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  1. What do you mean I have to keep it on for the entire ceremony?
  2. ((CSO’s Office)) ((Before the Events of ‘Date Night’)) ::Taelon sat at his desk for a few minutes after Theo left, stunned. There were a thousand thoughts going through his head - what did this mean, is it casual, are humans ever casual about this? When had this changed, exactly? Had Theo tried to drop hints before and he’d not seen them? Paramount among them was one fact: He had no idea how dates worked. El-Aurians...well, he assumed they dated, too, but he hadn’t exactly gotten a crash-course in it. Right - he could address that logically, he decide
  3. ((OOC Note: The song playing in the background is Tom Wait’s Rainbirds, if you’re curious you can hear it here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hrlK69wwWA . listening while reading might enhance the experience.)) ((Temporary Apartments, Starbase 118 Operations)) :: Liani walked through the front door of her apartment and let her pack slip onto the floor, a soft non committal thud. The door slides shut behind her- a clean sound of sliding metal. She baps at the control panel a few times until the lock engages and moves a few slow steps into the room. Her eyes slide
  4. This actually might be the official Ops motto
  5. Haha, yeah. I thought about having Flynn give him a 'Free Nibbles' Apron.
  6. Flynn is ALWAYS down for a party! In fact he is probably overdue for hosting a proper beach blowout...
  7. I have decided to give it another go. My handle is trazko55 and anyone is welcome to add me. I wasn't able to find the fleet but would happily join if invited.
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