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Lieutenant JG Meg Bendyn - Broken

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Some amazing and heart wrenching sims coming out from both player characters and PNPC's in this mission interlude, as they each come to learn what has happened to their universe and thus their personal worlds, such as this one from @Samira Neathler as her PNPC Meg Bendyn.

Lieutenant JG Meg Bendyn - Broken (google.com)


((Hydroponics - USS Gorkon))

It was quiet in the bay, and Meg was tempted to hum a song. If only she knew what the plants favorite musical piece was. But so far, none of them had let her know what music they wanted to vibe on. She knew those in the corner preferred some rhythmic songs, but that clashed with the roses next to them who blossomed plentiful on some slower music when the time was right. And thus she did what she did best. Talk to them as she added the correct amount of nutritions to the water they were thriving in.

She moved the shelf upwards, the shelf underneath it revealing the uttaberry bushes that carried plentiful of berries. With her usual smile and a  quick thank you later and she plucked the juicy berries and put them in the container she had brought with her. Perhaps Commander Nkai would like to bake some pies with them. Cheerfully, she watered them, encouraging the bushes to grow more fruits as if the plants did not know what their task was. Content with her work and harvest, Meg took a step back. Her daily job was done. Tomorrow, the coffee plants would receive her full attention.

With a loud voice, she said her goodbyes to all the plants and stepped outside the bay to be met with… panicking people, rushing through the corridor. Her daily routine of meditating always protected her against the thoughts and emotions from the others. But at that very moment, things were different. Meg experienced other people’s thoughts and emotions like fluffy white clouds against a blue sky. They were present, but did not harm or bother her in the least. This time it was different, they whirled like thunderclouds inside her brain and she caught hints of fear, loneliness, hopelessness, loss, confusion and here and there a touch of anger.

The container, filled to the brim with berries, fell on the green carpet as someone bumped into her. Meg stared at the fallen container. What was happening? She knelt down and picked up the container, almost dropping it again as the voice of the Admiral suddenly called out.

Reynolds: =/\= This is Admiral Reynolds to all crew. As many of you may have already guessed, Commodore Johnson has succeeded in using a temporal device to change our timeline. We don’t know what changes he made, only that the result is our home is in the hands of the Borg. ::She paused, shaking her head.:: I know many of you are overwhelmed, hurting, and afraid. I’m not going to tell you to stop feeling that way.

Every bit of color drained from Meg’s face, and she grasped the container with both hands as if afraid to let go. Everyone knew the Borg and what they were capable of.

Reynolds: =/\= But I am going to tell you that you’re not alone. We’re a crew, and we’re a crew who can, and have, achieved the impossible. We will find a way to undo the damage Johnson has done, and we will get home to our families and friends. That’s a promise we make right now, to ourselves, to everyone on this ship, and all those absent who we hold in our hearts. =/\=

Meg took a few steps backwards until the bulkhead stopped her. Still clutching the container in her hands as if it was the last thing that would keep her sane. The images of her family, her parents, her brothers and sister showing in her mind. Her support, her reason of being, all gone? She could not imagine a world without them.

Reynolds: =/\= For now, we’re on course for somewhere safe, where we can take stock and plan our next move. When we have more information, we’ll share it with you. Until then, attend to your duty stations, and take care of each other. Trust each other. Believe in each other. Do that, and we’ll see it through. Reynolds out. =/\=

With her back against the bulkhead, she lowered herself and dropped on the floor. Her hands still holding the container, yet the tears in her eyes preventing her from seeing the colorful berries she had collected only a few moments ago.

Communications Officer
USS Gorkon
Simmed by:
Lieutenant Commander Samira Neathler
Executive Officer
USS Gorkon


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