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PNPC Bec - When Life Hands You Ungaberries...

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@Quentin Beck's Bec is so damn ferengi to the level of repulsion and I love him for it XD


((A couple of days later, asteroid field, near the orbit of the planet REDACTED, system REDACTED ))


The box for Deep Rockets Delivery Service wasn't the best box available for a race such as this, but there were only a few that might be considered more lavish, more comfortable - it was perhaps even second only to that of the Nagus. Pillows covered everything. Gold covered everything. Latinum covered everything. And although Bec's own personal wealth was only a fraction of that of his company, he lived by Rule of Acquisition number 46: it's good to be the King.


One could hardly blame him for taking advantage; he'd built the company from the ground up, after all, and the only reason he'd started selling shares was because he knew that treating the company as its own entity would allow him to make bigger, better deals that would lead to bigger, better stacks of latinum down the line. That money belonged to the company, technically speaking, but it allowed him to make investments he might not otherwise make because of their volatility; the company could bounce back a lot better than he could as an individual entrepreneur.


That shuttle was one such investment. As was this race. He was limited with what he could do with the money as far as betting went, so that required dipping into his own personal bank account, but he had done everything he could to assure making some kind of return on investment.


Not to mention he knew Alieth very well.


It was tempting to turn on the listening device his men had installed in the Threshan E'Shua, but he knew he would only hear one of two things: either dead silence or Alieth cursing his name. It was, more or less, standard practice when it came to them, though it was more amusing than insulting. He knew that, despite her words, there was warmth in what she said. Perhaps not adoration, but at least some kind of fondness she would keep entirely to herself.


He was all right with that.


Bec was also alone in the box. He would need to make an appearance in the lounge at some point, of that he was certain, but he enjoyed his solitude. He sat on the largest, softest pillow at the very center of the room, studying a number of screens mounted on the far wall; one mirrored the images on the larger screens that Alieth was indicating to Luxa, showing rotating shots of all of the different ships in the race. One was focused entirely on their ship, seen from a distance. One screen was off and would remain so for the time being. The final screen was a much smaller one, and it was mounted on a small rotating desk panel next to his seat.


Alieth's Starfleet file scrolled slowly over the screen. He hadn't looked at the official one for quite some time… but then, she hadn't been around for quite some time, either. And the Ronin's arrival meant he could make sure his copy was up to date. She had quite the official record - though it paled in comparison to what could be listed on an unofficial one.


A small window was open on that same screen, showing live footage from a body camera that had been mounted on one of the bounty hunters he'd hired to track down Beck. They had mostly been foiled so far in their attempts to pick him up, but Bec had faith one of them would manage it sooner than later. He didn't think it bad to keep an eye on things.


Alieth was right about one thing - he had bet against them. Quite a bit of money, in fact. But he'd also bet in their favor, which stood to win a lot more money in the end as they were being treated as fresh-faced and inexperienced racers. That was fine by him, too.


He popped a Beetle Bite into his mouth, chewing thoughtfully as he considered his options. Seemingly making a choice, he set another between his teeth before laying the bag in his lap and leaning forward to type a few things into the small console next to him.


The offline screen flickered to life to show the interior of the custom shuttle and the two women seated in the primary cockpit. It seemed Alieth was explaining the race to Luxa - good.


Alieth: No outside intervention, no connection to databases, only what we have with us. Nothing else, the first one to cross the finish line wins and takes it all. As long as you do not die, everything else is allowed.


Lorana: Response


Aboard the Threshan E'Shua, a hologram flickered to life on the upper lip of the instrument panel, centered between the two seats. It was a near-perfect recreation of Bec, save it was really only on the blue wavelength for visibility and it flickered occasionally. Not to mention it was only about twelve inches tall. When Bec spoke, his voice was small and tinny.


Bec: Honey Badger, my love. I am very pleased the two of you made it - and with extra time, no less.


Alieth/Lorana: Response


Bec: Now, now, darling, you know I'm not allowed to play favorites. Not publicly, anyway. I can promise you, though, this will be easier than you might think.


Alieth/Lorana: Response


Bec: You think I'm worried? You're in the fastest, sleekest ship in the quadrant. I'm not worried.


Alieth/Lorana: Response





Chief Owner and Operater, Deep Rockets Delivery Service




As written by


Ensign Quentin Beck

Medical Officer

USS Ronin NCC-34523


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