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  1. Ever since Facebook, everything has needed "like" buttons . . .

  2. Happy B'Day, Whale!!

  3. Individual Feedback for Featured Nominees/Featured Bio (Michael Valentino) are up in the Featured Bio Contest thread! Go have a read!! :D

  4. Honestly? I'm going to be annoying. I'd advance technology - the IPad/Acer Touch/Tablets/etc have out-done the PADD, but considering that these things were barely, *barely* out there at the times of productions, it's understandable. But still; the PADD needs to be updated. As does the basic console . . . Don't get me wrong, I like the consoles as they are, but after getting addicted to Iron Man and the Avengers, I know that CGI these does wonders and we really aren't that far from having "pure-touch" technology without the consoles in many different workplaces, if not homes - hopefully, in a few years, at least twenty, from now . . . Cast? Oh jeez . . . Well, you have to have at least one of the characters in the five series to make a appearance. I'm sorry, but Star Trek wouldn't be the same without the occasional reference to one of the five Captains of the series. Whether they be an occasional guest star, appearing only once in the series, or being a Guinan type character, I think someone from past series needs to definitely be involved - but for gods sakes, not Tuvok. That, and they definitely need a female Chief of Security. I think I can only remember Tasha Yar being Chief of Security on the Enterprise-D, but I don't remember any other woman taking the job on any ship before or after her, which is a real shame for me. All in all, it's really the tech that needs a bit of updating - the cast I'm not particularly fussed about. If they do end up bringing out another series, then I'm all for it regardless. I won't be if it's corny and the actors are . . . not the best at acting, though . . .
  5. One more post to 500 . . . Almost there!!!

  6. "Always tell the truth . . . and then leave straight after."

  7. Seein' Coldplay tomorrow!! EXCITING!!

  8. Guess who your resident Ms. Marvel is . . .

  9. No point for avatar - you missed check in by a few days . . . :(

  10. It's bad luck to say good luck on opening night . . .

    1. Anen


      If this is a Producers reference then you are my new favorite person Deliera :)

      If not... well you are still pretty cool...

    2. Blake


      Lol!! Right on target! I managed to see the stage show and I own the movie - both are fantastic!

    3. Anen


      Sad there's no like button... The Producers was the last show my High School did when I was there, had to fight a little bit since it's of course a bit... out there, but the money we made from that show was only eclipsed by Les Mis four years later and it was only because of the money we made from the Producers that they could buy the royalties.

  11. Wicked Witch of the West . . . coming to get you, and your little dog too, for halloween!!

  12. is not working today. Yippy!!

  13. No work today!! *And* tomorrow, apparently!!

  14. The bubble-gum-pink blonde is in! >:D

  15. Potted Potter . . . was awesome.

  16. "Juke Box Hero" "Stars! Stars!" "I love Rock 'n Roll"




  20. The weekend goes too fast . . .

  21. Rain rain, go away, come again another day.

  22. Daylight Savings, how I've missed you . . .

  23. Must . . . . . cure . . . . . boredom!!!

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