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  1. Congratulations!! Absolutely well deserved, to each and every one of you!
  2. Congratulations, everyone! Very much well deserved! I'd also like to commend (and personally thank) both @Oddas Aria and @Randal Shayne - The two of you were, and still are, among the best faces I have to look up to, whenever it's some brainstorming for a sim (and I'm fully aware how difficult I can be when it comes to that), an OOC need, some much needed venting, and even just a casual chat - you always find the time to reply to anything I have to ask or say, even - or rather especially - with all your OOC work around the fleet, and the general management of the ship. And that, in my eyes, says a lot. I'm not sure if I can describe just how grateful I am to have met you, and write with you. And again - congratulations to everybody! Your tireless work on the fleet is exactly what makes simming an extremely fun experience for me. I'm so glad to be here, and the immense work done by you is one, massive cause for it.
  3. I'm torn between the Danube-class runabout and the Delta Flyer, but considering I actually have a 3D printed and painted model of a Danube-class runabout, I think it kinda tips the balance to the latter 😛
  4. Oh right, how could I forget about Archer's Theme?! I love it!!
  5. if we're not specifically discussing the opening themes, I'm actually a big fan of a few of the tracks in the Discovery and Picard soundtracks, as well as a couple of ones from TNG by Ron Jones!
  6. Noa decided to be just slightly more outgoing than usual at the ceremony, so here she is!
  7. For me, it's the Defiant-class. Placing the fact it just looks awesome in my opinion aside, this one little ship is smaller than an NX-class! It honestly just baffles my mind. I know there are over 220 years of difference between the development of the two classes, but it's just awesome to me.
  8. EXCITEMENT LEVELS ARE OFF THE SCALE!!!! I really look forward to this.
  9. Honestly, the Crossfield class just looks awesome, really.
  10. Holodecks... Imagine having to consume two dimensional entertainment! Unimaginable!
  11. Oh yeah, this sounds like something that cannot get wrong at all, of course. It has its uses, but still, it's highly risky - from fixing medical issues to outright making people physical copies of other people/members of other species. Count me in.
  12. ((OOC: @Kali Nicholotti wrote a sim which displays the current turn of events aboard the Eagle, from a rather... interesting perspective. I loved reading it, and I believe it deserves a shout-out. It's not like any sim I've read before (probably due to being new), and it certainly sparked the concept of writing from such a perspective for me. Thank you!)) --- (OOC - Just a different perspective of our ringworld...) ((Ringworld)) The white puffy clouds drifted by without so much as a notice to the ground below. Untethered to any of it, the apparent lack of caring was a direct result of not being bound by gravity like so much of the other pieces of this strange worldly puzzle. Without a worry, the droplets that made up the clouds flew around, twirling and dipping in a dance only made beautiful by the end result, offering bits of on and off shade from the ever glowing sun. A gentle breeze wafted down from the mountains in the distance, lazily pushing the clouds along towards the village. A stray bird or three occasionally picked up on the current, drifting with wings outstretched to wherever the winds took it. Just like the clouds, the bird lazily moved along, not seeming to have a direction, a purpose, or any urgent needs. Here and there it gave a glance towards the ground below, wondering if it was a good time to stop in for a bite. Ultimately it kept going, drifting along in no particular direction. The vibrance of the grass was striking against the other equally vibrant colors on the ground. Even the mud next to the river was vibrant in its brown and orange hues. The water was crystal clear, save for the occasional eddy of reddish brown mud, and the varied colors of aquatic life ofset the glass-clear water as it gently flowed away from the mountains in the distance. Here and there a small splash let the universe know there was life down there, though the universe never seemed to care. Beyond that, among an overgrowth of branches and moss, a small frog hopped from rock, to branch, and back again seeking something delicious to snack on. A few bugs had passed by, short for the world in his presence, making the rock an ideal place for a rest. The cool feel of the rock was different than those in the surrounding area, which really was little consequence to the frog, but was nonetheless. Another insect passed by just then, and for a time, the frog watched it. Then, with precision only nature could replicate, the insect was gone. Had anyone been watching, they might not have even seen the long tongue of the creature dart out and catch the flying bug. A strange feeling of pin[...]s suddenly replaced the cool feeling of the rock, making it decidedly uncomfortable. Another insect flew by, but the frog was too busy trying to hop away. The feeling grew, increasing to a point that the frog could no longer take, and in a second, he hopped down to the ground below. No later than his legs left the rock, an electrical discharge from the clouds connected with the rock causing a loud bang, and a moment of searing heat. Thankfully, the frog had hopped just far enough from the rock to have to worry about being cooked, but the sound had startled him and left him in a state of shock. It only took a moment for the world around him to settle back into normalcy. If he hadn't been a frog, perhaps he would have thought about what had caused the sudden discharge of energy, or what had caused it, but as a frog he simply let instinct guide him away from what he perceived as a predator. The Frog As simmed by: -- Commander Ash MacKenna Intelligence Officer USS Eagle R238605KN0
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