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  1. School Orientation - Scary

  2. ((OOC: The Full title of this is: Episode 1: SB118 Mystery Hour - The Pact, but unfortunately it was too large to fit in the Topic Title input)) ((Blueheart’s Quarters, USS Avandar / Haase’s Quarters, USS Gorkon)) ::Adam had recently changed quarters after the sudden invasion of the glass orb. Finally settling in, he felt compelled to speak with his mentor - Captain Raj Blueheart, who was now serving aboard the recently commissioned USS Avandar.:: HAASE: =/\= Computer, establish a linkup with the computer of the USS Avandar. =/\= COMPUTER: =/\= Please enter authorized security code =/\= HA
  3. WINDOWS 10 - Make a Program for Star Trek Gaming on HoloLens!!!

  4. Heading off to sleep. Good night, SB118

  5. Hehehehe. My dream scene will take everyone by surprise

  6. ((PART ONE)) ((USS Atlantis - Deck Two - The Trident)) ::The turbolift came to a stop with the introductions completed, and both officers stepped out. Walking into the Trident, both sat down. At first, no one spoke. But little by little, Adam gained the courage to take his eyes away from the large window, and engaged T'Var.:: HAASE: So, what were those ideas you talked about? I’m just bursting with anticipation. HELLING: You remember in the briefing Commander Townson said we may have to infiltrate Holonna. I’m just, ::T’Var hesitated:: I’ve been thinking over possibilities. HAASE: I'm good
  7. To Dream or Not to Dream....I guess we'll find out in the long run

  8. Meeting and Greeting on USS Gorkon can get boring - let's get on with the ceremony!

  9. Well, No longer on Victory - Say hello the the USS Gorkon

  10. No longer on Victory - Gorkon was invented instead

  11. Sad to be leaving Atlantis - but glad to meet new friends aboard USS Victory

  12. Looks like EMH wins, Hands down! Robert Picardo - you are amazing!!!
  13. Captain Janeway is the obvious choice! Didn't you see the work she did with Q's son? She can do anything! And besides, she's a great role model, and a great problem solver. I can't imagine having anyone else as a Star Trek parent!
  14. I was so upset when this game was taken offline/canceled. I am unsure which occurred, but it seemed like such a fun game to play!
  15. Oh my goodness, yes! I loved playing Birth of the Federation. The fight scenes could have been better, but for the time I assume that they were good graphics. It was hard, but I even got it to run on Windows 8! Ah, those were the good times --- before my hard drive failed. xD
  16. I love the Star Trek Movies, even the Original Series, TNG, and 2009/2014 - don't get me wrong. But the Television series go so much further in depth that you can't ignore the fact that they are better. Over 720 episodes facing 13 or so movies? The 720 episodes have to win in my opinion.
  17. ((Holodeck 2, USS Atlantis)) :: In the heat of the moment Gwen found herself in a long, beautiful, and passionate kiss with Wyn. She wasn't sure which one of them kissed first but she didn't care. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. The pair danced and kissed and didn’t notice Lt. JG Janeway coming up behind them. :: JANEWAY: GET AWAY FROM HER! SHE’S MY MATE! :: Breaking from the kiss :: GARDENER: What are you yelling about? JANEWAY: ::Getting increasingly frustrated:: YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! GET AWAY FROM THAT ANDORIAN PUSS HOG!!! ::Wyn paused and looked around. So far, wit
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