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Lt. Alleran Tan - Don't Eat The Blue Ones, Part II


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(( OOC2: For those of you who can't read sims in full colour (esp. T'Lea),

or for those of you who can't read this sim due to heavy formatting or

weird HTML errors, I've prepared an image version of the sim here:

http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/1707/teattheblueones.png ))

(( Jungle ))

:: Tan and Vaala worked together, moving from bush to bush, gathering large

buckets of the yellow berries. The crew couldn't live off them alone, of

course, but everyone was doing their part and the berries would be a

welcome variation from their usual fare. ::

:: They had been working for almost an hour when Alleran

discovered the first of the blue berries. They appeared to be exactly

like the yellow ones they saw earlier, but slightly smaller and a dark

navy blue. Alleran called Vaala over and the large Klingon woman ambled

towards them, staring curiously. ::

Vaala: Do you think we can eat them?

:: Tan casually reaching out and plucking one from the bush. He inspected

it a moment -- it was round and looked juicy -- then shrugged, popping it

in his mouth. ::

Vaala: H-hey...! Don't do that! What if it's poisonous?

:: Alleran chewed thoughtfully, giving a wide smile. ::

Tan: Well, if they are going to kill me, at least they taste great!

:: The Trill reached out for another, but Vaala swatted his hand. Coming

from the tall Klingon woman this hurt more than a little. ::

Tan: Ow!

Vaala: Oops! Sorry...! ::a pause:: But, um, yeah. You really

shouldn't eat them... look. We'll take a small sample back to the crash

site and then we can see if they're safe, okay?

:: Reluctantly, Tan nodded. ::

Tan: That seems fair. Okay, let's head back that way, there were more

yellow ones back there...

:: The two began moving back to the east, towards the crash site, and

resumed working. After a few minutes, Alleran blinked, staring down at his

hand. The colour seemed... off, somehow. ::

Tan: Do you see that?

:: The Klingon craned her neck, stopping her picking. Tan held out his hand

to her. ::

Vaala: Mmm?

Tan: The colour... it's off. Everything's a weird shade of blue...

:: Vaala frowned, moving over to Alleran, pulling out her tricorder. ::

Vaala: No, everything seems fine to me, but um-... your heart rate is up...

*way* up. And your pupils are dilated... ::

:: Looking back up to her, Alleran just smiled. He watched as the tall

woman scanned him with a giant blinking pear, two little green eyes

appearing on the fruit's surface.::

Tan: That's the most awesome fruit-corder I've ever seen! And I'm a

Triterian caterpillar, so I understand fruit like nothing else!

:: Vaala stared at him, her four insectoid eyes blinking in confusion. ::

Vaala: Lieutenant...? You're not a Triterian caterpillar, you're a Trill

and a Starfleet Officer. ::pause:: I'm... I'm not sure you should have

eaten that berry...

:: As a caterpillar, Tan didn't speak the same language as Vaala, but now

felt an irresistible urge to shed his old, worn skin and

start the metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly. He wiggled and he

jiggled, and soon his constraining skin was tossed aside. ::

Tan: I'll find us food, Vaala! I'm a tracking caterpillar, so I can smell

wild, naturally occurring muffin and cake plants, pick their sugary fruit,

then bring them back to everyone!

:: Vaala's face was a wide smile. ::

Vaala: I know you can! And here, some friends to help you on your quest!

:: Wow! Vaala *could* speak caterpillar! Tan watched in amazement as, from

over her left shoulder a little orange face appeared, smiling widely.

Alleran recognized him instantly. ::

Tan: Ensign Fluffy-Pants...!

:: The tiny fluffy toy waved his little arm in excitement. ::

Fluffy-Pants: Hello, Mister Alleran! Golly gee and crackers, we are going

to have so much fun!

:: Fluffy-Pants jumped down from Vaala's shoulders, tottering up to him

with a huge smile on his face. Behind him, Vaala vanished in a soft cloud

of pink flowers. ::

Fluffy-Pants: Mister Alleran, I'm your best friend! Now let's go find some

tasty tucker so we can feed the whole ship! Onwards and upwards!

:: Scooping up the fuzzy little Starfleet officer, Tan laughed and ran off

into the forest. ::

Fluffy-Pants: Don't eat the blue ones, Mister Alleran! Only the yellow ones!

:: Gasping, Alleran stopped. He held out the fluffy creature, who smiled at

him. ::

Tan: Whyever not, Mister Fluffy-Pants?! Those berries gave me the power to

talk to stuffed cats!

:: Suddenly, there was a dark flash behind him, and a scowl crossed over

Fluffy-Pant's stuffed face. ::

Fluffy-Pants: "Stuffed"... are you saying... I'm *not a real cat*?!

Tan: Well, no... you're made of stuffing and love and-

Fluffy-Pants: TRAITOR!

:: With a furious roar Fluffy-Pant's mouth opened wide and thousands of

tiny bees poured out, stinging Alleran's arms and face. With a pained

squeal he dropped the poor Ensign, who exploded into a cloud of even more

bees. ::

:: This was no way for a caterpillar to live! ::

:: Running further into the forest, Tan knew what he had to do. He

couldn't live as a caterpillar anymore... he had to change! ::

:: Wrapping his arms around himself, Tan began to shift. Almost

immediately, bright red and lavandar wings began to sprout from his

back. Laughing

joyously, Alleran took wing, soaring up from the jungle aloft his colossal

butterfly wings. ::

:: The sky was a multicoloured kaleidoscopic rainbow of joyous light and

patterns, and Alleran loved every moment of it, laughing and shouting

gleefully. His wings beat a steady thump as he flew over the jungle. ::

:: This was MUCH better. ::

:: There was the ring of a musical tone overhead, and Tan glanced up.

There, flying above him, was Ensign S'Acul, running like a cat would, his

four legs motoring in the air, his whole body a giant baked pastry. From

behind him, arainbow ribbon of bright colours followed where-ever he went.


"S'Acul": Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan!

Tan: Oh, S'Acul, you're speaking Cat-lish! It's okay... my old pet Zlix,

she taught me how to speak your language in preparation for Catnarok! Nyan

nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan...

____━━ ____━━ ___━━____┓━╭━━━━━╮

____━━ ____━━ ____━━____┗┓|::::::^━━━^

____━━ ____━━ ____━━____━┗|:::::|。◕‿‿­­­­◕。|

____━━ ____━━ ____━━____━━╰O--O-O--O ╯

(( Reality ))

:: Vaala stumbled through the undergrowth, tripping over one of the many

exposed roots and tangled vines that had slowed her path. The Trill officer

was a lot shorter and smaller than her, which allowed him a great deal

more manoeuvrability in the cramped jungle. And so, despite his injured

leg, he had been getting away from her. ::

:: She frantically waved the standard issue Starfleet uniform pants over

her head, trying desperately to attract Tan's attention. ::

Tan: ... nyan nyan nyan nyan...

Vaala: Sir-! Sir...! Mister Tan, you *have* to put your pants back on...!

Fluffy-Pants is back at camp, he's not here, and... oh gosh, mind the bees

nest, mind the bees- ... ... it's okay! We can treat those stings, Mister

Tan! Just please come back and put your clothes back on...!

(( "Reality" ))

Tan: I'm the CaterpiLLERAN, now a ButTANerfly!

:: And then the sky began to rain little yellow berries, which floated down

to meet him, immediately bursting into song. ::

"We're wonder berries,

Yellow and sweet,

Burst in your mouth,

Such a tasty treat!"

:: The Caterpilleran did a loop, catching the floating berries in his mouth

and then swallowing them. From the surface of the jungle below a giant tree

grew up to meet him. Alleran recognized the tree's face, which -- with

the sound

of a combadge chirping -- grew out of its bark and began to speak to him.

It was the Della Ve-tree! ::

Ve-Tree: Oh wise and mystical Caterpilleran, we hope you're enjoying your

spiritual quest to reach enlightenment!

Tan: I am, oh heavens I am, I just wish I had more time to spend with

Ensign Fluffy-Pants before I turn into a water elemental! It's such a shame

he exploded into bees... it's okay, though, because I've transformed into

my evolved self, the Buttanerfly! Now I can raise the dead with the power

of song!

:: From the various branches of the Ve-tree a thousand little tiny green

T'Leaves sprouted, humming and chanting in chorus. Small little red fruit

grew -- each of them having T'Sara's face -- growing fresh and ripe. Fruit

of the Ve-Tree, indeed. ::

Ve-Tree: That happens to the best of us, old chap! Don't worry, my bark's

worse than my bite, just like frogs on a log! I'll "leaf" you to your quest!

T'Leaves: Frogs on a log! Frogs on a log!

Tan: Tee hee hee hee hee! You're not nearly as scary now you're a giant

tree, Cappy Ve-Tree! Just tell your millions of T'Leaves that we'll be fine

and not to worry, I know the ship had a little tiny fender-bender, but I'll

fix it all with my mystical Catterpillarran powers! Behold the powers

of the moon and the sky!


The Della Ve-Tree,

You understand me,

You see what I see,

And friends we shall be,

Answer me these questions three,

And then I can see,

What it means to be,


:: The T'Leaves broke off from their tree and flew all around him

repeating the last word, "Enlightened". Pleased with how things had

gone, The Catapillarran flapped his colossal multicoloured wings, flying

off towards the horizon, heading for the second star on the right and

getting higher and higher... ::

:: But something was chasing him! ::

"Oh no! A Klingon!" _o_

_,-=(_)=-,_ ,_o_,

.-=-. ' ' =======


//-n-\\ "A KLINGON WARBIRD!"/ '-------------' \

_____---=======---_____ [' ']

====____\ /.. ..\ /____====

// ---\__O__/--- \\ It was getting closer!

\_\ /_/

_ And closer...! "Fly,

"Fly!" _|_|_ CATERPILLERAN!"

^/ . ..\^ "Fly!"

"Fly away!" ___[=========]___

___-==++""" . /. . . \ . """++==-___

__-+"" __\ .. . . | .. . | . . . /__ ""+-__

/\__+-"" `-----=====\_ O _/=====-----' ""-+__/\

_/_/ ""="" \_\_

/_/ \_\

// "Save me, Ensign Fluffy-Pants!" \\

/") ("\

\o\ "The Klingon caught me!" /o/

\_) (_/

. .


} 6 6 { I'm sorry Caterpilleran,

=. Y ,=

/^^^\ . You're headed for a fall,

/ \ )

jgs ( )-( )/ I can't save you, I lied...

... *I'm not a real cat after all!*

(( Reality ))

:: Having finally caught up to the babbling, half-naked Trill, who was

rolling around in the mud crying for Mister Fluffy-Pants, Ensign Vaala

realized she had absolutely no idea how to keep him still. Puffing and

panting from running,the tall Klingon finally resorted to just bodily

sitting on him. ::

:: Then, when she felt he was suitably restrainted, she tried

simultaneously to force the pants back on their original owner, while

avoiding looking at any part of his nakedness. Eventually the black pants

tore along the crotch and Vaala gave up. ::

:: She spoke into her combadge. After Tan had called the camp she'd

received a number of very... confused... calls. Apparently Tan had spoken

to them through the combadge still attached to his jacket, which the Trill

was right at this moment trying to remove. ::

Vaala: =/\= No, sorry, I couldn't get him dressed...! In fact, he's taking

off his jacket now... he just kept *singing* and *singing*, and he's

covered in mud from running through the creek, so he's... *slippery*. =/\=

:: There was a pause as Vaala struggled with the wiggling Trill, who

continued to sing nonsense. His jacket went *splat* into the mud, and

then the undershirt followed suit. Then he was completely naked. ::

Vaala: =/\= ... in my professional opinion as a couselor, he's *totally wigged

out*, ma'am! I'll try and bring him back to camp! =/\=

Anyone: ?

:: She coughed, shifting herself on top of the squirming naked Trill, who

was now shouting for Mister Fluffy-Pants to come save him

from the "Warbird". Warbird, huh... did Alleran think Vaala was fat enough

to mistake for a *starship*...? Hmmph... ::

Vaala: =/\= And, um, well... at least we know his spots actually *do* go

all the way down... that's, uh, that's one-hundred percent confirmed... and

we know *not* to eat the blue ones. =/\=

(( OOC: >smile.png ))

Tag! TBC...


Lt. Alleran Tan


USS Avandar

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