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  1. "It started as flashes. At the time I wasn't what they really were. Perhaps it was just my imagination running wild, filling in gaps I hadn't been able to fill since I was a child. But as time passed, the flashes morphed into more in depth, clearer images. Whispers became voices," Rune said, her voice soft and quiet. She drew in a slow, steady breath. "The panic attacks began soon after the memories began to surface." She swallowed hard, not able to make eye contact. "Fits of sudden nausea, cold sweats, shaking hands, blurred vision, heart racing so fast I thought it would burst through my ch
  2. I will be submitting mine tomorrow unless I decide it isn't dark enough.
  3. It's hard to choose just one.. Darmok, Sarek and Inner Light were the most powerful to me.
  4. I think I may have to do this one... saying it out loud in public kinda means I have to right?
  5. Hey Reni! You can start with the returning player form... http://www.starbase118.net/members/personnel/forms/request-to-return Since it's been over a year, you will need to go through training again as a refresher course.
  6. ((Unknown)) ::Sunlight splashed into the [...]pit of the fighter, blinding her. Raising a suited hand, she blocked the light, squinting her eyes open just enough to make out her surroundings. That was when she realized that her hand wasn’t suited, and the light wasn’t pouring into her [...]pit.:: ::Pulling herself up she looked around. Everything seemed unfamiliar and dark, except for the area where she sat. The five or so feet around her was like a piece of home; the feeling of tarmac under her made her look in the direction where her plane should have been. But it wasn’t there. Only the st
  7. SAVERON: And how compatible is their method of communication with the Universal Translator? SULIA: Absolutely incompatible. How marvellous is that? Just like the good old days. ----------------------- And that's when the fight started...
  8. ((USS Avandar, Quarantine Quarters A)) :: She hadn’t moved in hours.:: :: As if locked in a coffin, T’Lea laid motionless on her cot with her hands folded across her stomach, and her eyes closed. A breath was taken every two or three minutes, which made her look dead between the rise and fall of her chest.:: :: Meditation was the only thing that quelled the burning rash plaguing her skin. Dark green discoloration had spread up her neck and the side of her face. The doctor had given her a cream to soothe the irritation, but all she could say about that was that it smelled weird – like
  9. I believe Guinan had planned becoming part of the Enterprise crew having met Picard originally on earth in the 1800s. I can't remember exactly but there was a special connection between them. As for the El Aurians, I assumed (even though not specifically stated) that they were running from the Borg and that is why they were refugees. The Borg somehow taking over their planet, they didn't have access to the technology or whatever gave them the ability to transport. Another theory I've heard is they were an off-shoot of Q which could explain the ability to be on Earth during the 1800s. Something
  10. Welcome Dade. I'm sure you can fit in. We're a very diverse group with members from all over the world.
  11. Khan is my pick. Q is more of a spoiled brat with too much power, mischievous yet he wasn't really evil. Lore would have been on the villain list as well along with Dukat and I just absolutely hated Kai Winn from the very beginning. She would be right next to Khan for top villain in my book.
  12. While the SFX and action in the trailers look really awesome, I will have to reserve final opinion until I've seen it. I just really hate that they are messing with the TOS era instead of coming up with a new set of characters... then again they are driven by making money instead of a love for Trek.
  13. I would like to see something along the lines of the novel series "New Frontier." and perhaps a species diverse crew like in the "Titan" series. But I would not use any cannon characters, they would all be fresh and original. I would also use mostly new or lesser known aliens as adversaries or new found allies. Though the occasional appearance of common baddies would be okay. I absolutely would not include what JJ Abrams did so either that would not have happened or it would be set in the years prior. While JJ Abrams is a fantastic and creative director, I didn't care for the story line. Even
  14. True, but the idea here is that everything was the same up until Nero showed up and disrupted time. So if that's the point of change, there's still a lot that should remain untouched. The general causality of most of the events from TOS and the first six movies shouldn't have been affected much. That is, of course, if we're going to treat it as realistically and literally as possible. Actually there were quite a few things different before Nero showed up. Kirk's childhood, Spock & Uhura, Spock & Kirk hating each other, with the vast age difference (21 yrs between Scotty & Chekov) i
  15. Hi all, I'm Kait. I was a member a couple years ago as Lt j.g. Kaitlyn Rowan and I'm looking to return with a brand new character, Rune Jolara. There's a lot of new faces and I look forward to making some new friends and having fun. I've played off and on in many groups over the years and UFoP is without doubt the best.
  16. Challenges are supposed to be just that... a challenge of writing skills. If the topics are too easy, in my opinion, the writing becomes boring. Also seeing how the topics are interpreted is part of what makes the challenges interesting. Even if the topic isn't totally understood, it makes for an interesting read. It's been a while since I've done a challenge. Not because I haven't been interested in any of the topics but because I have gotten too busy to devote enough time to write something decent. Bi-Monthly is a good time frame... just not always for me. I do agree with Toni, that it would
  17. Thanks, honestly I did not expect to win. There were some really good stories submitted. Congratulations to everyone.
  18. The sun filtered through the tree limbs hanging overhead. A warm breeze rustled the leaves and birds could be heard singing in the distance. It was the perfect weather to run on the beach, feeling the sand between your toes, playfully splashing the water and laughing; but there was no sand, no laughter and no playfulness. Silence was broken only by hushed sobbing. Tears fell wetting the faces of those standing beside me, yet no tears fell from my eyes; there was no hushed sobbing within me. Incense tainted the gentle breeze. My head remained raised, eyes staring at the cascade of red and
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