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Ensign Alexander Richards: Coma Part 1

Alexander Matthews

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((Dream scape, Deepest recess of Alexander Richards mind.))

:: Fields. Fields of tall grass as far as the eye could see. Bathed in bright sunlight and lovingly warm. Richards, as a much younger form of himself was stood in the middle of one of the fields. Beside him was a ghostly visage of a younger Marissa. A person he had only seen in pictures. She stood about 3 feet tall with long flowing jet black hair, a good 6 inches shorter than Alexander who himself had the long locks of his youth. Both just stood there in silence looking at the beauty of it all. So peaceful, so tranquil. ::

Alexander: oO Is this heaven? Oo

Marissa: oO It's whatever you want it to be. Oo

Alexander: oO It's so peaceful here. I almost feel at home. I don't want to leave. Oo

Marissa: oO And you never have to. This can be whatever you want it to be. Oo

Alexander: oO It's perfect. Just you, and me, the beautiful landscape. The tranquility of it all. Yet I find myself questioning my presence here. Almost as if I should be somewhere else. Oo

Marissa: oO Why be anywhere else but here, with me, loved forever. No cares, just relaxation and eternal peace. Oo

Alexander: oO But where is here? I have no memories of ever visiting such a place. And I feel so young, look so young. Oo

Marissa: oO It's whatever or where ever you want it to be. Oo

:: A gentle breeze blew past the pair. Voices, almost inaudible and completely incomprehensible. Something felt off yet Alexander felt completely at peace. As if he belonged here. Like he was always meant to be here. He still couldn't shake the idea that there was something else beyond all this though. Something he should remember. ::

:: The pair settled to their backs in the meadow, holding each others hands. Time seemed to pass slowly. The more Alexander stared into the sky, the more he seemed to relax, to let go. the more idea of their being something beyond this was becoming nothing but a distant memory. He could never remember feeling like this, almost euphoric. The breeze caused the grass to sway gently, brushing against the two as they lay there. The image of Marissa leaned over and kissed Alexander. ::

Marissa: oO You know you never have to leave this place. We can stay here happily for eternity. Just you and I. Oo

Alexander: oO I'd like that. It just feels so right. Like I belong here. Like I've always belonged here. Oo

Marissa: oO You do belong here with me. just the two of us, forever in perfect harmony. Oo

((Deep Space 10))

:: Despite all that was going on around the team, Alexander remained still. Only twitching every now and again as if in some deep trance. His vital signs beginning to deteriorate. He was dying slowly but surely. Time was running out for the young Ensign in more ways than one. ::


Ensign Alexander Richards
Acting Chief of Science
USS Mercury

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