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Captain Karrod Niac - All the Comforts of Home

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@Karrod Niac deserves everything he is getting for saying mean things about my poor runabout. But the SIM is fine and all.




((Multipurpose Storage Compartment J-21, Deck 11, USS Valley Forge))

As his skull collided with the buzzing overhead conduit for the fifth time in the last hour Karrod had to grudgingly admit something to himself, which was made surprisingly difficult because he could barely hear his own thoughts over the constant mechanical noise that smothered his 'sleeping quarters.'  

He was in hell.  And Maki had shoved him there gleefully.  

He tried shifting to his side, the temporary cot that was his bed and sole piece of furniture in the claustrophobically small space letting out an alarming series of tinny metallic screeches as he did so, and found that once again his shoulders pressed against the overhead and the mattress simultaneously.  He tried laying face down, generating yet another chorus of ear rending complaints from the cot, and found the fabric of the bedding which had been repurposed from an emergency kit to be coarse enough to scour metal until it was shiny and smooth.  A new thrum began rattling the ill fitting wall plate near his hips, sending a none too gentle vibration through the bedframe that made his teeth rattle inside his skull.  

oO I should just go and sleep on the Rhine.  Even the nauseating smell of melted polymers is better than this. Oo

Niac had given up trying to offer advice to him.  The meditative breathing exercises that Armo had used for years when under extreme stress had nearly made him pass out due to the poor air circulation in this disused closet and the isometric stretching routine that Horvu offered lead to four separate collisions with the walls and ceiling.  Now he shifted to his back, his ankles hanging over the end of the too short bed, and glared at the ceiling.  He imagined Maki, comfortably ensconced in the quarters of his flagship ten decks up, dreaming blissful dreams that didn't involve being throttled in his sleep by an irate Trill.  

His less than ideal living conditions had been presented to him as a security precaution, as this section of the ship was rarely visited by on-duty crew and as such made a perfect location to setup a security perimeter around him.  Sensors and forcefields lined the adjoining corridors and jefferies tubes, isolated from the ships primary systems so as to avoid tampering, and the compartment itself had been jury rigged with a small life support module to ensure he didn't suffocate before getting the opportunity to speak to Fleet Admiral Washington.  As a new series of metallic clangs started up below the decking Karrod wrapped his abrasive pillow around his ears and tried as hard as he could without bursting a blood vessel to kill Maki with his mind.  He drifted off to a fitful sleep with a tight, aggrieved and slightly unhinged smile on his face.  


Captain Karrod Niac
Space B&B Patron

Zero Stars Would Not Valley Forge Again


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