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Star Trek Infinite Space


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I'm really not sure how to feel about this game. For one, it's primed to go up against ST Online, which has had plenty of time to establish itself as the premier Star Trek MMO.

On the other hand, I think the one thing Infinite Space has going for it is the fact that it's free. However, MMOs these days need money to develop. So, will there just be tons of in-game advertisements to maintain itself? If so, won't that get annoying to the players?

Although, the major problem I have with STO is probably the same problem I'll have with Infinite Space... it's only Star Trek in name and look, not in substance. Star Trek isn't about going around the galaxy engaging all manner of aliens in ship-to-ship or away team combat. Star Trek is about exploration; not only of the galaxy but of the human condition. I'm sorry, but all I ever see in Star Trek MMOs is, "Let's go blow some stuff up! FOR THE FEDERATION!"

Unless Infinite Space can offer more exploration and less war, I'm going to pass.

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That is precisely the problem I have with STO (and to an extent) other Star Trek Games. I know action sells and all but in honestly it is very disapointing and boring (for me) that this is all they put into games. In some of the best roleplaying games I have played they have had a lot of non combat, exploratory and even diplomatic missions and things to do. One such game even had an entire mercantile guild filled with related quests and goodies. I enjoyed those aspects of the game sometimes more than the main plot and action elements.

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There's a similar game for Battlestar Galactica which just came out a few months ago and uses the same graphics engine. That one was produced by SyFy/NBC. It's not clear to me what actual benefit they get out of these games, but I would assume it's a way to draw more people into the franchise and get them interested in purchasing more merchandise, as sort of a loss leader. (i.e.- spend $2m to develop an online game, but then make $5m in DVD & other merch sales from the new fans that are earned from the game)

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and then there is the eve's solid power structures (so they say) i have only done the fourteen day free demo that was not interesting unless I was to spend massive amounts of time sorting thru the power control.. systems as it is each system is a power of its own if I saw the game correctly but it is just fly kill action buy sell control move power from here to there.

I am hoping that the Infinite Space trek freebie does better then BG: I am sure it will, but then the competition with eve and sto will have to happen somehow and i know governing power structures and levels and ranks are not anything 'new' I think we can create a starbase 118 within the infinite space scenario to reenact different story and plot lines that we think up? don't forget that the old-republic is almost a hidden section to the science fictional MMORPG that has ,,, NO POTENTIAL - other then wasting our trek time in mindlessness and/or deprogramming our star trek future concepts and dating them into the dark ages like what almost happened in the foundation trilogy plus++with a kind of three way parallel in Dune

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