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  1. QUOTE OF THE MONTH: Love isn't about finding the perfect person. It's about seeing an imperfect person perfectly. ((I have GOT to get Lix to say that in a post!!))

  2. I have a fantastic idea. On shore leave, let's throw a formal dress party: *THAT* would be interesting

  3. "IT'S ALIVE!"

    Hahahaha. Should be interesting after the mission. I can't wait to see what we're doing, especially if it means: PARTYS!! ;D

  4. Uh oh . . . Congratulations (Lieutenant) Commander! You've caught up to Jesse!

  5. Last time I checked, he's worked under Ed before! Ha! Deja Vu in a different rank and position!

  6. Yeah, I thought you looked a little lonely! lol.

    Jeez. Everyone's disappearing! Captain's goin' to the Embassy, Ensign Delwyn's going to the Discovery-B . . . we're we going, you wonder! Hope we get the same ship; making Sky argue with Parker'll be fun under Ed!

  7. I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts. There they all are standing in a row. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. Give them a flick, a twist of the wrist. That's what the showman said.

  8. Welcome to the fleet! Hope training was fun for ya!

  9. Maybe the Challenger should convert the holodeck or Mess Hall into a shelter. 'Cause there ain't that many people who have quarters now!!

  10. That's fine by me. Feel free to use it if you have any more technical difficulties.

  11. USS Challenger-A. Don't worry, my First Officer has four other new ensigns on the ship, and it's a miricle that he's still standing he's had that much to do!

  12. Hahahaha. Yes but SHHH! My character isn't one to command! In fact, it's kind of a miricle that Major deMarc hasn't thrown her in the brig yet: She's back-chatting him that bad, it's a wonder why he didn't suddenly drop sooner! Which reminds me: None of you might happen to know where Major deMarc's writer suddenly went, would you?
  13. Hey . . . Where did you go? Did you suddenly drop out of the ship?

  14. What. Did. You. Make. Him. DO??

    I think I'll take you up on that: For all I know, Sky might need a lesson on Dream Walking


    1. Reen Sullivan

      Reen Sullivan

      And a very happy Easter to you too, Deliera!

    2. Sky Blake

      Sky Blake

      You too, Dee! I'll be spending this weekend out in the middle of nowhere! I'm glad I brought my laptop and internet, cause I've got nothing else to do!

  16. My friend (who sims Renae Sullivan and I think is on the USS Drake) and I are in High School (Australia Grade 10) and she found the site first. We both love Star Trek, and that was what drove her into an obsession to be able to write it. The only thing she did was type 'starbase.net' into her address bar and StarBase 118 came up apparently. You'll have to ask her directly, I only know so much as she raced through everything. SHE was the one who pushed me into it. But before I had anything to do with it, I wasn't really into the idea because I'm not as confident a writer as her. That and the fact that she wrote for personal enjoyment anyway. So after she tried it out and told me the outcome I wanted in, so I'm in! I had a rough start, but hey, I pulled through in the end. lol
  17. Yeah, Challenger A. But don't worry now; everything's been set out for me. And I haven't been able to post my side of the transmission yet: I have to wait for a good time.

  18. I'm confused. I've been kind of left out on my ship, and I know nothing of what or who is going on. Help?

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