleep for another three days, regardless of the fact that she needed it. It took her a few seconds to work out that there was tears running down her cheeks.:: Herrera: Response? Blake: No. But I suppose I have to manage. Parker is going to try to give me hell, so I have to be in a mood where I can *not* slice his neck with a knife. But with him stuck with me for the next eight hours, I should be safe. It’s the night that I’m worried about; if Aperon managed to join as an Enlisted officer than he’s bound to work out how to open a locked door from the outside. Aperon doesn’t follow the rules. He cheats . . . *all the time*. He doesn’t care if there’s a bruise on his reputation. Herrera: Response? Blake: He isn’t here for StarFleet. ::She jumped off the biobed.:: He’s here for either me, or Bailey and his family. And that’s what concerns me. Bailey’s daughter is *quarter* Brekkian, so she just might be the start to all this. Herrera: Response? ::Considering that Sky *was* just scared, she took one look at Diego and then at the door.:: Blake: I’ll see you soon – hopefully not *too* soon. Herrera: Response? ((Outside Mediplex)) ::Now, you’d think that with all that worrying, Sky would keep a look out for Aperon’s thoughts. Well, guess again.:: ::A hand reached out and grabbed her by the neck. Slowly, it’s grip got tighter on her, and she began to lose the ability to breath. She looked up into the hard brown eyes of Aperon, struggling to even get a small gasp of breath in. Sky would have tapped her comm. Badge – that’s if she hadn’t given it to Tom to make sure that Mando and Parker wouldn’t find her in a hurry. Now she wished that they *did* find her in a hurry, because Aperon wasn’t playing the normal fair-fight game.:: ::Sky slid her hand on his wrist, and pressed her thumb into his skin so that it would move past the bone and into the muscle behind it. When he finally let go, Sky took the advantage of the extra time; she quickly breathed, and then punched him – again, in the nose.:: Blake: Haven’t you had enough!? ::She spat.:: Why!? What the hell did I ever do to you!?! Aperon: Exist. ::He flung himself at her, but Sky didn’t realize that he had a dagger in his hand until it pierced her chest. It stopped her right in her tracks. Aperon pulled it out slowly, more pain adding to the list.:: Aperon: Right in the heart, Skyleena. No blade to stop most of the bleeding. ::Sky fell to the deck underneath her.:: Blake: The-the only thing I . . . care about right now . . . is you . . . hurting . . . others. ::She gasped.:: ::Aperon seemed to take joy in that, and his foot collided with Sky’s arm. Sky had to bite her lip in order to stop herself from screaming – he had snapped it, and when someone snaps a Brekkians arm, it takes a *long* time for that arm to heal.:: ::But, unusually, a cat strutted itself in between Aperon’s legs. Aperon kicked it away, until it snarled and clawed his leg.:: Aperon: AHHH!! Get off me you mongrel! Marloy: Excuse me, but I think that’s my cat. ::That’s when Sky’s eyes closed.:: Tbc . . . Ensign Skyleena Blake Security USS Challenger-A
  6. ((Outside Sickbay, 1623 hours, Beta shift)) Medic: Move aside sir. I'll take over. ::Tal moved aside and stood up. His glance showed that a number of the intruders were quickly reaching a more revealing state and that most of the injured crewmembers were either gone from the corridor or were being assisted by either other crewmembers or by medical staff.:: ::Tal tapped his comms badge and started to speak.:: Tel-ar: =/\= Computer make this a ship wide broadcast. =/\= Computer: =/\= Proceed. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= This is Cmdr. Tel-ar. I need a situation report from every department head in 10 minutes. If any one has any information they think is important then contact your department head and report it now. All security and marines will continue to remain active until otherwise informed. Tel-ar out. =/\= ::Tal then turned and walked over to the entrance to sickbay where he entered to see just what the butchers bill on this engagement was going to be. As he did his comms badge chirped again. With out thinking Tal activated it. :: Parker: =/\= Parker to Captain Tel-ar=/\= Tel-ar: =/\= Proceed Lt. =/\= Parker: =/\= We are modulating the shields to slow them being able to transport through them. The shrouds look very similar to what the Jem Haddar used, so I've got Engineering to build me a SLUG to detect subspace fields within the hull. Once it's activated, their shrouds will no longer be effective and we will get positive locks on their locations. They have spilled enough of our blood, now it's time to spill much more of theirs.=/\=. Tel-ar: =/\= While I may agree with the sentiment I need live subjects if we are ever going to extract information from them. Make ever effort to contain and detain as many of them as possible Lt. ::Tal paused for a moment. His antenna were twitching. The smells were confusing and all the screams of pain, moans of agony and whimpers of fear were messing up his enhanced senses. Then he continued.:: How long till your ready to proceed? =/\= Parker: =/\= It should be ready and installed in ten minutes Captain. Chief Martinez is assisting Ensigns Walker and Zell in the installation. I'm heading back up to Medical to await our guests, unless you have other orders for me, Sir. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= No. Not at this time. ::Again Tal paused as he overheard one of the medics pronounce the young man he had been attempting to revive with CPR as dead. So much blood was exposed that it was almost the only thing he could smell.:: Just continue with your efforts Lt. =/\= Parker:=/\= Aye Sir. Parker out.=/\= ::Tal glanced down the corridor. It was as bad as he had ever seen. With out realizing it he shook his head and turned towards the main entrance to sickbay.:: ::Just as he was about to approach the door close enough for the sensor to detect him and open, a medic with a wounded security officer weaved into his path. Tal stopped just in time to avoid bumping into them.:: KKKAAABBBOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! ::The main doors to sickbay exploded leaving a massive hole in the center large enough for someone to walk through. The blast struck the medic and wounded man first, driving them backwards into Tal who also went flying backwards into the wall. :: ::His head was ringing and his body hurt. His side was throbbing and when he tried to move Tal felt a strange sense of unreality to the attempt.:: ::Tal shook his head carefully and found blue blood was running down his face. He was also pinned under the two crewmen who had been just in front of him.:: ::It took him a few moments to push them aside. He had started to do so carefully until he noticed that the medic was missing half his head. The security officer was also dead.:: ::Once Tal had shifted them aside he tried to stand. His balance was shot. With a sudden brief sense of panic Tal lifted one hand up to touch his antenna. One was OK but the other one was half missing. That explained the loss of balance and weird sensation he was feeling as he tried to move.:: ::Still he had a ship to run. A crew to care for and a mission that he was determined to finish. So he gritted his teeth and forced himself to stand. It was harder than he had expected. Now to walk.:: ::Tal took short careful steps. Both to make sure he did not fall over but to also make sure he did not step on anything that might cause him to fall over as well. :: ::It seemed to take forever for him to reach and enter the gaping hole in what had use to be the main sickbay doors. He had to grab on with both hands in order to be able to step through the hole.:: ::Once inside he heard a female suddenly scream. A glance around the wildly spinning and wobbling room showed a number of people staring at him. He managed to look down with out falling over.:: ::What he saw explained a lot. He was covered in red blood. Simply plastered with it. Here and there a thin line of blue, his own blood slid down his body to mingle and mix with the red.:: ::Then he spotted the jagged white object sticking out of his side. For a moment he did not realize what it was. Then he recognized it. It was a large thick piece of bone shattered to the point it was barely recognizable. :: ::That did not make any sense. Both arms and legs were working ok, if a little unsteady. From the size of that bone it had to be a leg or arm… the two crewmen in front of him. It had to be one of theirs.:: ::Suddenly someone was holding his arm and talking to him.:: Someone: respond TBC ***************** Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar Acting Captain USS Challenger-A
  7. Nathan Baker

    MAY/JUN "Fire on High"

    It was, for lack of a better word, Hell. At least that's what everyone else said about it. But for one Cadet, the fires on that plain of [...]ation were probably far worse. The halfway marker was coming up and Cadet Deven Zell's entire body felt like it was on fire. The skin-coating of UV protection was only a small consolation considering the task at hand. As the Trill popped his second electrolyte capsule, it began to sink in that this run would be the worst of his life. Danula II could conjure up stories of dehydration, second-degree sunburns and more than a few sprained ankles. It's a brutal planet; a desert world with almost no life to speak of. Temperatures that would sore all day and barely any relief at night. The ground would scorch any bare feet that touched it. All of that was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to the brutal Academy Marathon. The annual competition between cadets isn't just a race; it's a test of conditioning, strength, will and courage. Anyone with the capacity to run the 42.195 Kilometers was instantly regarded as a hero for his or her class. Most didn't make it half-way... and the others who didn't weren't any better off. Step after step needed more and more effort. Deven's ankles and calves shuddered with every footfall. Every instinct in his body urged him to stop, fall over, make an excuse, or just plain die. Of course, it would take more than that to get him to give in. It was Deven's second attempt for the marathon. He was already regarded as something of a hero when he finished the race the year before... and almost never does a Cadet go back for seconds on the Danula II's barren wasteland. "I don't have to win," the man thought to himself. "I just have to finish... again." Most people remembered the legendary running of the Freshman Cadet Jean Luc Picard. Not only did he finish the grueling competition, he won it. Deven looked at that feat and respected it... but his ego told him he could do better. He didn't have to win, just finish. That was victory enough. Because it wasn't the competition against the other cadets that fueled his spirit, Deven just loved to run. Ever since he was a kid, the now 2nd class Cadet would trudge along the shorelines of his home planet. Running was a tenant of life in his mind. It was a fire that burned deep inside that had no way of being quenched. For Deven, Danula II just provided another personal challenge. Plus, he found it to be fun. (Though he'd probably never admit for for fear of ridicule.) Anyone who had run the marathons would say that only a madman would subject himself to another round against the harsh heat and pressure-cooker conditions that the athletes go up against during that run. Deven thought about that sentiment as he began the long ascent up the final hill towards the finish line. "I guess that's it then. I'm mad." A flash of light pierced over the mountain that was ahead of him. He knew that this was the worst part of the run. Any other person, the cadet figured, would've stopped a long time ago. An emergency beam-out was all it would take and the whole ordeal would be over. It was like the Devil was taunting him with every exhaled pant and each painful step. "No! Not this time!" Deven screamed in agony as he began the ascent. Everything started getting blurry. Without hesitation, Deven popped his final pill to push himself towards finality. Cadets weren't given water to quench themselves during the run, since it wouldn't do much good anyway. Instead, each runner was given three electrolyte capsules to keep their bodily functions going during the trudge along the oven that was the marathon course. Since separating himself from the pack 9 kilometers ago, the toll being exacted on Deven's body was excruciating. All the muscles ached and tensed with every step. The Trill's breathing became nothing more than a dry heave of super-heated air. But with every breath, Deven chanted the mantra he'd come up with that kept him going. "This isn't hell... this isn't hell... This. Is. Not. Hell." Over and over again he chanted, like a metronome that only knew one thing: to keep moving. What seemed like forever finally culminated in a cross of the finish line. Deven collapsed onto the sand and several medics descended on him to begin feeding fluids intravenously. Though he only finished fifth, Deven wasn't upset. "I'll be back next year," he told a reporter a few hours later. "That wasn't hell... it was just a good run."
  8. That's always brilliant to watch and listen to. I'll post some good youtube Trek videos a little later.
  9. I know one thing would be different; Gene wouldn't have let the Dominion War take place. I understand it was a good plot device and a lot of great episodes of Deep Space Nine came from it, but war wasn't in his vision of the Star Trek universe.
  10. If I ever go to Comic Con, I'm dressing up as you.

  11. After hearing about Ensign Tanang's untimely and tragic passing, I would suggest that he recieve a Posthumous Top Sims award. His SIM was good, and even though he may not get the votes, it would be a small gesture to honor a person who had a lot of potential in our group.
  12. ((Holodeck 7 - USS Indria-A)) ::Jacen felt the excitement from within build up. He was going to enjoy this little spar. He waited for Cura to ready herself. He studied how she prepares and even the way she fixes her hair might give away how she would handle herself. Any little detail about her habits would help in combat.:: Assanti: Computer, Saber with one inch longer hilt, blade double edged. ::She then summoned her own sword and like Jacen, examined it like a fine piece of work before she tested its weight. He waited for her to stand ready before him.:: Assanti: :;raising her eyebrow.:: You sure you want to start this dance, Jacen? ::slowly circling.:: You see, once you start this dance with someone, it really never ends. Even if the match ends and no one has won, you're always wondering who is better. As I do recall back on the Victory, you and I started something like this but we were both on the same side against Sniper. This is a bit different, Jacen. I've never raised my sword against you, even for exercise. Fanel: All the more to do this... Assanti: I know enough about you to be a bit wary about being on the wrong side of your blade. You forget, I've seen you in action. Fanel: I have seen enough of you to know some but not nearly enough. The point of observing someone is not enough to truly know that person. Assanti: Well, it is a different feeling. ::still circling:: I don't know if I can do this even for fun. Fanel: Fun? ::Jacen felt the excitement again. He was going to cross blades with Cura. It's actually been a while since he's crossed blades with a woman. Not since Himeyu. He made a mental note to himself not to let the rush of combat with a female go too far. Especially since this is Cura he's facing.:: As the old saying goes Cura....You don't truly know someone...until fight them. ::Jacen lunged forward, not holding back one bit. He wanted to test the range and her reach. In any swordplay, one doesn't just start off with clashing of metal as you see them in stories. First you test each other's reactions. You observe how they move when you move, how they look back at you. What sounds they make. How they carry themselves. All these are vital to winning.:: ::And right now, he's really going at it on her. He didn't want to hold back. It wouldn't be fair to hold back on her. To show her how fast he can be. How strong he is and then to see how she reacts was something he wanted to see out of her in this.:: :: Talking ceased as Jacen lunged towards her, Cura quickly changed to meet his approach, turning herself to face him head on. Then, when he was within range, she stepped into his charge and swiped her sword to stop him from advancing further. Their swords met then. Cura attacked with her blade, lunging in and then stepping back as he countered. He was fast, unpredictable and definitely a formidable opponent. She was unable to predict his moves, so she found she actually had to be ready for anything he might throw at her, which caused her to linger in a defensive stance most of the time.:: :: Their swords danced in the air between them in a blur of motion. Then, Cura performed a trick she learned from John Stone, a move that removed his sword from the equasion. With swiftness and percise handling over her own blade, she managed to tie their blades and then with a flick of her own wrist, Jacen's blade went flying across the room. Cura quickly darted towards it as she knew Jacen would go after it, cutting off his path to his weapon. She lifted her blade to stop him again.:: ::Jacen reacted to the lost of his primary weapon and on instinct went for a second weapon he kept well hidden within his loose long sleeve shirt. His force lance. As he flicked it out of his sleeve he points and extends it towards Cura's face to force her to withdraw away from him. He can tell the surprise on her face from the fact that he procure a weapon out of no where. He stood up as he faced Cura again and stabbed his fully extended weapon next to him.:: Assanti: Very impressive, Lt. Cmdr Fanel. Fanel: Dear Cura, please dispense with the formalities. It's just the two of us here. ::He points his lance towards his sword.:: Now if you please return my sword...You' re closer. :: Cura backed up until she was near his weapon and kicked it by the hilt and it slid across the floor towards his feet. He stopped it with his own feet.:: Assanti: Would you like another stab at it, Jacen? ::Jacen exchanged hands with his lance and picked up his sword. Not looking away from Cura even for a second as he knelt down and grabbed his lost weapon. When he got back up he held his lance high and retracted it back into its previous form and hid it within his sleeve.:: Fanel: With pleasure. ::He saluted with his sword and attacked again. His sense of pride wanted to pay her back for knocking his sword away.:: ::When Jacen charged again this time, he gave her an opening so she can come closer into his range for a strike but it was his turn as he ducked away and slashed forward several times with the last attack being a stab that made her dodge her head to the left, then he retreated to see the damage done. When he waited long enough he can see that a section of Cura's shirt was cut. The cut was delayed and started to show itself when they stopped. He didn't cut her. Just her shirt. She can see he also made a cut on both her sleeves. He also made another cut on her shirt on the shoulder area where his last stab attack was.:: ::Pointing his sword forward, he smiled at his work.:: Fanel: I had to be a little faster to catch up to you, Cura. You're more nimble than I had guessed. Assanti:::looking down at her shirt. She raised an eyebrow as she began pacing around a bit. Then, without a care, she took off her shirt, revealing a tightly fitting sports-bra. Being Betazoid, she did not seem to be the least bit embarrased of her body. Yet, it didn't really look like a bra.:: I suppose this is something like strip poker? The one with the most clothes left on is the winner, I take it? ::Cura smiled and chuckled to herself at the thought.:: ::Jacen actually used up a lot of his mental will and physical strength to prevent himself from blushing at the sight of her. He has never seen her without a shirt and just what would passes for a bra. He can only guess she was trying to use her physique as a distraction and it was working more than before when she was just in her already sweat soaked form.:: Fanel: I hope that shirt wasn't special. Assanti: Well, it is now. A special memento of our first sparring match. Fanel: Those were actually near misses. ::He then noticed a part of his own shirt being cut:: Apparently you missed me a couple times too. Assanti: Correction, I don't miss, Jacen. I meant to cut your shirt. I'm not here to cause any damage...just to let off some steam and perhaps get a sneak peak at what I don't usually see. :: Cura gave him a wink of her eye and chuckled, slashing her sword before her and taking up a more offensive pose now. She was beginning to learn how he moved and what provoked him.:: ::There was a long line from his shoulder to the bottom of his shirt that appeared suddenly. Jacen noticed it and shook his head as he smiled a bit more.:: ::He then stabbed the back of his shirt and cut the rest of it off since the front part of his shirt was already cut wide open and hanging out. Taking off his ruined shirt and points his weapon ahead.:: Fanel: Let's continue. Oo What are you doing Jacen? You should stop right NO! You're already flushed from just her current look. Remember how you lost yourself at the naked weapons trial. So how can you survive when she still has half her clothes on when she's already got you by the balls?oO ::To explain, Jacen went through what some cultures would call a very strange way of combat testing. It was to test will power and of course the physical strength against the opposite sex. You first face off with the least amount of clothes on in most society to even be remotely descent. For both sexes it would have to be shirt and the shortest work out shirts anyone can think of. The object is to defeat the other side without the need of distraction of the opposite's.. .physical attractiveness. Both parties would be in peak physcial conditioning so the male would be as well built and the female would be built enough for an average fighting woman. The next stage is where men happen to lose too often. Hence the name "Naked Weapons trial". Both side would strip before each other and duel with whatever weapons naked. Jacen remembered distinctly he was already at a lost at the first stage with clothes on. He lost in the naked round. It wasn't too much of a shame. Many men had lost. It was only just to harden the discipline to both sexes that whichever sex you face even if the opposite is very attractive, you must never lose ground or composure... and Jacen was very close to losing his sanity simply because he could never fully keep it together when he sees a very attractive woman before him. Especially one he knows and deep within his instinctual heart...desire. He needed to remind himself of that he can look but not touch but all he's doing IS looking and he needed to stop or he'll lose.:: ::With that thought out of the way, Jacen stabbed forward again, fiercely.:: ::Cura slapped at his stab at her, hitting his blade away. She then countered with her own attack at his sword arm. Lunging in close enough she grabbed his arm with both her hands and then pivoted, lifting her left leg and striking him with her foot across his left cheek. Spinning back out, she released his arm and forward flipped as Jacen tried to counter attack in her retreat, but Cura knew he was coming. At every flip she made, his blade missed hitting her and when he stabbed forward, Cura turned into him. He turned as well and their swords clashed in a blur of motion between them. Yet, Cura found herself backing away as he charged, stabbed and lunched forward. Her kick had provoked his rage and she could tell he was eager for repayment somehow. He was losing his cool but trying to keep form.:: ::Cura, falling into the traditional fencing form, she moved swiftly. Then, their swods clashed and Jacen advanced instead of retreating, taking a risk and catching Cura off guard. Jacen parried her blade aside and was close enough to grabbed both her wrists, backing her up against the holographic wall and holding her arms up high over her head then to pushed her completely back against the cold wall. The immediate cold gave her a rush of goosebumps that even Jacen could feel them as he held her wrists tightly and held his sword at her neck to mark the end. The force of her hitting the wall had made her drop her sword.:: ::Oddly, for a few moments, the pair eyed one another as they stood there, panting and sweating. Overpowered, Cura could really make no move to break free. She was....at his mercy and he knows it. Jacen held her there like that for what seemed like an endless moment.:: ::Then finally, Cura spoke.:: Assanti: ...Touche' Fanel: Indeed...::He leaned closer.:: Oo What the frak am I doing?! oO ::His face grew just ever so closer than he would prefer. He was too close to her face...to her lips...to her body.:: Oo Stop me, Cura...make it stop...make me...oO He tried to mouth his words but they didn't come out nor did any protest hit him. He only felt his pulse on his lips and he could almost feel hers...on- ::The holodeck doors slid ajar suddenly and Wentworth stepped inside the holodeck. Jacen dropped his sword when he pulled back. It was extremely luckily for Jacen and Cura that they were just around the corner of where the arch door opened to the outside and it gave them both time to let go of each other and recompose. It would have been...awkward for Wentworth to walk in seeing their last positions against a wall and embarrassing. :: Wentworth: Sorry Sirs, Didn't notice this holodeck was occupied. :: Gesturing to the door.:: I'll...find another. Fanel: ::Not looking at him to hide his red colored face.:: Lieutenant.. .::Returning his face to the normal color as he walked to put on his jacket to cover his exposed top. He took several deep breaths until his heart stopped going at high warp.:: Assanti: Just a little spar, Mr. Wentworth. Fanel: Oo The understatement of the century, Cura...oO :: Cura motered away from Jacen and moved over towards her dress whites and donned her dress tunic. Then, she slipped into her trousers, grabbed her jacket, flipping it over her shoulder and headed towards the exit.:: Assanti: :;turning back to Jacen.:: Nice match, Lt Cmdr Fanel. I'd say we're evenly matched. Althought I could stand to learn a few moves from you, I see. I wasn't really prepared for that last one. ::Jacen turned back and managed a friendly smile and a plain looking face.:: Fanel: ::Attempting the best poker face:: Yes...::Muttering another line:: Niether was I... Assanti: Perhaps another time, we could explore one another's knowledge of this odd sport of swordsplay? Fanel: I'd be honored for another match...Oo In the next lifetime maybe...oO Assanti: I shall have to tell all the ladies to beware of your rusty blade. :: Cura chuckled loudly as she walked into the corridor.:: Lt jg Wentworth, you're with me. Wentworth: :: Falling in with the captain with no small amount of relief :: Aye, Ma'am --- This JP was proudly presented to you by: Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone Commanding Officer USS Indria-A NCC-68482 and Lt. Cmdr Jacen Fanel Chief Tactical Officer USS Indria-A NCC-68482 featuring Lt. (jg) Jake Wentworth Chief Security Officer USS Indria-A NCC-68482 Posted By:
  13. OOC: Here is the combined sims of... well, I'm still calling it "Knock, Knock." The first part is from Jarak, the latter is mostly from me, Jacen. ((CMO's Office - Sick Bay - USS Indria-A)) Jarak: You and I still have to get married. And children. We are going to have lots and lots of children. :: Grinning :: :: Saja kissed Jarak, and before he knew what happened, she slapped Jarak across his cheek :: Saja: If you ever leave me and not say goodbye, I'll give you more than a good smack! Jarak: :: Turned on by the klingonish show of emotion :: Grrrrrrr..HAHA, Yes my dear. :: Jarak took Saja into his arms, and passionately kissed her, while trying to de-robe himself. :: Saja: Mmmm. I'm going to have to slap you more often. :: Saja wrapped her arms about her Klingon/Human Doctor and lost herself in his kisses.:: (( USS Indria-A / Sickbay, ICU )) ::After getting back on his feet, Jacen decided that it would be best to check on the Doc so that he would be cleared to get back on the bridge...:: Fanel: And if those [...] Klingons are still there, I'll skin them and eat them for dinner...F****** Klingons are like the...what's a good term...gangsters, and not the kind from the early Earth 20th century. The kind in the inner cities from the late Earth 20th century. [...] punks. ::In walking about the sickbay area, he could see that the battle with the Klingons did a number on the crew. He did feel lucky to have left with just a headache. Some people would need some face reconstruction. He then snapped out of the trance. He quickly realized he needed to get back on the bridge, so he hurried to Jarak's office to get cleared, even if he might possibly not be.:: ::He walked to the door expecting it to be opening automatically, but it was locked apparently. He looked around and didn't see Jarak on duty and assumed he was either here or in his own quarters, but why would the Doc leave in a time like this?:: Fanel: I guess he isn't here. ::Then he heard a thump from the door and turned back to it ever so slowly...:: Doc? ::Obviously he didn't get an answer, but it wasn't like the door was incredibly soundproof, either. Jacen cautiously walked closer and then looked to see a glass of water on a table next to him, he poured out the glass and then pressed it on the door and placed his ear on it to hear. Then he stopped and put the glass down.:: Fanel: What am I in grade school? ::He then knocked on the door since he assumed to protect privacy, the Soc might have also turned off sensors and com to the room. It didn't take a rocket scientist for Jacen to figure out who else is in there with Jarak and what exactly they were doing. Especially since most starfleet officers are technically, in a manner of speaking, "rocket scientists". He could leave them be, but he needed official clearance to get back on duty and as an officer a rank higher than Jarak, this is something that he should set aside.:: Fanel: Doc, I know you're in there! And Saja, if that is you too, front and center, Ensign. ((Inside the Office)) :: Suddenly there came a rapping and it wasn't them! After a mad flurry of uniforms stretching this way and that and a blurr of a white lab coat. Saja growled under her breath as she tried to pull on her tunic. It was always so tight around the chest. Before she could protest, the door swished ajar and Saja stopped her boots into place and fussed around with her golden locks of hair. They were a mess as she glanced into a mirror!:: Saja: oO Frell it Oo ((Outside)) ::Jacen stood tall and waited for the door to open up to reveal whoever decided to walk up first. Jacen could tell, no smell what was transpiring behind closed doors and from Klingons...that is an understatement, and Jacen knows it well enough. Kinda reminded him of the year he spent on the Klingon homeworld. He rolled his eyes a bit.:: Fanel: Doctor, I need your go to get back on duty. I hope I wasn't...interrupting anything important. Looks like a meeting you were having. I hope it wasn't serious. ::He said in the most sarcastic and also serious tone.:: Jarak: We were just communicating plans for our marriage..klingon style. ::grinning :: Fanel: I don't need excuses, doc and is there wrong with your room? This is your office, not your bed chamber. Jarak: I am the Doctor. I am here almost 24/7 Fanel. This is as much my bed chamber as it is my office. ::Smirking :: Fanel: I need you to clear me for duty. Jarak: :: grabbing his tricorder form the Desk, and scanning Fanel, while trying to hold a towel around his waist. :: You're fine, Lt. You can return to duty. ::Jacen didn't wait for a response while the good doctor was scanning him and looked over to Saja in the back hoping she was descent enough, as he can clearly tell. Raising his eyebrow a bit..:: Fanel: Ensign Saja, report to your station and help out. We need everyone standing to report status...Now. ::With great tone.:: Saja: Humph :: growling somewhat.:: Yesrrrr sirrr! ::Most might be a little more cautious and maybe even afriad when getting in between a man and a woman and their...moment, especially if the man and woman are Klingons or in Saja's case, part. It didn't matter to Jacen if he had interrupted 2 Klingons fully engaged in passion, he was an officer, higher rank in the matter than both of them and since this had nothing to do with medicine, he could pull that authority on Jarak.:: Saja: Sir... I will need to- Fanel: Report to your station, Ensign. Now. You two can finish later and in a more appropriate place. :: Saja blushed all shades of red or whatever color a Klinogn blushes in. She tried to squeeze past Lt. Fanel who seemed unwilling to move out of her way for her to get by and so she HAD to squeeze by Jarak and Jacen with limited space between them. Saja was all but out of sorts and she smacked her own head.:: Saja: Oo Ooooh I'm going to get him one of these days! oO Jarak: I will see you later, my Love. :: Turning his head back to Fanel :: You're right in some aspects, here. But next time you interrupt me without proper intervention by knocking or alerting me through the computer, we are going to have words. You're allowed to go back to work, Lt. Be careful up there. :: Jarak turns away and orders the doors shut and locked, so he could get dressed. The doors shut in Fanel's face. :: --- Sims by Lt. Jacen Fanel - (Lead Author) Tactical Officer Dr. Jarak CMO and Ensign Saja Ja'Kor Science Offcer - PNPC (Played by Cura Assanti) Posted by Nathan Baker with permission from the Authors.
  14. Tell your Mom Happy Birthday for me. I'll send you a cellular peptide cake, with mint frosting.
  15. I have several concerns about this turn of events. 1. The plot. It sounds great in theory, but what two-bit adventure could two fresh-out-of-the-gate cadets really get into? Is there a planet in desperate need of a drop kick or mind meld? 2. Casting. Who the heck are you gonna get to play Kirk and Spock? If you try and put A or even B-list actors into the rolls, nobody will buy it. Conversely, relatively unknown actors won't be as good and won't help the movie/story/characters either. The only people I would EVER trust in those rolls are Shatner and Nimoy. END OF STORY. 3. The history. Plenty of other people have mentioned this, so I don't want to beat a dead horse. However, something like this will severely impact the trek history already in place. Prequels were born and should've died with Star Wars Eps 1-3. Enterprise was fine, but still didn't live up to what it could've been. You figure the Trek boys could've figured this out. 4. The Director. I can't sit through an episode of Lost without saying "Huh?" 15 or 20 times. I've given up on that show. Plus, I'm not a big fan of the MI movies either. So are we supposed to believe that a guy who hasn't touched the Sci Fi genre is going to automatically reinvigorate the ST franchise with another prequel? My prediction: Star Trek dies at the hands of J.J. Abrams. It's time for new blood, both in the stories of Trek and the writing staff. How hard can it be to find some decent Star Trek fans who are also great writers and can truly reimagine Roddenberry's original vision? Apparently a lot harder than we can imagine.
  16. WOW! I couldn't stop laughing the entire time I watched that thing. Best Star Trek parody EVER!!
  17. “ House Before Self ” The cloaked IKS G’tag had been idly patrolling the Cardassian border for a week. No orders had come from the High Council about the strike mission. Dortath’s men were growing restless and had resorted to Bat’leth competitions in the mess area to squelch their thirst for combat. “My men will kill each other before we even see a Dominion patrol! Let alone carry out our mission,” Dorath thought as he sat in the Captain’s chair of the K’Vort Class Bird of Prey. He was a tall Klingon with narrow cranial ridges and deep-set brown eyes. Pointed teeth, a scar on his left cheek, and a burly voice rounded out his well-known appearance; well known to his crew at least. Many new crewmembers are treated to a story about the scar when they first come aboard. Legend says Dorath earned the scar when fighting a pack of Kolar beasts with only a D’Ktag when he was a young warrior. Dorath had never confirmed or denied the story. However, the fact he was a keen warrior and leader were all too true. Chancellor Gowron himself had given this command to Dorath during the original conflict with the Cardassians, siting the fact that the man was one of the best warriors Gowron knew. Now the G’tag once again fought along side the Federation and Romulans in the Dominion War. While on this patrol, the G’tag had cloaked and entered Cardassian space on a reconnaissance mission. After finding a secret supply base close to the border at Felmar 5, Dorath had relayed his findings to the High Command. “Well done Captain,” said T'Gor, the Klingon 4th Battle Group Commander, ”However, the High Council must decide whether you may engage the installation.” Dorath was a quiet and patient warrior. One of the few Klingons who could be said to have that virtue, but patience didn’t earn your house a seat on the High Council. The House of Dorath was one of the houses under consideration for a vacant seat on the Council. Dorath knew his conduct in this war would either earn the seat, or keep his house out of the Council for another century. This would be a personal embarrassment for Dorath and his house. After deep thought and meditation, Dorath made his decision. A decision that he made not for himself, but for the greater glory of his house. On the Bridge, Dorath stood up and addressed his crew over the ship-wide intercom. “Crew of the G’tag,” he huffed, “this is Captain Dorath. Now is the time to earn our place in Stovokor. We will attack the enemy supply post. I do not expect us to survive this, but what we do today we do for the greater glory of the Klingon Empire!” Cheers resounded through the hull of the ship. He began to yell, “If we succeed our names will be sung in many songs, our houses will be remembered forever, and we will walk beside Kahless for all eternity! My fellow warriors it is time to prepare for battle, because today is a good day to die!“ More yells and cheers filled the ship. Dorath smiled and sat down in his chair. “All hands, battle alert! Send a coded message to the High Council with our intentions. Helm, set a course for Felmar 5. Maximum Warp!” Four hours later, the ship arrived in the system. Ten Cardassian warships patrolled the area. Dorath knew he would need to sneak past the ships if he had any chance of destroying the base. Suddenly, the tactical officer said, “Captain! Three of the Galors are breaking off and are heading towards us! They must have dectected us! “ “Shall I reverse course Captain,” asked the helmsman. “NO! Disengage cloak, take us into the planet’s atmosphere,” barked Dorath,” Maximum Impulse!” The ship decloaked and began its run to the base. The Galors hammered the G’tag with their compressor beams. Dorath never flinched during the ride. Once the ship reached the planet and had descended into the atmosphere, the G’tag was in bad shape. “Aft shields have failed,” the engineer reported. “Main power is fluctuating and wrap drive is offline!” Dorath smiled and gave his orders, “Target the installation and fire at will!” Two blinding attack runs successfully destroyed the base and the G’tag began its ascent back into space. None of the Galors had fled, but now three Keldon class ships accompanied them. Dorath stood and gave his final order. “Target and fire the nearest ship. Set an intercept course. Ramming Speed!” The G’tag bored toward the nearest Galor ship. Every other Cardassian opened fire. The scene on the bridge was carnage. Dorath stood defiant in the middle of the room and watched the Galor get closer and closer. Aloud he said, ”Glory to the House of Dorath! Kap’lah!”
  18. I agree Wolfie, Anyone who was gullible enough to fall for that... Well, my mother told me if you can't say anything nice...
  19. I voted for the Ent-D in Generations. I just thought it was the end of a great ship. Even though I'm somewhat sad when any of the Enterprises are destroyed, that one just sticks out the most.
  20. I'd like to address a few of these issues brought up about Riker: Concerning Generations- Remember that the Kilingons had the shield modulation frequency. The crew had no idea how they were cutting the Enterprise's defenses, so an effective strategy was hard to come upon in such little time. Insurrection: The Enterprise wasn't modified for travel through the Briar Patch. So pushing the ship was the only way to get a message to the Federation. PLUS, the So'na had subspace weaponry which was far superior to the Enterprise's aresenal. But, I'll go ahead and agree with you on the Rascals and BoBW argument.
  21. Sorry Rocket, But according to StarTrek.com and several other sources (including my own recollection of watching the entire last season), Voyager ended it's run after 7 seasons.
  22. If I remember, they did have PADDs on TOS. They just were bigger and didn't call them PADDs in the shows. I'm upset that Enterprise is cancelled, but they'll catch a huge amount of flak over ending it right before the Romulan War. That's what really kinda cheeses me off.
  23. Again, that would corrupt the timeline. At this point, I don't think Archer needs any help. He's shown that he and his crew can take care of things without help from the future.
  24. I watched the two "Storm Front" episodes. I thought they were very well done. As for sending ships back from the future, you have to realize that the "future" you're referring to wouldn't exist as Daniels knew it. The Federation was destroyed by the bad guy's altering of the timeline. When Archer and Co. destroyed the time conduit thing, everything was reset and put into balance. I missed "Home" because I was out, and I probably won't get to see it unless I can figure out if it will be on before Friday. This upcoming block of shows with Brett Spiner as Arik Soong looks awesome. Genetic Supermen, the Orions, and Klingons look to make it pretty cool.
  25. Yeah, that was a bit lame. But, other than that, I'd say he was a great Captain.
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