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  1. ((Cargo Bay 4 - USS Columbia)) ::Johanna MacLaren's fury at the dragon turned to terror as her back erupted in fire. Her cry of anger turned into a scream of agony. Then she had no more breath for the scream. She was drowning in her own blood as her chest seemed buried under an enormous weight. She was going to die; Breeman was going to die because she'd cared more for his hand than their safety. More fire ran down her back and then the pull of the transporter gave a momentary surcease to the pain. Fighting to breathe, struggling not to cry out, she tried to lift herself from Kevin's inert fo
  2. ((Main Engineering, USS Columbia)) Breeman: What do you make of this data Ben? ::Ben glanced over at the console. Stresses were growing all over hull, that much was clear. But rather than the typical rainbow of colors indicating wide regions of stresses, it was a chicken-pocked ship; flaring red indicators each only a few meters wide were popping up in fields of low stress areas – each an indicator of another attack incoming. :: Livingston: Looks like this has only just begun. Can we seal off any of these compartments? ::But before they could talk further, Ben pointed out another hull breach.
  3. ((Breeman Residence - Earth)) ::Patri was gone. Jan sat at the edge of the young woman's bed and wondered. Why had she been out so late like that the other night? Why had she said Kevin would be alright with such odd certainty?:: ::The clock had just struck seven AM and Alvin was already outside, pacing the deck wondering what to do next. Had she run away? She hadn't seemed terribly angry with her. Why would she break the law like that when she'd been proving herself now to be such an upstanding citizen?:: ((Dreamscape - Patri's Mind)) ::She's outside the house again, the dark figure loomi
  4. I have a problem with creating another committee...there are a lot of teams we have now that don't have enough members or high enough levels of participation as it is. Creating something else that requires a group of people is only asking for other things to be put by the wayside. I'd much rather keep this the way it is, with the runoff rounds like we had this year, and see officers participating in the Publicity team, podcast team, training team, or the new Social Media team (or any of the other teams), all of which are going to help the fleet expand and grow. To reiterate what was said befor
  5. "If Kali misses, fine. If it doesn’t, well, that’s part of Her bigger plan. Maybe we’ve messed up Earth so badly that it’s time to start over. Remember that old saying of Tsiolkovski’s: ‘Earth is the cradle of humankind, but you cannot live in the cradle forever.’ Kali could be a sign that it’s time to leave..." - Arthur C Clarke (Hammer of God)

  6. The results of the Ongoing Worlds Way Back When Week are in! http://ongoingworlds.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/want-to-know-who-the-wbww-winner-is/
  7. We did, but that was before the contest ended, so I was just checking
  8. Was this finished and able to be published over at StarTrekStories.net, or is it something you want to save for now?
  9. Published online: http://www.startrekstories.net/guts-and-glory/
  10. Published! http://www.startrekstories.net/the-family-business/
  11. Published online! http://www.startrekstories.net/empty-skies-over-tokyo/
  12. OOC Note: 'Hope' is the doctor's therapy dog...just to avoid confusion. =) ((USS Victory/ outside Sickbay)) ::Joseph Dubeau had stood outside sickbay, working out what he would say if he saw her. How could he face her; after the altercation, the way he hurt her on the bridge.:: ::After mustering up his courage and having the pain in his nose intensify, he put his chin up and marched into sickbay. Being prepared to see her with his chest out and his head held high in a way that showed no weakness. He found no one in sickbay, looking around to make sure before he let his body go back to normal
  13. Glad we could help answer your questions in the live chat! Welcome to 118! =)
  14. Tokyo Airfield, Japan, Stardate 238912.29 The cold night air made the slim Starfleet Captain pull the old Russian military jacket closer as she left the shelter of the empty pilot's lounge and made her way out onto the tarmac. The runway lit up the darkness in the distance, but only the moon above offered light by which she made her way out to the sleeping beast that sat waiting. The barely used airport, a remnant of a time long before transporters and shuttlecraft, was desolate and silent. But for the raven haired command officer, nowhere else in the world felt so much like home. Ahead, only
  15. http://www.starbase118.net/about/group-introduction/fleet-timeline/ gives a little bit of information on where we are in the grand scheme of Trek timelines. You will probably pick up quite a bit once you get to your home ship as well. If you have any specific questions, never hesitate to ask!
  16. ((Sickbay early morning)) ::Dr. MacLaren had been surprised and relieved when Commander Walker had come to her for help. She had suspected that he was still haunted by the Shadow experience but had not anticipated that it was quite this bad. His recall of emotion was crippled and he'd admitted to having hallucinations of a taunting Shadow. He was experiencing it even as they spoke. She had suggested that there could be actual brain damage or that he might be having a defensive reaction to painful memories themselves. He had accepted those possibilities with an openness that spoke of his desire
  17. ((Colt's delerious mind)) ::As the darkness took Colt again and Kali's face faded from his vision, he was completely disoriented. He felt as though he was floating in open space, without any point of reference. He was so very tired and it would be so easy to just close his eyes and sleep but something inside told him he couldn't do that, he had to stay awake. Suddenly he was propelled back into the sickbay as if by vacuum pressure.:: ((Sickbay - USS Victory)) ::Colt's eyes shot open, blinking rapidly, trying to focus against the bright, sterile lighting of the sickbay. His body felt like it mi
  18. They just didn't know what it was like. To be turned on and shut off like a faucet; forced into reality only in the most dire circumstances, yet forgotten when things were going well, the holographic doctor mused about its very existence. Sure, he did not have feelings, per se, but even in his currently set, standby mode, thoughts fluttered around his electrical synapses. Residing within the memory banks of the sickbay computers, he felt as if he were trapped into a tiny little box. It gave new meaning to claustrophobia. There again, there were no feelings and no fears. Perhaps that was part o
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