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Beck's Villain Origin Story

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I'm going to share this whole entire scene as links to the four sims that make it up because the whole thing is absolutely stellar and deserves to be read with all its context. This is a scene where Luxa goes to hit on Beck after the Ronin's award ceremony only to have T'Ama be an absolute demon and (accidentally?) torpedo Beck's night of romance. Hell the whole relationship might have blown up. Thank you to @LuxaLorana and @Quentin Beck for this scene, it was delicious. It has been absolutely fantastic to join the Ronin for shore leave!

Lt Luxa Lorana - Unfinished Experiment

JP: Lieutenant JG T'Ama and Ensign Quentin Beck - Sending 'Em Off

Lt Luxa Lorana - I Won't Be A Fool

Ensign Quentin Beck - Try Me

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I'm watching this go down like a slow-motion trainwreck. You can't do anything, but you can't look away either. 

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Kind of off topic, but my brain read this as "Vanilla Origin Story". XD

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