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  1. (( Control Room - USS Glenn )) ::The tension between the two women was thick enough to double as duranium. Kamela had considered the matter closed, but T’Lea had other ideas:: Allison: There was no cover to blow, Commander...and I never said I was anything like you said. Remember this...you are dancing on the daggers' edge...make sure you don't fall off..... T’Lea: Fine. You win. :: Kamela gave a sideways glance at the Science officer as she hastily made her way away from the [...]pit. Turning back to face the viewscreen, the sand bar growing ever closer. No sooner than s
  2. ((Atmosphere, Tilanna V)) ::He was falling. Thin, white clouds turned to rust-colored sky, back into puffy white mist. ::3000 feet. ::Falling next to him, nine others were wearing high altitude jump suits. ::1500 feet. A red light flickered in his helmet, warning of the low altitude. ::The ground, merely a hazy grey outline moments before, was beginning to become clearer. Skyscrapers were taking shape. Vehicles, looking like a long row of ants, made a line of traffic. ::700 feet. In his mouth, he could taste the bitter, acidic flavor
  3. (( USS Conny - Main Engineering)) :: Success wasn't always the end. Just because you succeed at one thing didn’t mean the job was over, normally it just meant it was time to do something else just as urgent. :: Hael: =/\= Other’n tha’ we be getting power back up. ain’ gonna be no smooth sailin’, but safe ‘nough to get us home. =/\= Rajel: =/\= Great news. To get power back is fantastic =/\= ::The captain's voice over the comms suddenly reminded Dag that nobody was actually aware of what they had just achieved. He felt confident that it wasn’t his departm
  4. ((Core's quarters)) ::Calls from home were a regular thing for Tristam Daneil Core. His father, Gamighan Core, was great at being awfully over-considerate and had the understandably frustrating need to stay in constant contact with his son of only 31 years of age, who happened to be on the other side of the quadrant, especially when that son happened to be prone to bad luck (e.g. considerable lack of Federation social etiquette and somehow manages to always get caught in bad accidents putting his health to an all-mighty low for the next year at least - not to mention having not been home
  5. ((The person tagged in this sim took a LOA almost immediately after it was posted, so never responded. Still, I thought it was good enough to post even with the open tags.)) ((Risian Beach Program - Holodeck 5- Starbase 118)) ::He watched the tiny cloud drift slowly over the soft blue sky, a small wisp trailing out behind it. Such a small thing, surrounded by vastness. It gave a feeling of humbling insignificance that normally helped him relax, but none of his usual calming methods were working. The board beneath him rocked gently with the tide, usually a soothing motio
  6. (( Holodeck 7; Starbase 118 )) Falcon: oO This is SO COOL! Oo ::Kaitlyn was honestly not sure how old she felt as she sat at Armstrong’s communications station, adorned in the now classic late 23rd century Starfleet uniform.:: ::She knew Constitution-class ships very well, seeing as both her father and her eldest sister captained the last two of them. Kaitlyn remembered well many of her visits to her father’s Yorktown back in the day. While she had, technically, been an adult, she felt like a kid almost every time.:: ::While this program had been billed as a dramatization, just a
  7. (( Captain's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Doyle-A )) :: After Cody left her Ready Room, to which she still hadn't gotten her command codes back, she looked over his whole file. The incident that he recounted was horrible, and she just asked more questions without showing a reaction to the answers. He probably saw her as callous, but that was just the exterior, the necessity of finding out what she needed to know. How similar were their circumstances? :: :: The decision to take the time to reflect, didn't seem to work out for her. Until then she had made snap decisions, but this was the firs
  8. (( Captain's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Doyle-A )) :: Selene was a bit groggy from the sedatives wearing off, again. They were unable to inject her with another dose for a few hours to prevent a possible overdose. Because she enjoyed having a clear mind, she didn't bother mentioning to anyone that her because her blood burned off infection and medications quicker, the likelihood of addiction was greater than overdose. :: :: After she came out of her sedated stupor, she usually ended up in the bathroom. This time as she returned to her living room, she found Ensig
  9. (( Corridor - Deck 5 - USS Doyle-A )) :: Brian Davidson stormed through the corridors of the USS Doyle in an uncharacteristically angry mood. He had heard it from his friend in security who had heard it from a Lieutenant on the bridge and the only person who would have phrased such remarks was a certain Romulan Tribune who he was heading for at the moment. :: :: Coming up to the holodeck that she was currently occupying, he strode in unannounced and ignored the surprised looks on the different holographic federation delegates faces and made his way to the fa
  10. ((Planet PR-652, Pouiyeog Region, over a gorge)) Varaan: Help!? ::While Varaan attempted to hold on to the wet bark of the branch, he could hear wet popping sounds from inside the rotting tree trunk, as his weight was beginning to dislocate the branch from the rest of the tree. Within moments, the branch would separate entirely, and he would fall to his inevitable death in the raging river hundreds of meters below. His hands began to slip on the soft, disintegrating bark. It was only a matter of seconds, now.:: ::The odd thing was, Varaan was not panicke
  11. ((Vireinn Colony, Federation Space)) ::Images of the ships involved flashed up on the screen as the Andorian news anchor reported on the attack. Unexpected, unexplained and apparently independent of any known government or terrorist group. The slipstream starliner, the Charles Lindbergh, had been carrying the Trill Chief of Staff, Anaria Kthria, on her way to some important negotiations, along with three hundred tourists enjoying a cruise through the exotic Menthar Corridor. Suddenly, they were all involved in something none of them could have anticipated.::
  12. ((Andersen’s Quarters – Starbase 118)) ((Time index – Evening of the crew gathering.)) ::The routine of the station was a welcome change in the wind down after Tilanna V. The mundane 9 to 5 was a joy. Especially when Friday came around. Commander Taybrim had invited the senior staff to another gathering. The man certainly knew how to throw a party. He also knew how to keep his guest happy. Freya laughed when she had seen the Best of the Wurst would be catering the event, as well as the illogical eatery – it seemed the conversation between the security officer and marine captain about th
  13. ((Promenade, back maintenance corridors - StarBase 118 Ops)) ::They said that one man's tragedy was another man's opportunity. For Lt. Surem nothing could be more true. He heard the rumors, the hushed whispers that these terrible riots and all this destruction were caused by the same saboteurs who crashed the Cerberas into the special ops tower. If only the Resiliency had the resources and the capabilities to bring the Federation to its knees this easily! Surem would be thrilled to wield such power. But that was not the case. The timing was a classic case of red herring, where it simply s
  14. ((Sickbay, USS Constitution- ) ((OOC -- Sidesim? I'm not really sure where this fits, since I had left Sickbay on my last post, but I'm going to have some fun here.)) :: Time must still be playing tricks here, Alex was certain he had left sickbay, but here he was again, with Tal looking over him. Maybe he had been daydreaming or something, but the large blue man was standing over him, giving him a look. :: Bishop: Hello to you too Commander. How can I help? Tel-ar: Medical. Bishop: You really need to stop playing with toys that will sear your flesh. This is starting to become a habit
  15. ((Peppalexan Jungle, somewhere in the distant past)) ::Two more weeks had passed since Ki Shandres and Tristam Core had joined him in temporal exile, two weeks during which any hope of rescue had long since departed. They were lost in the past. Exactly, how far into the past, they couldn’t know. None of them had the kind of equipment that could reckon such things. Regardless, no one was coming for them.:: ::Saveron’s medical tricorder at least allowed them to identify which of the local life forms were safe to eat, and once they had identified sufficient of the plant life to provide a bala
  16. ((USS Excalibur-A, Holodeck 3 )) :: Feeling the tension suddenly radiating from the Counselor accompanied by a slight colouring to her cheeks :: oO This didn’t work, she not to well Oo Logan:: Stopping his movements and dropping his arms :: Computer. Make a cushioned chair, suitable size for the counsellor:: Upon the chairs appearance he motioned towards it :: Ma’am Jolara: ::nodding slowly:: I am sorry. Logan:: After the counsellor had sunk into the cushions Kurt sunk to one knee to be more on her level and so to not loom over her :: Would you like me to call a Doctor ma’am oO As I may ha
  17. ((Palace of Her Majesty Virah-Latyi, Myla-Rothra City, 15,000 years ago)) :: As Ryan continued to recite, Chythar was trying hard to stay relaxed. He was remembering to breathe slowly. As he inhaled, he tensed and held his muscles which he released upon exhale. oO This is a really bad idea.... Oo :: ::The room began to grow quiet.:: King: If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, ::pause:: ::With a wave of her flaps the Queen moved in toward Ryan, inching closer a look of impatient anger in her face as the level of her voice began to raise. Closing the distance surprisingly quic
  18. (( Evan Delano’s Quarters, Deck 9, USS Garuda )) :: At this range, subspace communications were sometimes difficult to arrange, but Starfleet had gone to great lengths to establish a secure, fast network that allowed live communication with most of the core Starfleet worlds. That being said, Evan’s mother still accused him of not calling often enough. :: DELANO: Mom, I called you a week ago. I can’t help when we’re out of range of the subspace relays. SUSAN: You could still write, or record a message. DELANO: :: sighing :: I’ll try to do that more often. Did you get the package I sent? S
  19. ((In a shuttle in space attacking a Borg cube)) :: Tal adjusted his flight path. As he had expected the Borg had not fired on him so their seemed to be little point in his continuing to tax the shuttles maneuvering systems when the enemy seemed to be ignoring him. :: :: Tal doubled checked the distance from him to the shield that was protecting the Borg cube. Soon… very soon in fact at the speed he was travelling so he reached over, tapped a couple controls and brought up the next song. Just hearing it brought back memories of that beach front tavern that Jason had always been dragging him to
  20. (( Private Quarters of Nienne Kenoi; USS Garuda)) :: The color scheme for her new quarters were cream and mauve with accents in a muted green and she approved. Sort of. It was soothing enough and feminine. Alright but not quite what she wanted. No, what she wanted, really wanted, were hardware floors and floor to ceiling windows that let in lots of light and a workspace for her art. She wanted those beaches that turned this lovely shade of pink as the first tendrils of dawn worked their way up into the sky. She wanted that one turquoise wall in her bedroom that always made her mother cringe w
  21. (( Embassy Grounds )) :: Tal E'leck was used to watching, but that did not mean he liked it. He was a soldier, and his duty was to protect what was left of the Romulan Star Empire. Part of that duty was to perform surveillance covertly of the Federation and Starfleet forces currently rebuilding their shattered embassy and restoring their grounds. He hated them..their abundance, their seeming joy and resoluteness at restoring what the bastard hated Klingons and their lapdogs from the Orion Syndicate and the religious zealots from the Scarlet Brotherhood had done to their homes and grounds. Him
  22. ((Celes II, Ruin of Abandoned Machinery Storage Warehouse)) ::The building was huge. None of its original equipment functioned any longer, and it had a large gash near one side of it that would have left the building open to the atmosphere had not the Clashing organisers sealed it with ferrofoam. The place had all the hallmarks of a temporary shelter - portable furniture and partitions brought in, generators laying about powering lights and replicators and local atmospheric conditioners.:: ::Only ten years previous, this place had been full and busy, an integral part of a nearby dilith
  23. ((Bridge, USS Mercury, moments after Alexanders meeting with Professor Cowens.)) ::Alexander exited the turbolift with ease. He had become used to wheeling himself around, although he missed being able to walk dearly. His reason for being here today was not to 'work' but rather to familiarize himself with the helm controls once again. Although he was the chief of science, it never hurt to keep skills learned fresh. After all, he had unexpectedly found himself at the helm again during the last mission to JB-437.:: ::He rolled down to the helm console and nodded to the rather surprised helmsman
  24. ~Mo~

    Round 11 Ensign Carlton Worick, Memories

    (( USS Drake - Science Lab )) ILWARY: I think we can say with 99% confidence that they are us. ::She gasped and panted few times watching his expression attentively.:: oOHe hates me now.Oo ~I'll go and report to Captain, you can go and report to Commander Brice. Explain her also about the radioactive substance they found out about and tell her I'm going to talk to Captain and ask if we can do the active scan of the planet ourselves to check their findings.~ WORICK: ~...okay~ :: He was already pulling back from contact, afraid not of her but of his own feelings...although Ireya might n
  25. Voting closes Wednesday, July 8th, 2012 at 23:59 PM. This round of voting only qualifies one sim to move on to the next round of judging. REMEMBER: This is NOT a popularity contest. Vote based on MERIT, not the fact that someone is your crewmate. Any crews found “stuffing the ballots” or ratings, will be disqualified PERMANENTLY. Yes, that means the whole crew!
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