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Ensign Vailani Zoyara & Lt JG Clara Quinn - Quentin Beck Must Die Part Two

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More genius from @LuxaLorana for torturing Our Man Beck


((Quentin Beck's Quarters - USS Ronin))


Zoyara placed her hands on her hips and looked at the room. It was perfect. The feline pet he kept came up to her and made some kind of noise at her.


Quinn: She might be hungry?


She climbed out from the panel next to the replicator and fixed it back in place. 


Vailani: Do you think it's weird that he keeps a domestic animal that has a resemblance to the person he wants to date? 


Quinn: :: shrugs :: He's a weird guy. And she has different fur patterns. She's cute :: bends down and strokes the cat :: Aren't you a nice girl. 


Alice purrs loudly and rubs herself against the human. 


Vailani: :: eugh :: Whatever. Are the holo-emitters ready? 


Quinn: Yes, Lt. Dasch needs them back before the beta shift tomorrow. They've been set up how you wanted. 


Vailani: :: devious :: He won't notice a thing. Perfect. 


Quinn: I don't think it'll be a night he'll forget. Remind me why we're doing this? I thought messing with his replicator was a good idea? 


Vailani: That's because you lack imagination Clara. The replicator faulting on this vessel is no big deal. He still went on the date with Luxa. Then offered to kiss one of the wedding guests after Luxa saved his bare ass.  


Quinn: True. He has no shame. 


Vailani: I hate him. If he wakes in the middle of the night terrified out of his skin that's something he'll never forget. So everytime he sees Luxa he'll remember what her friends are capable of. Friends that he doesn't even know exist. 


Quinn: He needs to know we're watching. 


Vailani: He will know. When we bring his greatest fears to life :: looks to time on the replicator :: Let's go before his shift ends. 


Both officers move to exit. Zoyara takes one last look and smiles. 


((In the wee hours - some time later))


Clara wipes the sleep from her eye as she waited outside Beck’s quarters. The Bajoran was wearing all black as she approached. 


Vailani: You didn't wear the outfit? 


Quinn: :: looks at her comfy tee and pants :: I don't think he's going to care about what I'm wearing. 


Vailani: :: disapproving :: Okay. Let's activate the emitters. 


Quinn: :: looks at PADD :: Activated.


Clara held up the PADD so that Zoyara could see the video feed they had set up. It had two separate areas; his sleeping compartment and the main living area. 


They could see his moustached face, eyes closed as he dozed soundly. 


 Quinn: He looks so peaceful. 


Vailani: Last sound night of sleep he's having for a while. 


Clara looked at Zoyara with a stern expression. 


Quinn: We're not going to permanently traumatise him. Promise me. 


Vailani: :: begrudgingly :: Temporarily. I promise. 


Quinn: Don't push it too far. We can get into serious trouble for this. 


Vailani: I don't intend to push it too far. Just enough. That's all. Now start the programme and pass me that PADD. I'll adjust as we go. 


Quinn: Wait. 


Vailani: What? 


Quinn: The cat. I'm not putting her through this. 


She quickly used her door override code to open Beck’s quarters. The cat was asleep on the small sofa, she poked her head up in Clara's direction and after a quick prompt padded her way over to her. The engineer scooped her into her arms and stepped back into the corridor. 


Vailani: Happy? 


Clara nodded and nuzzled into Alice's soft fur. 


Vailani: Okay, I've locked the door, disarmed the internal sensors. He's all alone with no one to hear him -


Quinn: Don't. Just get on with it. 


On the screens the Holo emitters they had fixed into position sprung into action with holographic fog beginning to fill his sleeping compartment. 


Then she activated the Trebaka Spiders, large furred eight legged creatures with fangs the size of Alice. The crawled up the walls around his bed and began to spin some webbing around the sleeping man. 


Vailani: Time to wake up sleeping beauty. 


After the Bajoran tapped the keys on her PADD another figure appeared in the room. It was Beck's father. 


Zoyara knew there was nothing more frightening than a father. 


Holo Beck Dad: Son. Son. 


Beck: Response




((OOC - this is only the beginning of his nightmare )) 


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