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  1. Quoting Lt. Cmdr. Fiorr...I love the image of this.
  2. Zinna's gonna wear this! Pretty simple for an awards ceremony! Thanks T'Mihn for the closet raiding!
  3. I used to play but I never got pass the Lt. Cmdr. rank...I'm awful at space fighting and I always cause my ship and crew to die a painful death and eventually I get tired of respawning lol.
  4. Star Trek: Titan novels are my favorite and I highly recommend.
  5. “I love you.” “I love you too, honey.” Lt. Tom Skuller smiled at his wife, who was pregnant. She had been carrying that soon to be chubby blob of cuteness for eight months and would soon be letting it finally breath air. Cindy Skuller was holding her stomach and smiling lightly. Giving birth was an excruciating task, and this would be her first time. She was nervous, but that's why she held Tom's hand, for comfort. =/\= Captain Smasher to Lt. Skuller, please report to the bridge. =/\= “Wait...you're leaving?” Cindy asked. Tom looked at her with sorrow. “Sorry hon, duty calls,” he said to her.
  6. Welcome to the Forums! And to the Independence! :)

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