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Blackwood: Don't Crush The Messenger

Alexander Matthews

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((Campsite, Planet side))

::Eerie moved through the dark camp, the moving had been done for the day, and he was going to get some sleep before the next shift started early in the morning. He moved away from the odd crew member, keeping his distance. He saw someone on an intercept course but he could not tell who it was in the dim light ::

:: Blackwood left the meeting once they started passing round the booze. She wasn’t interested in it, she wasn’t really interested in anyone’s company but she did see someone she needed to talk to. She had a message to pass on, once she’d done that she’d find someplace quiet to mooch for the night. ::

::Eerie saw that the person continued to head directly towards him, then he could see the flowing hair, it could only be one person , he came to a halt::

Blackwood: Hey! Hey Buster!

Eerie: ::Formally :: Lieutenant, what can I do for you?

Blackwood: ::Sighing:: Just passing on a message. It’s about Peiy. When I haven’t been needed elsewhere i’ve been helping our stretched medical unit look after her.

oO(Eerie) Oh,no....or it could be good news....hopefully...pleaseOo

Eerie:: Sorry, …...these past three weeks, I have tried to focus on other things....I’m sure you understand, Evanna........::less formal, and letting his shoulders slump a bit ::

Blackwood: ::Suddenly losing it and screaming in his face:: At least your friend’s still alive, but mines not! ::Kicking dirt at him.::

::Brushing the dirt off::

oO (Eerie) I guess I deserved that, so stop thinking of yourself rockhead Oo

Eerie ::breathing deeply :: I am sorry ….again, I know everyone is hurting......I was sorry to hear about Ensign York, I know she was a friend of yours and of DeBarres... I am sorry, just a lot of death...

::Eerie was a bit unsure if he wanted the news, but he was almost frozen in place, time seemed to stop as he heard Evanna speak ::

Blackwood: ::Clearing her throat and composing herself:: Well. I’ve been working on her, she’s stable. In fact she’ll be up to having guests in the morning. She’s resting now so “don’t ask.”

::With a blinding speed for a Brikar, Eerie moved over to Blackwood, and picked her up and gave her an almost massive hug, it took a second or two for him to realise that he needed to let up and he relaxed his iron grip::

:: Blackwood wanted to scream in his face but his tight grip was making it hard for her to breathe never mind scream. She hated the fact that Peiy got to live when Penny had died. She didn’t like Peiy, and Peiy didn’t like her. She’d trade them in a second without a regret. ::

:: There was a strange noise from Eerie it sounded like crying, as he set her down, he turned his face and put his hands to his face, it took him a minute, but he put his hands down and turned back to Evanna::

:: An odd sound came from Eerie and it cut through her foul mood like a knife. She’d never heard anything like it from him before. She was pretty confused about what was going on, she’d expected a smile maybe. She’d had the odd one of those from him when she’d tried super hard with him. ::

Blackwood: Eerie? I thought... you’d be... happy?

Eerie ::Trying to regain his composure ::: Thank the lord, Evanna that is great news. Thank you!:: realizing that his voice was above the normal tone, he tried to quiet down but he just couldn't seem to do it. ::Eerie wanted to scream for joy!!::

Eerie ::Screaming at the top of his lungs : YEE-AH! :: It appeared everyone in the camp stopped what they were doing and focused on the screaming rock man ::

::Then it hit him, what he just did and stopped immediately , and looked like the cat who had swallowed the canary::

::Eerie walked back over to Blackwood ::

Eerie :: quietly :: sorry about lifting you up, and ….the …...Evanna, I would tell you not to breath a word of this but, I think everyone heard it.::sheepishly::

:: Blackwood knew he couldn’t help but rejoice. She’d do the same if it were Penny, but it wasn’t. To her it was as though he was rubbing salt into her wounds as she gave him the most dark glare ever. ::

Blackwood: That’s all I needed to tell you. ::She turned her back on him.::

::Eerie watched as Evanna walked away from him, he was shocked ::

oO (Eerie) What is going on here, this is great news, and Evanna just walks away from me? Oo

::Eerie just stood there for a few minutes, not sure of what was going on. Peiy was recovering, he knew that Evanna and Peiy did not see eye to eye, but she should be happy for any bit of good news in this tragedy of the last three weeks ::

oO (Eerie) I admit I was a bit out of line, but …..what is she up to? Oo

:: Blackwood went back into the triage tent to check on everyone. A few patients including Peiy were sleeping restlessly. She couldn’t blame them it was getting cold. She gave them all an extra blanket. There wasn’t quite enough to go round. She headed outside, got her own and gave it to Peiy. As she watched over the next few minutes Peiy and the others seemed to settle down a bit. ::

Blackwood: Sleep well. ::To them all::

:: She went outside and sat next to the tent opening, huddled up and watched people come and go as she fiddled with her BFF charm absently. ::

LT. Eerie

Tactical Officer

USS Avandar


Lt. JG Blackwood


USS Avandar

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