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Lt.Cmdr Jalana Laxyn - I am here, don't you hear me?

Selene Faranfey

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(( Apollo Camp, Medical tent, Planet Eridea ))

:: Standing next to Sundassa she looked down on her friend. Something did not make sense to her. She felt a little strange, so light and as if something was missing, but she could not say what. Sun was hovering over a patient, running scans with her tricorder as the communicator beeped. ::

Jaxx: =/\= Jaxx to Commander Faranster. =/\=

Faranster: =/\= Glad to hear your voice, it got quiet here. Jalana's out... =/\=

Laxyn: WHAT?? .oO What is she talking about? Oo. I am right here? Will we need to make an eye exam??

:: But the lilac haired woman did not react to anything she said, actually her talking had been mingled with the voice of the Captain who had kept talking as if he had not heard her objections. What was going on here? ::

Faranster: =/\= Hurry back. :: She paused, and added, :: and please be safe. =/\=

Jaxx: =/\= Always. Jaxx out. =/\=

Laxyn: What do you mean that I'm out? Sun!

:: She tried to reach out and touch the shoulder of her friend but that hand went right through her. With wide green eyes she stared at her own hand and tried again but the result stayed the same. .oO That is impossible! Oo. ::

Faranster: You hear that Jalana? They have it...

Laxyn: .oO She talks with me! Oo. Yes! Yes I hear it...

:: But there was no reaction to that either. As she stepped closer to Sun, she suddenly got up and swooshed right through Jalana's body. .oO What the...??!Oo. Gasping the Trill petted over her chest and arms where Sun had gone right through her when she saw it. Her own face, her own body, lying down on the bed on the floor. Her stomach sank and she suddenly felt very sick. ::

Laxyn: ::Whispering:: No... No that can't be.

Faranster: I'll go help them, Jalana, I'll be right back, don't get worst...

Laxyn: By my spots... I don't think it can get much worse.

:: It was a rather strange sensation seeing herself lying there without moving. A bit afraid of seeing the result she moved her gaze from the face down to the blanket covered chest. .oO Please.. please breath Oo. The chest moved, slightly, first she thought that it was an illusion caused by the blanket, but it happened again. A sigh of relief left her mouth, she felt like crying for the comforting discovery that she was not dead. ::

Laxyn: At least not yet... ::She quickly shook her head:: No, don't even think that. Sun will manage!

:: With that she turned, not able to look at her body any longer and walked out of the tent to follow Sun. She wanted to see what happened outside. She saw the new guy van der Weghe, she had helped in the mines and there was Frost and Williams. Triston joined them to help and she hated that she could not do anything but watch. Neither Williams nor Frost looked fresh as the morning anymore. ::

Laxyn: Don't tell me they got poisoned too... :: She sighed, aware that nobody would hear her.::

:: Not able to do anything she followed back to the tent, watch Sun work, that she was supposed to do. But right now she was thankful that someone else could help with their medical knowledge. She would have hated to wake up and hear that someone died because she had gotten herself poisoned. When the mayor's monitor began to beep Jalana jumped right to her to help but fell through everything and found herself outside of the tent on the other side of the wall behind the major, with her bumm in the grass.::

Laxyn: Curses! This is annoying!

:: Pulling herself back up she sighed. She was usually a pretty positive person but this wasn't really what she needed right now. She poked her head through the tent wall and watched that Sun used a neural paralyser on the mayor. .oO Good that I packed for the most cases I could come up with Oo. She hoped that Sun's plan worked to keep the mayor on delay with that tactic, that way the poison would not spread through her as fast which should keep her alive longer. ::

:: Since she could not do anything inside or anywhere for that matter she walked around for a while, nervous about the passing time, but confident that Sun would do everything she could to help everyone. She did not know how much time passed but at some point she saw Andrus heading up in the direction of the camp. He was Betazoid? Maybe he could hear or at least feel her? She had no idea but had to try so she hurried in his direction.::

Laxyn: Andrus... Andrus can you hear me?

:: He simply walked on, not paying her any mind. Sighing she followed. .oO What is this even? If I am not a ghost, why in all spots name am I even here like this? Oo. In no time they were up at the tent back with Sundassa and she slipped through the wall into the tent watching them both from the inside. They talked about the Antidote that he brought, thankfully. Of course in that vast pile of equipment she had packed they had everything the needed to replicate the antidote, they just needed to make sure that there would not be any re-infection with it. And of course Jaxx wanted her to get back to work once she was on her feet again. ::

Laxyn: So much for getting some rest before going back to work.

:: She smirked and shook her head. After this, rest was the last thing she wanted. Her gaze wandered down to her body and she really did not like that view. With a sigh she dropped down on the bed, or rather on the ground beneath, the bed half stuck through her ethereal body as she waited to be able to return into her own body. .oO Of course, what else would happen when I try to sit on the bed. That certainly won't be a new trend. Oo.

LtCmdr Jalana Laxyn
Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer
USS Apollo
Image Team Facilitator

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