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Alpha - Pristine piano black

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Hi @Sirok, i don't like this robot. At all.



((Panopticon, CSS Juggernaut ‘Persecutor’))
One of the entrances to the panopticon opened revealing a tall, stylized, bipedal figure that was evidently something manufactured. It was a RoLF, but heavily modified by the various administrators it had had over the years since its assembly. They considered its body a sort of exquisite corpse, where each of the executives had left part of their mark. However, its processing unit had not been altered, because it had had a tremendously useful evolution for the Consortium, hence it was given a different name, Alpha.

It had a relatively small torso for all its size, with broad shoulders and long arms that ended in two sharp stumps, apparently without fingers. On its head there was no face to look at, it was covered and armored, like the rest of the body by some material that looked metallic, with a pristine piano black lacquer. Thus, reflecting on its black surface what was around it and deforming it with the shape of the plating. There was not a single light or LED that interrupted the soft shapes and reflections, it was a work of art in motion, which blended with the luxury with which Wrath liked to surround himself.

The RoLF walked with long strides over the forcefield toward Executive Director Wrath, its current administrator. Alpha knew that the Brikarian used its presence there as a reminder of his control to others, a direct enforcer of his will. Even if he didn't need it.

Wrath:  Ah, there you are Alpha.  I'd offer you a glass but I understand that wine doesn't exactly agree with your palette.  

Alpha:  At one point it was discussed to add taste buds and other "correctly anatomical" additions to my model, but it seems that it was decided not to be done due to a budget cut.

The sound of its voice synthesizer came from somewhere under the armored covers of his head. It didn't even have a mouth with which to utter those words. The voice was neutral, deep and with a metallic touch, so it was really hard to tell if he had made a joke on purpose or if the comment was about something that had happened.

It waited, without moving a micron from his position, for the Brikarian to finish laughing.

Wrath:  We'll be coming upon the next freighter soon.  I feel I should remind you to make certain the vessel can get off a distress call before your units finish neutralizing anyone aboard.  You do recall what our larger goal is here, do you not?  

The RoLF was spared the comment about what its memory units could remember, Wrath knew its model perfectly well and what it was capable of, even if he did not belong to the B product development department.

Alpha:  The trap is ready to be deployed as soon as we get hold of the freighter, which, in one way or another, will launch its distress signal.  This will help us to get the NCC-34523 and strengthen the Consortium's presence in the sector.

Alpha remained still standing in the same spot, only moving its head slightly to keep his interlocutor at optimal angle to his sensors, causing his interlocutor to be reflected in Alpha's non-face. It appeared that there had also been a budget cut when it came to giving natural humanoid movements to his RoLF animation models.

Wrath finished his wine and placed the ringing goblet back on its stand.  An attendant rushed over to refill it.  

Wrath:  We know that one of the two Starfleet vessels in this region has already begun investigating and I've been made aware that the other is...temporarily indisposed.  

Alpha watched Wrath in silence, it knew that the Brikarian did not like to be interrupted, so the RoLF remained monolithically still before the huge being.

Wrath:  Make certain we draw this Ronin in.  I'd like our introduction to be...memorable.  Are you satisfied with the performance of your new designs?  The holographic replays I've watched have all captured the units effectiveness against non-military targets.  

Alpha:  This will be done. The dual phase system has helped distribution considerably and the current size is useful for controlling mid-stays and aisles, more so in gravity 0. But I still recommend using mark 3 units for their distribution in narrower places, plus they get to certain materials and connections sooner. Still the new units were useful for collecting and transporting the goods.

Wrath: response.

As his administrator responded it approached a console, raised his arm and the tip of the sharp stump separated into 4 fingers, including an opposable thumb, and just before touching the capacitive screen they separated again doubling up. In that configuration, it could type at the console's maximum responsiveness, an addition from a couple of administrators ago. No one wants to be waiting for a subordinate to type what they need to type.

A semi-transparent hologram of the Ronin appeared in the space in front of them. And for a moment the polished head stopped looking at Wrath to look at the hologram, to see that the reproduction was correct and concordant with its own database.

Alpha: the trap should help us to make the ship ready for boarding, which, although complex, should be manageable for our units. But as long as the ship has functional capabilities it could complicate the acquisition. A backup plan should be employed.

Wrath: response

Alpha: As you order, Director. The ram impact zone has been designated to eliminate the use of auxiliary ships as soon as possible, to get closer to the warp core and to make the use of the main torpedo launcher as difficult as possible.

It continued typing without stopping talking. The RoLF's non-face reflected the hovering hologram of the Akira class and the simulation of the optimal impact.

Wrath: response.


RoLF Mk2 modified - Serial number: kNOoUV0UNP
Administrator: Singen Wrath
CSS Percutor


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