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MSNPC Senna Kor - The Kor Also Rises…

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I feel like if you make the Captain cry, you automatically go to Appreciations. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.


((Hixoraa, the Fifth Planet of Vega Scorpiaë, Alpha Quadrant))

The ramp extended and touched down on soft grass. It made a gentle sound, which pleased Senna. The past few days on the space vessel had been unbearable. Everything on the Federation Transport Ship had seemed loud, glaring, cold, and sharp. But in her reckoning, that was a small inconvenience to bear. Much better days were supposed to be ahead.

Of course, once Senna had concluded negotiations with the Federation and the Moon People, she had sent ambassadors to treat with the other two Clans on Emisa III, their now ancestral homeworld. To the surprise of no one, the Rodonthi Clan had killed the first and the second emissaries without even hearing their messages. But the third, bearing a credential from the revered Moon People, had been welcomed. 

The Rodonthi wanted nothing to do with Senna’s Clan or the Arosathi. But upon hearing that the Moon People had a plan for an exodus from the Emisan System, they had begged passage. Their religion was entirely devoted to worship of the Moon and its inhabitants. When Senna’s Ambassador spoke of a chance to meet and even travel with the Moon People to a new land, the Rodonthi fell upon their faces, made their tails low, and begged to go with them. 

Because Senna’s Mother had been a child of the Arosathi, she was granted a special grace to speak with that Clan without fear for a limited time. With her tail in the proper position of humility and peace, she spoke of the possibility of a new world. Not a matter of caves, but a place of sunlight, sky, and open fields… and the Arosathi, after a period of extreme debate and even a few physical altercations, had agreed to join with Senna’s Kurmishoi. 

The Elders of both Clans had met and debated. To further cement the joining, the Elders arranged marriages between the Arosathi and the Kurmishoi which were readily agreed to between the participants. Marriages had often been political in Emisan culture so this was not new. This would meld the Kurmishoi and the Arosathi into one within a few generations. Certainly, a new day for the Emisans.

Now, all that was behind them and they had been rapidly settling on the new world that the Federation had found for the Clans: Hixoraa. Senna was one of the last of the Emisans to make the crossing. Some of her Clan had been here for many, many days and nights, preparing the way. It was well-suited to the Emisans, the Federation had said. But now, Senna would see for herself.

She stepped down the ramp of the large shuttle and her sandals felt the soft ground beneath. Her tail tested the grass. It was pleasant, tickling even. The crisp air filled her chest and she detected notes of some scents, possibly from the many flowers that dotted the field where they had landed. 

“I wonder how long it has been since we Emisans had picked up the scent of wildflowers?”, she thought. It had certainly been a very long time, outside of living memory.

Most surprising of all was that the bright and sunlit day didn’t bother her eyes. The Federation people had talked a great deal about this. Senna had not understood most of it. But they said something about the wavelengths of the sunlight being “ideal” for this scenario. To her, the blue-white intensity of the sun was welcoming, even friendly. 

Her contemplations were brought short by War Captain Sullustis racing towards her from what appeared to be a village under construction. His silvery color reflected the blue-white sunlight in most pleasing way. Senna looked down at her coppery-colored arm and wondered what a sight she must be in this new land.

Sullustis: ::breathing hard:: Senna! You’ve come! It’s about time. Is that the last one?

Senna: Yes, old friend. That is the last of them. I would not leave until everyone else had gone. Tell me, have you made much progress?

Sullustis: Oh yes! Let me show you. 

The pair headed out of the field and down the side of a hill towards the village. Some temporary structures from their Federation hosts had been set up, but the Emisans were busy constructing their own places. The village was at a junction of a tributary of a river and two large streams. Sullustis was going on about the excellent fishing and how they were experimenting with various preparations. 

Sullustis: And then let me show you here… we are going to start a garden. We’ve been given a bunch of seed stock that should grow here. Nothing may be tasty, but it will be filling. These blue things are quite good if you…

Senna put her tail gently on Sullustis’ arm to stop him. He turned towards her, confused. He wanted to show her where the school was going to go.

Senna: My War Captain… you’ve turned into a farmer. ::beat:: I did not think the wonders of recent days could be surpassed, but here we are. ::smile::

Sullustis: ::sputters:: I… I.. we, all of us… ::ahem:: We are still working to make the people safe. ::nods::

Senna: Of course, of course. Now we shall make war on the unruly shrub and the dreaded garden pest. ::Tail indicating mischief::

Sullustis: And if the mighty Senna Kor is making jests, then I will say things have changed in this Clan. It is a good change. Come, see what we are building here.

They walked down what was planned to be the main street. To their right was a rather steep hill with a rocky area in front. Sullustis paused to look at it.

Sullustis: Can you guess what this will be?

Senna: I am not one for guessing.

Sullustis: Once we’ve built the school, we will turn this into an outdoor amphitheater. Children can put on their songs and we can even do plays from the old books. In the late afternoon the sunlight will be just perfect for such things. At night we can have our fires here. We can maybe seat… ::suddenly concerned:: Senna are you well?

The War Captain had seen many surprising things since the meeting the Federation. But the thing that surpassed them all was to see Senna so moved.

Senna: This… this is all our hopes.  All that we had ever dreamed of. ::nods:: We will build the world we would wish to have… leaving behind the mistakes of the past. It’s just… too much all at once. ::turns to face him:: You’ve done well, old friend. But tell me, did we name this village? The naming would be very important. 

Sullustis:: ::Tail twisted in concern:: We had not done a naming. There was just too much to do and it didn’t seem important.

Senna: That is fair. I will decide. 

Looking down at the rich soil and then up at the blue-white star in the sky, she paused.

Senna: ::to herself:: Yes, that’s correct. ::To Sullustis:: We will name it Sahndaloa. 

Sullustis met her eyes and weighed the name.

Sullustis: Sahnda’s Town? Yes, that would be a good name.

Senna did not reply but she pulled her tail in close and squatted down to get close to the ground. She swept her hand through the grass. Neither of them said anything for a long moment. Finally she spoke.

Senna: For so long we thought only of death. ::pause:: But in this place, we will have life. And for all of us now: Kurmishoi, Arosathi… we will have good lives… good enough.”

She raised her face to the sun, closed her eyes and smiled.

NT/END for Senna Kor

MSNPC Senna Kor
Clan Leader of the Kurmishoi

As simmed by

LT Zenno
Acting Security Chief
USS Arrow


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