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Acting Ensign k’Oar-€l [BACKSIM]- Beck, Beck, Nurse

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Honestly I had to include @Ian OConnor's whole sim here, too, it's just too good.



((The 47’s, Deck 4 Catamaran , USS Ronin))

k’Oar-€l: ::notices yet another glass vessel on the table and takes out the rose in it and consumes the liquid:: The young is at night and the tangled should tango. ::Tosses Rox the rose and takes up a tango pose, staggers a bit, then resumes the pose::


Rox:  Oooh Kaaay.  ::removing the sash from her waist::  Come on k’Oar-€l, you need to sit down for a minute.  Sweet as this is, I'm concerned about damage to the ship if we tango in the state you're in.  


Rox lead k’Oar-€l away form the center of the floor to the side and helped him toward a chair while Barberra joined Beck at a nearby table.


Barberra: Well, down the hatch, this drink’s not going to drink itself. ::Drinks sake::


Beck: I'm impressed you can shoot that stuff - I've tried it before and it just makes me gag.


k’Oar-€l: ::nodding:: Agreeing with Dock-whore Beck…shooting at stuff has made this one gag as well.  This one is a propagator not a fighter. ::flops into chair, head bobbing slightly but otherwise sitting perfectly still:: Appreciating Nursing Rocks finding this one a spinny chair. It is fun to watch room swirl around.


Rox: ::holding up the glass::  Goes down smooth.  So Annamae, this tightrope walking gig, you must have good balance.


Barberra: Oh… yeah. They made us do it at the Technical Services Academy. You haven’t lived until you’ve crossed a section of Valles Marineris with nothing but a balancing pole in your hands. So, tell me, what do you all do on this ship?


Beck: Just finished my first official mission since being posted as one of the ship's junior Medical officers. I've been helping out a lot in Sickbay and collaborating on a project or two with the Science team. I also spend a lot of my free time working on holos of all kinds - including a modified version of the EMH, though that's still in the early stages.


k’Oar-€l: :: turns toward Barberra:: This one is here to science. :: now swiveling his head as if chair is spinning :: Here comes Dock-whore Beck around… and again…again…Ooo, Animal… Rocks…Beck. ::continues to spin head and babble quieter and quieter::


Rox:  I've been in Starfleet for 3 years as a nurse, but I've been promoted to acting ensign recently.  I'm thinking of branching out.  


Barberra: What kind of branching out? Like, medical science? Designing Hyposprays that are designed to grow fingers from people’s foreheads, that kind of thing?


Beck: Eh, knowing her she's gunning for the Captain's chair. She's got too smart a mouth to do anything else with her commission, and she doesn't like taking orders from anybody.


k’Oar-€l: :: Stands and circles the table pointing as he does:: Beck… Beck… Beck… Beck…. Nurse. ::sits back quickly into an empty seat::


Rox:  ::gesturing to the chef::  Ok. This next ones on me, but Annamae watch him ::pointing at Beck::  I'm not sure he's up to date on all his shots.  


Barberra: Aye ma’am. ::To Beck:: I’m assuming Rox means phaser shots? If so, I’d be happy to assist, Sir.


Beck: ::rueful smile:: She's just upset we had a moment on Grus Beta 3 she can't follow through on, that's all. Not necessary to compare me to a dog.


The chef set a glass down in front of Quentin, then each of the others in turn, and Quentin just stared at it for a moment with a sour look on his face.


k’Oar-€l: ::staring intently at Quentin:: Beck… Beck… ::stops suddenly:: Why the kelp are there so many Becks? ((OOC: Sorry couldn’t resist the meta comment there.))

::seeing the glass of sake and takes a few attempts at grabbing it before successfully downing it:: 乾杯! (kanpai)*  ::bends and raises his tushy in the air::


Rox:  Slàinte!


Annamae lifted her sake.


Barberra: Best crashed party ever. ::downs drink::


Quentin sighed and lifted the glass, raising it as if in toast.


Beck: If I throw up, it's on you, Rox.


Beck took the shot. He did not throw up.


k’Oar-€l managed to not as well. At least until he found a large planter along the edge of the room.

[End of scene for k’Oar-€l]

*Japanese phase akin to “bottoms up”


Acting Ensign k’Oar-€l

Exchange Program Science Officer

USS Ronin NCC-34523



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