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  1. ((SICKBAY - USS RESOLUTION)) For all of his tough talk on the bridge about not needing to go to sickbay just yet, Aeson had seemingly had a change of heart. As his adrenaline from the bridge "battle" wore off, it's pain dulling effects went with it. He'd found himself wincing with practically every minor change in expression and feeling like his whole face was throbbing like some kind of large, red, cartoon injury. Still, this was technically his first day and he had impressions to make. It wouldn't do for Aeson Del, hardened Security Officer and all-around tough guy to walk around whining about a booboo. With some effort, he forced a painful smile on his face, stepped through the door, and made a beeline to the Doctor. Del: Doctor Adea, I had a.. uh... minor kinetic incident on the bridge. ::He pointed unnecessarily to his bloodied and bruised face:: I just need something to dull all of this so I can get back to work, Sir. Adea: Response Aeson followed Adea's gaze and his smile became a lot less forced, if still quite painful. The strikingly pretty, red-haired Vulcan Ensign from the bridge seemed to be waiting for him by a bio-bed. She seemed amused by his smile, which he of course attributed to his own natural charm and certainly not to any kind of schadenfreude about the smile itself causing him pain. He hadn't been able to find a good excuse to make her acquaintance on the bridge, but hey, when life gave you a broken nose and a pretty doctor, you make lemonade... or something like that. He couldn't exactly recall how that Terran saying went. Aeson tried to crank his confidence up as high as it would go, which in his current state wasn't as high as he'd prefer, and made his way over to the ginger Doc. Del: Doctor Adea said you might be able to help with this? ::He again needlessly gestured to his blatantly obvious wounds and casually, like this kind of thing happened to him every day, continued:: It hurts a little, but I've had worse. This wasn't entirely or, actually even slightly true. Aeson was probably in the worst pain of his life. The Doctor maintained a sort of stern, clinically appropriate expression as she replied. Sirin: Ensign Meidra Sirin, ship’s counselor. I believe your nose is broken. It will have to be reset. Please sit down. Now armed with a name to go along with the quite agreeable face, Aeson tried to very smoothly mount the bio-bed, but something went wrong. Perhaps he was swooning over the good doctor... or possibly it was the acute head trauma he'd received, but his coordination seemed to be slightly out of spec. Whatever the case, he managed to miss the bed entirely, landing squarely on his rump. He felt his face redden slightly from embarrassment, but with all of the bruising and other fun colors he had going on, he figured no one would notice. Aeson felt sort of like the guy who slept in late the day they handed out brains as Meidra helped him back to his feet. A task, he noted with another minor hit to his ego, that was quite effortless for her due to her inherent Vulcan strength. He eased himself onto the bed carefully this time. Ever the optimist, Aeson tried to salvage what he could of the first impression. He'd used his charm to woo countless (Countless was a strong word. A couple would be closer to accurate.) attractive women, men, and humanoids in his Academy days. Surely, He could turn this one around. Del: It's very nice to meet you, Counselor. :: He straightened his posture slightly:: I'm Aeson Del with Starfleet Security. You know, I... His attempts to try and talk himself up were deftly thwarted as she cut in. Sirin: What? Oh - of course. You’re in security. Was there a reason you weren’t chosen for the away team? He made a sound, somewhere between a squeak and a groan, but decidedly un-masculine. It was impressive really, how she had fired a well-aimed shot to the center mass of his bravado. He was offended and infatuated in equal measure. If it was possible to blush further, he did. Del: Well.... ::He stammered.:: I was on AN away team. Not the main important one, but... well... there was a very suspicious console...and... The situation had deviated very far from how Aeson had imagined it. Not only had he wooed no one, but he was quite certain he had done the opposite. He may have invented the anti-woo, here, in this very sickbay. His sort of groggy mind was spinning out of control trying to find a way to come out of this exchange with a net-positive outcome, when Meidra hit him unexpectedly with a hypospray to the base of his neck. He jumped at the sudden cold sensation and somehow managed to fall backward and hit his head on something hard behind him. This set into motion a series of events that Aeson could only assume was some kind of cruel punishment meted out by the Four Deities for some past misdeed. Aeson rubbed at his tender head, letting a few expletives fly that would've disappointed his mother. He turned to survey the damage and, realizing he'd hit his head ON someone else's, without thinking, he reached out to apologize and managed to knock the hypospray out of her hands and sent it careening into the forehead of a nearby patient. Any reasonable person might've cut their losses and sat on their hands to prevent further misfortune, but not Aeson Del. Desperate to do something, anything that wasn't utterly embarrassing, he took a step towards the newly disturbed patient in yet another attempt to apologize and slipped on something squishy and unpleasant and very nearly crashed onto the bed of a wounded Klingon officer. At the last second, the strong hands of the Counselor caught him and guided him back to his bed before they had to dispatch an engineering team to clean up his damage. Adea: Response The words of admonishment from Doctor Adea barely registered to his mortally wounded pride. The momentarily disorienting effect of the hypo had worn off and he was left with only the "I-wish-I-was-dead" feelings of embarrassment rattling around in his mind. Aeson could not imagine how this could've gone any worse. Whatever dashing impression he'd hoped to make on the gorgeous auburn-haired counselor was a distant memory and the only real option he had now was to get out of here and transfer to another ship where no one had witnessed anything that had just happened. Hurting in several new places, Aeson put his hands on his lap and tried his best to just behave himself. Del: ::Staring straight forward, he affected a forced calm tone.:: I'm just going to sit here and let you fix me before I break the ship. Del: oO Then I'll go crawl in a hole. And die. Oo Sirin: You may be the first patient to leave Sickbay in worse condition than when they arrived. Now please hold still while I attend to your injuries. ::she consulted her PADD:: First step, clean the wound then - hmm shove cartilage back into place..:: she hid a grin as he paled, the blood on his face a vivid contrast to his skin.:: Oh wait, that is a historical text. It appears a few minutes with an anabolic protoplaser will repair the damage. ::She moved the device closer to his face:: His eyes had gone wide when she had initially described the procedure, but his forced neutral expression had gradually melted into an involuntary smirk as he'd realized she'd been messing with him. A Vulcan with a sense of humor was certainly a new thing for him. She ran her various medical gadgets about his face and gradually, some small components of his confidence began to rebuild themselves. So things hadn't gone as smooth as he'd hoped, maybe he'd made a bit of a fool of himself, but he hadn't become a Starfleet Officer to back down in the face of adversity. Self-imposed or otherwise. It took all he had, but Aeson took his shot. Del: Make sure you do a good job Doc. ::He managed to catch her gaze.:: I'd hate for you to have an ugly dinner date... She finished her work and took a step back seemingly dumbfounded and, Aeson hoped, at least a little charmed by his advances. She turned away momentarily as he surveyed her handiwork in the bedside mirror. There was still a bit of residual redness, but for the most part his mug seemed to be back to its original state. He thought he heard a reluctant sigh as she turned back towards him. Sirin: I suppose if we were both in the mess hall at the same time, I’d allow you to sit near me. It felt sort of like a bolt of lightning had shot down his spine. In a good way. Instantly a lopsided grin appeared on his face and he climbed off of the biobed. He suddenly felt great again, like he hadn't just been minutes away from shame-induced self-exile. Del: ::Still grinning:: It's a plan. As soon as this whole Unity thing is handled, Consider yourself ::He realized there was no real good way to finish his thought so he just went for it.:: ...uh... sat near. Sirin: Response? Still smiling as he left the sickbay, heading towards the cargo bay that held the console that had sent the disturbing message, Aeson paused just on the other side of the doors and, after checking to make sure no one was looking, made a silent fist-pump motion to himself before continuing on his way. Del: oO That went great! Oo ++++++/////++++++ Ensign Aeson Del Security Officer USS Resolution R239708AD0
  2. I feel incredibly honored to be counted among the amazing writers who received awards here today, and I'd like to congratulate each of you. It is more than apparent the hard work you put into your writing and your contributions to the game, the surrounding community, and everything that Starbase 118 is. You are the lifeblood that has kept the spirit alive for 26 years, and that which will keep it going for at least 26 more! Cheers to the winners! ::Lifts the glass of champagne.::
  3. Here's Kali, in the same dress from her first promotion ceremony...
  4. What wouldn't your characters do? Neither Kali nor Ash could pull of Engineer I think...the ship would definitely not make it home...
  5. Ensign Noa T'Nessa Levinson - Fellowship of the Ring(world)
  6. [sb118-eagle] Captain Oddas Aria: A Plan, Planning, Why Plan?
  7. Ash was once a provisional ensign aboard the Resolution, having rooted herself so far into the science discipline she was basically a walking textbook. Intel was her career change, and one that I'm discovering fits pretty well with her overall need to hide in plain sight. I would have never guessed it, but my characters have a habit of surprising me on a continual basis.
  8. Kali is far too distant from home to not have a holodeck to fly in. =P
  9. I'm gonna have to say Other...as in I watch The Orville instead...
  10. Last month we visited the idea that our favorite Star Trek characters could make some pretty awesome additions to some of our other favorite science fiction shows or movies. On the heels of that question, we will now consider the opposite. With so many well loved shows and movies out there, each with their own beloved characters, it might be easy to blur some of the lines to see crossovers in both directions. What? Is that Han Solo at the helm console? Is the Doctor over at science? This week's poll of the week question asks, if you were putting together the perfect crew, and you could pull over one character from another 'universe', who would you choose and what role would they play? Consider the chaos that could ensue! There really is no limit to who you could pick, but be sure to let us know why you chose what you chose in the comments below!!
  11. There are a number of quotes from our favorite television shows that we can return to, inviting a flood of memories back about the episode and what we were doing in our day when we heard the words. Few shows have grown beyond that, but Star Trek is definitely one of them. Rather than having to stop and explain a scene to your friends or co-workers, it's easy to let one of these popular phrases fly and get a response from nearly any audience. Even those who don't consider Star Trek a part of their lives will recognize some of them. Perhaps that is why Trek had such an amazing following throughout the years. It wasn't just the progressive attitudes and the willingness to delve into the unknown both in the show's reality, and in our own psyche, but the manner in which the words resonated through multiple generations. And that, of course, brings us to our poll of the week. What is your favorite famous Trek saying? Let us know if it's one of those we love, or if you have your own, and don't forget to join the conversation and tell us when you put your favorite phrase to work below.
  12. We all know that when Star Trek originally made its debut, the uniform colors were a bit different than what we saw as the franchise developed. Like any good military, evolution came with time, and that included both the uniform style and the colors that were used for the different departments. Modern military uniforms have gone through their own evolution as well, though we see less in the inclusion of colors and more in the style. For Trek, though, colors have a very important significance - they tell us a person's job. Between the Original Series and The Next Generation, Command duty stations turned from gold to red, while Engineering and Security went from red to gold. Science and Medical remained blue, but only for the time we know of. And that is what leads us into this week's poll of the week. If you could recast the color of command again, what color would it be? Would you stick with the dark red that seems to command respect, or would you opt for something entirely different? Let us know what you'd choose, and why below!
  13. There are few science fiction fans out there who are content to constrain themselves to the fandom of a single show or series, or movie for that matter. Most of us have multiple 'sci-fi loves', some of which we draw on when we write our characters here in the 118 fleet. While there were often common threads that the genre pulled on to weave intricate and interesting stories, each show and each movie brought something new and different. From the outside looking in, however, we have to wonder what might happen to our beloved stories, and the characters that exist within them, if we were to mix them all up. And that brings us to this week's poll of the week; what Star Trek character would you have appear in another sci-fi show or movie, and what show or movie would that be? We've all seen crossover shows before, like when Scotty appeared in The Next Generation, or when characters from one show visit the story of a spinoff show of a similar name. But what would happen if we literally pulled our favorite characters out of one show and universe, and stuck them in another completely different show and universe? Depending on the combination, things could get disastrous, or the hilarity may ensue. Only you can be the judge of that! Let us know what combination you think would result in the best episode (or movie) and tell us why below!
  14. We're often enamored, or at least intrigued by cultures that we are unfamiliar with in our world. From different ethnic foods, to traditions that we aren't used to, there's a lot to learn from stepping outside of our comfort zone and immersing ourselves in the realm of another group of people. Certainly this isn't a new idea, as exchange student programs have been around for a while and people have been traveling the globe for hundreds of years. But what would happen if that globe suddenly got a whole lot bigger? That brings us to this week's poll of the week question: If you could choose to be involved in an exchange officer program with any other Star Trek 'nation', which would you choose? Each of the options offers intrigue and the opportunity to learn a great deal, just like exchange programs here on Earth do, but which appeals to you the most? Is it the Romulans and their secrecy, or the warrior nature of the Klingons? Or maybe you'd like to spend a year with a race from the Gamma quadrant? Let us know, or feel free to add in a race we didn't think of and let us know why!
  15. I recently tried to re-log in/reset my password/find my handle but nothing I do works. It's been a nightmare really, so I gave up...but I did try.
  16. ((USS Excalibur-A, Holodeck 3 )) :: Feeling the tension suddenly radiating from the Counselor accompanied by a slight colouring to her cheeks :: oO This didn’t work, she not to well Oo Logan:: Stopping his movements and dropping his arms :: Computer. Make a cushioned chair, suitable size for the counsellor:: Upon the chairs appearance he motioned towards it :: Ma’am Jolara: ::nodding slowly:: I am sorry. Logan:: After the counsellor had sunk into the cushions Kurt sunk to one knee to be more on her level and so to not loom over her :: Would you like me to call a Doctor ma’am oO As I may have done combat medicine but even the holo patients wanted to heal themselves. :: Rune shook her head. What could the doctors do? Nothing! :: Jolara: No. A doctor can not help. It is just... ::her mind raced as fast as her heart:: I am going through something physical and being close and your scent... I mean... I am sorry. It is not anything you did. :: She had no idea how to explain it to him in a way that would not embarrass both of them. :: Jolara: ::quickly adding:: Not the first impression I wanted to make. I am so sorry. I was hoping I had more time to figure things out and that it would not interfere with my duty. I had no idea the effect non-Al-Leyans would have on me. Logan oO What am I supposed to say to that ??. She's obviously more going on than just crew tantrums Oo :: Smiling gently :: It's ok Ma'am, I apologise for using this program. It’s a good job the Instructor has been disabled Mrs wynter is a terrible fuss pot and you would have been plied with copius tea and cushions. :: Smilling broadly he hoped the image of fending of cushions would relax the counsellor:: :: For the first time, Rune looked directing into his eyes. He was very attractive. As soon as that crossed her mind, she mentally kicked herself. She normally did not think of the attractiveness of others. Would he understand or think she was... she wasn't sure what he would think she was. But he deserved some sort of explanation. :: :: She hung her head for a moment, trying to collect her thoughts. When she looked back up, she smiled but it was a nervous and confused smile. :: Jolara: Al-Leyans experience what we call 'Season' every 4-5 years in which they have to mate. I am at least a year early. Logan oO I’ve heard of the Vulcan Pon farr thingy, its sound similar to this, but there has to be something else Oo Forgive me Ma’am but how is that a problem ? Jolara: It is complicated by the fact it is forbidden we mate with non-Al-Leyans. ::she laughed nervously:: I guess it should not be a problem for me since I have broken away from them for other reasons. ::she waved her hand:: Which is a whole other problem. But I am finding it very difficult to turn my back on everything I have ever been taught. Logan: I see but could you not go back even for a day to oO how to phrase this delicately Oo Sort this out. Would an escort because of these other reasons help ? :: It was a question she had been asked every time she tried to talk to someone about this. The very thought struck panic within her. :: Jolara: ::shaking her head:: I can not go back there. Ever! :: The tension that had been slowly dissipating from her returned with a vengeance catching Logan a bit of guard :: oO ok that’s never going to happen I see not willingly at least oO Jolara: Our society is very strict. Any deviation from the 'norm' results in attitude readjustment therapy or worse. I experienced the worse once before and I lost who I am. I can not let it happen again. If I go back they will force me to go through it again. Logan:: Still kneeling Kurt edged closer and gently laid his left hand on her forearm :: Forgive me Ma’am but I can’t see what you have done that could be that bad, as you’re wearing a Fleet uniform with rank and responsibilities associated with it. oO What ever they did has her terrified her forearm is a knot to tension or is that fear to match her voice. This attitude adjustment therapy doesn’t sound like anything to be going through, and worse ? Oo :: He understood fear well, how to use to it and what it could do to you. Now Security may be a foreign world but one thing about it he understood well, and that one thing he was good at :: Logan:: Gently gripping her arm so the counselor would look up:: There’s a saying in the Corp that a Marine stands, and it’s not to do with them not being clever enough to know how to use a chair. oO Good a small smile Oo It means the Marines don’t give…….period. During the battles with the Borg a unit was giving protection to a team of Engineers examining a small Borg craft that had landed on a small planet when they were attacked by drones. The rescue shuttle couldn’t land to near in case it too came under fire, so to allow time to get to safety the marines stayed behind. When they too had suffered casualties one marine stayed to allow the injured to be evacuated with the others, knowing what would happen to him he stood his ground. Jolara: ::tilting her head slight:: I do not understand. Logan: I’m new to fleet and to this type of duty and especially this colour, but I do know our responsibility is the protection and safety all any and all crew with us, that means you’re in that category. So If ..ANYONE.. comes with the intent of force, they’ll have to go through a Marine that stands. oO This is one thing I do know how to do Oo And I don’t go down easy oO Ask the Ambassadors about that Oo :: A smirk played at the corner of his mouth :: And I suspect a good few others in this crew as well. :: Why? He hardly knew her. Of course she knew why. He was Starfleet, a fellow crewmember... family. :: Jolara: ::smiling:: I appreciate that Ensign. Logan: I don’t know about your culture Ma’am in regards of turning your back on things but my mother once said that a custom or practice that holds you up should be held onto with both hands, one that holds you down should be left to wither and die. oO What am I doing …what do I know about counselling someone especially a counsellor I have a problem I hit it or shoot it Oo All I know is Mathew Flynn. Jolara: ::puzzled:: Mathew Flynn? Logan: He grew up near us on my home planet, not really into jumping off a cliff into a 20ft pool of water :: Smiling at the memory:: He was more your Science geek. :: Rune still wasn't sure where this was going, so she just listened. :: Logan: It was just before I left for earth and Marine training that Mathew announced and introduced his boyfriend. Jolara: ::it hit her:: Oh. Logan: Most of us asked if they were both coming to the party, some were polite, others were openly against it. His parents threatened to disown him if he didn’t ..:: Searching for the right word :: Change Jolara: ::nodding:: I understand too well. Logan: Mathew agonised his decision for a while oO It was a sad time Oo Then he came to the only decision he could, he told his parents they had no say in it and that he was going to live his life his way, there now both working in the space port back home as civilian contractors and happy with life. oO Except his parents that still refuse to speak to him, so they come to ours for home cooked meals Oo Sorry Ma’am I’m no counsellor, so I probably haven’t helped, that’s just how I see it. :: Rune took a shallow breath. She wasn't sure what she was feeling at that moment. Everything was jumbled together. :: Jolara: Actually that does help some. That is exactly why I can not go back to Leya-I. It is strictly forbidden to even have feelings such as that... and I do. That is what makes this all the more complicated. The first time I went through my Season, I did not have a choice to... ::her face reddened slightly:: It was not a pleasant experience. I would rather not but I do not know that there is any other way to get through it. Logan oO There’s me thinking you had to be enlightened as a race to gain entry into the federation. What am I supposed to say !!!. She probably already thinks I’m an idiot with my babbling about marines standing, protecting her and matthew. Great I can just her entries to my records Ensign Logan babbling bumbling buffon, hey that almost rhymes. Oo :: Taking a large breath of air :: oO Borg, Hirogen, Breen fine any day, but this…giving advice . Oo Ma’am excuse this but I can’t believe there is no one who doesn’t find you attractive and vice versa, talk to them and see what happens. Jolara: I would not even know who to... How could I? Al-Leyans do not have relationships the same way humans do. We do not... ::trying to find the right word:: commit in the same way if at all. oOWhich makes things that much more complicated with Nikki.Oo ::shaking her head:: I am sorry. I did not mean to... how do humans say it? Spill my guts? Logan:: Chuckling :: Yes that’s the saying. Ma’am, although my mother would make us laugh by making us say. I’m terribly sorry to burden you with these issues that have happened upon my door but I thought you might be able to help me in shinning a light upon these troubles. It always made us smile having to say to so a little easier to get our problems out. :: Another smile …thanks Mum :: Sometime those with the answers have their own questions. :: He gave her a warm smile :: I’m Honoured you confided in me especially being the one who turned the lights of when trying to teach a lady to dance :: Letting a small giggle escape :: But one thing Ma’am who said anything about Commitment. Jolara: ::looking puzzled:: Is that not what humans expect? Logan: When my father first met my mother he would only promise to love her today and tomorrow. And to this day they hold to that. It’s because with only those few days to concentrate on they can put their hearts into making them good days and not looking years ahead. ::Rune thought about that and then nodded.:: Jolara: That does make logical sense. Logan: For what it’s worth Ma’am find this person and work on today and tomorrow and see where that road takes you two. :: Rune smiled. :: Jolara: Thank you. Hopefully once I get through my season, we can do just that. Logan: NO..... :: His answer came out in a short burst, looking directly at the counselor :: No, never wait. Go now and sort it. How many chances do you think you'll get in life ??. Besides today is counting down. Of course that and your season with your needing to mate, it could well be the perfect time to talk :: He gave the counselor a wink :: Jolara: This certainly has not gone the way I thought or intended. Perhaps it would be better to do your official evaluation later. Although if you have anything you feel you need to talk about, ::smiling warmly:: it is only fair I listen. Logan:: Shaking his head :: That seems to be life, Ma'am I've told you what you need to do so go and find this person, and make today count.. oO I thought this would count as the session Oo Me :: Letting out a small chuckle :: ....nothing that can't wait Ma'am oO More like where would I start. But last time I was honest with a counselor all it got me was trouble and reprimands Oo Do you need or would you like an escort ma'am, to find this friend :: Smilling at her :: of yours? Jolara: ::smiling back at him:: I will. ========================================================================= A joint post with great pleasure Ensign Kurt Logan Security Officer With Great patience, Understanding and Ability from ((thank you Mr. Logan)) Lieutenant Rune Jolara Ship's Counselor USS Excalibur NCC-41903-A
  17. Kali's favorite thing eva! =) Image pulled from three sources - the plane, the body, and Kali. Fun to make and quite reflective of Kali herself.
  18. My mental image of this made me laugh out loud...
  19. I really loved the Flashback week challenge we did a while ago. I found it interesting to participate here and in the Ongoing Worlds contest. It was awesome to get feedback from the Fleet, where I am used to writing, and from those outside of our group. I will miss the challenge. Though I would have liked to enter more often than I did, I am glad I got the chance to participate when I did. =)
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