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  1. This is a bit of a sticky situation and not just because there is a life at stake. The question I am asking myself though is, who are these parents to request an intervention in the first place. On top of that, since we are not talking about a federation world then elements of the prime directive are still in effect. Specifically the species right to self governance. Simply put I can't see why I would go to this planet to even investigate, however since I am on this planet in the scenario then I guess it would be worth talking to the would be groom. But unless the groom made a compelling
  2. I agree that I too would move in to assist, it is the right thing to do on the off chance that the distress call is genuine and also because I am sure a starfleet regulation requires all able ships to respond to distress calls. HOWEVER, since we know of these pirates and their tendency to ambush ships, even without the knowledge of they holographic technology, I would go in with weapons and shields up. And run full sensor sweeps just to make sure the supposed ship in distress is really in distress. Or it will be about to be in distress....
  3. Perhaps the best analogy i could make, and this is strictly in my opinion, shuttles are almost like cars. Cars ferry people from point A to point B and that is exactly what shuttles do when a starship in unavailable or impractical. The Delta Flyer and even runabouts could be described as camper vans. Yes they can ferry people around but they also have that handy bed and kitchen sink. As such they are used for more then simple ferrying of people. And let us not forget that Voyager had a limited number of auxiliary craft so it makes sense that the Delta Flyer would be used predominantly (seeing
  4. You know, I kind of disagree with this. Bonding with family and the like is important but what you really have to think of is that this technology is really impractical. I mean in the sense that transmitting a hologram across space is incredibly complex particularly at longer distances. The more efficient solution is transmitting videos to and from. And what you would gain by having that hologram is of marginal benefit really.
  5. There have been many wonderful uses of this technology though I voted for holographic doctors. Not necessarily because we specifically need so many doctors but rather because the technology could create so many other in demand positions. If you can't have robots, the least you can have is holograms, right?
  6. Because the Flyer pretty much replaces the entirety of the Voyager in many missions. Its a fully sledge starship in its own right.
  7. Yep which is why I choose not to vote for the runabouts from DS9, also the Delta Flyer really really isn't a shuttle (I mean just consider how its used! And I think this is the limiting factor). So I know I am shooting myself in the foot but I am going to vote for the Enterprise E's captain Yacht. Just because the type 9 wasn't on the list.
  8. Ok I just have to say it: Under no circumstances should grappling a ship ever be a good idea!!! Seriously. I went with the solar flare attack, because despite being planned beforehand its such a great spur of the moment life saving idea. On the whole though, most examples that could be found are way too situational or zany to ever really work twice, so I don't know how good a tactic they could possible be then. I suppose the lesson to the story is that sometimes it pays to think a fraction longer for that outside the box solution instead of simply shooting til the last ship floating.
  9. I suppose the one thing I like about the soloton wave or even graviton catapult methods is that it probably is in line with something that present day earth is likely to invent to make space travel just that much easier, before practical ftl is developed. Though I don't think they have as much potential as weapons as you think because they would probably cause to much damage to ships crossing space lanes at the wrong times. What's good of a weapon that you can't control, an all that.
  10. Yeah sure and while your at it, you might just accidentally fry the machines keeping the people alive, killing them to, not freeing them. Seriously though, this question is wholly dependant on the context it arises. If the terms pre-warp and or prime directive are used then that's it, sadly. In any other situation, I believe that the is a clause in the star fleet regulations saying that officers must prevent slavery, which this would classify as, though I might be mistaken. If I'm right though, starfleet gets to go war with the machines. Yay.
  11. I feel that most alternate fall somewhat into one of two categories. Either the warp variant is a technology that is faster then warp but comes complete with "handy" draw backs. On the other side you have methods that wouldn't look out of place on that other long running SciFi show, you know the one with the round wormhole creating device. Just to put it out there, I would never consider a stargate-by any other name cool in the context of trek, to me its just not what trek is about. The enterprise wasn't cool because of the planets it visited but rather it was an amazing location in its
  12. In a way, legal drama themed trek episodes are among the most core examples of what trek is all about. Going where no man has gone before doesn't just mean discovering new planets but also new ways of thinking about society and this is what these episodes do so well. On the whole they are incredibly well written, engaging and thought provoking. My personal preferences though are to the examples such a "A measure of a man". "Author Author" is also in much the same vein but who could seriously pick that over some of those lines made by Picard in "A measure of a man". To me, these episodes
  13. I think that we ought to be careful how we define a racial stereotype in this context. Maybe I am picking at straws here, but what we are really talking about is concepts deeply ingrained in a particular race and or society. So yes, we expect to see these traits in all examples of said species and when they aren't they the results are either truly amazing or spectacularly awful. Personally though I think "stereotypes" are only a bad thing if they are just put there as some shallow expected trope. Racial stereotypes give a lot of room for character development in the sense of why the cha
  14. I thinking I am going to be a bit of the black sheep here by saying, I am glad that Voyager didn't land all that often. I mean they said time and time again that getting home was all that mattered so having random episodes of them landing doesn't particularly serve that goal from a OOC perspective. I also tend to think that this technology is in the same vien of saucer separation. Sure its cool and occasionally useful but not prominent. And nor should it be, I mean like because I can't think of a long term mission where a starship is better off on the ground rather then in space with the
  15. Interesting topic indeed and answers depend deeply on specifics as previously mentioned. Personally I really love the idea of organic ships but it takes a certain type of people/setting to make them work. The idea of sentience is always a problem be it with holograms or bio-ships. Perhaps it could be said that if the ship is fully sentient some sort of service contract could be barted into just like contracts star fleet personnel agree to when they sign onto star fleet therefore negating any potential ethical concerns.
  16. A supernatural being that can make every man on a starship vanish at a snap of his fingers (or bring them back as it happened), yeah I think the Q species is on the banned list for a good reason. With the very odd exception I have to say I love Q, in large part because of John DeLancie. I mean the DS9 Q episode is the worst Q episode of all time (I am not a fan of the series final of TNG either, "All good things" I think it is), and Q could be childish but I kinda like that about him. Q with all his lovable/hate-able quirkiness makes up for all those stereotypical god like alien entities that
  17. I know whenever I was judging I would usually do a word count if an entry looked too big never really saw one that was too small. But it goes to show that size doesn't guarantee success. If possible I think it would be great if the archives weren't taken down at all and instead could be kept somewhere like the sim archives. Perhaps on the wiki or maybe stay on the forums. It would be a shame to loose all that history that has developed over the years.
  18. I have been participating in the writing challenges for most of my time with the SB118 Community in one fashion or another. I remember entering one of the challenges ages ago which had a topic of belief or religion. I can't remember the exact theme. What I enjoyed about that theme was that it allowed me to write a story about my PC's past that I wouldn't have been able to do or would have thought to do in my normal simming. Another great theme that stands out was the short story entry (Theme: In a moment. which had a smaller word cap) as it helped me explore a character that I would go on to u
  19. Shouldn't be too long now, I would image. But I too am eager to see the results and feedback from the Nov/Dec round. Just bad timing with the holidays and the new year I think.
  20. After rereading my entry I noticed that one of the words toward the end of the entry has been censored out. Who would have thought that the proper word that is used to in place of a starship's bridge for shuttles or runabouts would be censored. I certainly wasn't, rudely or otherwise, referring to human anatomy or the like.
  21. Blunt Forces 2: Debrief Cadet Ellen Cain found herself sitting in the crew lounge of the Tarisa's Jewel, her CO’s Argonaut Class Runabout. Perhaps it was a well known exaggeration to call it a crew lounge considering the size of the compartment but it provided enough space for Ellen to sit and think. In this case she was thinking about the contents of the padd she held in her hands. She needn't look at the contents of the padd again as she wrote and submitted the report it held mere hours beforehand. And yet it still weighed heavily on her mind. Hearing footsteps Ellen didn't leap to her f
  22. Blunt Forces She felt herself falling backward more then what she stumbled on. As she fell her mind seemed to be processing information at warp speeds which made time seem to stand still but in reality it only took seconds for her to hit the ground. Adrenal coursed through her body, training raged in her mind attempting to dictate her actions and fear fought to quash both of those survival mechanisms and more. As she touched the ground she immediately rolled to her left amazed she hadn’t broken either of her arms in her descent but in truth all she cared about was avoiding the black blade that
  23. To: Department of Fleet Logistics, Star Fleet Head Quarters, Earth From: Commander Fia Eckelson, Star Base 118 Star Date: 239108.20 Re: Implementation of a new Fleet wide uniform. Sir, Since the beginning of this year, I have had the duty of commanding the Public Relations and Workplace Efficiency Think Tank based out of Star Base 118. While I will not bore you with the details of the day to day operations of the think tank I would like to bring one of our latest projects to your attention as I believe it worthy of fleet wide implementation. This project centers around a complete overhaul
  24. Reality of command "Yes Admiral, I did disobey two sets of direct orders and through my negligence to my duty as a Star Fleet officer I caused the deaths of three crew members as well as the destruction of my ship." Commander Arden Cain said without a trace of pride in his voice. The truth of course was more complicated or at least more detailed but the essence of the story was correct. And while he knew that he faced court marshal and even prison for his actions, right then in the Admiral's office wasn't the time for Arden to start defending himself. In a way, as far as Arden knew, the admira
  25. That brought a smile to my day. lol. Cookie!!!
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