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LCDR Aine Sherlock - New (Dangerous) Toys

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This made me laugh. Ops and Security do have a special relationship.

((Reception Area, Security Center, Deck 7, USS Octavia E. Butler))

Sherlock: Lieutenant ::pulling out her PADD as she'd forgotten the name already:: Richards. I'm Chief Sherlock.
Aine's eyebrows shot upwards as the man's PADD suddenly fell from his hands, clattering against the floor, almost echoing in the large reception area. She knew, as she'd set it up that way, that most lower deckers were afraid of her. But this one surely couldn't have heard any of the rumors she put out there yet, could he?

Richards: Lieutenant Richards.

As Richard's bent down to pick up his PADD, Aine and the officer at the reception desk exchanged a glance. They were both genuinely surprised at the nervousness, especially from a returning officer.

Richards: I mean… Yes, Sir.

Sherlock: Welcome to the Butler. Hopefully the trip out to Deep Space 14 wasn't too long?

Richards: No. Not too long.

Sherlock: Well, I'll get your clearances setup and show you around. Most importantly, we'll get over to Ops and make sure you get assigned some quarters. And I'm sure they'll like to show off their little area of the ship. I'm sure you know how those Operations people can be?

Richards: Oh yeah. Ops people…
It was obvious to Aine that Nilsen hadn't gotten his claws into Richards...yet. It would be inevitable though. His little band of "merry makers" was always looking for fresh blood. Aine gestured to him to follow her out the door and began leading down the corridor towards Operations.
Sherlock: Most of them aren't that bad. Not at the level of most Engineers anyways. But the ones on this ship, ::shaking her head:: they're something else.

Richards: And then they say stuff like, “Anton, that wasn’t a slight collision” and “Anton, stop pressing all the buttons at once”...

Sherlock: They do like to complain.

Richards: “Anton, your com badge is upside down”. Like give it a rest, right?
Aine stopped in he middle of the corridor and turned to look at Richards.
Sherlock: Exactly. We all know what we have to do, but they feel it's their job to remind everyone.
She let the comment float in the air for a minute before turning and continuing down the corridor at a slow gate.
Sherlock: I see that you previously served on the Thor. Have you been on one of these newer ships?
Richards: response
Sherlock: It's something else. The computer's fast. We have these site-to-site transporter arches in some of the doorways for quick response. Oh, and we're transitioning to new individual weapons. We've got them in the armory, but Security will be the first issued them.
Richards: response
Sherlock: Simplifying the transition. The new phasers are pure weapons, less tools. We need to be careful and make sure the rest of the crew goes through training with them. Maybe you could lead the class?
Aine stopped and turned again, this time to measure Richards' response.
Richards: response
LCDR Aine Sherlock
Chief of Security
U.S.S. Octavia E. Butler


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