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Lt. Cmdr V'Len Kel - With a record selection and a mirror's reflection

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@VLen Kel providing a very sweet and heartwarming scene between Kel and Rox


((Sickbay Complex, Deck 10, USS Ronin))

Rox sat upright at the reception station with a stack of PADDs stacked neatly at her side.  She'd been up for several hours already and she'd tried to get as much ready as possible.  She had been thinking of talking to V'Len for days and now she hoped she was finally ready.  While she'd mostly known V'Len to be level headed, he certainly had some crazy moments.  How would he react to her request, particularly as she herself saw it as a betrayal.  

She was looking down when the main doors opened, but she could tell by the sound of the steps that V'Len had arrived.  She looked up and his face looked as it did on many days, as if he'd just heard a funny anecdote or perhaps been caught up in a funny anecdote.  

Rox:  ::standing::  Good morning sir!

V'Len had been thinking about a man he'd heard about in Nantucket.  So the greeting caught him slightly off guard.  The voice was familiar but the greeting was not.  He furrowed his brow and looked at Rox standing behind the reception desk straightening her uniform.

Kel: ::suspiciously::  Rox?

Her normal greeting was "hey there" or more often "what's up doc".  This new formality was unnerving.  

Rox: I wanted to let you know I've reviewed files with alerts on them.  I've also sent notifications to those personnel who need to come in for medical checks.  

Now things were getting strange.  Rox getting to sickbay before him was almost unheard of and typically she spent the first 90 minutes of her day on Vomek's Tiddbitter account.  

Rox:  I also have some Raktajino for you.

V'Len hesitantly took the coffee, trying to assess the situation.  

Kel:  Thank you.  ::pause::  Walk with me.

The pair began moving down the hall and V'Len led them into Ward A.  

Rox:  So, Sir, what do you have on deck today and how can I assist?  I was thinking we should do a comparison of inoculation status of the crew against the current Starfleet Medical recommendations.

Kel:  Well that does make sense, but the computer is set to alert us about inoculation gaps.  We don't need to check it manually.  And I have a patient who needs urgent care now.  

He pulled a medical tricorder out of a drawer and opened it.

Rox's eyes widened.  She'd not seen anyone come in and no alerts had come to her.  How could she have missed an urgent patient

Rox: ::looking around::  Where is the patient? ::looking at V'Len::  Wait, are you scanning me?

Kel: Yes.

Rox:  Why?!?

Kel:  Because I'm trying to figure out if you have some kind of brain fever or if you've been possessed by a non-corporeal entity.  

Rox: ::shaking her head::  Pffft.  Don't be stupid it's me Rox.  

V'Len smiled.  There real Rox was in there after all.  So why the "sirs"?

Kel:  Is it?  You never call me "sir" and frankly your whole demeanor is ::pausing::  unsettling.  

Rox:  Unsettling really.  I'm just trying to be polite.

Kel: Why?  Not that I don't appreciate the effort, but we've ::pointing between them:: never stood on ceremony before.

Rox looked down.  She'd overplayed her hand.  V'Len was no more skeptical than he would have been if she'd come in late and used her normal greeting.  

Kel:  What's up?  

Rox figited.  She could barely breathe.  Maybe she should just forget the whole thing?  But she steeled herself and tried to speak.  

Rox: ::sighing:: I umm ::pause:: I want to try other duty posts outside of sickbay.  
V'Len closed the tricorder and stepped back to lean against one of the biobeds.  He crossed his arms.

Kel:  And what?  You thought I'd be upset?

Rox: ::raising her arms::  Aren't you?

V'Len realized he needed to tread carefully.  If he said no, Rox would likely interpret that to mean she was not valued.  If he said yes, she might not follow her passions, which would likewise be unacceptable.  

Kel: ::matter of fact::  Look Rox, I would be lying if I said I won't feel a tug. You and I have been working together since the Thor.  We got incarcerated together.  ::pausing::  But I'm also your CO and part of that is being a mentor.  What kind of mentor would I be if I didn't let you pursue your own potential.  

Rox:  ::hesitantly::  I just don't want to lose our friendship.

Kel:  Pah!  I should hope it wouldn't be over something like this. ::pausing::  And as your friend I'm telling you, get out there and see what you've got.  If you end up back here great, if you move elsewhere, I'll certainly be cheering you on.

Rox felt a large weight lift.  She was not sure what to do, but she stepped forward and threw her arms around the CMO in a tight embrace.

Kel:  Ok.  We're hugging now.

V'Len tried to carefully return the hug, but he was certain he looked ridiculous.  He just hoped no one was walking by.  Seconds passed and then moments.

Kel:  Umm…I think we're good now right?

Rox did not let go or ease up her embrace.

Kel:  Hey, while this is fun, why don't we do some fungi experiments.  For old time sake.

Thankfully Rox released him and took a step back.  She looked ecstatic.

Rox:  I'll get the petri dishes!  

Kel:  Perfect. I'll pull some strains I've grown  for Niac.  Let's see if the "mycelial network" works in the Alpha Isles.


Lieutenant Commander V’Len Kel
Chief Medical Officer
USS Ronin NCC-34523
He/Him (character and player)


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