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(JP)Greir, Loffe, Elda and Gjord: Family Reunion

Sedrin Belasi

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((Greir’s Quarters))

::Greir sat at his console. He'd had a productive day and thoroughly enjoyable evening. He felt he had been further able to cement his friendship with Dr Malon, and further earn her trust.::

::However that gnawing feeling was still bothering him and he finally decided to take action, starting by checking the chronometer. Deciding that now was as appropriate a time as any he took the plunge.::

::The last time he’d tried to call home he’d cut the connection before anyone could answer. He had his fingers tightly interlinked behind his back to stop him wimping out and doing the same again. He watched the symbol on the screen rotate and turn, wondering whether someone would answer or not.::

::He felt a great deal of guilt about not having kept in touch with family over the years. He felt guilty about not having been there to support his people through the battle of Bondi. The loss of Rori pained him badly. He wanted to try and make things right but it had gotten to the point he was afraid to call home. He was afraid of what they thought of him.::

::Loffe sat in his office, staring at the small monitor on his desk. The sound of an incoming sub-space message had taken him from his work. The readout mentioned Vigilant.. Loffe rubbed his chin, then realised what that meant.::

Loffe: oO Greir? Why now? Oo

::He clicked accept, setting his jaw.::

Loffe: Hmmm...

::The face of his older brother filled the screen and Greir was filled with anxiety. Though Loffe looked older he was unmistakable nonetheless and it was a further indication of the time that had passed. The two of them stared at each other for a while neither wanting to be the first to speak. He swallowed hard and was first to break the silence, speaking nervously in his native tongue.::

Greir: Good day, brother. I’m... glad to see you. How have you been?

::Loffe glared at his brother. He looked mature, and Loffe had to admit the Star Fleet uniform gave his younger sibling an air of authority he lacked as a youth on Duronis. Nevertheless, why had he dained to call him now?::

Loffe: I am have been.. fine. And you? ::in a cool almost dismissive tone.::

::Greir tried not to let the cool response bother him too much. He hadn’t been expecting a warm response after all this time anyway.::

Greir: I’m well, thank you. What have you been up to? ::Trying to open a bit of a dialogue.::

Loffe: Things have been eventful, as you may... or may not... know. ::Loffe was referring to the Battle of Bondi and the tragic losses they had suffered.:: But they are not your concerns, brother.

::Greir did get what he was referring to and the comment about it not being his concern rubbed him the wrong way and put him on the defensive.::

Greir: I know what happened. If I could’ve been there I would have. How is it not my concern?

::Loffe just huffed. He was wracked with contrary emotions. It was wonderful to see his brother again, after so many years. But then, why had it been so many years?::

Loffe: Hurrumph. Well, sorry. It’s just that you’ve ::pause:: not been in touch. I felt like you’d cut all ties with us.

::There is was in a nutshell. The overpowering feeling of guilt rose up to try claim him and he didn’t know where to begin to try explain himself. He was not one for lying or making excuses and he didn’t feel what he’d done was right so how could he justify it?::

Greir: It’s not like that at all, it’s not what I wanted... ::Irregardless he couldn’t take it back now.::

Loffe: Well, you’re here now. ::his tone now softening.:: How is Star Fleet? Your ship?

::This was a topic he could talk about any day of the week quite happily. His hands finally coming up from behind his back. The excitable gestures and gleam in his eye spoke volumes of his passion for his work.::

Greir: You would not believe the wonders I have seen Loffe. I just got transfered to this ship, the USS Vigilant. Even before we could get it off the ground we were called into action. I wish I could tell you all about it and the instrumental role I played but it’s all classified! I did not call to talk about myself however, please, tell me what has passed...

::Loffe was pleased, genuinely, that his brother had found a purpose in life, even if it saddened him slightly that it was not in the service of Duronis itself. A service that cost many to pay the ultimate price. The Klingon War was but a few months before.::

Loffe: The Battle was terrible. Many perished. I feared the worst.

::Edla came in from the garden and heard the voice that she had not heard in such a long time. She set the tools down, and moved over to Loffe, staying out of the view of the monitor for a moment.

::Loffe rubbed his leg. The wound still hurt very much. He had made a good recovery, but in truth he was never going to be able to do all the things he once had. However, he was one of the lucky ones.::

Loffe: But we survived, any battle you can walk away from is a good one I guess. Do you want to speak to mother and father?

Greir: Of course, if they will see me that is.

Loffe: Mother will, Father is his own man, as you well know.

::Greir nodded slowly, he knew well enough. Soon enough his mother appeared on the screen. ::

::She hadn’t talked with Greir such a long time and she was thrilled to see his face. She could see more and more of her husband in her son’s face. The same eyes, and there was a bit of her parents there as well. She was so happy to see the mature face of her son.::

Edla : Federation service seems to be good to you.::Smiling at him. There was a weariness in her face, however, putting a hand on Loffe’s shoulder..::

Greir: I do love my work, but how are you? ::Concerned::

Edla: I am okay. Tired, just tired these days. ::She forced a smile on her face.:: I wish I could get your father on the comm. He is stubborn. That horrible pride.::The smile vanished.

::Greir sighed heavily. It seemed that while Rori had paid the ultimate price at the Battle of bondi, it had taken it’s toll on the rest of his family too. Yet another thing he had not adequately taken into account. It seemed where family and home was concerned he just couldn’t judge things properly.::

::He’d known his dad would have been hit hard by the loss of his brother. He didn’t really expect his father would want to talk to him but he had so many questions. Did Gjord hate, or maybe blame him for the things that had passed. He had to know where he stood, even though he knew it could be painful.::

Greir: Why won’t he talk to me?

Edla :: Frowning:: He is still upset mostly at himself, but he would never admit that to himself. I don’t know if he knows that you decided a different path for service. If I can get him on the comm would you talk with him?

Greir : If he doesn’t want to talk to me... I can hardly blame him. I’ve always been the weakest son.

::Loffe straightened at that comment. He had always liked, loved even, Greir and felt protective towards him as any older brother would. However, by that very fact that he was protective did allude to the more quiet nature of the younger Reinard.::

Edla : Someone has to take the first step, Please, if you could just talk with him. ::Pleading. ::

::She turned and called out.::

Edla : Gjord, there is someone on the comm that would like to talk with you. ::There was a gruff reply.::

::Loffe glanced back at Greir, and gave him a look he had done in the past, when they were both children.... a kind of “Dad’s going to be mad at us for this” look.::

Loffe: I hear him now.

::Gjord came and saw Loffe and Edla move away from the monitor. He could see his son’s face on the monitor. He stiffened as he came to the monitor. Seeing Greir reminded him of the loss of his younger brother. There was not a lot of physical resemblance, but the way that Greir carried himself reminded him of his brother.::

::Loffe nodded, silently. Their Father had many great characteristics, and stubborness and pride ranked very highly. Loffe did not expect Greir to get much sympathy in the ensuing conversation.::

Gjord: Hmph. So...::Looking at Loffe and Edla.:: I guess this is your idea. Well, I see you still have that uniform on. Where are you posted now?.::Coldly.::

Greir: I just got a new assignment. I’m on the USS Vigilant now. The ship will be operating much closer to home - Zeta Gelkis region mainly. I didn’t call to talk of me... how have you been father?

:: He paused for a minute, he could see backbone in his son. He was repelled and impressed at the same time. Taking a small measure of pride at how well he turned out. But not wanting to admit it.::

Gjord: Hmm. I am fine. No thanks to you.... . ::turning his head, and then back to face his son.::You should of been here. ::There was an edge in his voice.::

Edla: Gjord! ::Giving her husband a disapproving look.::

Greir: Well before you all cut me out of your life. ::Which was rich coming from him...:: I have one thing I want to say.

::There was a long pause as he struggled to contain the surge of emotions. It was a very tense situation facing his family for the first time in so many years. He was getting a mixed response, but considering he hadn’t been cut off yet it was better than anticipated. Less than he’d hoped but he only had himself to thank for it. His expression would crumple then smooth back out before crumpling again.::

::Gjord studied his son’s face carefully. He hadn’t seen it in almost five years. He could see maturity in it, seeing some harder lines in his face and definition . That had replaced some of his youth. He had to admit that he wasn’t a bad looking son.::

Gjord : I’m listening. ::Following his arms. Barely looking at the monitor. Edla came up and put her hand on his shoulder, trying to soften him a bit.::

Greir: ::Voice fraught with emotion:: I’m... sorry... about Rori...

::There was a long pause before he managed to continue. He couldn’t look at the screen. He was welling up and did not want to show such weakness. His heart was pounding so hard in his chest and he felt on the edge of a panic attack.::

Greir: …about everything.

::There was a long silence as Gjord looked at the monitor. Loffe felt the tension and it made him, even with all his personal certainty, feel uncomfortable. Gjord meanwhile looked at directly at his son. ::

Gjord : Hmph....only a fool can be wrong about everything. I didn’t raise any ‘fools’, perhaps a jackass . I have chores to do. We’ll talk later. ::With that he left the monitor, and went outside. ::

::Loffe frowned and felt for his sibling even more.::

::Greir sighed again. He wasn’t satisfied with that as he hated leaving things unresolved but it was the best he could hope for. He didn’t know what else to say and supposed that was the end of the conversation.::

Greir: I guess we’re done here then.

Elda: Do you have to go? How are you doing on the ship? Have you made any friends? ::Trying the keep her son with her for a few more minutes, with a barrage of questions.::

Grier: I told you, I didn’t call to talk about me. I wanted to know how you have all fared... we’re like strangers now. No one will tell me anything.

Elda.:You are my son, and always will be. Give you father some time. Contact us again, he won’t contact you, but it is a start.::Giving him a weak smile.::

Grier: Until next time then. My love to you all. ::He was sincere but did not think it would count for much.::

::Elda smiled at her son, proud of him. Loffe felt a pang of angst realising that Greir was going.::

Loffe: Good bye Greir, don’t leave it so long until next time, understand me.

::Greir nodded solemnly as he closed the channel. His mother had clearly been happy to see him and it seemed as though his brother was about ready to forgive him. His father was another matter entirely and it really bothered him. It was really late now and the conversation had really put a downer on an otherwise very enjoyable evening.::

::He went into his bedroom and slowly stripped. Finding it hard to settle down he tossed and turned as his keen mind tried to get to work on the problem. Eventually he became so tired that he drifted off to sleep.::

JP by:

Lt Cmdr





older brother

Simmed by
Leo-Handley Page


(NPCs) Elda
and Gjord

Mother and Father

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