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@Korras. Once again you have melted my heart with the domestic fluff of Amar and Haukea interacting. Loved this sim from the moment I first read it. Knew I had to post it. Anything that makes me smile deserves an appreciation. 


((Starbase 118 – Airlock near drydock))


It had been a week or so since Haukea left, but a lot of things had happened in those days. Amar had had a talk with someone from Child Services, who had given the okay for her to stay with Haukea for the meantime. They made it clear it was not a permanent okay, but for now she’d be staying. For now, no more running. While Haukea would sometimes be off-station, it was deemed okay that her neighbors checked in on her.


The same woman had ran her DNA, whatever that meant. It turned out, she was not registered anywhere. Her parents simply never bothered to do so when she was born, she guessed. It did not surprise her, her parents were not all that good. It also meant that there was no way of finding them, which was fine with her, she really did not want to go back to them.


And, the woman had made sure she got enrolled in school. At first, she thought it would be dumb. But, it turned out that it was not all that bad. In fact, she thought she liked learning. Vanla had always made sure everyone in the Misfits knew how to read and write, as well as maths, as it often helped in their line of ‘work’. But school was different entirely. She realized quickly that she had missed a lot of things, and would need a lot of time to catch up. But her teacher was very helpful, and she felt that she was genuinely trying to help her, and being very patient with her. The extra homework gave her something to do in the evenings as well, so it wasn’t all that bad.


The day the Narendra returned, Amar was noticeably excited. So much so, that her (amused) teacher gave up when the Narendra was nearing the station, and sent her off to greet Haukea at the airdock. And that brought her to now: her face pressed against the glass as she watched the ship dock. It took a while before Haukea came through the airlock, and Amar was practically bouncing on her feet by the time she did.


Amar: ::Rushing up to Haukea and hugging her:: I missed you!


Willow: Response?


Amar: How did it go?


She had not heard any particulars of what had happened yet, just that they had encountered a bit of a problem on a diplomatic mission.


Willow: Response?


Amar: ::eyed widening:: is everyone okay?


Willow: Response?

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