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  1. Logic will take you from A to B.
    Imagination will take you everywhere.
    ~ Albert Einstein

  2. Welcome to the group, Derek! Love that UFOP values have a place in the world and especially, that you have the time again to write. I'm (relatively) new myself but I'm totally enjoying the chance to explore one character in such detail. And, this is a great group - entirely supportive.
  3. Welcome, Gary! For me, my favorites were TNG and Voyager. Great shows both and probably shouldn't mention it here, but I'm also a big fan of the 2004 version of Battlestar Galactica. Glad to see that I wasn't the only one that didn't enjoy Enterprise. It was alright it was just lacking something. Good that you made your way back to Email RPG. I'm new at it myself but am enjoying the experience immensely. I really like digging into a character that is so different than myself, doing the research, and making it work. And ... this is an awesomely supportive community. Sochya eh dif, Remy
  4. Welcome! This is a great group and I hope you enjoy training. Had to look up Magna Roman (thank you Memory Alpha/Beta) but it sounds like an interesting idea. I've read some about ancient Roman culture and I'm curious about how you relate that to present day. Again, welcome. ~ Remy
  5. "Tatash offered a sincere smile to Wesen, although it translated to a hellscape of pointed teeth in his scarred snout." Loved this bit of description. (Wesen is a holodeck creation who is trying to bargain his way to freedom through the use of a riddle)
  6. Welcome, Rand. I'm (relatively) new myself and I have to say, this is a great group. And speaking in character -- Live long and prosper!
  7. I'm Remy and I live in the Eastern US where we are having a brief respite from single digit temperatures. My brother is a huge Star Trek fan. We tried playing the Star Trek version of trivial pursuit with him because some one bought it for him as a joke. He ran the table. Literally. So far, I've watched the original series, The Next Generation and Voyager. Tried to watch Enterprise but stalled about halfway through. And just started working on DS9. I found this place through a Google search when someone mentioned the idea of roleplay by email. Course, he does it in a forum and its based on My Little Pony of all things (I was shocked, shocked I tell you - but apparently, in his world, pony hooves can do everything hands can do.) While that didn't interest me, Star Trek did. And so, here I am.
  8. This is old I know but I just saw an article about bubble and squeak. The writer, who says its used in the royal nursery, says that they put things like broccoli into the mashed potatoes as a way to introduce new vegetables. Sounded good ... though I'd use fresh, not old.
  9. (OOCly speaking) Merry Christmas to all!

  10. Welcome! I'm new here myself. You know, I was nervous going into the Academy and nervous when I was assigned to a ship ... but there really wasn't any need. Everyone I've met has been very welcoming and easy to talk to ... so, relax and have some fun. Its a great group. Seriously.
  11. Okay ... I love this. And I think it would be great fun to write those sorts of interactions between two Vulcans.
  12. I was reading a book about the nuances of Japanese culture back when Samurai strode the land. I was wondering if the subtleties of a culture where everyone works hard to be polite would apply to Vulcan culture? Two people can think about something logically and come to different conclusions based on their own set of experiences and knowledge. Suppose that happened? how would that be expressed in roleplay? I was thinking there could be those same sorts of subtleties (maybe microexpressions?). Is that possible?
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