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Graduating Class of 238402.10

FltCapt. Sidney Riley

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This is an area for members of this training class to keep in touch with each other.

DATES: The class began on February 1, 2007, and ended on February 10, 2007.

LIST: sb118-academy2


FIRST OFFICER: LtCmdr. Toni Turner


- Jackford Benjamin Kolk

- Ro Falcon

- Trix

Congratulations to you all, and welcome to our fleet!

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So, Rho and I are Engineering. She's on the Galaxy Class USS Constitution. I'm on the Akira Class USS Ronin. And Trix is on the Prometheus Class USS Independence? So what's your posting Trix?

Rho, what's your ship up to right now?

I'm hanging out at Deep Space 17, doing a little character development for my over-eager Ensign...

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Connie's heading out towards the Beta quadrant. Near as I can figure, they're headed toward Iconia. I'm not quite 100% sure yet, as I'm still kinda waiting to get on board. (I've had Rho in mid-transport for approaching 24 hours. :: Chuckles.:: ) At that point, it'll be check in time, followed by a recap I'm sure. (With reading through the logs as needed.)

And because of you, Rho will probably be looking over her shoulder every so often for.... I'm not sure how long. :: Smiles.::

And I'm glad you got engineering. Should make things interesting if we ever to a joint sim.

Edited by Robert Falcon
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Yeah, it would be interesting to do a join SIM and both be in engineering... But I'm a little worried about whether I can hack it in Engineering. It's not my strongest skill-set. But then I suppose that just means I'll have to stretch myself and learn more, which is what this is all about right?

I'm jealous that you get to go to Iconia. And, of course, I'm still jealous that you got the Constitution. Treat her well, Rho. And make sure she always makes it home. If she gets destroyed, I'm holding you personally responsible...

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