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  1. So many wonderfully written sims have been written during our first contact mission to Eladar IV that I would love to be able to post them all. The amazing writers behind them took the time to really pour their heart and soul into them that they did indeed hit you in the feels. This one in particular sent chills down my spine. Thank you, @Lael Rosek for this one. Keep up the good work Chin’toka, you all are awesome 💙 OOC: This post may contain descriptions that could trigger unsettling feelings. Read with care. ((Ladonnik Nature Preserve, Eladar IV))
  2. Thank you, @Mei'konda ,for making us laugh. I throughly enjoyed the read as I know some others did as well. Also, I hope I did this right. Lol (( Inside Tych Manor, Elazar IV )) Kiax: With all due respect, Representative, that doesn’t really seem fair. Surely we should be dealing with a representative from both species governing bodies here? Yourself, and a Mekra’fari. Dagden was just opening his mouth to angrily rebuke Kiax when Serala stepped in. He closed his mouth, and did his best to settle down. This was an uncomfortable situation to be in. Once again, no one in
  3. Welcome to the group!

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