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PNPCs Lt JG Clara Quinn and Ensign Vailani Zoyara - Quentin Beck Must Die Part One

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This has horrific ramifications for Beck's personal reputation despite his innocence. Hilarious work by @LuxaLorana


((OOC - sim title is a reference to John Tucker Must Die the movie not an actual threat!))


((47 Lounge, USS Ronin))


Zoyara had taken a seat in the corner of the room. It was dark, lit only by the glare from the various PADDs in front of her. 


Clara hesitated a moment before she decided to approach. They were barely acquaintances. They'd met on the transport en-route to the Ronin and Clara found her company unpleasant for the most part. Yet, Luxa seemed to enjoy her. 


Quinn: :: taking the seat opposite :: Thanks for agreeing to - 



Vailani: I've downloaded his academy transcript. All of his social content, some student movies he's made - they aren't too bad, I'll give him that -  holo programmes and his entire contact list. 


Clara raised her eyebrows. Impressive.


Quinn: :: takes her seat:: I knew you were the right person to help me.


Vailani: It's in the interest of all onboard that we root out the bad seeds. The Prophet's will, be done. 


Quinn: :: jokes :: I'm not sure we need to get the wormhole aliens involved. Sending him to the Gamma Quadrant might be a little extreme. 


Zoy laid her PADD down on the table and locked eyes with the human engineer. 


Vailani: Oh, you're one of those. 


Quinn: One of?


Vailani: Wormhole aliens. Saying the word Prophet is somehow offensive to you?


Quinn: No, of course not I just … It's what I call them, I stand corrected :: changes subject :: So what do you think we should do? Should we speak to Luxa?


Zoy shook her head incredulously. She had no intention of speaking with her, she knew the Caitain far too well. They had served together for almost a year and roomed for most of that time on the Artemis. 


Vailani: You know as well as I do that Luxa will not be told, she'll do whatever she wants wether or not it gets her hurt. That's where we come in, as her friends. :: looks up from her PADD directly at Quinn :: First I need to ask you a serious question and I'd appreciate a serious answer?


Quinn: Shoot.


Vailani: Are you doing this because you have feelings for Luxa? 


Clara almost spat out her drink. 


Quinn: Of course not!


Vailani: :: doubtful :: Are you sure? 


Quinn: :: annoyed :: This isn't about me and Luxa. This is about doctor randy and Luxa. She's probably about to have her heart broken. She doesn't deserve that by some dumb guy. 


Vailani: Okay. :: picks up one PADD and turns it around :: Here's all the rumours I've got. Some say that he's helping that new engineer have babies with her Andorian partner. Seems bogus, too many moving parts and none of them have been to Sickbay. 


Quinn: How do you know that?


Vailani: As you know the door entry logs register combadges. All of it is stored and sorted in the central processor and as an operations officer I have access to that. They'd be hard put to do such a thing without proper authorisation from the CMO and none of them have met with Doctor Kel. 


Quinn: I don't know if I should ask how you know Doctor Kel's diary? 


Vailani: Nothing that would break regulations. Maybe skirt around the edges a little. Some regulations are … prohibitive. 


Quinn: Ensign Is'Kah did tell me that they had some kind of thing. She seemed upset by it. Well for. Vulcan hybrid. I don't know, she's hard to read, a little :: can't think of the word :: I guess you'll meet her yourself eventually. 


Vailani: I'm sure I will. Maybe he turned her down, some women can't handle rejection. Vulcans are very sensitive. I think it's more than likely he's seeing someone else. Next rumour is that he's dating two botanists. Ensign Donel told me that she saw him having a picnic in the arboretum with the Bolian sisters, Calissa and Ciera. I've checked the logs for the arboretum and he's been in there a lot. He's accessed the arboretum 9 times since he's been onboard. A total of 17 hours, 19 minutes and 4 seconds. I don't have clearance to access any surveillance footage. Do you?


Quinn: :: a little dazzled :: Uhm no. You would need to have command or higher security level clearance to access that. I doubt they'll authorise it for … snooping.


Vailani: I prefer to think of it as intel gathering. Given that he has no real purpose to be in the arboretum so frequently. He doesn't have any special interests listed in his file for botany. I'm going to assume he's having it away with Calissa, at the least. I did pop by and speak to her before we came and she practically ran away from me. Very suspicious. 


Quinn: Maybe you scared her? Did you tell her all of this?


Vailani: No, of course not. I just asked her about her relationship with Beck. She was suspicious. Didn't want to talk about it.


Quinn: Maybe she doesn't - 


Vailani: Anyway. The most damning piecenof evidence is this. 


She hands over a PADD. 


Clara watches the grainy footage, which appears to be the evacuation area on Grus Beta Three. There is some commotion and Beck and Rox end up beside each other. A few words pass between them. 


Vailani: You see that? 


Quinn:  I don't know what to make of this? 


Vailani: :: exasperated:: It's proof. Look at that. His hands, her smile. They way they linger. It's clear to anyone that they have something going on. Why else would everyone on the ship be sharing this video? 


Quinn: I don't know it doesn't seem - 


Vailani: I'm eighty percent convinced that he's done something wrong. 


Quinn: :: nods :: Agreed. For sure. 


Vailani: :: changes the view on the PADD :: This is my idea. 


She holds the PADD up so that Clara can see the screen. 


Quinn: Oh … oh … oh … is this maybe a little extreme? 


Vailani: It won't get us the brig or mess hall duty … unless he reports us … which he won't because I have this file … 


The smile that spread across Zoyara’s face could only be described as pure malevolence. She raised the PADD and displayed a video. 


Clara wasn't sure her jaw could drop as much as it did seated there. The video was Beck, naked, except for a pink party hat on and eating something. 


Quinn: :: disgust :: Is that peanut butter? :: looks away :: I've seen enough. 


Vailani: It's obscene is what it is. This was not easy to find. Someone, I suspect Beck, did not want this to fall into the wrong hands. Which in this case were mine. 


Quinn: You're going to blackmail him?


Vailani: It's our insurance. He won't report us or I'll release this to every social outlet he's attached to across the fleet. He doesn't want the Fleet Commander seeing his … jumbo stick. 


End of Part One. 






Lieutenant JG Clara Quinn
USS Ronin


Ensign Vailani Zoyara
Flight Operations Officer
USS Ronin
As simmed by:
Lieutenant JG Luxa Lorana
Science Officer (Astrometrics, Meteorology, Xenology)
USS Ronin


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