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  1. While I don't play a sentient hologram, I do have a character which is self aware and has the same level of independence of the Doctor (VOY). She commands and controls my PC's NPC ship that occasionally turns up in a mission. EVE plays the dual role of avatar and sound horn of the ship's status, current sensor data etc. I get around the restrictions of playing such a character by actually imposing my own restrictions to ensure that EVE doesn't become some kind of super being. For example during a ground battle, she could project herself and engage the enemy without risk, using the sensors and systems to 'jump' from one opponent to the other. I got around this obvious advantage by binding her to the ship due to damages the vessel suffered previously. A few other examples are that the ship wouldn't be able to function fully without her, so she can't abandon it during tricky maneuvers and in one case her ethical subroutine jumped in and she chose to ignore a direct order to save two lives in favor of holding the Thunder in orbit and saving all aboard and that regardless of the order coming from her creator. In all I like exploring her character. I like the way she feels a duty to Jaxon who programmed her and tweaked, modified and encouraged her to develop, but also the fact she can chose to act on her own and without his consent. Of course there is also the engineering and technical side which is fun to explore as well as little curiosities; As she is intertwined into the Raven, she can be in multiple places at once while aboard, though doesn't like to do so. Of course this is only a small insight into a character who I have given a rather complex personality as it is really fun to sim her view of the world. MFG
  2. D. K.

    Goodbye Ed. Thanks for your support and help. I hope we will hear from you in the near future. All the best.

  3. I found it a bit hard at first, then I began to simply see the already existing posts as a part of my story. In a way it is, all I have to do is react to what is written. Or course while your're writing you naturally start to think up how other players react to your input. I always found it best to think in a number of directions; I.E. will they react ( A ) positively, ( B ) Negatively ect. That way I've already made a few thoughts on how I could/should respond to them responding to me. I hope this helps. MFG
  4. Welcome to forum Briggs. hope you have fun on your training mission. ;) I did!

  5. D. K.

    Thanks, I was afraid the Sim would be a tad to long. Sometimes i just get carried away... Loving it so far though. I think I have a new hobby.

  6. D. K.

    Sorry consider my message as meaningless



  7. Thanx, I'll try that!

  8. D. K.

    "Posted 09 July 2009 - 01:47 AM

    go into your account profile information. You will see where to change it. :) "

    Found this comment and have tried to follow it. with out as much luck. I have been to my profile, but cannot find the setting I need to change. Help!

  9. As for the Engineering part, still reading through the SB 118 Wiki and learning, however, what is better? techno babble when things are supposed to sound difficult or complex or lighter explainations so it doesn't get to heavy on the reader?

  10. Hi,

    I wanted to ask a few things. If I want to edit my Wiki Bio, do I have to create an account or may automatically login with my sb 118 name and PW.

  11. Hey Troy why did you go and ruin a perfectly good Parka?! ;) Hi glad to onboard the same ship. Tell you what I'll keep the Phasers in good shot and u keep shooting! Deal?

  12. Thanx I can't believe I've miss this over the last ten years! Happy Simming.

  13. Cadet 4th Class Jaxon-Kail Mc Ghee

    Training Facility SFPO Starbase 118

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe. Albert Einstein.

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