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Lt Jacin - Mirrors

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((Holosuite 1, Deck 4, USS Arrow))


The mission to the Emisan moon had been completed. Like all missions the solution had required the whole crew to work together, or at least to combine their efforts into something approximating cohesion, to provide a solution of sorts.  It was in elegant, and by no means perfect, but considering the precipice that the whole situation had teetered on, it was nothing short of a miracle that it had been achieved. 


At least that’s what Ayemet kept telling herself. It was the only thing that brought anything close to a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction to her. It hadn’t been easy. She had felt from the outset the disbelief of the Captain which was quickly followed by strong disapproval of her actions. It wasn’t just him though. She had sensed it from the others and as she sat on the cliff top, her legs dangling casually over the edge of the craggy purple hued rock she was grateful for the care and advice that R’Ariel had been able to give her before her departure.


She picked up a loose bit of shale and threw it outwards watching it sail into the air before disappearing as it fell downwards towards the beach that lay far below.  She smiled, the kind of sad smile that always came with realisation that no matter how hard she tried she could not undo mistakes of the past, whether hers or anyone else’s.


She closed her eyes as she looked towards the holographically produced sky, the sun shining brightly, its’ beams reflected on the water below.  It truly was a remarkable recreation of her home world. Not Bajor, it was as if she knew every inch of  that. No, this was El-Auria, or she imagined it was. She had taken time programming the simulation all based off the painting she and Gorva had once discovered. She hadn’t bought it then, and thought that she had lost the opportunity to own it, until it had mysteriously been delivered to the Arrow one shore leave whilst it was docked at Deep Space 33.


She liked to think that it was from Gorva, that wherever his travels had taken him, whatever he was doing, he had thought of her and somehow arranged the painting to reach her.  She had shared a deep connection with Gorva, and much like when Quentin and R’Ariel left so suddenly , been hurt by his departure.


Still there was Connor. There was always Connor. Her constant. Her tether to the world. She smiled at the thought. They hadn’t seen a lot of each other, nor moved their plans for the wedding much further such had been the distractions of serving onboard a Federation starship, but she knew one thing; that he loved her, and that she loved him in return. 


o0 Maybe I’ll persuade him to leave Starfleet. We could get our own scout ship and head through the Bajoran wormhole to the Gamma quadrant. 0o


She laughed at the idea of Connor leaving his beloved engineering deck. Besides even if he would, it wouldn’t be fair on him. He loved his job and what it meant. He loved making a difference, and she would never take that from him. 


She picked up some more shape tossing in up in the air a couple of times before letting it fall to the ground. 


Jacin: Computer end private programme Ayemet 00470. 


The scenery before her melted away to be replaced by an all too familiar grid of pattern buffers and holographic projectors. 


Ayemet rose and silently left the room, heading for her quarters and a change of uniform.




Lieutenant Jacin Ayemet

Science Officer 

USS Arrow


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